Unexpected Nerves

Sheldon sat in the passenger seat of Penny's car with Amy's flowers in one hand and her gift in the other. His heart was rapidly thumping against his chest with nerves he thought he wouldn't, or shouldn't, have, but he made sure that no evidence of his uncertainty showed on his face. He was staring blankly ahead as he took a few breaths, trying to calm his beating heart before he exited Penny's little red car.

"Sheldon?" Penny said beside him and he sharply turned his head to her. She raised her eyebrows at him, "Well… aren't you going to go get her?"

Sheldon continued to sit there for a few more seconds as he tried to figure out why he was feeling so… different. Why was he so scared of going up there? Was he even scared of going up there, or was it a fear of showing her quite how much he had done for her that stopped him? He wanted her to enjoy her birthday, and he wanted to give her that special romantic evening she had requested, but did he have to go all out like this? Were these flowers really necessary and what about the gift? Would she even like it? Why did he even care? When did Amy become so important that he wanted to do all of this for her? Because in his lifetime he had never wanted to do anything like this for anyone.

A million thoughts ran through his head as he sat there, until something in him told him to stop delaying the process and go up and get her. It didn't matter how long he sat there thinking things over, at some point he would have to go up there, because their dinner reservation was for eight and it was approaching half seven, and if they didn't leave now he would be late and he hated to be late.

"Yes I was just-" He stopped as he tried to think of a reasonable explanation for his lingering, but nothing would come to mind; nothing that she would believe anyway. "I'm going now." He said as he sat his gift on the floor and exited the car with his flowers; a mixture of white roses and lilies, perfectly positioned so not one flower was out of place.

He took his time as he walked up to her apartment, still unable to shake his nerves and wondering the whole walk up there, why those nerves were even there in the first place.

Once he was stood outside her door he took a deep breath, before knocking three times and saying her name, before repeating the process another two times, taking a little comfort in the fact that amongst all this change, some things, like his knock, hadn't, and wouldn't, change. It was an odd thing to take comfort in, even he knew that, but still, that comfort was there, in that knock.

When Amy opened the door she was dressed in a full length, purple flowery dress, with what Sheldon noticed to be one of Penny's Penny Blossoms in her long straight hair, one that he assumed was the gift Penny had given her for her birthday. He also noticed some slight differences in her face, her deep brown eyes looked sharper underneath her dark rimmed glasses, her cheeks had a radiant, flushed look about them and her lips were covered in a slippery gloss. She looked nice, really nice.

Amy was shocked to say the least. She had spent her whole day trying her best not to get her expectations up too high over this date, after all, this was Sheldon, a man who had shown on countless occasions that he was simply hopeless when it came to anything remotely intimate and romantic. And yet here he was, on her doorstep, dressed up to the nines with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand, ready to take her out for her birthday.

"Hello Amy." Sheldon said as he handed her the flowers. "Happy birthday."

"Hello Sheldon." Amy replied with a smile, then noticed the bouquet in his hands. She looked at them with awe and then to Sheldon with hopeful eyes. "Are those for me?"

Sheldon's brow furrowed for a second as he wondered who else these flowers could possibly be for, considering he was standing at her door, on her birthday. "Yes, they are." He said with a nod. "After your request for a 'romantic' dinner date I used various resources to collect information on what a romantic dinner would entail. Giving a gift of flowers upon arrival was one of the recommendations, and so here I am, with flowers."

Amy's expression quickly turned from hopefulness to pure joy as she beamed and took the flowers from him. "Oh my God Sheldon! These are beautiful! Thank you!" She said excitedly as she sniffed the lilies and headed back into her apartment to put the flowers into a vase, leaving Sheldon at the front door, unsure of what to do.

He stood there for a few seconds, wondering if he should go inside, but deciding against it because she hadn't invited him in and he didn't want to be rude. So he just stood at her doorstep, with his hands behind his back as he waited on her to return from wherever she had went. He had never given anyone flowers before, so he was completely unsure if that was a reaction that he was supposed to get or if she should have done something different. He understood from the excitement in her voice and the nice words she had spoken that she was pleasantly surprised by his gesture, but the fact that she had seemingly ran away, and left him alone on her doorstep completely confused him. Human nature really did puzzle him sometimes.

A few minutes later Amy arrived at her front door again, still with a beaming smile on her face. "Okay, let's go!"

"Alright." Sheldon said with a nod, pondering whether he should ask her what she was doing or not, before deciding against it, he had more important things to worry about tonight. He then motioned to the stairs, allowing Amy to walk ahead of him, before following her down to the car park.

Penny was in her car, with her radio up loud, bopping her head and tapping her hands against the steering wheel, while she sang along and danced to the music playing.

