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Harry James Potter stared at the alarm clock beside his bed, mentally counting down the remaining time until midnight where he would finally turn sixteen. he was excited, ecstatic even, to only have one more year at this hell whole he was supposed to call home. Harry scoffed, he would never consider this place home, if anything, it was a prison and he was the inmate. 'Only one more year,' Harry reminded himself. 'Only one more year here and you'll be free.' It was a thrilling thought, after spending fifteen years at his adoring relative's home.

'Five more minutes,' Harry smiled as the battered alarm clock now read 11:55. Five minutes and he'd be sixteen. Harry felt excited, almost giddy, about what was going to occur after those five measly minutes were up. It was a common misconception about the Wizarding World, that seventeen was when a Wizard or Witch's magic came into full power. Harry, himself, had thought that was why the legal age for adults was seventeen instead of eighteen, like in the muggle world. It was only due to overhearing two sixth year discussing it the year before, that Harry discovered the majority of a Wizard happened on his sixteenth birthday. The legal age was seventeen as to give them a year to train and become accustom to their new magical strength.

As soon as Harry was aware of this, he'd done everything that he could to find out more about this strange happening. Sirius (Harry winced, thinking about his poor Godfather) had been one of his sources of information. Since the Black family were pureblood and had little to no magical creatures in their line, Sirius' majority hadn't been anything special. He had given Harry permission to search on the topic in the Black family library, however, and Harry was more that a tad grateful to his eccentric godfather. It was on one of these searches that Harry had been formally introduced to Sirius' mother, Walburga Black.


Harry cursed as he once again was forced to find another book on a seemingly obscure topic. What was it with the Wizarding World and not writing information like this down? How were muggle-borns and muggle-raised Witch's and Wizard's supposed to find this information out if there was nothing on it anywhere? He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose underneath his battered glasses. This was just typical, nothing was ever easy when it came to finding information. Surely there was something that he'd be able to find in at least one of these books.

"Looking for something?" A rather familiar feminine voice asked, causing the fifteen year old to jump, startled. He whipped around, only to find a amused portrait of Sirius' mother. Harry blinked at her, he'd never seen her this calm and composed, usually she was screaming her head off.

"Well, are you?" She insisted.

Harry blinked again, and nodded. "I'm trying to find information on a Wizard's Majority. I tried asking Sirius, but he didn't know much and gave me permission to do some research in here," Harry admitted, blushing. Walburga Black was a very beautiful woman, when she wasn't screaming at you, mind.

"Surely your parents have informed you about it?" Walburga sounded more surprised than anything. "You're obviously a Potter, your father and mother should have already told you everything that you need to know."

Harry felt his eyes dim. It would figure that she didn't know about his parent's, Sirius probably hadn't even thought to tell his mother, far more intent at screaming and arguing with her. "My parents are dead, they have been for fourteen years."Harry ignored the bitterness that his voice was soaked in.

Walburga's face softened. "Your godfather and godmother then, surely?"

Harry winced at the mention of his godmother, Alice Longbottom. "My godmother was tortured into insanity by Bellatrix LeStrange on the same night my parents were killed."

Walburga stared at him in shock, that was a rather unfortunate night indeed, then. "Your godfather?" She seemed almost afraid to ask.

Harry frowned at her, "Sirius is my godfather, and I already asked him."

"Really?" Walburga scowled, "Then why haven't you been hear before? Surely you live with my son?"

Harry stared at her, it seemed that Sirius hadn't thought to tell his mother a lot of things. "Sirius was in Azkaban, until recently, when he broke out. Didn't he tell you that?"

"No," Lady Black growled. "What was my son, the heir and Lord to the House of Black, doing in Azkaban?"

"He was there for supposedly betraying my parents to the Dark Lord and murdering thirteen muggles. Not that he did, mind you, and would have been acquitted if he'd actually gotten a trial and hadn't just been thrown to the Dementors." Harry scowled. "The current Minister believes that Sirius is still responsible, even though I've told him a few times that I've seen the real betrayer alive and well, when Sirius is supposed to have killed him."

Walburga looked menacing at the moment, and Harry knew that no matter what Sirius said, his mother still loved him. "How dare they," She snarled, her beautiful features showing just how enraged she really was. "How dare they deny the Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Black a trail! How dare they!"

Harry flinched as her eyes landed on him. "Who, then, raised you?"

"My muggle relatives," Harry refused to meet her eyes. "They don't much know anything about our world." 'Nor would they want to,' Harry added silently.

"Your father married a muggle?" Walburga sounded disgusted. Harry shook his head, frowning.

"No, my mother was muggleborn." Harry frowned at her. "I live with her sister's family."

Walburga nodded, "So then, you're a first generation pureblood, and Lord of a Ancient and Noble House. You should not be living with muggles, why have none of your other relatives claimed you?"

Harry felt all the blood leave his face, and he merely stared at her, not sure what she was trying to say. She must of noticed his suddenly pale face, for she glanced at him in worry. "A pureblood," Harry glared at the wall. "A pureblood? Then why does everyone make fun of me for being a halfblood?"

