Viola Christabell Cullen

Viola's POV

I'm Viola Christabell Cullen, the overshadowed twin sister of the ever so perfect Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I love my family, I really do. But each day, I have to live knowing that I won't ever be good enough to capture their attention. I have a gift too, just like Renesmee. I have a gift of absorbing other vampires' powers, so I pretty much can do anything.

Today, its me and Renesmee's 10th birthdays, although we already look like we're 15. I woke up to the sound of my family singing Happy Birthday in the living room downstairs. Renesmee, mom, and dad all live together in the cottage house. I get to stay in the main house because no one suggested that I went along with them. I don't mind living here at all. At least in here, I sometimes get Uncle Jasper's attention. I can hear them telling Renesmee to blow the candles downstairs. Negative thoughts filled me for a while, but I tried to collect myself together and managed to put on a smile on my face.

I got out of bed and took a bath. As I looked at the closet of clothes, I wonder what I should be wearing. I know I won't go anywhere important today, but I still like dressing up and looking good. After thinking long and hard, I decided that I would just spend the day in the Forks Dance Studio Company (FDSC). That is where I spend most of my time. When I'm feeling down, I go there and dance my heart out. It calms me down. I put on a black leotard and light pink stockings. Over them, I wore a baby pink oversized sweater and cream-colored shorts. I did my make-up, going with a natural look, and I put my waves up into a fancy bun. As soon as I was ready, I grabbed my dance bag and headed downstairs.

As soon as I was in sight, going down the staircase, I could feel the golden eyes stare at me. I gave them all a polite smile, but looked down because I was too scared to see their faces. I couldn't help but see the gorgeous cake that was on the table. It was red velvet on the bottom layer, and chocolate on the upper one. The top was covered in white icing and on the middle, it had a chocolate that said "Happy 10th birthday our dearest Renesmee!". I couldn't help but feel a little sad, but I didn't want to show it. Shoot! I think dad heard my thoughts, because he shot me an apologetic smile.

The silence was stiff. No one dared to say a single thing. I decided to step up and break it. "Happy birthday, Ness!" I said, smiling towards her. She gave me an awkward glance in exchange.

"Thank you. You too, Vi." she said. I didn't mind that it was a rude greeting. All I cared was that it was my first birthday greeting of the day.

"Happy birthday, darling." Grandma said, smiling at me. Grandpa echoed her, and soon, everyone else greeted me happy birthday. I smiled and thanked everyone.

"So, Ness! 10 is a big number isn't it?" mom asked Renesmee, who is now gobbling up her cake. It looked so good. I wanted to have a little piece of it, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed.

"Yep!" she said, too busy with her cake.

"Don't worry! I have this amazing party all planned for you tonight, Ness!" Aunt Alice screeched with a gleam in her eyes. I wasn't surprised that she planned the party only for Renesmee. I was used to it. Wait, oh shoot! I forgot to absorb mom's powers so I can shield myself and not let dad read my thoughts. Ok, I'm absorbing now. Dad is now glaring at me, which means he has been listening in and is annoyed because I tuned him out!

"And for Viola too." Uncle Jasper reminded. Aunt Alice looked embarrassed and looked down on her foot.

"No, its okay if Renesmee wants the party. I was actually going to ask if I could spend the day in the dance studio?" I asked, hoping for a yes. I once heard in Jacob's thoughts that it's a good thing if I hang around more in the dance studio, because that way, my family is kind of "paying" to get rid of me. They pay the bills of my dance lessons – I get to stay there as long as I like. I got offended, but I'm the kind of person that bounces back from disappointment, so its okay. Another reason why I love to dance is because it's the only thing that differs me from Renesmee, well, apart from our looks. She doesn't dance, therefore, the family don't bother watch my performances. I wish they knew how good I was.

"Be back here at 4. Ok?" mom instructed. I nodded and said goodbye. As I walked towards the shoe cabinet to get my ballet flats, someone tapped me on the shoulders.

"Vi, need a ride there? I can take you." Dad said, smiling at me. He was actually smiling at me. I don't need new clothes, diamond earrings, or a new car to mark this the best birthday ever. It already was. Then dad smiled even wider. Wait, no. I forgot to shield my thoughts. Ouch. That was embarrassing.

"Thanks dad." I said. Then we stepped into the family's silver Volvo.