"And it goes like this! Take me by the tongue and I'll know you! Kiss me till you're drunk and I'll show you, all the moves like Jagger. I got the moves like Jagger. I got the mo-ooooo-oves like Jagger!" Penny closed her eyes and swung her head as she danced, causing her hair to flail around her as she shook her body to the music. "I don't need to try and control you, look into my eyes and I'll own y-" She swung her head to the side and opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of Amy walking out of her apartment building, closely followed by Sheldon.

"OH!" She said excitedly as she turned the music down a little and watched as Sheldon walked to the back passenger seat of the car and opened the door for Amy to get in. She widened her eyes and raised her eyebrows to Amy as she sat down in an effort to express her shock over how Sheldon was acting, and Amy replied by mouthing 'I know! He got me flowers!', opening her mouth and putting her hands out to show her disbelief and shock.

Penny giggled, wriggled her nose and smiled as she turned to Sheldon getting into the car.

"Penny, will you please turn that infuriating music off." He said as he sat down and put his seatbelt on. "The words make no sense and-"

"So watch and le-earn! I won't show you twice!" Penny sang as she turned up the music again and danced in her seat, just as she was before. "Head to toe, oooh baby run me ri-ight! If I share my secret you're gonna have to keep it!" Penny stopped singing for a second to laugh at the unimpressed expression on Sheldon's face. "Come on Sheldon, sing with me."

"No." Sheldon replied with a shake of his head.


Amy grinned and nodded, "And it goes like this!" The girls sang in unison, "Take me by the tongue and I'll know you, kiss me till you're drunk and I'll show you!" Both girls pointed their fingers at Sheldon and danced as he looked at them disapprovingly. "All the moves like Jagger, I got the moves like Jagger. I got the mo-ooooooo-oves like Jagger! I don't need to try and control you, look into my eyes and ill own you, with the moves like Jagger. I got the moves like Jagger. I got the mo-ooooooo-oves like Jagger!"

Penny and Amy began to break into laughter as the song reached its end, and once they had calmed down a little Sheldon simply said. "Okay, well, that was disturbing. Now, can we go before we are late for our reservation?"

Penny slowly caught her breath and nodded, as she began to direct the car on to the road and Sheldon turned the radio off. "HEY!" Penny exclaimed, "I was listening to that!"

"Penny, it is well established that listening to loud music whilst driving, slows the reaction time of the driver, and since your skills behind the wheel aren't exactly up to standard as it is, I don't think it is wise to add to the risk of us coming to a fiery vehicular death."

Penny rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. "You know what Sheldon? This isn't your choice, it's Amy's birthday, so she should choose." Penny looked at Amy through her rearview mirror. "Amy, would you like the radio on or off?"

"Wait- Wha-" Sheldon started.

"Amy." Penny said firmly, cutting Sheldon protests off instantly. "It's your choice."

Sheldon looked to Penny with wide eyes, and then to Amy, his face pleading.

"ON!" Amy beamed and Sheldon huffed and shook his head.

"Yes!" Penny hissed with a grin as she turned the music back up and the girls began to sing and dance again, looking to Sheldon every now and again to encourage him to join in, but he simply sat with his arms crossed and his head turned to look out the window.

After a few minutes, Penny pulled up outside Sheldon's desired restaurant, and turned off the radio, much to Sheldon's delight. "Alright guys, have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She said with a laugh.

Sheldon frowned. "Well, that's rather ambiguous. How are we supposed to determine what you would or wouldn't do?"

"Honestly, I don't think there is much she wouldn't do!" Amy said with a giggle.

"HEY!" Penny exclaimed.

"Sorry bestie, but from what I have learned from you during our weekly girls nights-"

"Alright!" Penny said before Amy could go into further detail. "It was just an expression. Now go on, get out of here you two." She grinned. "Enjoy your night Amy, and have her back by twelve Sheldon!" She laughed as he exited the car, carrying Amy's gift with him.

Penny watched from the car as Sheldon, quite reluctantly, held his hand out to Amy, and she grinned as Amy's face lit up at the gesture. She put a hand to her swelling heart as she lovingly watched them enter the restaurant, hand in hand.

There they were, Pasadena's Power Couple, on their first truly romantic dinner date. She felt like she had just dropped her little brother off at his first Prom and was filled with an odd feeling of pride as she saw in that moment just how much Sheldon had grown since the first day she met him. Amy truly had changed him for the better, just a little, and without taking away the qualities that made him who he was. She just hoped that Sheldon stuck to his intentions, and gave her the evening she deserved.

She took in a breath and started her car up again as soon as they had entered the restaurant and were out of sight. She glanced at the time on her dashboard and smiled upon realizing it had only just turned eight o'clock. Not only had she gotten Sheldon and Amy to their date in time, but she still had plenty of time to go home and make a dent in the programmes that were clogging up her DVR, before she called Leonard after midnight and told him all about Game of Thrones, and about his buddy and his big date.