The rest of her sentenced sunk in. "What you mean other relatives?" Harry stared at her, his anger rising just that much more. "I was told I didn't have any!"

Walburga looked just as enraged. "The House of Potter is a pureblood family, one of the original twelve that set up the Ministry of Magic originally in this country. They are cousin's to the Malfoy family, the LeStrange family, the Zabini family, and the Greengrass family. Ignoring that, your grandmother was Dorea Black, my niece. With Bellatrix and Sirius in Azkaban, you rightfully should have been placed with either my other nieces, Andromeda or Narcissa. You should never have been placed with muggles, it goes against our laws."

"I shouldn't have been placed with the Dursley's," Harry muttered to himself, feeling numb. He lean against the table and slid to the floor, feeling more than a little glad that he was the only one able to enter the library (being Sirius' godson and heir). He felt as if the world was about to crash down on top of him and he knew for a fact tears were gathering in his eyes.

His relative's hated magic, hated him. They starved him, beat him, verbally abused him, and wished he had died with his parents. He never wanted him, they called him a freak, and wished that he would just disappear from their lives forever. He could have been loved, taken care of, wanted, yet he was stuck with people who wanted nothing to do with him. Why?

"Why?" Harry whispered. "Why would he do that?"

"Who?" Walburga had been studying the young man's reaction closely, and it was obvious the muggles had abused the poor boy. While the boy was a Potter, and they were known for being rather small during their teenage years, the boy was fifteen and nearing his majority, he should have been as small as he was. Someone had placed the boy with the muggles illegally, and the boy had suffered for it, both mentally and physically.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," the boy whispered, looking up. Walburga nearly gasped as she noticed his green eyes for the first time. They were a brilliant emerald green, and they glowed with his emotions, making the color resemble that of the Killing Curse. There was only one family in the world with that eye color, and for the last three decades before they disappeared, they had produced nothing but squibs.

'Could it be, that he's an Evans?' She wondered. The Evans family was as old as the Potter family. If they had produced a Witch after decades of Squibs, she would have been thought a muggleborn. 'Could that be it? The secret to muggleborns? They're descendants to Squibs?'

It would explain everything, why the muggleborns appeared out of nowhere, why they seemed more magically powerful than the pureblood's. All this time, they'd thought that muggleborns had been stealing magic, but it was the opposite. They'd been regaining the magic, bringing back old family lines that were thought to have died out centuries ago. 'I will have to inform my lord of this. Tom would want to know, he's been searching for the answer for decades,' Walburga thought. 'I'll also have to warn him about this child, he should know what he did when he killed the boys family.'

"You wanted to know about a Wizard's Majority," she changed the subject. It would not due to have the boy forget about why he'd originally come to the library. Harry nodded, he was curious and pleased at the change of subject. He didn't think that he could take being forced to learn anything else that he'd been screwed over on.

"Each family has a different reaction to coming into their full power, but we all have the same basic interactions with it. It's painful, rivaling the pain of the Cruciatus curse. Your body will feel like it's on fire, and you'll want it to stop and in some cases, you'll pass out from the pain. What's happening is that your magical core is destroying all the impurities in your blood system, getting rid of any muggle blood that it can. Your core will grow in size and any and all blocks on your magic, abilities, or mind will be completely destroyed. Most of the block's will be natural blocks', on abilities like a metamorphmagus', or a magical creature inheritance," Walburga smiled as he paid rapt attention to her words.

"While most magical abilities in your blood will be unlocked, depending on your power, you may also come into a creature inheritance. When a magical creature marries into the family, the potential to become a part of the species will forever be in the family tree. Muggles would explain it as genes being passed down from parent to child, but never becoming dominant in the bloodline due to a mutation." Walburga glared at his gape. "Don't look at me like that child, a muggleborn Unspeakable studied the phenomenon once, and we studied it in DADA one year."

Harry nodded, pushing down his surprise at a muggle reference, though it made a lot of sense.

"The creature blood, if activated, will completely over-ride all previous human DNA and your body will remake itself with the new instructions. While this would kill a muggle, our magic protects us from the changes. This is why a muggle would never be able to become a werewolf, the change would be to much for their body to handle and they would die on the first full moon. Don't worry to much, though, your blood will still be able to identify you at Gringotts, the properties would still remain the same." Harry sighed in relief, he really didn't need a identity crisis on top of everything else. "Now, even without the creature inheritance, there will be very noticeable changes. Your eyesight, for instance, will correct itself and any previous malnutrition and other health problems will also be remedied. Scars from wounds and injuries will also disappear, though I think that scar on your forehead might remain, if not fade a bit."

Harry touched the lightning bolt on his brow, before beaming at his in unrestrained joy. "Thank you," he smiled.

"It's no trouble," Walburga smiled gently at him. "You are my grandnephew and family. I have no problems with helping you should you have any further questions on our society."

