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A Couple Reunited

"I can't believe you're here." Leonard said, his voice just above a whisper as he stared into her deep emerald eyes. His arms were wrapped tightly around her waist, holding her body close to his.

"I know." She smiled, tears still brimming her eyes, "I still can't really believe I did it either…" Her hands moved up his neck to hold his slightly bearded jaw, "but I'm glad I did."

"Me too." He leaned forward and kissed her lips, only to pull back a moment later, "You're hands are freezing by the way."

Penny laughed and nodded, "yeah, it's pretty cold here."

As he chuckled with her, Leonard stood back and begun to take off his large waterproof jacket.

"What are you doing?"

"Here," He removed the jacket completely and put it around her shoulders, "Put this on."

She smiled as the warmth hit her shoulders, but looked at him with concern, "But now you'll be cold."

"I'll be fine, I have this," He motioned to his grey and black hooded jacket, "plus it's a lot warmer here than it is out there." He nodded his head in the direction of the sea, "So I'm really not that cold anyway."

Penny smiled sweetly at him as she put her arms into the already warm coat and Leonard stepped forward to take her in his arms again. "Thank you." She said, reaching up to kiss him as her hands went to his chest and slowly down to his stomach, instantly noticing the new muscle definition there. With her hands placed firmly on his abdomen, she pulled back from the kiss just enough to look at him with one brow raised, "Have you been working out?"

"Huh? No." Leonard replied with a frown. "Well, I've been swimming a bit but that doesn't really count as 'working out' - does it? Why? Can you tell?"

"Yeah…" She nodded and lightly squeezed on his now slightly more toned stomach, sending a wave of shivers through her - and his - body, "Yeah I can tell."

"Oh…" He cleared his throat. Penny putting her hands on his body causing his stomach to stir and his breath to catch in his throat. "I didn't think it really made any difference." He shrugged a little but quickly noticed that Penny's attention wasn't focused on what he was saying as she watched her hands glide back up the front of his torso and around to his back.

"Well it did." She muttered as her heart raced and her hands moved up to his shoulder and down his arms over his thin jacket. She paused at his bicep to give his arm a squeeze and upon feeling just how much harder it was compared to the last time, her eyes flickered up to his, "Oh it definitely did." She smiled briefly before her arms wrapped around his neck and her lips crashed on to his.

Their kiss quickly became passionate, and both of them instantly forgot about the fact that they were still out in the open on the harbour with a crowd of faces that could see their loving exchange, but they weren't allowed to forget about it for long.

"Oi oi!" A familiar English voice in the background exclaimed and they broke apart to see Paul walking in their direction, "Save some for the hotel! This is a public place!" He said with an amused grin, "There are kids about!"

"Shut up, Paul." Leonard said as Penny laughed, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his chest.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person, Penny." Paul put out his hand, ignoring Leonard's comment.

"You too." Penny separated herself from Leonard to shake Paul's hand briefly before pulling him into a quick hug. "And thanks for all your help, I really couldn't have done this without you."

"Oh, well, you're welcome." He smiled as Penny returned to Leonard's arms.

"I still can't believe you two done this behind my back," Leonard shook his head, "And you," He grinned over at Penny, "how did you manage to keep this a secret!"

"I have no idea, it was so hard! Everyone else knew so I think that made it easier."

"Everyone knew?"

"Yeah." She nodded as her head rested on his chest again. "Sheldon wasn't too happy about it. You've gotta call him later by the way, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it then."

"Oh I can't wait." He sarcastically replied, causing Penny to softly laugh.

"Guys! Guys!" A voice yelled from a few feet away.

Paul and Leonard instantly turned in the direction of the Australian accent and spotted Karina waving emphatically to them.

"You two have to come here, the bosses wanna speak to us all before we leave."

Paul instantly made his way over, but Leonard couldn't do the same with Penny still holding tightly to him. "I need to go for a bit honey," He said as he rubbed her back, "but I'll be right back."

Penny lifted her head from his chest but didn't break away from him completely. "Was that Karina?"

"Uh, yeah." He instantly became nervous, remembering all the insecurity she had felt from knowing he had been spending time with her and wondering whether those feelings were going to show themselves again now.

But he needn't have worried, as Penny only nodded. Despite the twinge of jealousy she still felt towards Karina, simply because she had been spending these months with her boyfriend when she wasn't around, she saw no point in letting those feelings show themselves any longer. She was back in his arms again, he was once more completely hers and more importantly, she wasn't going to let some silly insecurity ruin the magic of this day.

"Okay." She smiled as she held a hand to his jaw and kissed him again, "You better go. I'll wait here with your stuff," She kissed him again, rubbing her thumb against his cheek as she pulled back and bit on her lower lip, "and then we can get back to the hotel so I can get a better look at that new body lurking beneath this hoodie."

