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This last week was the worst week of my life. I don't even feel like a human anymore, I am no longer referred to as 'Dipper Pines', I am patient 164. The thing that hurt me the most though wasn't that, it actually made that seem awesome, it was the fact Mabel hadn't come to visit. I would sit here everyday hoping to be called for a visit, lost hope, it never happened. I thought Mabel loved me like I loved her, I thought she cared. It hurt thinking she just didn't want to come and visit.

I also no longer wear the normal red shirt and gray shorts, I fought to keep the vest and hat, and they let me keep my sneakers. Apparently I needed more 'calming colors', they gave me all white clothing to wear instead. It was long sleeved and they were pants, but I ripped off most of the sleeve to the shirt to make it a t-shirt and I ripped the bottom parts of the pants legs to make them shorts. Close enough to my normal apparel.

I was forced to go talk to some therapist, that I really didn't want. Her names Penelope Spectra, she seemed nice, I guess. It just seems the more I talk to her, the more miserable I get. When she asks questions, I don't want to answer them but it's as if something is forcing me to answer.

"Why would your sister want to visit you? Who would want to visit you? I mean, look at yourself! You're a wreck!" I remember Penelope saying at one point. She was right though, I was a wreck. Who would want to visit me? I've been questioning what the point was of living, not like I'd tell anyone here that.

They also at some point tried giving me anti-depressants. Penelope convinced them I was sane enough to handle them on my own, and I used that to my advantage. I would tell them I was taking them but just keep them in the drawer. I had a pill organizer, it had labels for everyday of the week so I knew which pill to take, but I didn't take any of them.

I didn't know anyone else here, other then talking to Penelope, I never really left the room. Sometimes I'd sneak out at night and go read that magazine on the paranormal I found the first day here, the desk person wasn't really attentive to things going on around her.

Another thing, I've been getting really thin, dangerously. It's not that I didn't want to eat, it's just that I don't think they've been trusting the fact I've been taking the pills, so I think they put stuff in the food. I'll also only drink water, because that's the only drink I can be sure there's nothing in.

I hated it here, but I obviously wasn't missed at home, so even if I was let out, there would be no where I could go anyway. I am now in the corner of my room, my vest beside me and my hat on my head. I'm just remembering the summer, all the good times at Gravity Falls. I miss them more then words could ever describe, and even if Mabel forgot about me, I could never stop worrying about her and I could only hope that she was okay at home.


This was horrible. This was utterly and completely horrible. I hated having to be in this house without Dipper, I felt like I was an only child, and I didn't like it. My parents won't even tell me where Dipper was, no matter how many times I asked. They'd hit me just for asking, as if I wasn't supposed to feel any concern for my brother who couldn't be found anywhere.

I had retreated to my room, which was depressing. My bed was right across from Dipper's, which still had no pillow or covers on them. It was a constant reminder that he wasn't here anymore, and it hurt my soul. Sometimes I would sleep in his bed, but that only made the pain worse. I sighed and tried to get up from my bed, but I ended up tripping and falling. It was then that I got a good look of under Dipper's bed, and that's when I realized his book was gone. He always kept it under his bed, but I checked everywhere else in case he misplaced it. I checked everything; bookshelves, the closet, drawers, dressers. It didn't seem to be anywhere.

It was when I rechecked under his bed that my mom came in.

"What are you doing?" She asked. I nearly hit my head on the bed when I heard her.

"Looking for Dipper's book," I muttered as I crawled out from the bed. Suddenly, as I surfaced from underneath the bed, Mom grabbed me and slapped me. Weird, I don't remember doing anything wrong. Yet again, they didn't even need a reason to hit us. She threw me back onto the floor and kicked me.

"You want to read that book and go insane just like your useless brother?" She yelled. That's when my eyes snapped open, even if I was in pain. They must have found his book and read it. Anyone who read that would surely think whoever wrote it was insane.

"But Dipper didn't write it!"

"Then who?"

"We don't know..." Mom almost chuckled menacingly.

"You cover for your brother... Even when he's gone. There's no point." She left the room, leaving me in a heap of pain on the floor. Insane? Where would they put Dipper if they thought he was insane?

...Oh. Duh. Piedmont Mental Ward was the closest mental ward here, so that was my best shot.

I had to get to him. I didn't know how, but I was going to get to him no matter what it took. The first step; leaving the house without being caught. I guess that was easy enough. I tied my bed sheet and blanket together where I tied it to the window and climbed out. Okay, step one completed.

Step two; actually getting there. I guess bike riding it was. I snuck into the backyard and got on my bike, peddling as fast as I could. I knew where the asylum was, we passed it when we were on the bus going to Gravity Falls for the summer. It was the fact that it was going to take a serious amount of time to get there that was the problem, but I didn't care. I only cared about Dipper, and I had to see him.

I was completely drained when I got to the asylum. My legs felt like heavy dumbbells weighing me down, but that didn't stop me from getting off my bike and running straight into the asylum. I'm surprised the lady at the front desk didn't call for doctors to lock me up right there with the way I was panting and looking all crazed.

"Um... How can I help you?" She asked.

"I want to see my brother, Dipper."

"Where are you're parents?"

"They're coming in behind me," I lied, "what room is Dipper Pines in?" She gave me a confused look before checking a clipboard at her desk.

"Uh, room 46."

"Thank you." I didn't wait for her to ask any more questions, for I dashed down the hall way in search for Dipper. He should be on the first floor, it was just the matter of finding it in this huge building. I searched the hall ways, going left and right, and finally got to room 46. I took a breath, wondering what kind of shape he was in being locked inside a mental ward when he was completely sane. I wouldn't even care if this place really turned him insane, all I wanted was to see my brother.

I took in one last breath and knocked on his door.

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