Harry nodded, smiling, before thinking of another question to ask. They went on like this for another three hours before Sirius came looking for him and Harry was forced to go to dinner. Harry spent the rest of the Yule (Walburga explained that was what they originally celebrated before Dumbledore and the Light side forced them to celebrate muggle holidays instead) holidays asking her things in secret.

End Flashback

Harry glanced at the clock, before lying down straight on his bed. His body protested the movement, still injured from his uncle's last beating. Harry was glad that his aunt had insisted the family leave on a week long trip this morning, they wouldn't be back until the seventh at the earliest. She had taken him aside later, telling him that he was to be gone by the time they returned and he was never to come back. Harry had told her that he would be delighted to never see any of them again.

Harry closed his eyes as the beginning of the pain began. It started in his abdomen, before shooting up his entire body. It quickly gained strength, intensifying as the seconds ticked by. It wasn't long before Harry let out a horrid scream of agony, his body feeling as if it was burning, just like his Great Aunt had said, but it didn't stop there. The fire turned into lightning, and then something he would never be able to identify. needles felt like they were exploding from his skin, and his back felt as if it was ripping open. He clenched in eyes and breathed through his nose, trying to calm his raging mind.

This was worse than the Cruciatus, worse than any of the beatings he'd even gained from his family. It was worse than the pain that being around Voldemort caused, worse than the poison from the Basilisk, and it was even worse than the effects that the Dementors had on him. Harry felt, that if the Dark Lord were to appear and attempt to kill him in that moment, Harry would gladly let him. He let out another loud, pained scream as the pain hit it's maximum.

It vanished, suddenly, like it'd never come, leaving Harry sore and covered in blood, sweat, and tears. His back had indeed ripped open, leaving two beautiful black wings behind. Standing up from the bed, Harry moved to the full body mirror that was in the room, wanting to see what changes he had gone through.

Harry stared at himself in shock, the wings were far from the only changes that had occurred. Gingerly, he touched his head, fiddling with the pointed triangle that now stood there. Glancing down, he saw that his spine had also elongated into a tail, black fur and all. He twitched it experimentally, wondering at the odd feeling that it gave when moving. He studied his wings more closely and noticed that instead of feathers, they were covered in a glossy black fur. He nails had sharpened and elongated into claws. His hair had grown out, down to his shoulders. Feeling it, Harry realized that it wasn't hair any longer, but fur as well. It was still messy, and Harry smiled, some things never changed.

Harry noted that his glasses were gone, yet he could see perfectly fine. It was a relief, as the spectacles were nothing but a hindrance in the long run. His eyes were the same emerald green they'd always been, but now his pupils were a slitted silver, resembling that of a Dragons'. His skin was now tan, rather than the pale white it had been. Harry scowled in irritation as he saw that he was still the same height and his body was still lithe. All the scars gained from his beatings were gone, even the scar from the blood quill on his hand. Harry smiled in satisfaction, before glancing at the scar on his forehead. He gasped.

The lightning bolt was still there, but it could no longer be called a ugly scar. It had turned a beautiful emerald green, matching his eyes, with various designs coming from it and sliding down the right side of his face. It looked like vines with little flowers, all of it the same emerald green of his eyes. Harry looked at his face, and noticed it was more aristocratic that it had been. It fact, Harry would have to say he looked more like a feminine man than he had ever been before. Harry looked down at his feet, and sighed at the claws he also found there. He'd have to wear sandals from now on.

Harry gasped as he was assaulted by smells. The metallic smell of blood covered the room, and Harry finally realized he was stained all over with the stuff from his new features growing in. The sound of the air conditioner filled the room in a loud hum, were before he could barely hear it at all. Harry stretched his wings, and sighed contentedly was the muscles cracked.

First order of business was to wash off the blood from his...fur. That was going to be a lot of getting used to. He had fur, he was a magical creature. "What am I, anyways?" He muttered to himself. He'd never heard of any magical creature that was a winged...wolf-human hybrid. And he was sure he was a wolf and not a dog, as the ears and tail looked more wolf-like than any dog he'd seen.

Hedwig hooted in worry from her cage, causing him to gasp in delight and shock. *Are you alright?! Are you hurt?* she hooted, flapping her wings in worry.

"I'm fine," He whispered. "No need to worry."

*Good!* Hedwig chirped, not seeming to understand that he'd answered her. *Don't do that again!*

"I won't," Harry promised, still in shock. It finally registered to the snowy owl that she'd been answered.

*You answered me,* Hedwig's golden eyes never left his face. *Are you understanding me, my human?*

Harry nodded, "Not so human anymore, Hed. Not sure what I am, but I'm not human."

Hedwig nodded, thinking about it. Her human had never understood her before, and he looked much different than when she'd seen him before the screaming. *I am your familiar,* Hedwig scowled. *You should warn your familiar about things that are going to happen that make you scream like you did.*

Harry chuckled, "I did tell you about my majority. You must not have been listening."

