Two bodies laid tangled together on the couch, soft snores rising up out of the mouth of one of them. They hadn't really bothered to cover themselves up, only using the small blanket that laid on the arm rest. It barely covered their private parts, but it wasn't like they cared. They had been too busy with other things and now were just exhausted.

What they didn't know was that they were being watched. A person was standing just off to the side, completely stunned at what had suddenly appeared on the couch. Something very unexpected and very embarrassing as well. This was not what they were planning on coming home to. It had been a horrible weekend already and Kiba had misbehaved so badly that they were sent home early. So of course Ino hadn't been expecting them and of course Hinata was aware of her dating Kiba's friend, but they hadn't even slept together and now Ino had with Shikamaru. That wasn't how it was supposed to go.

'Hinata, where the hell do you want me to…? Holy shit!' And Kiba had walked in and finally noticed how naked the two people on the couch were. 'Woo, Shika had sex!' And then the weird dance started. It had been funny and cute when they first started dating and sometimes Hinata still laughed, but now, now she definitely didn't. She was still just staring at the two sleeping forms. How was she supposed to react to this? Damn it, they were waking up!

Slowly Ino blinked open her blue eyes, feeling a rather heavy weight draped over her. Then she remembered what had happened the night before and her arms tightened around Shikamaru's shoulders, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She snuggled up closer until something else made her truly wake up and it wasn't welcoming.

'Man, you really satisfied her if she has that smile on her face!'

Her eyes snapped open and locked with Hinata's. Quickly she jumped up and tumbled of the couch, because she had been lying on the edge. Now she was fully nude, right in front of a grinning Kiba who was clearly ogling her. Oh god, was this really necessary. Reaching for the blanket, she wrapped it around her body and left Shikamaru bare instead. It wasn't like Hinata was going to stare at his naked butt and Kiba wasn't interested in him. When the hell had they come home?

And this was the moment Shikamaru also decided to wake up, noticing the warmth had left his side and he was freezing his ass off. Trying to reach next to him he found nothing and only then lifted his lazy head up to look. 'Why are you on the floor?' he questioned Ino and then got a hard stare as the blonde girl nodded her head in the other direction. Finally Shikamaru understood what was going on. 'Oh, hey guys. I thought you were coming home tomorrow,' he greeted them plainly, not really caring in what situation he had been caught in.

Kiba was still incredibly excited, looking from Ino to Shikamaru and back to Ino again. 'We were, but they didn't appreciate it that I wanted room service at two in the morning. Can you believe that? They just don't understand that imprints live during different times and need food at two in the morning!' His grin then grew as he stared at his friend, wriggling his eyebrows. 'But them throwing us out got us something good. You got yourself a hot girlfriend right there.'

In the meantime Shikamaru had gotten off the couch and was putting on his boxers, lazily flopping down on the couch again as he stared at Kiba. 'Stop staring at Ino, Kiba. It's impolite and you have your own girlfriend standing right next to you.' That made Shikamaru even a better boyfriend than he already was.

But Kiba just completely ignored it and was eyeing Ino again, a weird kind of smile on his lips. He then turned towards Hinata and nudged her happily. 'Hey, since that we are imprints and you are also together with Ino, does this mean I can have sex with her as well?'

The nerve that guy had! Ino shot him a disgusted look and was about to reply with a hell no, but surprisingly Hinata just stormed out of the room, looking either angry or sad. It was hard to see the difference on the almost doll like face. Kiba had no clue what was going on and just looked after her with a raised eyebrow.

'What kind of answer is that?' he asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest and looking very arrogant. Ino felt like punching his lights out, but thankfully she had a boyfriend that could actually think clear in situations like these. He still was a genius or something. At least very smart and Shikamaru knew everything on how the relationship worked. He had actually asked a lot and even had pointed this out. Not because he lusted after Hinata, but he still wanted to know if he would ever find himself under Hinata's teeth as well. Something that didn't sound as appealing to him.

With an audible sigh Shikamaru stood up and walked over to Kiba. He laid his hand on his friend's shoulder and sighed again, finding this moment very bothersome. 'Sometimes I really question your intelligence, Kiba,' he started and then looked up in his friend's now insulted looking eyes. 'No, you may not have sex with my girlfriend, nor are you allowed to sleep with Hinata's mate. Mates do not swap imprints. That is not how it works. And if you would actually pay any attention to the world you were living in and not focus on your own silly hormones, then you would've known that. Now I will appreciate it if you stop staring at my girlfriend before I will punch you in the face.' He had all said it so coolly, but Kiba looked actually a little frightened and highly impressed. It was just the way Shikamaru spoke. Almost mesmerising.

