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Lord Harrison,

As you no doubt have been waiting for this letter, Lucius just returned from his board meeting. The information that he had was not pleasing and was beyond a doubt disturbing. In previous letters you alluded to being abused but never did you allude to being used as a muggle punching bag! As you know we have not been on the best of terms but even in the days I was trying to kill you I never would have allowed you to be left with such disgusting muggles! What possessed you to stay there for as long as you did? Did you have no self preservation? Yet the Sorting Hat wanted you in Slytherin so I know that you had to have an ounce of self worth in you system. I expect an answer to that question else I will seek you out during your school year and ask you in person.

Now that, that injustice has been addressed, I commend you on getting the old geezer sacked. Good riddance. I also remind you that now that Dumbledore no longer has his multiple positions or control over the school her will have time on his hands. Senile or not, Dumbledore is clever, and you have made an enemy out of him. Watch your back and have your friends watch theirs. I have eyes on the old man but they can only do so much against him should he decide to act. Take this warning as a sign of peace between us with no strings attached.

Good luck, Lord Harrison. I expect that reply.

Lord Voldemort

P.S. You're lucky, I've become busy so that this message was delayed in its sending. You have three days to respond before I come look for you. I suggest you write back quickly.

Harry set the letter down on the grand table, eyes clouded. It had only arrived this morning during the breakfast on the second day of their return to Hogwarts. So far the school already seemed brighter without the presence of Dumbledore. McGonagal had been made Headmistress and doubled as the Transfiguration Professor, insisting that she was still the best candidate in the world. The woman was right but the situation was split. While Professor McGonagal taught the fifth through seventh years, fourth year and bellow was taught by another Professor by the name of Genomi, a tubby, short graying man. Genomi was rated as the second best in Transfiguration next to McGonagal, Harry was actually rather impressed that they had managed to get the top Masters in the field to teach at the school. He was also glad that he wouldn't have to put up with the man in class as he had a horrible American accent. The Latin class teacher was a middle aged woman that seemed downright cheery though he had missed her name. He had been rather distracted during the feast, mostly by the fact that the entire hall was staring at him due to his creature status having been revealed.

As he had always known, the pendant had been rendered useless as soon as he'd gotten onto Platform One and Three Quarters. Of course that didn't mean that Harry was used to the stares by the time he reached Hogwarts. As soon as he had made it onto the train, he'd hidden in the first compartment he could find. That had been where Ron and Hermione had found him, wings curled protectively over himself. It was really the first time he had to deal with this reaction, as the board members had been blaise about the inheritance. The whispers at the feast had been ever worse as over a thousand students stared at him on and off throughout the meal. After the introduction of the Transfiguration Professor, Harry had just been too distracted to focus on the names of the other new teachers.

The new History of magic Teacher was young woman in her mid twenties. She was blond, not platinum like Malfoy but enough to be noticed. Harry found it a nice change as there were very few non-platinum blond's in the Wizarding World if they had that color of hair at all. From the way she had talked at the opening feast she seemed to be of Spanish decent, most likely Spain judging by the blond hair and they way she looked. The Blood Abilities teacher was a Magical Creature, not that surprising, Harry had noted. From the looks of things, the teacher was a Shape Changer. Similar to the Animagi ability, Shape Changer were born with the ability to become any animal they desired and desplayed high levels of magical powers in certain areas, including Blood Calling. Blood Calling was a rare art that Remus had made Harry read up on during the summer that allowed the user to tell if a person had a blood ability just by smelling their blood. It wasn't surprising that she would be teaching that class. Shape Changers were always identifiable by the silver glow of their eyes and hair, and the fact they aged slowly. Their teacher looked to be early teens, but Harry would guess she was either in her late twenties or early thirties to be considered for this job.

