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Once Penny arrived home she headed straight to the cupboard and poured herself a glass of wine. She was still buzzing with energy from the events of the day; the shocking ending to the Game of Thrones episode, dropping Sheldon and Amy off at their date, and the car ride back that had been spent with her singing along to the radio, just like she had when Sheldon and Amy were in the car with her. She was finally starting to feel like the days without Leonard were starting to get easier. Letting all her emotions out just over a week ago had been almost therapeutic for her, because she knew no matter how bad it got, and how horrible she felt, she could just talk to him and he would make her feel better; sometimes without even trying to, he just did.

Once her wine glass was full, she kicked off her shoes and headed back to her sofa to curl up underneath her comforter, just like she had been before Game of Thrones caught her attention and she completely dismissed the covers around her, as she sat, literally, on the edge of her seat. She rested her elbow on the armrest with her glass of wine in hand and her blanket wrapped loosely around her body, as she sipped on her wine and flicked through her DVR, trying to decide what to watch next, but nothing seemed to interest her.

She let out a sigh as she threw her remote down and looked around her apartment for some inspiration over what to do to pass the time until Leonard called. She considered taking a nap, since she knew that she wouldn't get to sleep until late tonight and she had the exhausting task of taking Sheldon to work in the morning, but that idea was dismissed almost as quickly as it was thought up. There was too much on her mind right now from the events of the day, and that, coupled with the excitement of speaking to her boyfriend in only a few hours, meant that even if she tried, she wouldn't be able to fall asleep.

She glanced at the clock on her phone which told her it would be three and a half hours until it reached morning in the North Sea and she thought that maybe watching a movie would be the best thing to do as it would kill the most time. She got up and sat down in front of the bookcase where her DVDs were and began to look through them one by one. There were plenty to choose from, from romantic comedies to sad, heart-breaking love stories, but she didn't want to watch any of those. As much as she loved her chick flicks, the idea of watching people fall in love in front of her, even if it was done in a hilarious way, while the one she loved was miles away, was something that just didn't appeal to her at all. And anyway, she had seen every film in her collection at least three times and unlike the guys, she didn't get any joy out of watching the same thing over and over again. What she needed was a movie that she hadn't seen already, that would get her adrenaline pumping and wasn't something that was going to end up making her feel depressed over her situation; something scary or action packed, preferably with some gorgeous leading man to keep her attention, if the story failed to.

"Oh, I know!" She said to herself as she jumped up, grabbed her glass of wine, Leonard's key from her bowl beside the door, and headed across the hall to look through his DVD collection in the hope she would find something to match that description there.

Once she entered the guys' apartment she instinctively threw her keys into the bowl, sat her glass of wine on the coffee table, and headed straight to Leonard's room. As soon as she opened the door to his bedroom and turned on the light, a small smile crept on to her face. She hadn't been in here very often ever since he had left; only venturing in briefly on the occasions when she needed to replace one of his t-shirts or hoodies because the ones she already had were being washed, and on that one evening when she had come to the apartment drunk and stayed the night. Her heart fell as she thought about it. The memory of the morning after that evening was the reason she had tried to stay away. The incredible comfort she had felt in going to sleep surrounded by his stuff, was completely overshadowed by the pain of wakening up in his room, without him beside her. It had been bad enough waking up without him in her own apartment, but opening her eyes to the sight of everything that was his, being flooded with thoughts of him and turning around to a cold, empty space behind her had been so heart wrenching that it had brought tears to her eyes.

But she had missed being here. As she took the time to look at it now, she realized just how much she had missed spending time in this room. She had missed his scent that was still in the air, albeit barely. She took a second to wonder how long it would take for that manly scent to disappear as his stuff continued to be left untouched by him, before pushing it out of her mind as she sat on his bed and moved her fingers over the blue fabric on top of it.

All sorts of thoughts came rushing to the forefront of her mind, remembering all of the times she had spent in this room with him. She thought of all the nights, and mornings, spent under those covers, fooling around like teenagers, joking, laughing, teasing each other until something would happen, be it a fiery look in their eyes or a gentle touch that would spark up their bodies, and all fooling around would be over. After that there was no laughing and joking, as their passion would take over and they would make love without a care to the noise decibels that Sheldon would no doubt complain about in the morning.

Then they would cuddle. If she were to pick one thing she missed most about him, it would definitely be being able to lie in his arms as she drifted off to sleep.

