This is me, I'm the force you failed to move
I'm the fact you'll never prove
I'm the last note you last lose
I'm the fate you couldn't choose
This is over, yeah, you lose

Summer. It had come and gone. The vacation Sam and Danny were so sure to enjoy was over, and it definitely didn't go the way as planned. When Danny and Sam got back to Ohio, they found Jeremey passed out on the couch, hopefully he was sleep long and wouldn't realize how long they were gone for. Sam was able to cover her injuries with make up until they faded, so no one would see what she had gone through. After a few days, Sam and Danny drove back to Amity Park together and was now barely two weeks away from college, at least Sam was anyway. Braedon was gone, in a frozen wasteland land, and even if he did escape, there would be no way he could get out of the ghost zone itself. It looked like things were falling in place as of now.

It was a Tuesday evening that Mason had burst into Danny and Sam's apartment, as glee as could be. He was ready for this new path they were all about to take, and he welcomed it with open arms.

"College people! AKA, party people! I can't wait," He said, sitting on one of the arms of the couch.

"Oh come on, don't go to any wild parties," Sam groaned.

"Isn't that part of the college experience?"

"Only if you like dealing with loud teachers while on a hangover."

"Worth it." Although sometimes he annoyed her, Sam couldn't believe how outgoing and enthusiastic Mason was. Braedon tortured him for six years, Sam was only abused for one and she turned out worse than Mason. She never realized how strong Mason must be to be able to forget everything that happened and still continue to be himself.

"Mason, when's the last time I ever told you that you were the best?" She asked.

"Uhh... Is this some kind of trick?" He asked.

"No, I'm just wondering. You know you're the greatest, right?" He smirked and popped his collar mockingly.

"Of course I am." He was cocky, he was funny, he was annoying, he was happy-go-lucky, Mason was himself, and he wouldn't let anything get in the way of that, not even someone who tried to destroy all of those things. Sam smiled. Maybe it was time she took after her big brother.

Danny came out of his room and joined everybody in the living room.

"Mason, my man," Danny said as he high fived him.

"Danny, my man," Danny took his seat next to Sam on the couch and put his arm around her. Mason squinted his eyes at Danny and he removed his arm. "Nope, it's okay." Mason reassured.

"What?" Sam asked.

"I accepted that fact that you guys are living together, even if it did bother the hell out of me before." Sam looked over at Danny before directing her attention back to Mason.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" She asked. Mason shrugged.

"I mean, it's part of growing up. Dad always used to say if I kept acting like a kid, I'd never get anywhere in life. Turns out he was right, so I matured up," Sam raised an eyebrow, "...Okay, just by a little." He admitted.

"Well, you won't have to deal with your dad ever again." Danny said.

"Well, yeah..." He thought his dad was in prison, which would be a reason that he'd never have to deal with him, but the triumphant smirk on Danny's face told him otherwise. Mason narrowed his eyes at him. "What did you do?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Danny, come on! I've always wanted to get back at him,"

"No, you don't." Sam said, getting their attention. Mason raised an eyebrow quizzically at her. His father abused him for six years and made her tag along with it and she didn't hold any hostility towards him?

"What is wrong with you? You don't want a shot at him?"

"I thought I did, but I don't. Abusing my abuser wasn't going to help me, if anything, that's what he wanted to happen, for us to become ruthless like him. You don't want to become him, do you?" Sam asked. Mason looked down at the floor. All he wanted to do since the day Braedon started to abuse him was give him a taste of his own medicine, but Sam was right. He may be his father's son, but he was not going to turn out like Braedon. Mason averted his eyes towards Sam and cracked a smile.

"Since when did you turn all philosopher on us?" He asked.

"Since I realized there had to he at least one good person here with morals." She jested. Mason shook his head and looked over at Danny.

"Wherever he is, please tell me he's being tortured somehow," He said. Danny nodded; Oh man, if Mason only knew.

"Trust me, he's not enjoying himself. His glory days are over."

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