"Mmm," He hummed as his lips touched hers, "that sounds perfect." As he went to kiss her again, a small smirk formed, "Will you play with my duck?"

With a shocked laugh, Penny lightly hit him on the chest, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment over the drunken autocorrected text that he just wouldn't let her forget. "Maybe, now go!"

"Wow," Penny gasped as she struggled to catch her breath. The hot, thick air in the room failing to provide her with the oxygen she needed as her chest heaved. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed a hot red as the hold her legs had around Leonard's waist, and the grip her fingertips had on his back, loosened. Almost all of his weight lay limp and exhausted on top her, rasping through his breaths with his face tucked into the side of hers, causing the warm air from his lips to tingle against her neck.

As the seconds passed his breaths became less wheezy. Much quicker - she noticed - than it used to take before. He hadn't even reached for his inhaler yet, and didn't seem to be in any desperate need for it. Quite possibly a consequence of the regular swimming he had done on board that ship.

Penny smirked, her mind drifting over the other consequence of his regular exercise. In truth, he wasn't all that more toned than he was before, yet the little difference in him, made a huge difference to her. She could barely keep her hands off him as they had made their way from the dock to the hotel, but then again, she knew that would have been the case regardless of whether he had toned up or not. She had always found his body almost irresistible. She had always enjoyed that he wasn't as overpoweringly muscular as her old boyfriends had been, but the heat that spread through her from running her hands over the newly hardened muscles had been difficult to deny.

As soon as she was able, as soon as they stepped inside the door of their hotel room, his bags had been dropped and she had gotten to work removing the layers of clothing that hid the body beneath it. He had made swift work of her clothes too, she quickly remembered.

Most of it was a blur. Most of the time between her being willingly slammed against the door and them ending up in this bed was lost on her. At some point, she was sure, he had lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed. Everything after that was just a bunch of scattered memories. There had been kissing, some light teasing, some biting and a hell of a lot of noise. It had been fast, their passion too strong to slow down to a pace one might associate with 'love-making', but it had been wonderful and greatly satisfying.

As her mind focused back on the present, she relished in the moment, keeping her eyes closed to concentrate on the feel of his bare chest against hers. Their heartbeats were slowly returning to normal, gradually beginning to beat in sync. She half smiled as she begun to trace her fingertips slowly over his back, biting down on her bottom lip as her hands took in the feel of the few new muscles in that area.

"Hmm." He hummed, giving her neck a quick kiss, "That feels good."

"Yeah, well, so did that."

As they both quietly laughed Leonard lifted his head from her neck, propping himself up on his hands just enough to look her in the eye. "Yeah, that was pretty good too."

Penny raised her brows as her hands moved to the side of his torso, "Pretty good?"

"Mmhmm," he mumbled as he kissed her on the lips, "pretty good." He smirked as he kissed her again, "I think we may have to run another test in about ten to fifteen minutes to see if we can get an even better result."

"Mmm," She looked up at him as her hands begun to make patterns on the side on his body, "I should really be offended by that you know," Smiling, she moved her arms and wrapped them around his neck, "but that does sound like an interesting idea."

With a grin Leonard reached down to place another kiss on her lips then pulled away, keeping their eyes locked and the tip of his nose against the tip of hers, their damp foreheads almost touching.

Penny used that moment to move her hands down his neck and over his shoulders, sliding them under his arms to reach his back again.

As he pulled away a little to look at her fully, he realized just how much he had missed this. Being able to touch her, to be this close to her and to be able see every inch of her perfectly - well as perfectly as he could without his glasses on - was almost mesmerising. She was mesmerizing.

He had spent many days and nights thinking over this moment, thinking of her and of every part of her. Every mark, every blemish, every scar and every beautiful curve on her body, and now that moment was here and she was right here in front of him again, it was overwhelming and incredibly comforting all at once.

Just then he realised that he had barely taken the time to cherish the woman he had missed. The desperate hunger they had attained for one another during their separation had overridden the desire and need for any foreplay - something he usually prided himself on - and he regretted it for just a moment, until it dawned on him that their night had barely begun.

With his palms placed on the mattress at either side of her, he outstretched his arms so he hovered further above her. He grinned as he took in the extra parts of her body that leverage allowed him to see, and she smiled back as her hands slid down his back and back up to his head, lacing her fingers through his hair. He wanted to tell her how he had missed that smile she was giving him, but words failed to reach his mouth. It didn't matter really, she already knew, he had already told her more times than he was able to keep track of. His eyes fluttered closed as her fingers brushed his scalp, and with his eyes still closed he bent down and touched his nose ever so slightly to her cheek, and placed a barely there kiss on the corner of her mouth.

The long stubble from his chin brushing against her face caused her to lightly giggle for just a second before she turned serious again, "I love you." She said in a whisper as her hand moved to his jaw.