She took in a breath as she forced her mind to move on before she dwelled too much on it, but the memories continued to come as she glanced up at the posters on his wall. She remembered asking him about each one of them, and him explaining the origins and meanings behind them all. She looked at the closet and remembered that time, that seemed so long ago now, that she had helped him pick out an outfit for one of his presentations. She laughed softly as she remembered the horrible corduroy suit that he seemed to love and her shock over seeing that Battlestar Galactica flight suit sitting amongst his outdated clothes, and then wondered if he still kept that little city in a bottle on the top shelf.

Her eyes then hovered over by the window and she was hit instantly with the memory of that time Sheldon had climbed through it in the middle of the night because she had knocked over a lamp and he thought they were being robbed, and then stopped at his Bat Signal on top of his chest of drawers.

She shook her head and let out another soft, quiet laugh, "You're such a nerd Hofstadter." She said quietly to the room and continued to smile as a lot more memories came, but unlike the last time, when those memories of him had all but put her into a state of depression, this time they comforted her. She enjoyed remembering all these little moments that they had shared, because they brought a warmth to her heart that she hadn't really felt since he had left, and although she still had just over three months to wait, she knew that she was going to have all those things again soon.

Penny sat and remisinced for another few minutes, until she forced herself to get back to the reason she was in here in the first place; DVDs. She stood up and headed over by the window, to the cabinet that held his movies, and studied each one before letting out a sigh. She had no idea what most of these movies were about and as she pulled them out and studied the front covers, she became more and more unsure of whether watching any of these would actually keep her up, or if they would just put her to sleep. She was certain they would just confuse her, and she didn't exactly have Leonard here to explain to her what was going on.

Her eyes fell from the DVD collection in front of her, to the boxes underneath it that contained all of his comics. She grinned as she flicked her fingers through a few, and then picked up the box and took it over to the bed. She spent some time looking through the classic adventures of Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Flash, Thor, and many more, only really glancing at the pictures in each book, until she had gone through all of the boxes and had left a large pile scattered around her.

"Oops." She quietly said as she looked at the mess of comics that covered his bed and then began to pack most of them away, leaving out just a few that had caught her attention so she could take them home with her to read when she had the time. She carefully put his boxes away and headed back out into the living room with a few comics in hand, leaving behind all those little memories.

When she reached the living room, she sat the comics on the coffee table, took a sip of her wine and then sat on Leonard's chair as she wondered what to do now.

As she thought, her eyes drifted over everything around her. She had spent a lot of time in this apartment since Leonard had gone, playing games and eating take-out with the guys when it suited, but she hadn't been in here alone in a while, and now that she was, she was flooded with even more memories. Memories that just like in his bedroom, brought a warmth to her heart. Pictures of them cuddling on his sofa or on his chair, of the make-out sessions that came after, of the petty fights over silly things and of the nerdy games he would get her to play, all filled her head as she studied the room.

She looked towards the kitchen and remembered sitting eating breakfast with him in the morning as Sheldon complained about her always being around. She remembered messing around with him and annoying Sheldon even more as she helped him set out the food at dinner time and helped him clean up afterwards.

She smiled as she thought about him, her cute, nerdy little boyfriend that was far too far away, until her eyes met the television, the games consoles and countless video games that surrounded them. Her grin grew wider as she thought of the times she had played some of those games with him, on his lap, with him explaining how to play it before they played against each other and she beat him over and over again. She would tell him that she had a natural talent when it came to video games, and he would always insist that she was just lucky, or that he had let her win.

At that moment she knew how she wanted to spend this evening. She wanted to play those games, because she could remember how easy it was to get caught up in them and that would pass the time quickly, but also because she wanted to prove to him that she really did have a talent for these games and that she wasn't just lucky, and he wasn't just letting her win.

Penny grinned as she got up and turned on the television, before moving the coffee table out of the way and pulling Leonard's chair over so it was directly in front of it. She sat her glass of wine on the floor beside the chair, turned on the xBox and began looking through all the games on offer for her. She decided against playing Halo - despite it being one of her favourites - Call of Duty or Battlefield, and laughed when she came across LEGO Batman and LEGO Star Wars as they seemed so out of place amongst his bloodthirsty, violent collection. Eventually she decided to play Gears of War, since it was one of the games that she already had a fair understanding of how to play, and because it was one of the ones she always beat him at. She put the game in the console and sat the joypad on the chair, before heading to the kitchen to grab a can of Red Bull and a bag of chips. She sat with her feet up on the chair, her can on one side and her chips on the other and as the game started up, she quickly checked the time on her phone.

"Alright you little Gears of War dude," She mumbled to the game. "We've got two hours to kill, time to kick some ass."

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