Hedwig looked at him reproachfully. *You, my master, did not say it would be that painful.*

Harry scowled at her, before opening her cage. "I wasn't aware that I'd be having a creature inheritance, Hedwig. I thought I was just going to get the normal power boost that the majority usually brings wizards. Not a whole new body structure, DNA sequence and some extra features."

Hedwig flew to his shoulder, carefully studying his wings. *I will have to teach you to fly. You will need to build up muscle in them first.* Hedwig went to nip his ear, but found it missing. *Your flesh extra is gone!*

Harry laughed, that was just so like her. "I have wolf ears now, Hed. I don't need the human ears anymore."

She hooted in realization, before gazing at his new ears. She nibbled on the in affection, and Harry felt his tail wag at the pleasure the action brought. He whined, deep in his throat, in enjoyment. Harry's hand flew to his mouth and his eyes widened.

"That's going to take some getting used to," He muttered. He blinked as sunlight suddenly hit his face. Turning to his clock, Harry saw that it was 8:00 am, he'd been screaming and in pain for nearly eight hours. Harry figured that he'd probably even passed out at some point.

"I need to go wash this blood off," Harry muttered, looking down at himself. Glancing at his bed, he winced when he saw both it and the wall were covered in blood. That would be murder to wash off. Harry was glad that he'd packed all of his things after his relatives had left, he wanted to be gone before noon. Harry looked at the small pouch that hung off his bed. He was also very glad for the bottomless pouch that Sirius had gotten him for Christmas, along with the two way mirrors. It would be much more manageable than his worn trunk had been.

*Go clean yourself, my master.* Hedwig ordered. *I shall keep watch and make sure that you are not disturbed.*

"Thanks Hed." Harry smiled at his familiar. Ron had always told him that it was lame to have an owl as a familiar, but Harry had always ignored his redheaded friend. Fred and George had been surprised to know that Hedwig had been Harry's familiar since he'd gotten her. Unlike Ron, they'd informed him that Owls nearly never bonded to a Wizard or Witch, as they were far to picky in their requirements for a master.

Harry had been surprised, but had easily replied that he'd never want any other familiar, as Hedwig was one of his best friends and family. The owl had preened at the comment. Harry had remembered the look on the Weasley family's faces. Ron looked jealous (as usual), Ginny smiled at him, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley gushed at how sweat he was, the twins grinned and clapped him on the back, Percy smiled at him, Charlie gave him a calculating look, and Bill looked proud of his answer. Harry almost felt as if he had passed some sort of test, but had let the matter go at the time.

Harry sighed, looking around the bathroom for a washcloth. Grabbing one, Harry turned on the shower before stepping in. He gasped as the warm water hit his sore body and new appendages. Shaking off the odd feeling, Harry gently ran the washcloth of his furry wings, watching as the blood easily ran out of the black strands. He washed each wing carefully, before moving to his tail, than the rest of his body. Once the blood was gone, he moved on to his hair, rubbing in the shampoo easily. It was weird, having to use more shampoo than before, but Harry rather liked the feeling of his fur on his fingers. Rinsing out the shampoo, Harry decided to forgo the conditioner and used the shampoo to clean the rest of his fur more thoroughly as well. Making sure that nothing was left, Harry stepped out of the shower and shook.

Blinking, he stopped himself and reached for a towel. He'd have to learn to control the new canine instincts, less he be forced to clean up the boys bathroom in the boys dormitory at Hogwarts. Harry new from Ripper that fur was a pain to get out of a pipe drain.

Once he was dry, Harry turned off the shower and stepped out of the bathroom. He quickly made his way back to Dudley's second bedroom and and rummaged through his pouch, looking for a set of robes that would cover his wings. There was no way that he would be able to walk around with them in plain sight, not to mention his ears and tail.

Harry gasped as he felt a shooting pain up his back. Turning, he saw the wings retracting into his flesh until they could easily lie flat against his back. 'That takes care of that problem,' Harry thought in wonder. His tail and ears would be easy to hid, now that the wings had folded like that. Harry threw on one of his school robes, and looked at himself in the mirror. He winced at the way the cloth hung off him, he'd have to go shopping for a new wardrobe after he went to Gringotts. Walburga had told him that it would be possible to become emancipated, as he was the Potter heir and sixteen.

Harry rummaged through his pouch, before pulling out his pointed hat. He hadn't worn the thing since his first year, but it still fit perfectly. Harry was just thankful he'd had the foresight to keep it, as he'd be screwed without it. Thankfully, the bagginess of the robes hid his tail.

*You look strange, my master.* Hedwig landed on his shoulder. *Are we to leave now?*

"Yep. Any owls that come will know I'm not hear and will find me," Harry glanced at the time, it was nearly 9:30. "I want to get everything in order with Gringotts quickly. We'll never have to come back hear again."

*I would like that,* Hedwig glared at her cage. *Infernal thing, that is. Your nest mates are horrid.*

Harry laughed, "That they are, Hed."