The other blood ability teacher took up a row of tables nearly to themselves, each honing a specific ability that made them unique. Harry didn't bother looking at each of them as he would probably never need to personally know all of them and they varied in their decent and age. Harry could see professors from all different countries around the world, all come to Hogwarts to help teach. The school had to have multiple staff tables just to fit all the professors. Harry thought that it looked more like the portrait of when the Founders first started the school that it had ever before. The Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher was a nice surprise for Harry as he looked upon the frayed form of Remus Lupin. The werewolf grinned back at him, and gestured next to him. Harry frowned as he looked at the Advanced DADA teacher before the name clicked: Kingsley Shacklebolt, one of the Order of the Phoenix. Remus had told Harry the week before he left that some of the Order had found out what Dumbledore had been doing and had cut ties with the man. Kingsley was a strong Auror and Harry had no doubt that they would learn a lot in the man's Advanced class while Remus taught them what they needed to know in the regular class.

Those were the only teachers that Harry could recognize off the bat with all the new electives that had been reinstated and the other mandatory classes that had been added. He had still yet to locate the Magical Creature Inheritance Teacher, though he supposed they could have elected not to come to the feast tonight after the spectacle last night. Really, all the students staring at Harry didn't really make the opening feast that much more interesting. He also didn't see the new Divination Teacher or the new Muggle Studies teacher. Not that it bothered the Penatus Lupus much but he'd rather know who they are then be forced to find out later due to an unpleasant event.

"Harry!" Harry swiveled his head to see Hermione coming his way with three schedules, Ron following her. "McGonagal asked us to give you this! She's still our Head of House until she's approved another teacher to take over her duties but she can't be seen as favoring students in any house so the prefects are passing out schedules. Here's yours."

Harry grabbed the schedule absentmindedly. First after breakfast was Potions with the Slytherins. Some things never changed, huh? Well at least he wouldn't have to worry about any of them killing him now, would he? Stuffing the schedule and letter into his book-bag, the teen took one last bite of his meal and walked out of the room.

Snape was waiting for them all in the class, a satisfied look on his face as he watched the students enter. One by one, nervous students filled the potions classroom as the musical chimes sounded through the castles, indicating the start of classes. "Good morning, welcome to Potions Sixth years. You are no doubt wondering what's going on based on previous years, as class was dictated by Dumbledore's curriculum. I have been assured by the new Headmistress that this is no longer the case and I will now actually be allowed to teach you. So therefore we will be starting on the basics for the next two weeks in attempt to right the wrongs that the former Headmaster forced upon you. First off, take out paper! There will be a quiz on this!"

Harry took out one of his many parchment bound notebooks and a ink ball pen (same effect as a quill only you could actually read his handwriting when he wrote with this). Snape turned to the board and wrote quickly:

'The Basics of Potion Making, the effects of each ingredient.'

*Clockwise vs. Counterclockwise- it may not seem like it but there actually is a difference. When a potion is asking of clockwise stirring that does not mean that it is optional. It means that according to how you stir the ingredient that you have added to the water solution in your cauldron, you risk not activating a key magical component hidden deep within the basis of the added substance. In the case of Dragon Scales, turning counter clockwise activates a hidden magical signature that releases a poison useful in most poison while clockwise will give you small amount of magic. Figure it similar to the movement of your wand and the desired effect of a spell.

*Timing- timing is everything. If a ingredient is added to soon or too late you risk letting the potion be to hot or cold for the necessary reaction to occur in the solution. Compare this to the amount of magic you add to a spell and you will get a basis of the idea.

*Preparations- like how you stir, the way you prepare key ingredients also will encourage certain reactions within a solution that will show whether or not the potion will fail or succeed.

*Heat- the amount of heat added to the potion is similar to timing. It mixes the combined forces of the ingredients together and without it, we could not get our potion. Like magic, it needs to be controlled carefully or the effect can damage the end result.

"These will be the basic principle we will be studying as we go through and remake some of the lower grade potions from your earlier years. You are lucky that I have all of this year and next to fix the orders of the previous Headmaster and that I have a deep knowledge of how far he manage to make me keep you behind. With potion making anything is possible and after we pass this stage and go on to strong potions and I am satisfied with your knowledge, we will begin experimenting with the different ways ingredients react to stimuli and creating our own potions. I have two years to get you to speed with what you need to know for NEWTS so I suggest we get to work! The first potion will be on the board momentarily, finish your note taking, clear your work space and get to work. You will be working alone so do not attempt to pair up! Those that fail will be attending Redeemal Coarses with me until I am satisfied you will pass this class with at least a EE!" Snape snapped at the room, his disposition seemingly the same. Harry however could see an almost excited glee on the man's face and wondered how many years he had been planning for this day, when he would be able to teach potions his way. Sure he wasn't allowed to give out points or take them away anymore but that didn't seem to bother him that much as no one looked to be dreading this class for the first time since he became the teacher.

