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thx for the reviews and i know that PTSD doesn't spread like that but, well, there is alot of fucked up shit as far as htf standards are, again I NEED IDEAS DAMN IT!

flippy woke up to see his hands down flakys pants. his eyes shot wide open and he gently but quickly pulled them out. he looked at her face and saw that she had a smile on her face, then he looked at his hand to see it was wet... he smelled it. then he whispered

"oh... thats not sweat"

when flippy got out of the jeep he noticed that they were all in the woods. he herd a noise that sounded like sobbing, so he got up and walked towards the sound. when he found where it was coming from he stopped, shocked to see that of all people, evil, was sobbing , and that he had a huge fire embedding from his grill. flippy ran over and put it out with a blanket then ran over to evil on the ground.

"whats wrong?"

"i-i-i *sob* i cant *sob* do anything right!"

"what do you mean?"

"well, i gave flaky, well, me!, i jumped out of your body, i got us chased down by a psycho, hell!, i cant even cook you guys breakfast without poisoning it or some shit"

flippy glanced over to a near by garbage can and saw a glow coming from the bottom

"uhhh, atleast you tried!"

"*sob*, yeah, i guess so"

"come on lets go wake flaky"


flippy flaky, and evil were on their way to the nearest mall to find flaky a new set of clothes because evil had ripped her down to her last pair of clothes. flippy was driving and evil was in front passenger seat, flaky was in the back. evil spoke first

"so, whats she saying?"

"whats who saying?"


"whos flick"

both flippys and and evils eyes widened at this, they looked at each other for a while untill evil looked back at the road.

"keep your eyes on the road shit head!"

flippy turned the looked back and they all sat without another word. utill flaky broke the silence

"whos flick?"

then evil spoke

"flick is your alter ego"

"i dont have an alter ego"

evil turned around and sat where the console would be, facing flaky, he took his shirt and lifted it up

"this proves different, babe"

flippy showed his bruse to her, suprising her, she flinched back in her seat. then they all sat in complete silence till they got to the mall.


they pulled into the parking lot of the nearest town plaza and swung into a parking space close to the mall. when they got out flippy was going over ground rules with evil.

"ok, no killing, molesting, raping or hurting, people."

"uh huh"

"no buying sex toys or anything perverted"

"oh, i cant promise that one"

evil then turned around and gave flaky a wink, making her blush

when they got inside evil split up from them to go do...evil things. flippy and flaky went up to the areopostal store.

evil was walking when he saw a little boy sitting on a bench crying, evil stopped and bent over to talk to the boy. the boy spoke first

"can *sob* can you help me find my mommy?"

"hmmm no, but, here you can have this"

evil handed the boy a black piece of leather with a button on it. the little boy popped the button on the leather and looked inside, to what he pulled out was a shuriken (throwing star). then the boy spoke


evil smiled, patted his head, and walked off with a huge grin on his face. he took a right and headed into a gothic shop. he walked down all the halls and to the counter. he spoke first.

"hey man, got any cool weapons or shit like that?"

"yes sir, follow me"

"ahh great"

the man lead him around back through an employes only door. when they got back there evil was blown away by the huge set of swords, knives, axes, so on and so forth. evil bought a giant 13 inch total spring assist stilletto, a set of two boot knives, and a pink switchblade knife, for flaky.

after that he went back around front and bought a camouflage t-shirt, leather jacket, leather fingerless gloves, tall commando boots, a pirceing, and a sexy lingre with holes in the back, also for flaky. when he had left the shop he was looking more badass then ever. the last thing he needed was a pair of shades. he went up into the areopostal store and bought a pair of mirrored aviators, then he went to go look for flaky. when he found flaky in the womens clothes section he ran up behind her and jumped her. she spoke first

"jesus evil, you jumped me"

"that was my intention there doll"

flaky rolled her eyes at evil, when she turned around seeing evil her mouth hung agape in shock. then he spoke.

"you like the new threads?"

"i i u-hh yeah"
"thanks, i got you something to"

evil leaned into his bag and pulled out a small jean jacket with a patch on the back saying evils toy in red velvet cursive writing.

"i uh i dont know what to say"

"here put it on!"

evil slid the jacket arms on to flaky with ease. then he spoke

"check the pockets"

she checked the pockets to find a pink spring assisted knife.

"i uh thank you evil"

"dont mention it doll"

authors note
so what do you think? btw i need ideas and more reviews! and ben, no hawkeye sorry