With that, Harry made his way through the house, his pouch tied to his robes. He stopped at the cupboard, before sliding it open. Rummaging around, he pulled out a small blue black with his initials stitched into it. He pulled out a few books he'd stolen from Dudley, having already packed the ones in his bedroom. There were some journals he'd gotten when he thought he was going to Stonewall, some fountain pens he'd bought with some of his money before going to Hogwarts and hid there. He grabbed the stuffed wolf, the only present that his Aunt and Uncle had ever given him. He frowned at it, he'd been five and his teacher had asked why he never brought any toys to class like the other kids. Aunt Petunia had lied, saying he'd been afraid of them being stolen, getting ruined, or becoming lost. She promised he'd bring something the next day, and had gotten him the cheap stuffed animal when she'd went shopping. It was still in perfect condition, so he added it to the pouch.

"I'm going to need bus fair," Harry muttered. His Uncle had an emergency stash of money in his office. Harry was reluctant to take it, but he really needed something to pay Stan and the Knight Bus.

*Your nest mates owe it to you,* Hedwig hooted reassuringly. Harry whined in agreement, before frowning. The canine noises were going to take getting used to, something Harry looked forward to. He stood and closed the cupboard door, before walking to his Uncle's office. A hairpin later, the door swung open and Harry gasped out loud. The office was loaded with guns, what looked like heaps of money, and different things that Harry knew even his relatives couldn't afford.

"That thieving bastard," Harry whispered, looking at the large piles of galleons in he desk drawers. "He was getting fucking paid!" Harry grabbed a handful and glared at the money. He had a feeling that this had come from his vaults, and made a mental note to discuss this with his vault manager at Gringotts.

*I knew the fat man was a horrible nest watcher!* Hedwig hooted indignant on his behalf. *Make sure the fat man knows that he will regret it!*

"I need to teach you more human terms," Harry smiled at her. "And yes, I will."

Harry locked the office door from the inside, before closing it tightly. It wouldn't due for the bastard to know Harry was going to come after him for theft. He wouldn't be getting away with this one, not even in the slightest. Harry walked straight to the front door, also locking the handle, before exiting. There were no Order members guarding him this year, they were to busy with Death Eater attacks this year. Harry smirked when he saw Ms. Figg's car gone, the Squib was at work. Holding up his wand, Harry heard the familiar bang of the Knight Bus arriving.

"'Ello, welcome to the 'ight bus. 'ames Stan." Stan looked at him, and gasped in surprised. "Hey Ern, it's 'Arry!"

"Hello Stan, I'm glad that you've been released." Harry grinned at him. "I knew that you were innocent."

Stan nodded at him in thanks. "That means 'lot to meh. Aht really does. Leaky Cauldron, then?"

Harry nodded, and handed over the money, plus five galleons more. Stan looked at it, before trying to hand the extra back. Harry shook his head. "Think of it as an apology for lying to you last time."

"'lright, then, Leaky Cauldron, Ern!" Stan smiled at Harry, before finally noticing his scar. He whistled, "That'll be right hard to hide now."

Harry grimaced, "It's what I get for going through my majority. Never thought it look like this afterwards, no one thought to warn me that it might be affected."

Stan nodded, "Curse scars are tricky, they are. Neva seem to do the expected."

Harry clutched the bed he was sitting on to keep from being thrown off it. Hedwig was hooting in despair at being thrown around like this. *Never again, my master. Please, never again!* Hedwig pleaded, sinking her talons into his shoulder. Harry winced in pain.

*Ease up a little, Hedwig!* He hooted, before starting in surprise. Stan stared at him in shock.

"I 'eard you 'ould speak 'aresletongue, but this ain't no snake, 'Arry!" Pointing at Hedwig, Stan stared at the Boy-Who-Lived.

"I know," Harry nodded. "I think that I'm not parselmouth, but an animal speaker. It probably was only partially developed before I came into my majority."

Stan nodded, "'at make some sense, ther it does."

Harry frowned, Stan's accent had always been hard to understand, but it seemed that it was getting worse. Probably because of his short stay in Azkaban, before he was cleared by being under the Imperious. Harry felt his bed jerk again as they finally arrived at the Leaky Cauldron.

"See ya, Stan!" Harry waved as he got off.

"Bye 'Arry!" Stan waved back, before they were off again in a loud bang. Harry shook his head, while Hedwig released his poor shoulder.

"Sorry Hedwig." Harry soothed her feathers. Hedwig hooted her acceptance.

Entering the Leaky Cauldron, Harry made his way to the entrance to Diagon Alley. Slipping out his wand, Harry tapped the sequence and stood back as the entry way opened up. There were wizards bustling about everywhere, despite the Dark Lord's return. Harry pulled the hat over his scar a bit farther, and was thankful that he no longer needed glasses, making it harder to identify him.

Quickly, Harry navigated the crowd, making his way to Gringotts. Hedwig hooted angrily as she was forced to fly as to not get thrown off his shoulder by a wizard or witch bumping into him. Harry gave her an apologetic look.

