I pray you, do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine

this is that story


"Carlisle, do you really think this is a good idea?" I asked my husband, again.

"Why do you think it's not?" He asked "Believe, me Esme sweetheart, It is, I told you if they don't find a fiance` at twenty-one, I find them one. Emmet and Rosalie turned out fine, well better than fine."

I recalled the time when Rosalie Hale, my daughter-in-law, met Emmet for the first time. It was..uh...instant chemistry, as the kids say.

"Emmett e`molto diverso da Edward" I said It was true, Emmet was very different form Edward.

"Well, he has to stop all of this fooling around, I tell you. I gave him more time than anyone, This girl will keep him occupied...he is going to be Married Esme! He can take over, I can relax now." I was disappointed with how selfish Carlisle was,acting like our son's future doesn't matter and making sure he secured money and his position.

"Fine, tell me about this girl again." I was in too much of a surprise when Carlisle told me that Edward is going to marry, and was busy finding a new table to replace the old one my son broke when he heard the news to pay attention.

"Well, her name is Isabella Marie Swan"

"Italian? " I interrupted.

"Well, Italian, British, and American." I nodded, all members had to be Italian, The wives didn't matter, but Carlisle wanted to be thorough.

"Mother Renee` died when Isabella was Ten. Father Charlie worked in a club. She turned eighteen a few months ago"

"Eighteen?" I asked, surprised "She's a minor, does Edward know about this?" I don't think Edward would want to marry a minor.

"I gave him a whole sheet of her Information and He needs to take care of that." He said, I sighed.

"So when is this wedding?" I asked. I still couldn't wrap my mind around my boy getting married!

"Well, we need them to get to know each other, if they have issues then maybe six months,. But if they get along then is Three months. She just needs to be her fiance`. We need Grandchildren, lots of them!"

Carlisle wanted to make sure that we get enough children to get our heritage and take over, being a large cosa nostra family. He wanted to be prepared. I was more concerned about Isabella's and my son's future, she is going to be dragged into this cruel underworld of money and murder. I love my husband but I sure didn't love his work. Not ever.

"What does Isabella think about this?" I asked, Hoping she wasn't forced illegally...like with money...

"Well, Charles Swan is in no way of giving Isabella a new home so, he is really happy to hand her(his) daughter in, he knows a fair amount of who we are, I sent Alec to explain further. She's arriving day after tomorrow." He added "He doesn't bother with his daughter, she didn't agree but with Charlie owing me some debt, she couldn't say no."

"When is this son of yours coming home? Carlisle, you need to give him a break!" I said, remembering that the boys have been out of town for a while.

"He knows what he's doing, Esme calm down, now I have work." He pulled out a couple of papers.

"Well, I'm going to talk to Rosalie." I exited, knowing there was no way of changing his mind.

I made my way through the hall and called Alice.

"Hello, Esme! How are you?"

"Fine, Alice...listen we need to talk about the arrival of Isabella Swan-"

"My sister in law! She's coming! Finally!"

"Alice, I have ears." I chuckled. "She's coming on Friday"

"But we have to get her clothes and her room! We got to get her stuff, and we need to spend some girl time, does Edward know about this, well jasper said he does, but what do we think about going shopping with her when she arrives? Oh, I bet we'll have great time...but does she know where we live...maybe I can...but jazz won't let me. ohh...maybe I can tri-"

"Alice, dear, listen...she's coming tomorrow afternoon, maybe we can pick her up at the airport, Carlisle won't have me going but maybe you can, I'll be with Alec."

"I'll go and pick her up...Rose won't come Esme...I'm sorry."I understood, Rosalie was distant when she arrived here first too, but she knew how to handle it. She was born into it. Like me...

"It's okay Alice, we understand...I'll call Edward and tell him he has to be here on Friday. You can go pick Isabella up in the airport."

"I'll come over today! Jazz isn't here and I'm kinda alone. We can decorate the room!"

"Sure Alice, see you later."

I hung up and walked to the kitchen and I opened the fridge and took out a piece of chocolate and took a bite. Kate was cutting vegetables, she was our maid since Edward was nine, she was more of a family to me than a maid, but the men liked to keep in line that they were maids and we were their masters, very old fashioned. Even our house was.

Thanks to Alice our clothes won't be...

"Qual è la signora Esme materia?" Kate said asking me what's the matter

"Isabella è in arrive." Isabella is arriving, I said. Everyone in the house hold knew of the situation, though they vowed not to say a word, the outside world will know about this when she arrives.

"non si preoccupi signora." she said not to worry.

"I'm not worrying Kate"

"She will be fine, she said yes giusto?" she said yes, didn't she?

I nodded.

"What are we making for dinner signora?"

"Uh, anything Kate, Alice is coming over, we have to get Isabella's room ready. Is Gusto in?" she nodded.

"Tell him to get Edward's old room ready" I said, I had no idea why I thought of giving Isabella Edward's room but he is going to live with her, he would have to get used to it. I walked up to Carlisle's study. and heard him yelling loudly.

"I SAID 90! It comes after 89! And make sure you get it. Kill him if you have to! " I peered through the door."Yes! GO NOW!"

"..Esme, I don't want to talk to you right now." He said when he saw me.

I closed the door behind me, before he can burst. Edward was worse than this, I already made up my mind to like this child.

The sky was getting darker and gloomier; we had the rainy weather in Chicago for over two weeks. I sighed heavily.

I just hoped Isabella knew what she had coming...

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