Leonard couldn't help but smile as he saw those words reflected in her eyes, confirming to him – if he really needed it – that she meant it. "I love you too." He whispered back before placing his lips against hers.

Seconds later he gently moved from on top of her, sitting up on his side facing her with the off-white thick hotel duvet spread out around their bodies in a heaped mess.

Holding his head up with his left hand, he reached his right out to intertwine his fingers with hers. He looked down at their locked hands before bringing her fingers up to his mouth, placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand before laying it down at her side.

Keeping his eyes on his hand, he slowly moved up the soft skin of her arm, barely touching her with the tip of his fingers until he reached her shoulder. He then traced his fingers down to her hand and back up again, making sure to take in every detail on her skin as he moved. As his fingers brushed over her shoulder, along the skin of her collarbone and the top of her chest, he felt her increasing heart rate vibrate through her body, as well as the few goose bumps he had brought out on her skin.

Penny's eyes were burning into him. He knew she was staring at him, so he looked up to meet her gaze. His eyes flickered to her supple pink lips, over her nose and eventually locked onto her eyes, while he moved his fingers up past her neck to the hair loosely hanging by her face. Brushing his fingers between a few strands, he felt a damp heat on her scalp then the silkiness of the golden waves, before his hand came up to graze her soft, hot pink cheek with his thumb as he cradled her jaw.

Penny's hand came up to meet his, clutching and leaning into it as he held her cheek. Closing her eyes, she breathed a contended sigh and seconds later, he pulled his hand away and she felt a sting of disappointment until he slid it along her shoulder and down the side of her body, tracing the tips of his fingers all the way down to her hip bone, pushing the duvet down to reveal the whole of her perfectly toned stomach. Shifting his hand from her hip, he brushed along her stomach, his eyes taking in everything about the body underneath his hand as he moved across it, his breath silently catching in his throat.

"Leonard…" Penny whispered, although it could have been mistaken for a gentle moan. The feeling of his hand moving around her body was driving her slightly crazy, yet she was unable to shake the slight feeling of self-consciousness as she saw him stare at her body so intently. She wasn't sure why she was so self-conscious about it, even if she wasn't always one hundred per cent happy with how her body looked, she knew that Leonard thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, whether he was right or not, was irrelevant.

Penny watched on as Leonard reached behind him, taking his hand off her for just a second as he put on his glasses. "What are you doing?" She whispered, a little breathless from her rapidly beating heart.

Leonard grinned slightly then put his palm back on her stomach, over her bellybutton. He watched as his hand begun to trace over her smooth skin again, then moved his focus from his hand to her face, his eyes catching her lips before they stopped at her eyes. He gave her the smallest of smiles, before looking back down at his hand on her stomach. "I'm just…" He searched for the right word, "Looking at you… admiring you." He smiled, seeing her already red cheeks flush further. His hand started to move again, making gentle patterns around her abdomen, "I've missed being able to…" He sighed, "touch you."

At those words Penny bit lightly on her bottom lip, before laying her head back on the pillow and closing her eyes; allowing him to do whatever it was he wanted to her, and allowing her to focus on nothing but where his hands were on her body and how wonderful it felt.

Leonard moved his hand down under the sheets, across the side of her thigh and back up again to touch at her naval before sliding straight up, his fingers moving up between the crevice of her chest and back down again.

Penny let out another sigh, and Leonard watched as her chest moved with the vibrations of her heartbeat. Unable to resist, he bent forward and kissed over her beating heart, before resting on his side again. He continued for another few minutes, quietly caressing his hand over every part of the front of her body, before he touched the side of her face, causing her to open her big green eyes to him.

Slowly he leaned in as he tenderly held her jaw and kissed her softly on the lips, holding her bottom lip between his for a few seconds before breaking away. "Turn over." He said in a low voice and she stared into him with a hint of a smile for just a second before doing as he asked.

Rolling over, she crossed her arms in front of her and rested her head on her hands, turning her face toward him to watch him as he admired her.

"Hmm," He mumbled as he gathered her straying blonde hair and moved it off to the side, leaving her toned back completely bare. "You are so beautiful you know that?"

Penny just stared at him with that small smile still on her lips. She knew it wasn't a question she was supposed to answer, so she just basked in his touch, her eyes fluttering and her heart racing as he moved his hand along the back of her shoulders.

"You know… while I was away, I used to dream about you... Did I tell you that?"

Penny shook her head slowly, knowing that if she had tried to speak her dry mouth would crack the words.

Lifting his palm so that only the tips of his fingers were touching her, he began to slowly move down her spine, his eyes still following his hand wherever it went. "Well I did... A lot... And it wasn't even always… you know," He smirked, "dirty stuff."

All Penny could do was let out a small stifled laugh, her eyes still on him.

