Adam's POV:

Ok. That was surprising. No one knew that Matthew "Matt" Moore Hardy was going to quite in his individual wrestling career to become a WWE coach. Not even his brother, not even me.


Why should I know it? We hadn't talked to each other in the last four years, since I accepted the deal Lita offered me: if I pretended to be in love with her and that we were going out, she would remain in silence and keep my secret.

And this is how I lost the most precious thing I ever had: Matt's friendship.

I looked at him while he came back to the backstage leaving his shocked brother in the ring.

He was smiling.

Why the fuck was he smiling? Who smiles when just quitted his job?

"What was that, Matt?" we all look at Shawn, who also announced his retirement not long ago, maybe a month.

"I quitted." answered him. "Not a big deal"

"Did Vince know it?" that was Trish.

"He does now" he looked at us. "Oh c'mon guys. Why are you so serious?"

We all stared at him. Confusion, angriness, perplexity… That was all mixed in our faces. And sadness, I am pretty sure that there was sadness in my eyes.

"Moore!" Jeff broke in just like a hurricane and started to punch his brother, but somehow, he end up hugging Matt and sobbing against his chest.

I would have given anything to be him in that very moment.

"Why Matty?" we all looked kind of confused. His North Carolina accent was very strong. "Is it my fault? Have I done something wrong, bubba?"

"Of course not, baby brother." Perfect, now his accent was strong too: it would be basically impossible for us to understand a shit. "I just need sometime off, but don't you worry: I'll still be your tag-team mate"

"Promise?" Shit, Jeff looked so cute. No one would think that he was thirty-three.

"Yeah Jeffy, promise" he kissed his forehead before he dry out the tears form the youngest Hardy's cheeks.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I just turned around and left the room without saying a word. I entered to the locker room and hit one of them. I was so concentrated on letting my frustration out that I didn't realized that someone followed me. And it was the last person I wanted to see.

Lita. Fucking Lita whore.

"Well, it seems to be that you are not going to have Matt all by yourself, Adam."

"Shut the fuck up, whore." I hissed without looking at her. "I may not have him, but at least, I will try to be his friend again."

"And do you think that he wants to be your friend again? You stole me from him." She wagged her hips, sensually, while approached to me. Poor Amy, she didn't know that she had no longer that effect on me. "And there is another reason of why you won't his friend never again."

"And that would be?"

"I'm pregnant" her arms wrapped her stomach.

"Well, then do whatever you want. I don't want the child and I don't want you either." I took my stuff out of my locker and stepped out of the locker room, leaving the woman alone. "Good bye, Lita"


"Hey Adam!" I turned around and saw my tag-team mate running towards me.

"What's up?" he asked when was by my side.

"What's up with you, man? Why did you run like that?" he was pretty confused about my behaviour, I knew it. "I know you have problems with the Hardy boys, but shouldn't you be happy that Matt has quitted?" I just couldn't keep it for any longer and I fell down to the floor, feeling the tears going down by my cheeks. "Adam!" he took me onto his chest and hugged me. "What is it?"

"I just love him so much, Chris, so, so much" I had to look pathetic, crying just like a schoolgirl when is rejected for the boy she loves.

"Him? Who are you talking about, Adam?" I just blushed when I realised what I did say. "Wait a sec… You gay?" shouted, looking at me with his eyes wide open.

"Y-yes" I admitted.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he was angry, upset.

"I just… I thought you would…"

"That I would stop being your tag-team mate?" he lifted my chin and smiled at me, just the way Matt always smiled to Jeff.

"Yeah…" I rubbed my eyes. "I'm sorry, Chris. I truly am."

He rose me up and we started to walk to a bench, were he forced me to sat down, while he stayed stood up in front of me.

"So? Who's the lucky boy?" shit, I hoped that he wouldn't ask.

"I don't think he would feel like a "lucky guy"" I was trying to get him more or less distracted so he wouldn't dig deeper in the question, but for the look of his eyes, I knew he was expecting a real answer. "Matt…"

"Bourne?" I shook my head in negation. "Hardy?" I didn't answer; I knew he would understand it. "Oh man… So you stole his girlfriend and now you love him? Are you nuts, man?"

