I know, I know another vampire story... But this is a world that has been in my head for a long time and I sort of have been sharing it in 'In need of some company', but now I want to show off more.

This story will contain yuri and hentai and possibly some hints of yaoi, but nothing graphic, just people being in relationship. And hentai?! Yes, Dana is going to write hentai! Happy face :D Just suits the story...


Some things you need to know about the vampire world. I am too lazy to explain it all in the story, sorry...

There are 5 orders of how high a vampire is. This is shown by the stripes they have on their necks.

- 1 stripe means they are a vampire, usually this is only when they just changed.

- 2 stripes mean they have been mated to another vampire before. This goes hand in hand with the first stripe most of the time since they normally stay with the vampire that has changed them.

- 3 stripes mean they have been imprinted with one human.

- 4 stripes mean they have been imprinted to several humans at the same time.

- And lastly 5 stripes mean they are an elder. They are of the highest rank and are the most powerful. This is decided by how many good things they have done for the vampire society. Most of them are very old.

Vampires do not age after they have been changed.

I think this is it for now. If I think of more, I will tell in the next chapters!


Sometimes you find yourself at a point in life where you don't know how to continue anymore. This happens more often when you actually can't die. Ino found herself at such a point right now. She had just ended her last relationship and it was hard, for just a moment. The end had been coming for a while already. He was human, so it couldn't last forever unless Ino changed him and that was something the blonde just never did. She could not live with the same person forever. So it was time to move on from that place and find something new.

And that was exactly why she was currently in a coffee shop, waiting on her date to arrive. Why it had to be in a coffee shop, she didn't know, since neither of them were human this time. And vampires don't drink coffee, but maybe it was just to blend in or to make it seem like something casual. It wouldn't be the first time that Ino completely fell in love at the first sight of someone. She always rushed everything, but this time she wanted to do it differently. Especially since the other was a vampire as well. A relationship tends to last longer then.

Several people were in the coffee shop, waiting in line to get there fresh made liquid drug. The coffee machine was roaring loudly as it crushed the beans to squish out that bit of heaven humans craved so badly.

Some tables were taken as well, but it was not as busy as the line in front of the register. People usually only wanted coffee to go and not be bothered to socialize with others when they have their phones in their hand to socialize with. It was something Ino never understood, but that could be because she came from a different time. Of course she had a phone and of course she used it to stay in touch with people, but she never had such an obsession as some humans seem to have and even some vampires seemed guilty of it.

Ino checked the clock on the wall. She had been a little early, but her date should be arriving any minute now. Nerves struck her and it felt strange. She hadn't been nervous in a long time about a potential lover, but maybe it was because she hadn't been with a vampire for a long time. Or maybe because this would be her first girl. It was just something Ino wanted to try, although that sounds horrible. But she always found women attractive, she just never pursued them. But now after almost a thousand years being with men, she was tired of them. Maybe she didn't stay long with them, because they weren't right for her. She just wanted to find out. And that is why she was now waiting on the female vampire to arrive and hopefully sweep her off her feet.

The bell by the door tinkled, signalling it was pushed open again. Immediately Ino's deep blue eyes shot up like it had done for the past five minutes every time someone came in. But this time she was right. The pale skin unmistakably belonged to a vampire. It just had this soft glow lingering under the surface and it made Ino want to get up and touch it. But she stayed seated and waited until the girl had noticed her as well.

Her long raven hair with a streak of blue framed her face beautifully and the pale eyes almost seemed to disappear in the white surrounding it, giving her an eerie look. She was incredibly beautiful and very much a Hyuuga. How in the world did Ino even get a date with someone this important?!

It had been a friend of her who set her up on this date, since Ino didn't know any girls who would want to date her. But she had never expected Sakura to set her up with a Hyuuga. She didn't even know there were female Hyuuga vampires. Usually the females were kept human to breed more offspring. An awful rule in that clan, but no one dared to stop such an important family as the Hyuugas.

The pale eyes fell on Ino and immediately a small shy smile formed on the pale girl's lips, her eyes shooting to the floor as she walked over to the blonde. 'Hey, I'm Hinata,' she said softly, her eyes shooting from the table to Ino and back to the table again.

Quickly Ino rose out of her chair, almost knocking it backwards and extended her hand for Hinata to shake. 'I-Ino,' she stammered, still blown back by, well, everything.

