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IM BACK MUTHA FUCKAS! any way new story btw i think i might commit to this one cause my other stories are just ass

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flippy was just sitting in his chair, in his house, bored as holy old hell, when his cell phone rang. it was flaky.

"hello"? flippy spoke cheerfully as useual.

"flippy"! flaky spoke exitedly, "i was wondering if you wanted to head out with me on a road trip"!

flippys ears drooped and his eyes widened at the thought " just me, and flaky, on the road, alone, together?" just then evil came into his thoughts " oh hell yes! please flippy? i wont hurt her i swear!, heh heh heh..." Evil, how in the hell do you expect me to belive you"? "I almost know you will hurt her!" "and besides why do you want to go so bad?" " check upstairs asshole!" flippy went upstairs into his room to find a shrine to flaky. "your up to something, and i know it".

"flippy?" "you still there?" flaky spoke worridly.

flippy then remembered he had the phone in his hand. and brought it back up to his face and kept talking

"ya, ya, ill be right over". flippy said with useual cheer.

"ok, one more thing?" "can we use your truck?" Flaky asked curiously.

"sure" flippy said then hung up.

flippy packed his things into a duffel bag quickly and ran out the door and to his jeep. He got in and closed the door, then proceeded to pop in a cd and the first song to play was only 17 by rucka rucka ali. when he started to drive off he thought the song was "just a dream" but when the vulger lyrics started playing he slammed on the breaks in the middle of the road because his evil side mind started to fill his head with images of flaky naked. then evil was able to come out... "heh heh heh, flaky will enjoy this one" then he floored it speeding off but before so he changed the song to over and under it by five finger death punch.

when he finally arived he was hitting 80 when he droped the e-brake, swerving into her drive way with skill.

flaky came out with her stuff and loaded it in the back and jumped in the pasendger side with evil, but not noticing he had changed...

"hi flippy!" she exclaimed exitedly

evil turned around and put his face into her hair and inhailed deeply
"mmmmmm, you smell like mad love" he whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened " f f f flippy?, p p p please tell me thats you" He brought his head up and looked deep in her eyes, high on lust, "wrongo!" he exclaimed.

dropped his foot and floored it out of her drive way and on to the road.

"what did you do to flippy?"

"the question is more like what im going to do to you babe"

"dont call me that"

"oh come on, were going to have fun!, flakes"

"what can i do to get flippy back?"

"you just have to calm me down, but its not happining flakes"

evil pointed down to the floor so flaky could see about ten cans of
empty monster.

*sigh* "ok i know what to do"

evils ears perked up "you do now?, heh heh heh."

"yup, pull over"

evil pulled over behind a gas station to get a view of a perfect sunset.

flaky got out and walked around the jeep to jump into evils lap. evil leaned into her embrace and wrapped his lips around her and pulled her into a messy french kiss. " this is more like it" he moaned into her mouth, and to both of there suprise flaky was enjoying it. she moaned into it as
evil stuck his hand down her panties and started to rub her clit. she started to grind up against him and he started to pitch a tent in his pants. she got into position on his lap with one leg around the both of his, and unzipped his pants while he removed her shirt. he took his knife out and cut her bra letting fall beside them. she leaned in and went down on his dick, she wrapped her mouth around him and started bobbing up and down while pumping his shaft even evil moaned into this and really couldent get enough. then she stopped and placed herself on him and started to bounce up and down on him, he held her hips still and started thrusting into it while they were both moaning like crazy. they were both reaching their climax when they yelled each others names they had both exploaded into each other. flaky layed down on his chest and fell asleap on top of him, while he passed out as well...

authors note
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