As his fingers reached the curve of her back, he began to slowly move back up. "Most of the time, we would just be doing stupid things… Like, we would be watching television… or having dinner..." He shrugged, "just hanging out together. I missed that."

As his hand reached the top of her back again, he moved it over her right shoulder and up along the back of her bended arm, over her forearm and up to where her head rested on top of her hand, then slowly moved back down again and continued on down the side of her body, the sound of her softly moan at his touch, almost bringing him away from what he was doing.

"You haven't changed." He said as his hand and eyes continued on their path down the side of her torso. "You are exactly how you were before I left."

Penny stared at him for a moment, "Yes I have." She muttered.

"Hm?" Leonard's brow furrowed as he looked at her again, not expecting her to reply to his statement.

"I have changed."

He shrugged one shoulder a little, "Maybe a little bit. Your hair's is a little different I guess, but apart from that you're still the same Penny that you were before."

Smiling she shook her head, "I don't mean like that. Maybe I haven't changed on the outside but I still have, y'know – on the inside." Leonard's hand stopped moving on her back as he focused on what she was saying, his eyes urging her to continue. "I feel different to how I did before you went away."

"How so?"

"I don't know. I can't really explain it, I just do. I missed you – a lot – and I dunno… I think that… changed me. I'd never felt like that before, not even when you went away the last time. It was different, and it made me different."

"Oh. Okay," He said with a smile as he moved in to kiss her, stopping when their lips were barely touching, "as long as you're still my Penny."

"That'll never change." She replied, smiling back at him until he kissed her.

When they broke apart Leonard placed his hand back on the curve of her back, his eyes once again focused on his hand and the body beneath it, and he began to move it slowly down under the sheets.

Cold air hit her skin as his hand moved over the firm curve of her buttocks, pulling the duvet down with him. Unable to resist, he gave her a quick squeeze and something stirred inside him as she let out a moan. Willing himself to continue on over it, despite the glorious sound of her moan making him want to quit what he was doing to satisfy the burning within him; he slid his hand down over the back of her legs. He shuffled down the bed, stopping when he was eye-level with her lower back, resting his head in his hand as his right continued on down the back of her thigh to her calves.

Leonard looked briefly up at Penny, noticing her eyes were still completely focused on him, and gave her a warm smile before shifting his attention back to her leg. He slowly brushed the back of his fingers over her calf and past her ankle, smirking as he touched his fingers to the sensitive underside of her foot and toes, knowing the reaction it would bring.

Penny gasped in shock and kicked her foot away, "Leonard!" She giggled as his hand found her foot and done it again, "Stop it! Don't tickle me!"

"I didn't mean it!" He chuckled as he rested his hand on the back of her thigh, enjoying the sweet sound of her giggle.

"Yes you did." She playfully kicked her leg out to hit his, "I saw that little smile on your face."

Chuckling along with her, he nodded, "Alright, I meant it." His hand begun to make soft patterns on her leg and he leaned over to give her lower back a quick kiss. "But I couldn't help it. You're really cute when you giggle like that."

"Okay, I'll forgive you," She said as she turned on to her side, holding her head up with one hand as the other reached into his hair, "But only because you are pretty damn cute yourself." For a moment they smiled as they looked into each other's eyes, "Oh and by the way, if you don't continue what you were doing I will hurt you."

At this, Leonard chuckled and nodded, "Yes ma'am." He mumbled as he moved forward to give her stomach a gentle kiss.

Penny rolled on to her back, putting both hands on the side of his head and gently scraped her fingers against his scalp, closing her eyes as he kissed all over her abdomen. She hummed a soft moan as his lips kissed her body and after a few moments she carefully pulled his head up.

He allowed himself to be moved up without a struggle, shifting his weight on top of her as he kissed up her chest, feeling her racing heart thumping against his lips. As he kissed up her neck he felt that pulse more prominently and couldn't help but smile when his actions caused another soft moan to escape her. It was certainly a sound he would never tire of hearing.

Penny slid her hands to his back as he worked on her neck, biting down on her lip when his tongue touched her sensitive skin. His mouth continued placing kisses up her neck and then across her jaw until he reached her mouth, where, to her disappointment, he stopped. She looked at him questioningly as he stared lovingly at her, but gave no explanation as to why he had stopped what he was doing.

"I told you you were beautiful didn't I?" He asked in a whisper.

"Yeah," She grinned, "But it's always good to hear." Penny ran her hands up his sides as they continued to look deeply into one another's eyes, before reaching out and taking his glasses from him. After sitting them down on the nightstand, she put both of her hands on his head again and pulled him to her, giving him a soft kiss that quickly turned passionate. It didn't take long for Leonard to move his attention back down her jawline and to her neck, giving her skin gentle kisses and playful bites that sent shivers through her body.

"Okay baby…" She breathed as she ran her hands over his back and hair, "I think those ten minutes are up… how about you start telling me about those dirty dreams you had?"