"I didn't steal her or any shit like that!" I yelled, standing up, feeling the tears blurring my sight. "She… she blackmailed me… She said that if I didn't pretend to be her boyfriend she would tell everyone about my feelings."

Christian sighed, playing with my hair, calming me.

"You are so stupid, Edge. So, so, stupid. You decided to ruin your friendship with your best friend just because some woman blackmailed you. Wow. I am impressed." His irony was hurting me so badly.

"I didn't want him to hate me for betraying his friendship!"

"So you made him believe that your were going out with his girlfriend. Real smooth. Yeah, I think it worked very well, Adam." I just started to run away from him. I didn't need him to tell me so; I already acknowledged that I did something stupid.

Some minutes after, when I stopped running, I collide with something, or someone.

"Hey man, I'm so…" I didn't finish the sentence because I realized that the persona in front of me was Matt. My beloved and sexy Matt.

"Adam?" Hearing my own name coming through his lips it was like been in heaven. "Are you crying?"

"N…no .Yes" I knew it was stupid to deny the obvious.

"Can I help with something?" That was weird: Why the hell was he being so nice to me? I definitely didn't deserve it. "Adam. You here?"

"Yeah. I was just wondering… Why are you so nice to me all the sudden?"

"Come with me" he just started walking, without giving me the chance of answering so I had to follow him. We arrived to a room and he locked the door once we were both inside. "Christian talked to me"

I didn't know if I should cry, run away from him, laugh or curse and kill the man that was like my brother. Why couldn't he just keep his big mouth shut? I felt like I was going to cry again. I tried everything that it was in my hands to bury this feeling but I definitely didn't succeed on it, I just made it worst, because even if Matt was ignoring or hurting me I just fell more in love with him. I couldn't stop it.

"Aren't you going to say something?" I jumped when he spoke again: I completely forgot that he was with me.

"What can I say? What can you tell me that I don't already know?" I just turned around so I didn't have to see him. "I know that you hate me… Even if you didn't know about my feelings for you… But now you have a new reason to hate me." A painful laugh escaped from my lips and throat. I felt so miserable.

"But why didn't you tell me?" Was he nuts or something? Oh wait, he quitted less than an hour ago and he was smiling, so yes, he was probably nuts. "Yes, I might be nuts, but this is not the answer I'm looking for, Adam" Was he a mind reader or something? "No Adam, I am not a mind reader, but I think Jeff is, but its quite easy to know what you're thinking if you said at loud." He sighed with tiredness.

I blushed in a very furious way, I could feel my ears burning: Christian was right; I talk aloud when I was angry or upset.


"I just… I didn't want to lose you. I know it doesn't make any sense cause I betrayed you going out with Amy but…" the touch on my cheek made me stop abruptly.

Matt's POV:

He looked so cute when he was confused.

Did he really think that what upset me was that he had been with Amy? How could someone be so hot and naïve at the same time?

"Christian told me everything." I repeated. "And in this everything it goes included Amy's blackmail to you."

"Aren't you angry? I should have rejected the blackmail… I should have fought back… If I would you two would be still together" whispered without looking at me.

"No Adam, we wouldn't. Eventually she would have left me. Or I would have left her." I knew that that was the truth. Jeff yelled it at me long time ago, when I was a complete mess for the lost of my best friend, my girlfriend and I was lucky that Jeff didn't left me either after all the horrible things I said to him.

"Matt?" I came back to Earth when I heard his voice calling. "You alright?"

"Yeah, yeah." I shook my head before I smiled. "I'm babysitting Ruby tonight, wanna come to my place?"

"Really?" his eyes were glowing like I never saw before on him.

"Yeah. We have a lot of time to recover Addy." I hugged him and he responded to me.

"But… I have those feelings for you… You won't be comfortable with me around you." His eyes were shadowing again.

"Don't decide for me, Addy." I put his blond hear behind his years and smiled at him.


"Don't," I interrupted him. "Now listen very carefully to me, ok?" he nodded. "I ain't mad at you, I have no right, not since I discovered the truth. And… I should have been smart enough to be able to see all the sings, but I was so centred in Amy that I didn't see anything of it… I was such a bad a friend, Adam." I just let all the things I had been keeping for myself, even from Jeff, run out of me.