Hinata shook her hand lightly and then took a seat. She seemed so delicate with the way she presented herself. 'It's very nice to meet you, Ino,' she said softly again and it seemed her voice just wouldn't come out any louder than that. 'Sakura told me you were quite the catch and uhm.' She cleared her throat, her eyes shyly looking away again. 'She also said we would have quite some fun together.'

Ino put on her most charming smile and looked back at Hinata, trying to catch the other's gaze. 'I hope so,' she responded, her voice a little more stable now. 'I'm looking forward to spend more time with you.'

A soft blush dusted Hinata's cheeks as she started to fumble with her hands on the table, but the smile told Ino she did like the responds she had given. 'Me too,' Hinata said, her pale eyes looking up at Ino for a moment again and then quickly focusing on her hands again. 'I do need to tell you something before we, uhh, we start going out.' She turned her head to the side for a moment, briefly looking out the window. This made her raven hair brush away from her neck and revealing four small pink stripes.

So Hinata had more than only one imprinted human at a time by her side. It was something Ino had never done before either, always sticking to just one human at a time. It seemed a lot easier. But how could such a shy person as Hinata handle more imprints at a time. Wouldn't it be a lot more work and humans could get so demanding, wanting more and more attention.

'I, uhh, I'm currently not alone,' she said softly, but before she could even continue her story, someone else interrupted her brutally.

The door to the coffee shop slammed open, the bell not even having time to jingle. And then the incredibly tanned boy stalked towards them, his hands lazily pushed deep into his pockets as he nibbled on a stick between his teeth. He had weird red tattoos on his face. Two red triangles, the points facing downwards, one on each cheek.

'Hinata, what is taking you so long?' the boy whined and Ino could hear the girl sigh softly, but her body seemed more relaxed now as well. 'Did you tell her already?' And only then did the boy look Ino's way, a strange hostile look in his eyes.

The pale girl just shook her head and then easily met the boy's dark eyes. 'I was just getting to that, Kiba,' she said softly, but something of sternness was present in her voice. 'Sit down and be quiet until I am done talking.'

Ino felt like smirking at this conversation. Hinata could totally be a power babe like this. Somewhere in the back of her mind Ino knew what was going on. Especially when Kiba obliged without a comment and just sat down between the two girls.

'As I was saying, I am not alone,' Hinata started again, sounding a little braver than before. 'Kiba here is the human I am currently imprinted with. So I understand if this makes you decide to not follow through with our date.'

Kiba raised an eyebrow at Ino, as if to challenge her to say either yes or no, Ino wasn't sure what the boy wanted. But Hinata was actually looking up at her now, a sad glance in her eyes.

Ino swallowed hard, unable to resist those beautiful eyes. It happened more often that two vampires that were mated to each other, also imprinted a human, but usually it happened the other way around. This meant the vampire they were with always meant more than the human they were imprinted to.

'I would like to go out with you still,' Ino said honestly, smiling softly as she averted her eyes from the rest. 'I at least want to see what it would be like.'

Hinata then reached for Ino's hand and squeezed it softly, a big smile adorning her face. 'I'm glad you feel that way. I've been looking for a mate for a while now, so I hope you can be that for me eventually.' Ino got another squeeze in her hand and she decided to squeeze back now, reassuring Hinata that everything was alright. 'And know that if you ever find a human you are interested in, I will not stop you from imprinting with that human. I would be a bit of a hypocrite then.'

Ino looked up and met Hinata's pale eyes. It was a moment that seemed to last forever and Ino felt herself completely getting lost under Hinata's gaze.

This whole experience bored Kiba already, so he rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone to tell his friends about what had happened now. His fingers swiftly moved over the keys of the phone, typing message after message as all his friends commented back.

The sound made Ino pull away from Hinata and stare at Kiba and the phone in his hands.

'Kids,' she heard Hinata say, making her look back at the pale girl again. Ino smiled at the comment and then grabbed her own phone, holding it up to Hinata to show that she had one as well.

Hinata laughed then, grabbing her own phone out of her pocket and laying it on the table. The two girls laughed loudly, having a moment together. Kiba did not understand a thing of what was happening or why they were acting so weird. So they had phones. Half of the people on the planet had a phone. Now they only needed to know to actually use their phones properly, because Hinata sucked at it.

Again Kiba rolled his eyes and made sure all of his friends knew about what had just happened.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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