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"Shinichi's messages"
'Kaito's messages'

Strange English (mixing of British and American English), OOCness, Sexting

Genre: Humour, Romance
Uploaded: 2013-05-03
Chapter rating: T, mentioning of adult themes
Words: 2,000

Kaito and Shinichi are studying in the library together, but the detective's interrupted once he got a message from his boyfriend, asking Shinichi to amuse him. ShinKai


"Why did people manufacture trouble when there was already so much of it in the world?" ~Ken Follett

The only sound in the room was the pen against the paper as the two teenage boys sat in the library studying. Shinichi yawned quietly by the desk and sent a glance to the magician that was sitting in the settee writing on his English essay before he returned to his history assignment, changing page to continue writing. Concentrating, he managed to write another page before his phone buzzed a bit and he took it up.
'What are you wearing?' he read in the message from his boyfriend and sent an amused glance at the magician that was chewing a bit on the pen, seemingly ignoring him.
"Why do you ask?" the detective wrote back and changed page in the history book, searching for the right date, while he waited for a new message.
'I miss you~,' Shinichi read and raised an eyebrow at the thief that wrote a few lines on his paper while smiling a bit.
"Oh? Do you now?" the corner of the detective's mouth twitched upwards in a smile as he wrote the reply and then sent it.
'Yes, I feel so hot right now,' the black-haired teenager couldn't help but to grin amused; he was almost finished with the homework, so he might just as well amuse himself if Kaito was willing.
"Really? What made you miss me?"
'I miss your soft lips and your scent. How about sending me something to remind me of you?' the detective read the reply and shook his head; he knew that Kaito wanted to get naked pictures of him, but Shinichi always refused since he wasn't comfortable with it.
"No, I won't send you naked pictures, no matter how much you beg. Finish your homework and come over here. I'm almost finished with mine, and then we can have fun," the detective wrote and got back to his assignment, intent on finishing it as quickly as possible.
'Aw, Nichi! Please, give me a picture.'
'Okay, then you have to tell me what kind of fun you're thinking of.'
"Well, I was thinking that we could go to my room,"
Shinichi smirked at the mobile, knowing that Kaito had an unhealthy attraction to sexting, but he always erased the conversations afterwards, and as embarrassed as Shinichi had been in the beginning he soon enough discovered that he liked it.
'I like that plan, what would we do then? Describe it to me.'
"I'd push you into my bed, and kiss you as I open your shirt," Shinichi grinned as he felt a small blush cover his cheeks and he got back to his homework, waiting for a new message.
'I push up against you while running my tongue across your lips.'
"I moan and open my mouth, feeling your tongue enter my mouth and meets it with my own."
'I roll us over, straddling you and moves my hands over your stomach.'
"I open your pants and stare up at you, allowing you to be dominant, for this one time."

Hakuba Saguru sat in the library, having stayed late to finish his schoolwork so that he would be completely free the next day, but a few guys from his class that were sitting by the table next to him were disturbing him with their loud whispering and laughing.
"Wait? Does that mean that Kuroba's girlfriend is the dominant one?" a voice asked and made the blonde detective stare at them discreetly.
"No way, there's no way that I can believe that!" Hisao whispered and got a few nods from the other two.
"But he's so wild that he might need someone that controls him," Isao mused as Takeo wrote something on a mobile and Saguru frowned as he recognised the thief's charm that hung from it.
"It's unfair that he's getting some and I'm not, Kaito is completely nuts, did I tell you about that time we went on a fieldtrip in sixth grade?" Hisao complained, getting a glance from the other two.
"You've told that story before," Isao stated as Takeo rolled his eyes and got a new message.
"No way, Kuroba's girlfriend just threatened with restraining him and torturing him if he does badly," the teenager chuckled lowly and sent the phone around the table.
"Wow, how do you find someone that kinky?" Isao gasped and was then startled as the phone was yanked out of his hands, sending a shocked stare at the blonde detective that had taken it he swallowed, realising what they were doing might be a criminal offence.

"Hey, Hakuba, we're just having some fun with Kuroba's girlfriend," Takeo stated as the Brit gave them a stare.
"I'm sorry for destroying your fun," Saguru smiled as he sat down on an empty chair beside the table, "but you're the ones who are idiots. Kuroba doesn't have a girlfriend."
"Sure he does!" Takeo laughed silently, "there's a contact that's named Shin-chan, which he calls Nichi in his messages and asks for naked pictures from. You don't send that to a stranger."
"Yea, well, I've met this Shin-chan," Saguru smiled, "and it's not weird that Kuroba is submissive, because it's a guy. Kuroba is gay and has a boyfriend." The three teenage boys froze as the westerner smirked amused, suddenly realising what it was that made the magician enjoy throwing things in other's faces.
"That's a lie."
"No, Shin-chan stands for Kudou Shinichi, a guy," Saguru informed and took up the mobile, trying to ignore the message and wrote another one.