"Of course not… You were a great friend Matty, the best I could ever wish to have." He looked at me; he stared at me, and whispered. "Forgive me."

I didn't have time to react when he kissed me. On the lips. And it was fucking wonderful. I had kissed many girls, but none of them filled me as much as he did.

Slowly but surely I kissed him back.

"Matthew…" muttered when he separated to breath.

"Look Adam… I don't wanna lie to you." he was trembling, probably afraid of my answer. "I don't know what I feel for you, but it's definitely not only friendship but I wouldn't name it love yet." I took a deep breath before I kept talking. "Gimme an opportunity to make you happy."

"You serious?" I nodded and he literally jumped into my arms, even if he was taller than me and kissed me again.

Sweet. Adam's natural flavour was sweet.

"We should be going." I said, taking him by the hand.

We arrived where the others were and no one said a think about us, but Christian chuckled and Addy mumbled something that to me sounded as 'I'll fucking kill you, Chris.' Jeff just went towards us and hugged me.

"Glad you find the right person, bubba" Hee… My little brother was more aware of me that what I ever realised.

"Yeah, yeah. Give me my little niece. We are going to take a very good care of her." As I said so everyone stared at Adam, who just blushed, and I.

Shit! He was more adorable that what I thought!

"We?" Paul looked at us, confused.

"Yeah. Us. Blondie here and I." I took my two-years-old niece and kissed her little cheek and she started to babble my name. "Ok little thing, let's go. And you too, Addy. And Jeffy, brother… no problem if you need a couple of more days to stay with Randy." I just chuckled.

"Moore!" We only called each other by the middle name when we were angry, upset or ashamed. To me, it looked the last option.

"Bye Nero. Bye guys."

We walked to Jeff's rent car and once Ruby was in her seat, Adam sat in the co-pilot seat.

"What's the matter?" I asked when I saw him so serious.

"I'm just very happy." He approached and kissed my cheek. "I never thought that I could have an opportunity with you. Ever."

I didn't say anything; it was cool just as it was in that very moment. When we arrived to the hotel, Adam went quickly to pick Ruby from her baby-seat. They both looked so adorable. We entered to my hotel room, the one I shared with Jeff.

"Wanna eat something?" I asked to Adam, who just nodded while he put the baby on the carpet so she would not get sick.

"Can you actually cook?" he looked pretty surprised about me cooking.

"Hey, I'm not a master chef, but I can cook." I just went to the kitchen and start frying some chicken that I left with lemon juice while I heated Ruby's food that my brother prepared for her.

"Do you want me to set the table?" Adam asked.

"Not necessary. We never eat in the kitchen, we always eat on the couch." I looked at them through the window. "Can you change Ruby? Her pyjama is in the bag in the room."

"Sure. Com'ere, baby." The girl just followed him and let Adam put her pyjama on. "Shit, how can you be Jeff's daughter been so quite?" I heard him asked to himself and I stepped into my bedroom.

"That's the million dollar question, honey." I hugged him from his back and kissed his cheek. "Dinner's ready. Come on Ruby."

We set ourselves onto the sofa and Ruby just sat between us smiling and taking her dish and started to eat by herself.

"That's delicious Matty!" exclaimed Adam. I just chuckled and kept eating. "Can I ask something?" I laughed, nodding. "I know it's none of my business but… How did Jeff win the case for being the only parent for her? Without Beth, I mean." I looked at him, frowning. "Don't take me wrong it's just that with all the problems he had…" he didn't finish the sentence.

"I kinda defended him during the judgment. I said he was the greatest father that a child could ever have." I closed my eyes and smiled, remembering their faces when I walked in the room. "Jeff almost gave up. That's why I decided that it was a good moment to forgive and be forgiven so I just stepped in and talked. I would pay to see again their faces."

"You are the greatest man I've ever know, Matthew" I caressed his cheek and he closed his eyes and pressed my hand against his shoulder.