Finally, they made it to the bank. Harry gave a curt bow to the outside goblin, which was returned with an air of surprise. Harry had asked Walburga about such formalities, and had memorized as many as he could. His Great Aunt had seemed to be bursting in pride for her grandnephew as he learned. Harry felt that it was nice to have family that took pride in him, something that he hadn't had before.

Entering the bank, Harry ignored the threatening poetry, though Hedwig seemed to find it amusing. Harry shook his head at her, before making his way over to one of the tellers.

"Key, please." The goblin didn't look up from where he was writing.

"Not in my possession. I came to rectify that." Harry knew that he'd gotten the goblins attention, as it looked up quickly, before handing him a penknife.

"Prick your finger so that we may verify your identity." Harry did as instructed and watched as the goblin checked a piece of paper. "Follow me."

Harry followed closely behind the goblin as he was led threw the bank. Hedwig settled on his shoulder contently, before falling asleep. The goblin seemed to find this just as amusing as Harry, because he chuckled. They arrived at an office, where the teller knocked.

"Harry Potter to see you, Master Griphook." The goblin then turned around and headed back the way they came. Harry frowned, and entered the office. If he recalled correctly, Griphook was the name of the goblin that had taken him down to his vault the first time he was here.

"Ah, Mr. Potter." Sure enough, it was the same goblin. Harry nodded to him, before taking a seat. "You have misplaced you key?"

Harry snorted, "More like I was never given it to begin with."

Griphook looked up from his papers, eyes narrowed. "This is most concerning. You were to be given your key on your eleventh birthday. May I assume that your lack of responses to our letters came from not receiving them?"

Harry frowned, "What letters?"

Griphook nodded, as if this answered everything. "I suspected as much, but I had wished that it was due to something else. We will rectify this during your time here, and any money withdraws that have not been made with you present will be retracted and the money will reappear in your vaults."

Harry nodded, "That was something I had wished to also discuss. I wanted to know if it was possibly if I could see who made what withdraws?"

Griphook nodded, "Certainly, young heir-lord." The goblin reached into his desk and pulled out a folder before handing it to the wizard. Harry accepting the folder with thanks.

Harry glanced over the parchment inside, and glared. Withdraws had been being made since November 1st, 1981, the day after his parents died. Each one was signed off by Albus Dumbledore as his magical guardian. Harry flipped through all the parchment before he found his own withdraws. He carefully sent the ones he had withdrawn himself aside. He found that Mrs. Weasley had lied about withdrawing the money for his school things from his account during third year. It seemed she had paid for them with their money. He made a mental note to pay them back.

"This says that Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are being paid regular fees from my account," Harry muttered, angrily.

Griphook nodded, "The accounts haven't been touched and it was brought to our attention by Ms. Granger. It seemed that she was displeased by the notion. Ronald Weasley had been completely unawares of the money."

Harry nodded, pleased his friends weren't really betraying him like that. "I would like for the money to stop, and money already there to be returned. I did no sanction any of these things, other than the withdraw transactions that I've set aside."

"All other moneys will be reclaimed, as well as any artifact or other things taken from the vaults." Harry nodded his thanks. "We will also have any existing keys magically abolished and will re-key the vaults. You will be the only one to have a key and any other's that come without a handwritten note from you giving them permission will be denied."

"Thank you." Harry said, his ears twitching uncomfortably against his hat. "Would you mind, if I were to take the hat off?"

Griphook gave him a shrewd look, "Any secrets that you possess would be kept by Gringotts and client confidentiality."

Harry ripped the hat off his head, a whimper of relief escaping his mouth. Harry blushed at the stunned look the goblin was giving him.

"Well," Griphook looked the scar (it's surrounding and branching designs) and the wolf ears in interest. "Your majority seems to have been an eye opener."

Harry grinned, "You could say that."

Griphook looked at him, "You might wish not to do that, Young Heir-Lord. Your canines have become just that."

Harry raised a hand to his mouth, and his teeth had, in fact, become that of a wolf's. "Great," Harry whined in discontent. He frowned, that should have been a sigh, not a whine. "I can't do anything normal."

The goblin chuckled, much more at ease now that he knew the young man was not, at all, a human. "I would assume that you wish to claim you inheritance, and become emancipated?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, that is what I had come to do. I also would like to view the Potter Will, as I would like to verify something."

Griphook nodded, "You may read over the will while I summon the potion to test your heritage."

"Potion?" Harry question, accepting the rolled parchment.

"Yes, to see if you are eligible to claim any other Lordships besides that of the House of Potter and Black." Griphook explained, pressing his thumb against something on his desk.

Harry turned his attention to the will, before unraveling it.

We, James Charlus Potter and Lillian Eve Potter nee Evans, do hereby proclaim of sound mind, this to be our last will and testiment.

To Remus Lupin, we leave the Marauder's Den and 1,500 galleons. Take care of yourself Mooney.