Harry finished his note taking and got to work. He felt that this year was already starting off on a good note.

"That was the best bloody potion's class I've ever had!" Ron exclaimed as they left the room and Harry swore he saw a smirk on Snape's face from his desk. "I've never understood what was so bloody important about any of that stuff! Was he really not allowed to teach like that? Because if so than Dumbledore was worse than I thought! I mean the whole school hated him because of the way Dumbledore forced him to teach?"

"I'm a bit surprised as well," Hermione nodded, bashful. They looked at her in surprise, as they were both well aware she hated bad mouthing teachers. "Professor Snape seems the same but he has a much more...cheerful air when he teaches. It's like when on the first day his beginning speech was captivating but the rest of the year his teaching methods went down hill. I wondered how someone so wonderful at potions could seem to know nothing about making them and that Dumbledore hindered the learning of the students is barbaric! I mean, we could have learned so much on the subject from Professor Snape before now and now we're rushing to get caught up with NEWTS. Did you hear what he said? If we do get caught up in a few months, we'll begin the real experimenting and potion creating! I looked into Professor Snape's background and did you know that he's widely recognized as the most talented Potion's Master in the world? If we could actually discover new potions in his class-"

"Breath Hermione!" They yelled at the same time, staring at her as they took in the overload of information. Several other students had stopped to stare as well, possibly wondering how she was talking so fast with out breathing. They still hadn't managed to make it but several feet from the potions classroom. Harry could hear Snape chuckling inside the room, his wolf whining as the insult to his pack. Harry himself didn't see the insult but he didn't question it and tuned the somewhat nicer Professor out. "Look Herm, we know. But if we don't get moving we'll be late to-"

"Late! Right, we have History of Magic next and the new teacher! What are we still doing here?!" Hermione sped off in the opposite direction. Harry and Ron stared after her.

"Harry," Ron began.

"Yeah mate?" Harry turned to his friend, head cocked to the side and ears perked.

"She's bloody mental, that one." Ron said confidently.

"Yeah, but she's ours and she's heading in the wrong direction so we'd best catch up." Harry nodded as they took off running after the bookworm. It seemed Hermione had forgotten that Binns was no longer the teacher and the History of Magic classroom had been moved to the Great Hall.

"Welcome all! My name is Professor Pilkins! I would like to start by telling you that you will not be needing books out for this class. There will be homework assgined each night for which you will use your books but I prefer to use class time for a more practical use!" Pilkins announced as the class sat around her. They were once again, paired in the Slytherins. "I have gotten the permission of the Headmistress to make this class a more mobile structure. As you've no doubt noticed, this is the only other class you will have today. That was done on purpose as we will be leaving the school to visit the most historic sites in Britian and even beyond!"

Harry's ears perked up, tail wagging in anticipation. He felt his hopes dashed at the next sentence. "I will be pairing you up with partners to make sure that you do not cause too much trouble and cause us to return to bookwork. I dare say none of us want that! Gather with the person I pair you with after I read your name!

Hermione Granger with Daphne Greengrass!

Ron Weasley with Blaise Zabini!

Neville Longbottom with Theodore Nott!

Parvarti Patil with Pansy Parkinson!

Harry Potter with Draco Malfoy!"

Harry tuned out the rest of the names as he felt a growl emit from his throat. He heard a groan from the other side of the room as well and knew that the feeling was mutual. At least there was that, Harry thought to himself as he moved over next to Malfoy. He knew for a fact that the other wouldn't disgrace himself by coming to him and would leave him no other option than moving. "Great, just great." He mumbled.

