A/N: Just a brief drabble that popped into my head about the Doctor's name.

Disclaimer: One day, in the future, I will meet the Doctor and travel to the past and create a TV series about him. And it will be awesome. But, as it stands, I do not own Doctor Who.

They call him "the Doctor". But he was lying when he said he didn't know why.

Rule one: the Doctor lies.

But there is one thing he does not lie about, and ironically it is the one thing which is always assumed false. The Doctor has never lied about his name.

Of course, his birth name isn't "Doctor". But his birth name means nothing. It is a remnant of a bygone age, of a people lost to time, and a cruel reminder of a home he will never again see.

"Doctor" is his true name, the one word in all the languages of the universe that comes closest to defining who he is.

"Doctor" has come to mean many things, in many languages. Soldier, hope, predator, madman. Lonely god. These are all part of him, and "doctor" means them all.

In English, a doctor is a healer. This is how his human companions perceive him; a healer of worlds, one who saves lives and helps the injured and damaged become whole.

But "doctor" has another meaning, one which is often overlooked. "Doctor" means to meddle, interfere, change. And this is also who he is. He is one who will not simply stand and watch time unfold. Not when there are children crying.

He is a soldier, he is hope, he is the predator and he is a madman. He is a lonely god.

He is a healer, and he is a meddler.

His true name is the one word which encompasses everything he is.

And that word is Doctor.