To Severus Snape, we leave Lily's collection of potions books and an apology. I'm sorry, Snape, for the way that I treated you during school. I hope that you have it within you to forgive me and I declare that your life debt be fulfilled.

To Sirius Black, we leave you some common sense and suggest that you use it, Padfoot. We also would like to proclaim that Sirius Orion Black was never, and has never, been our secret keeper. If they try to blame you, show them this and you should be cleared.

To Peter Pettigrew, we leave our hatred and hope that you live a cursed and horrible life from here on.

To Albus Dumbledore, we leave you nothing and tell you to LEAVE OUR SON ALONE YOU HORRIBLE, LYING, MANIPULATIVE OLD COOT!

To our son, Harrison James Potter, we leave everything else. We love you, Harry, never forget that.

We leave guardianship of our son to these people listed bellow should his godfather, Sirius Black or godmother, Alice Longbottom, be unavailable.

Remus Lupin

Minerva McGonagal

Andromeda Tonks nee Black

Molly and Arthur Weasley

Severus Snape (yes, Severus, you)

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black

Please note that no matter what, Harry should never been left with Petunia and Vernon Dursley. My sister hates magic, and I fear what she would do to your child, though I know that verbal abuse would be the least of it.

So mote it be.

James Charlus Potter

Lillian Eve Potter nee Evans

Harry stared at the will, anger coiling inside his stomach, a soft growl coming out of his mouth.

"Mr. Potter?" Griphook looked at the young Potter heir in surprise. "Is something the matter?"

Harry's eyes, glowing with anger making the slit pupil more noticeable, snapped to the goblins face. Griphook fought down the shiver of fear that traveled up his spine. "Why was my parent's will ignored?"

Griphook frowned, "I'm uncertain of what you mean. We were assured that the will had been followed to the letter."

"They proclaim my godfather innocent," Harry glared. "Sirius would never have gone to Azkaban if this was followed, and I would have never been place with the Dursley's. I don't believe these items have been given to any of the people listed, as well."

Griphook snarled, "We will rectify that immediately. Please hand me the will, in cases like this, we can forcibly enact it."

Harry nodded, "Thank you, I don't think that it's right for their will to be ignored. If possible, please send a copy of the will with the items, so that they know what they are receiving and why."

Griphook nodded, "It shall be done. Onto other matters, the potion that you need is hear. Please add three drops of blood and then poor the potion onto the parchment on the desk."

Harry took the vial and parchment. He slit is finger with a claw and watched as the three drops mixed with the green potion and the vial glowed. Setting the parchment on the desk, Harry pored the contents of the vial onto it, watching in fascination as it turned into a fine mist.

"Wait a moment for it dissipate before lifting the parchment," Griphook warned. Harry did as told and waited before lifting it to read.

Harrison James Potter-Evans

Age: 16

Status: Living

Parents: Lillian Potter nee Evans

James Charlus Potter

Paternal Grandparents: Charlus Harold Potter

Dorea Potter nee Black

Maternal Grandparents: Yvonne Evans nee Olvan

Kevin Richard Evans


The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter

The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black

The Most Ancient and Noble House of Evans

The Royal House of Gryffindor

Secondary Heirships:

The Royal House of Slytherin

The Royal House of Ravenclaw

Blood Abilities:

Parseltongue (Slytherin line, developed)

Animal Speaker (Evans Line, developed)

Natural Occlumens (Gryffindor Line developed)

Wandless Magics (partially developed)

Animagus (undeveloped)


Evans Lordship

Potter Lordship

Black Lordship

Gryffindor Lordship

Creature Inheritance:

Pennatus Lupus (Evans Line, developed)

"What's a Pennatus Lupus?" Harry asked, looking up. He conveniently ignored the fact that his mother was either a pureblood or halfblood. He could come to terms with that later, but Harry was much more interested in the fact that he finally knew what he was called.

Griphook read over the results in fascination. "A Pennatus Lupus is a creature that we once thought extinct. They're human for most of their life until their majority, defending on how powerful they are. An average wizard in the family won't have gained the inheritance, but a very powerful one would. They're dangerous, with wolf features and fur colored wings that can be hidden easily. They are submissive creatures only when they find their mate. Any other time, they are viscous when threatened and usually would dominate other creatures that would dare threaten their place in the pack. They are the alphas of the magical creatures in existence. During one of the first wars between creatures and wizards, they remained neutral, only to be nearly wiped out by Wizarding kind. It seemed that the Evans family had one marry into their clan, but the gene remained dormant."

Harry blushed at the mention that he would be a submissive, though being an alpha most of the time sounded very appealing. Griphook looked at him keenly, before nodding to himself. "You may display your wings if you so wish."

Harry immediately spend his robe, disgruntling a sleeping Hedwig. She hooted in annoyance, but let it slide. Harry sighed in content as his wings expanded and stretched. "It's very uncomfortable keeping them cooped up like that, but I wanted to get here without being gawked at."

Griphook nodded, "That was for the best. Now, you only have to claim the Lordship rings before being declared an adult in the eyes of the muggle and Wizarding World."