'I suggest that you ask Kuroba where his phone is, because I doubt that he has it, but if he wants it back he can come and get it. I just confiscated it from them. ~ Hakuba Saguru,' the Detective of the East read the message and felt his eyes widen.
"Kaito, where do you have your mobile?" Shinichi asked and saw that the magician looked up from his essay while patting his pockets.
"Probably in my jacket in the hallway, why do you ask?" Kaito answered and watched his boyfriend bury his face in his hands, groaning from embarrassment. "What? I can get it if you want it?" the thief continued while Shinichi banged his head in the desk, "Shinichi?" The teenage detective suddenly fixated him with a firm gaze and got up. Kaito gasped as a strong hand grabbed into his shirt and he was forcefully yanked up from the settee and brought up to his lover's room, forced to walk backwards since Shinichi was pushing him while still holding into the front of his shirt.

"You forgot your phone somewhere," Shinichi growled as he pushed the magician into his bed, "you're going to get punished for it."
"Eeh?" Kaito stared and felt how his heart speed up as his boyfriend pulled out the restraints from his wardrobe and then threw them on the chair to get more.
"How badly are you going to punish me?" the thief whispered, both shocked and excited; he loved getting punished, but he hadn't quite figured out what it was that made the detective punish him on rare occasions and most times Shinichi wouldn't say why he even needed punishment, "are you going to use the cuffs or the leather restraints?"
"Leather," Shinichi grinned hungrily at his boyfriend, intent on forgetting the last moments of time by listening to his boyfriend's lust-filled pleas of mercy, and watched Kaito blush as he straddled him. The thief gasped as his shirt was removed and soft leather rope was placed over his chest, tightening around him every time he took a breath. He willingly let the detective close the thicker restraints around his wrists and placed gentle kisses on his mouth as he was pushed down to the bed. Shinichi got off him and he quickly backed up on the bed so that his arms were closer to the headboard, smirking as his wrists became locked to it and then closed his eyes as a blindfold was placed over them.
"Now you shall suffer," Shinichi's voice whispered hotly in his hear, making him shiver eagerly as he felt his pants becoming exchanged for more restraints.

Kaito grabbed the mobile from the half-Brit's hand and immediately searched for the conversation that had made Shinichi punish him, but as he opened the messages he found that Hakuba had just erased everything that he'd ever sent to his boyfriend.
"You erased it!" the magician complained and made the detective raise an eyebrow.
"Yea, Kudou called me and asked to erase everything so I deleted the conversation," Hakuba explained and heard his classmate groan in disappointment.
"Okay, who sent messages?"
"Hisao, Takeo and Isao," the half-Brit answered and sent a glance to the teenagers that were sitting furthest back in the classroom, unaware that they had been made.
"Thank you," the magician grinned and vanished in a puff of smoke, only to appear in the chair next to the small gang.

"You have to tell me what you sent to him!" the magician grinned at the shocked teenagers, hiding the fact that he was angry, "whatever you said, please tell me."
"We didn't say anything special," Hisao blushed, "we thought it was a girl."
"I don't care what you thought," Kaito's grin widened as he leaned forward, "you're all assholes and I will destroy you if you don't tell me what it is that makes Shinichi punish me the way he did this weekend."
"Wow! We don't want to hear!" Takeo exclaimed as he twitched back, "that's disgusting!"

By his bench Saguru knew that the teenage boy was going to have to eat his words for what he'd just said, so he turned around to watch the show; it would be interesting to know what an angry thief would come up with when he had such disturbing tricks with feathers and glue just for fun.

"Oh?" Kaito's grin became strained as he turned even more peeved over what his classmates had done, "you think it's perfectly okay to ask someone's girlfriend for naked pictures, but if it's a guy you think it's disgusting?" Seeing that the only one who was looking even remotely sorry was Hisao, that seemed so ashamed that his conscience was trying to strangle him, so Kaito continued, "let me clarify. You three impersonated me to get pictures of my 'girlfriend'. Do you think that I consider that okay? Whether it's a girl or a guy? What's wrong with you all? And just be happy that it was Shinichi you sent those messages to, because I'm a much gentler person than him, if you'd taken his phone and sent them to me... Let's just say that he deals harshly with people he doesn't like, or people that tries to steal me from him. He'd give you a real scare without even touching you."
"I didn't want to do it!" Hisao immediately responded, seeing that the magician had become angry even though Kaito was hiding it well, "I just wanted to call you and tell you that you had forgotten your phone."
"Well, two guys together is disgusting," Takeo snorted and made Kaito's mouth twitch as his smile vanished into a neutral, callus look.
"Hisao, you'll tell me later what you sent to Shinichi, right?"
"Yea, why not?" the teenager that had gone to elementary school with the magician answered.
"Great, now you two," Kaito made a gesture to Isao, who just didn't see why he was angry, and Takeo, that was just pissing him off, and continued in a growl, "let's have fun!"

With a disappointed sigh Saguru turned around after he'd just seen two teenagers disappear in a cloud of smoke together with the thief, but later the blonde got to hear that two teenage boys had been taken to the principal's office after they had been caught in the canteen running around in undergarments that they had stolen from the girl's locker room. Saguru harboured a suspicion that it was Takeo and Isao, and that they got a warning from the school that they would be thrown out if they ever did it again, but that was probably nothing compared to what the punishment would be from their parents who had high positions and couldn't afford any kind of scandal that their unruly children might cause. Since the magician never got in trouble with anyone and the two teenagers seemed to shiver every time Kuroba's gaze landed on them the Brit could only assume that the thief hadn't just forced them to steal underwear, and Saguru was awfully curious of what he'd done.

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