"I'm not happy about it either, Potter, but at least you're not as bad as you used to be." Malfoy muttered back.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Harry shot back, frowning. 'As bad as he used to be'? What did the platnum pain in the arse mean by that little comment, huh? If he wanted a fight, he wasn't going to get one...yet. He wasn't going to do anything that would result in going back to bookwork in History of Magic.

"It means you're no longer Dumbledore's golden boy." Malfoy stated, as if that was supposed to be obvious. "Doing everything the egotistical Headmaster commanded and doing so gladly."

Here Harry gave the other a secretive smirk. "Whoever said I was ever his golden boy? Or that I ever did it gladly?"

"Wait what?" Malfoy asked, wide eyed.

"We're off! Grab onto the protkey, all of you!" Pilkins called out. Harry smirked as he grabbed on, Malfoy's hand coming up behind his.

"Don't think this get's you out of answering, Potter. You're not just going to leave it there." And they disappeared into a swirl of magic.

Lord Voldemort,

What gave you the idea that I have a choice in staying there? The oh so wonderful Headmaster Dumbledore was adamant that it was in my best interests that I was to spend my summers with my muggle relatives and any actions muggle child services took against the Dursley's mysteriously vanished after a while. So, what choice did I have beside play the Gryffindor Golden Boy for Dear old Dumbles and bide my time until my Inheritance came and I was able to leave that place? Which is what I did.

I'm aware that Dumbledore knows I played him (and I did a good job of it too, the old coot!) and is probably planning a countermeasure. But his Order of the Fried Chickens is nearly completely disbanded as most of them are outraged at his treatment of me (one of them is even our new Advanced DADA teacher) and he's lost all his power in the Wizarding World. I'm on the look out but Dumbledore is currently under a lot of scrutiny and can't afford to do much of anything at the moment.

There's your reply. No hunting me down is needed.

Lord Harrison.

Harry whistled as he looked at their destination. This was impressive, very impressive indeed. The professor had taken them to America ('Where did she get permission for an international portkey?' He wondered idly) and they were currently standing in the American Ministry of Magic. Pilkins grinned at them all, clapping her hand. "Now what a lot of people forget about History of Magic is that Britain and America were once the same government, much like with the muggles colonies, we also traveled to the new land to colonize. However unlike the muggles, we did not fight a war when it was decided to become a different country."

Harry blinked, recalling the Revolutionary War from his primary school. He raised his hand, bringing attention to himself. Pilkins seemed delighted at his confusion. "Ah, didn't the muggles fight for freedom due to the unfairness of the taxes the British Queen set up and the laws that were implemented?" He asked, confused. "Why did the colonies and the British Ministry decide that a different Government and country was needed if not for that reason?"

"Oh! You were muggle-raised weren't you?" Pilkins clapped. "Yes, the muggles revolted because the colonies wished for freedom of the people and for the people to have their voices heard. The magical colonies on the other hands, separated due to the innate magic of the land and the affect it was having on their own magic. Their magics were becoming different to our own, less to do with wands and more with nature itself. They can still use wands and our magic, but after centuries of living here, the ability is harder to access than our own. It was why during the Salem witch trials, burning became a thing of the past as the witch or wizard could either perform a Freezing charm or manipulate the fire to not affect them. They resorted to hanging the accused victims instead. Of course that could be avoided if you confessed to being a witch and accused another, but that is another story and more to do with muggle history than our own. Religion and all that."

"Their magic changed?" Hermione stared at the teacher. "How?"

Pilkins glanced at her and shrugged. "No one knows for certain, just that the magic in the land was different than the magic that was present in Britain. I suppose it has to do with the Planet and her will, but that is only my theory. All I can tell you is that if you stay in America for more than five years, you will start developing another magic on-top of your own core. It's rather fascinating."

"Much better than Binns," Harry muttered as Pilkins gave instructions on where they could look around in the Ministry hall. They were to take notes on the placs that explained some of the history of the magic in America that the American Ministry had discovered over the centuries.

"Can't argue that," Malfoy mumbled. "Wonder where they found Pilkins anyways. Father certainly never mentions that History of Magic would become my second favorite class."