Griphook held our a box that contained four different rings, each with the insignia of the house it represented. Harry picked up the Potter ring and gingerly placed it on his finger. The ring glowed and re-sized to fit his finger. Next to that finger, Harry placed the Evans ring. On the opposite hand, Harry place the Gryffindor ring, and then the Black ring. Each re-sized to fit the finger.

Griphook nodded, "The Rings have accepted you as their new lord. All you must do now is sign this paper work before you are declared an adult in the eyes of the law."

Harry picked up the quill (a blood quill, he recognized) and signed his name. The parchment glowed golden before disappearing. He was officially an adult.

"Now there is only the matter of your properties and vaults. I have the paperwork right here." Griphook handed the paper work over. "As the new Lord, all the wards of each house, even if it is a Fidileus Charm, have been turned over to you. No one else will be able to get in them and anyone who was inside at the time, has been evicted. This does not include house-elves."

"Thank you, Griphook." Harry muttered glancing over the paper.

Potter Family Vaults

Galleons: 3,987,526

Sickles: 9,000

Knuts: 987




Ancient Tomes


Various other items


Potter Manor

French Seaside Condo

Swedish Cottage

Italian Manor


1 Seat: Wizengamot

1 Seat: Hogwarts Board of Directors

55% of Daily Prophet

1/3 of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes

Black Family Vaults

Galleons: 50,000,000




Ancient Tomes


Other Items


Black Manor

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Marauder's Cottage

Seaside Condo

French Manor


23% of the Daily Prophet

1 Seat: Hogwarts Board of Directors

3 Seats: Wizengamot

Evans Family Vaults

Galleons: 2,978,698

Sickles: 8,000




Ancient Tomes


Other Items


Evans Family Manor

Cottage in the Woods


1 Seat: Wizengamot

Gryffindor Vaults

Contents Unknown


Gryffindor Castle

Hogwarts Grounds


'Forbidden Forest'

1/4 share of Hogwarts Castle


3 Seats: Wizengamot

Head of Hogwarts Board of Directors

1 Seat: ICW

Harry stared, not believing what he was reading. According to this, he was probably the riches person in Great Britain. "Merlin," Harry swore, staring at the sheet of paper in awe.

Griphook chuckled, "All properties can be accessed by the Lordship Rings. All you have to do is state the property you wish to go to, and you'll be transported there immediately."

"Is that all?" Harry muttered, still stunned. "Is there anyway to access funds without having to come to the bank all the time?"

Griphook nodded, "Yes, we have a charmed pouch that will only allow someone wearing the Lordship rings to use. It draws funds right from the vaults, and all transactions with this will be recorded."

Harry nodded, "How much would the fee for one of those be?"

Griphook smirked, "Five galleons per month."

"Done." The goblin handed over the small back, which Harry accepted.

"Would you wish to visit any of the vaults?" Harry nodded. "Alright, follow me and we'll take a cart down."

The vaults were filled with interesting items, things that Harry had never seen before. Of course, Harry mostly took with him different books that looked interesting, or a magical artifact that looked useful. In the Potter vault, Harry found that the Invisibility Cloak had been returned, and replace the item in his pouch. He also found a portrait of his parents, which was sleeping. He shrunk that as well. Harry also found a necklace that would hide all of unusual new appendages and features, making it look as if he'd only gotten more feminine due to the majority. Harry thought this was very useful, and the emerald pendant matched his eyes perfectly.

The Evans vault held many different books, but Harry focused on ones about Ancient Runes. There were also this rare, useful book that became any book you wanted as long as you knew the author and title. He would never have to buy school books again, which was something he was very proud of. Hermione would not be told, as he knew she'd be insanely jealous and he got that enough with Ron. There was also a book detailing Pennatus Lupus and Animagus transformations and Occlumency. There was also a book that detailed Animal Speakers and how many different animals they could commune with.

The Black vault wasn't that surprising, as in it was filled dark artifacts. Harry took some books on Arithmacy and Ancient Runes, as well as obscure magical creatures. There were some potions books that Harry thought looked interesting, so he added them as well. Spell books were never overlooked and were added.

The Gryffindor vault was the most amazing. Portraits were everywhere, of all four founders. Harry was awed by the different Tomes in the rooms, some detailing long forgotten rituals and other such things. Harry was allowed to take a magical anklet that would allow him protections from potions (veritiserum) and dangerous, dark spell (the Cruciatus). It was an emerald circlet that went rather nicely with his necklace. In the weaponry, Harry found that Gryffindor's sword had been returned to it's proper case, and not the sorting hat.

Harry left Gringotts pleased with all that had gone on, and Hedwig was just happy that they wouldn't be going back to the Dursley's. Ever.

"Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, huh?" Harry smirked at the shop. "Let's pay the twins a visit, Hed."

*It's you headache, my master.* Hedwig hooted.

Harry snickered.

There you have it, chapter one. Let me know what you all thing!