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At first, I couldn't see anything. The smell of asphalt and burnt rubber filled the air. It took me awhile to come through. Confused, I sat up and immediately sharp pains erupted across my body. I grasped my side as I winced in pain. When I looked down, my hands were covered in my blood. It all came rushing back at once, the snow, the slick roads, the other car colliding into mine, Spencer screaming… my head immediately snapped toward my matted car. My heart fell to my stomach as I saw her lying motionless on the ground. I crawled over to her as fast and I could.

"Spencer!" I croaked. Her body was coated in her blood. I reached my hand up and removed a piece of red stained hair from her face. "Come on Spencer! Wake up, wake up!" I brushed my hand across her face and noticed a huge gash in the side of her head. I immediately took off my shirt and wrapped it around her head. I knew it wouldn't do much, but I had to try. I could hear sirens off in the distance.

Her body stirred, a little, bot not much. Her eyes slightly opened as she whimpered in pain. "I know baby, it'll be alright. Help is coming." Her eyes then closed as her body went limp. "No, no, no! Spencer… Spencer, look at me. Don't close your eyes, please, Spencer. You'll be okay. Stay with me. Come on, stay with me! Don't go… Spencer?" Tears escaped and ran down my face onto hers. In final desperation I shouted for help, but my cries were only answered by daunting silence. The last thing I remembered was the sounds of sirens steadily approaching, I somehow knew they wouldn't get here in time. A blur of red and blue lights appeared, then darkness.


*beep beep beep*

I roll over and hit the snooze button. I stare at my calendar on the wall, day 472 since the accident. I sigh and climb out of bed into the shower. The only time I ever allow myself to cry. It all happened so fast.


"Ashley… Ashleyyyyy. Time to wake up!" A loud annoying voice keeps nabbing in my ear.

"mmmmm…" I grumble as the anesthesia continued to wear off.

"Good, you're up. Open those big brown eyes, so I can take a look at them."

I blink my eyes a couple of times before I look around the room over to the annoying voices.. "Aiden?" I manage to grumble.

He gives a half smile, "Hey Snickers. How are you feeling?"

I roll my eyes, "What do you think Tinkerbelle?"

I look around the room once more and my face goes pale, she isn't there.

Aiden can see the worry in my eyes. He looks at the doctor then back to me, "Ashley…"

I shake my head, "No, don't say it. It's not true."

"Ashley, you have to listen, they tried everything."

"Get out!" I try to yell.

"Ashley, don't do this."

I give him the coldest stare I muster, "Aiden leave."