"Don't know, but wherever it was I'm sure we'll find out eventually." Harry shrugged dryly, ignoring the odd feeling that having a normal conversation with Malfoy was bringing on. "Either way this has got to be better than what Binns would have had us do this year...let me think...Goblin Wars, the sixth year version!"

The blond snickered. "I don't doubt that. Can you imagine what our NEWTS would have been like? Worse than the OWLS were, I'll tell you that."

"I wouldn't know, I skipped the History OWL." Harry shrugged. "If you'll remember a certain someone decided that sending me a vision about my godfather at that exact moment was a good idea."

Malfoy winced and avoided eye contact. "At least he's not dead?" The blond offered.

"Now I've seen everything." Harry commented, amazed. "Did you just try to comfort me?"

"Hey! I was told to play nice!" Malfoy snapped, eye twitching with the implied insult. "You could at least try and make it easier on me! Why this sudden change anyways? And what are you?!"

"Wow, how long have you been wanting to ask that one?" Harry felt the wolf in his shift at the question but ignored it. "Penatus Lupus, Malfoy. I'm sure you know what that is. I've no need for any previous hostilities...beside's I read up on some of your pureblood etiquette this summer and fingered out why you were the biggest prat in history. Didn't it ever occur to you that I might actually not know about any of the traditions in the Wizarding World and was unaware of the 'insult'? I mean come on! I was raised by Muggles!"

The Slytherin had the courtesy to blush as they moved to another of the small places that detailed the alliance the American's made with the Hobgoblins, the cousins of the Gringotts Goblins, during the year 1819. Harry blinked and wondered if the other species of goblin was anything like their cousins. They were nearly done with the class when the first part of Harry's sentence clicked in the blond's head.

"Did you say Penatus Lupus?!" Malfoy blanched and distanced himself from the magical creature's person, not wanting to accidently run into him and cause an unpleasant reaction from his former rival. Harry gave him an amused glance but kept silent about the change.

"Of course I did. Didn't you catch that." Harry replied deeply, grinning toothily (or would that be fangily?) at the blond. He was probably enjoying intimidating the other far too much but that was neither here or there. What was interesting was that his wolf growled deeply in approval at his actions, it seemed it was more of a territory thing than anything else. Well he wouldn't protest as he was having just as much fun but he would need to watch himself in the presence of some of the more powerful players in the game, like say if Dumbledore showed up. But for now he would be fine.

"Oh get over yourself Malfoy, it's not like I'm going to eat you." Harry hummed as they continued walking. "I far better controlled than that."

The blond gave him a considering look but nodded none the less. The rest of the class passed with little of interest before they returned to the school. The assigned homework was to read the chapter about the American Ministry and its history and write an essay comparing the information in the text to the information that they had taken from the Ministry itself. The project was to be a joint effort so as to increase the different ideas between students. Harry reluctantly planned a meeting time with Malfoy in the library before heading off to dinner. It had been a long day and he still had to use the two-way mirrors to call Sirius and Remus for their nightly check-in after the meal but before he went to sleep.

"Harry!" Sirius grinned as his godson answered the mirror. The Penatus Lupus gave him an unimpressed look as he had only just gotten back from dinner. "We miss you already pup! How was everything?"

So Harry began the detailed report of the progress that Hogwarts had made under it's new teachers. The jealous look on his godfather's face when he described History of Magic class was brilliant and the teen smirked at him. "Professor Pilkins may have pared me with Malfoy," Harry started at the end of his long drawn out explanation. "But I have to say that she is bloody brilliant in teaching the class. The trip was amazing and we learned so many thing that we never would have learned under Binns."

"True that, pup." Sirius nodded emphatically. "Just wait till Mooney hears about this! He'll be outraged at the missed chance to visit the colonies! Well, Mooney is going to be back soon and I'm going to get in trouble for not waiting to call you so see ya later pup!" Harry had no chance to call for the man to wait as he hung up.

Laughing, Harry laid on the bed in Gryffindor tower and allowed sleep to claim him. It was the best first day back at Hogwarts he had ever had.

He couldn't wait to see how the rest of the week would go.

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