"And you are the cutest one." He just blushed. I still couldn't believe that the man with an R Rated body could be so shy when he was next to me. "Oh my! You look so beautiful when you redden!"

I kissed him very slowly, still working on the believing part of me kissing him. I never thought of him in that way before Christian told me everything, then everything it made sense: the reason of why when I was crying I was thinking in Adam instead of Amy, why his supposed betrayal hurt me so much. It wasn't because of her, it was because I missed him more than what I would ever admit.

"Matty… Eppy…" Ruby pulled my shirt.

"Yes baby. Just let Uncle Matty to tidy this up, alight?" she shook his head. Definitely I had no idea of how could she be so peaceful. At her age Jeff was like a little hurricane.

"Did you understand what she said?" Adam's voice sounded surprise.

"Of course I did. She said she was sleepy, right princess?" she just smiled. "Jesus Christ. You just have the same smile than your father."

Adam helped me into putting everything into the kitchen sink and washed it quickly. Together we put Ruby in the individual room and we went to the sofa.

"Matt… if there are only two rooms and you and Jeff share apartment… How do you sleep?"

"Oh, Jeff and I sleep together." He just chuckled. "I don't know what are you thinking about, but forget it. Hardycest it's not going to happen." I embraced him by the shoulders. "Wanna see something on TV? Or do you want to go to sleep? I'm death."

"Wait. Am I staying here tonight?" I blinked looking at him. "I-I thought that I just stayed here for a couple of hours. Not to sleep here."

"Dummy. If I am going to be your boyfriend, you better get used to sleep next to me." I kissed him softly. "Go grab your pyjama to your room, talk to Chris and come here again…" I murmured on his lips before I kissed him again.

Shit. He was like an addiction.

"I'll be right back." He stood up and went to his chamber.

I couldn't avoid smiling, as I didn't in the past four years. And I realised it would so much easy to fall in love with the pretty Canadian. I went to my room and put my pyjama on: a long grey gym trousers and without a shirt.

Adam's POV:

"Why in Hell are you half naked?" He turned to me and looked at me, grinning. "Why the fuck are you grinning like a Cheshire cat?"

"Does it bother you if I am half nekkid, baby?" I approached to him and kissed him. "Did you talk to Chris?

"Not really. I wanted to be with you all the time possible" I kissed him again. "Are you planning to sleep like this?"

"Yes I am. Just put your pyjama on and come to sleep." I obeyed, letting the clothes fell from my body.

I just have decided to be more active with him, now that I more or less had him, I wasn't going to let him to get bored of me, so very slowly I put on the clothes I used to sleep: just a T-shirt.

"Were you saying anything about going half-naked?" I just laughed very softly before I climbed up to the bed.

"Yeah… It should be forbidden for you to go like this." I touched his chest with my fingertip, biting my bottom lip. Should I tell to him? I thought.

"Is there anything you want to tell me, babe?" he lifted my chin and smiled at me.

"Actually yes… But don't get mad please, I swear to you I didn't wanted to." I sat in the bed and hugged one of the pillows. Matt's one, I could recognize his smell anywhere.

"Adam, honey, I don't understand anything. You didn't wanted to do what?"

"Amy said to me today… that she's pregnant." I looked at him and he didn't change a bit his facial expression. "Did you hear me, Matt?"

"Yeah I did." He pulled me so I was again lying next to him. "I don't care anymore about anything related to her. I have you now. And if she tries to make you pay anything, I'll say something, but now, it's all right. Unless…" He didn't finish the sentence.

"Unless what, Matty?" I encouraged him to speak again.

"Unless you want the child."

I stared at him, surprised. Did he really think that I wanted a child from Lita? A child from the person that made me feel the unhappiest person on Earth?

"No way I want that child. I know it sounds mean, but I don't want a child from her. If I want a child I want to have it with you. I want to adopt." I kissed his shoulder tenderly, hearing him to relieve a sigh.

"Perfect." He kissed my forehead. It was magic to feel his lips on my skin.

I moaned, cuddling myself next to him and leaning my head on his chest, breathing his natural aroma.

"Good night, Matty." I whispered.

"Good night Addy"

That was last think I heard that night.