This was something Ino didn't really want to get involved in now that she could see anger slowly rising up from Kiba, the boy even more insulted now. And maybe a little jealous. His own fault that he didn't pay attention. So wrapping the blanket around her more securely, Ino stood up from the ground and walked away from the pair. 'I'm going to check on Hinata,' she murmured and disappeared around the corner. She could just hear Kiba taking a deep breath to start his response.

She opened the bedroom door Hinata had disappeared through and saw the girl sitting on the bed she mostly shared with Kiba, staring off into nothing. Closing the door behind her with a slam, Ino finally got Hinata's attention, the girl looking up at her with wide eyes. And then they quickly moved away again, a blush dusting Hinata's cheeks. But somehow she didn't look embarrassed. Rather she looked a little angry. But what for? Maybe she was angry at Kiba, which would not be strange. Somehow it didn't feel that way though, not with the way the girl suddenly snapped her head back and prevent herself from looking at Ino.

Ino walked over to her anyway and sat down on the bed, suddenly feeling very bare in just the small blanket. Maybe she should've brought her clothes, but she didn't really want to spend more time with the boys. 'So why did you storm of? You could've just said no to Kiba. He would've taken it better than he did now,' she said casually, leaning her head on her hands as she stared out of the window.

Out of the corner of her eyes Ino noticed that Hinata tightened her hold on her skirt, the fabric wrinkling in the process. But she kept her eyes pointed downwards, hiding her face behind her long black hair. Would she actually even say something? The silence kind of annoyed Ino. She was here to support her girlfriend, but that wouldn't happen if Hinata didn't talk.

'Because…' And then she stopped talking again. Damn that silent girl. She really seemed to be struggling though. Her lips were pursed together, a thin line on her face now. 'Because now Kiba thinks that he can sleep with you before I can as well and I should've been the first!' Hinata called out, her eyes closed tightly as if she had been pushing the words out. 'I was the one that dated you first and now you slept with Shikamaru. I should've been the first!'

Okay, this was a rather strange outburst and so unfair as well! Forgetting all about her almost nudeness, Ino stood up and got right in front of the jealous girl. 'So you think you had the right to be with me before Shikamaru?' she spat, pointing an angry finger right up in Hinata's face. Ino had kept in a lot of anger, which she normally definitely didn't do. She was a feisty bitch and it was time Hinata learned that. 'I have been living here for weeks now and not once have you showed any interest in sleeping with me, while you had sex with Kiba constantly. So excuse me for choosing Shikamaru over you, someone who actually does give me the attention I deserve and tells me I am beautiful. But you know what. We have been together for months and are supposedly mates. But we aren't mates, Hinata.' Okay, she really wasn't going to stop. Everything that she had bottled up inside was coming out now. Hinata looked up a little scared and also guilty, because indeed it was her fault, not Ino's. 'Because you know what mates do? You know what makes mates different from being just girlfriends? You get a taste from each other's blood. You share a deeper bond that way. And do we have that bond? No, we fucking don't. So don't you give me this shit. If you are interested in me, then you better start showing it.'

Seeing the big pale eyes getting watery, Ino almost felt herself giving in. But she wouldn't. She wouldn't feel sad for Hinata. It was about time that Hinata got what she had been doing to her. That this was one fucked up relationship. But to truly resist her right now, Ino had to leave. So she stormed out much like Hinata had done before and slammed the door closed.

The two guys were still standing eye to eye, but were now confused glancing over at Ino who came walking their way. She grabbed her purse off the table and then stamped towards them, grabbing Shikamaru's hand. 'We're leaving,' she stated and practically dragged Shikamaru out of the house, still only having the blanket wrapped around her body. Leaving a very dazed Kiba behind. Hinata would explain what has happened. Now they only had each other.

Sliding into the driver's seat, Ino waited on Shikamaru to get in, who did it silently, only eyeing Ino confused as she put the car into drive and sped off. He kept quiet almost the whole way until he realised where they were actually going. 'So how long are you planning on staying?' he asked casually and made himself comfortable in his seat.

And finally Ino could smile, even just a little, because Shikamaru knew why she had stormed out, always paying attention to whatever she said and whatever happened around him. So he asked the next best question and that was the only one Ino needed to answer. 'For as long as Hinata doesn't come and get me,' was her responds to that. Now all she had to do was find out when that would be. Might take a very long time.

'And what are you going to wear in the meantime? I think Chouji will appreciates the outfit already,' Shikamaru then said with a smirk and Ino's only response to that was a smack against his arm, chuckling along with him as she pulled onto his driveway. This might be sort of fun, living with the lazy genius.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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