Hello, Dear followers! :D

The final chapter of Innocently in Love is up for reads!

I just want to thank all my followers and reviewers and those who
favourite-ed this guys are absolutely amazing!
Your support is what drove me to complete this fanfic, and I managed to write
more than half of the final chapter within, like, two days.
It was the last scene with Hinata and Naruto being
extremely emotional that continued to stump me for day.

I didn't know how to express all that emotions so I ended up
searching as many depressing songs I could get my hands on and play
them on repeat while writing it.
I finished it, but I still find it lacking, but meeeh :/
but that's beside the point. Thank you for your support :D


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It's official. I will be writing and EPILOGUE.
However, I don't know when I'll be able to start writing it, so you may have to wait awhile.
A loooong while, but nevertheless, there will be one up sooner or later :D