I love them

Chapter 1

'Nymphadora Tonks!' a voice screeched. 'Get your head off your desk now!'

She winced at the sharp tongue interrupting her sleep, and reluctantly sat up. She yawned, her limbs feeling like lead. It had been a long few days for the young auror. So long that she couldn't even tell of the person who called her Nymphadora.

'Leave the girl alone' a gruff voice interrupted. Moody.

'Go home and get yourself some rest. Take tomorrow off'. She could only smile weakly, exhaustion set deep in her bones, at her ex-mentor. The woman who previously shouted at her huffed and turned on her heel. Tonks hadn't slept in over forty eight hours due to work being so busy. And now, at long last she was presented with an opportunity to sleep.

A sharp crack, announced Tonks's arrival at twelve Grimauld Place. Tiredness only magnifying her clumsiness, she stumbled over the trolls leg that served as an umbrella stand. Instead of cursing herself she only sighed and ran a hand through her dull shoulder length brown hair. Brown. Regardless she stumbled through to the kitchen where Molly Weasley, Remus and Sirius were sitting.

'Hey cuz' Sirius greeted her warmly a bottle in his hand.

'Hard day?' She merely nodded.

'Hungry?' Molly Weasley now. Another nod. A plate of broth was set down in front of her.


'Eat up dear, you look exhausted.'

Tonks did so gladly, its warmth filling her body.

She stood up heading for the door.

'Where d 'you think you're going?' Molly asked sternly.

'Sleep' Tonks pointed to the library.

'Nonsense girl, I'll make up a bed in a guestroom. Just give me a minute'.

She smiled gratefully. But Tonks knew she did not have a minute before she had blacked out from exhaustion on the hunter green leather armchair in the library.

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