A/N: I've heard that in America/Britain they have 'the magic kiss' that you give a child if they hit themselves. So if they hit their elbow you give them a kiss on their elbow and 'everything is fine'.
We just blew on the bruised place or rubbed it, depending on who I whined to. If I hit my knee my mother would just blow on it while dad would rub it (not if it came blood, then it was just to wash and put a band aid on it)

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Genre: Humour, Romance
Uploaded: 2013-06-10
Chapter rating: T
Words: 1,600

Leaving a heist note in the kitchen of Nakamori Aoko's turns out to be more trouble than it's worth. KaiShin/ShinKai.

The Magic Kiss

"Magic can be found in stolen moments." ~Francesca Lia Block

Aoko sighed tiredly as she walked in through the door to the empty and currently badly lit home, annoyed by the long day and the fact that Kaito hadn't waited for her so that they could walk home together; they were living next door to each other so why did he have to run ahead of her?

Her friend had acted differently lately, calm after the weekends, only to escalate his magic tricks and pranks. He seemed a lot happier too, which was a relief to her since she'd been so worried, given that even if he'd been acting stupid he'd been looking depressed and tense, maybe it had been because if Hakuba's questions and the fact that he'd been hassled by Akako, who he didn't seem to like even thought she liked him.

Deep in her thoughts she turned on the lights as she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water before she sent a glance to the fridge, wondering what she should make for dinner. As her eyes glanced over a few shopping lists she realised that there were a new note hanging there and she was surprised since the only one that could've left a note was her father, but he rarely did things like that. As Aoko narrowed her eyes at the note she distinguished a small caricature and her eyes widened in surprise before anger flared up; it was a KID-doodle.

"KID!" she growled, reacting just like her father.
"Yes?" a voice asked and made her spin around, realising that the white-clad thief was sitting there by the wall on a chair behind the table, drinking a cup of tea, using her favourite cup.
"KID?" Aoko asked as she walked closer to him, seeing that there was a broom just beyond the entrance and since he was sitting with his back to the wall he wouldn't be able to see her get it.
"Yes, did you want something?" the thief grinned behind his cup, teasing her to just charge for him, but she knew a magician so she was completely aware that doing something stupid like that would be equal to a loss.
"No, not really," Aoko muttered and shrugged as she walked out of the kitchen, picked up the broom and then waited for the thief to follow; she knew magicians, and they were always curious. Seeing the shadow she raised the broom and just as KID peaked into the corridor he was struck by the broom in the head and collapsed. For a second Aoko had time to gape, seeing that she had caught the infamous Kaitou KID by hitting him with a broom, but then her vision filled with pink smoke and she fell asleep.

Kaito groaned as he woke up, wincing as he moved and discovered his childhood friend sleeping a metre away from him; it had just been pure luck that he had been squeezing a sleeping bomb in his hand when he looked out, otherwise he would've been forced to lie and say that he just wanted to know what it was like being KID, something that Aoko would not find funny, but revenge for the extremely hard broom-in-head-blow was needed.
Once he could walk straight.

"Nichi," a pitiful voice whined and made the detective that was lying on the settee blink up from the book he was reading before he threw a glance down to the floor beside him, seeing Kaitou KID sit on his knees with a pout and look at him with tear-filled eyes, "I went to deliver a heist note to Nakamori, and since they live so close to me I thought that I might just as well leave it at their place. I waited just to annoy Aoko, and then she hit me with a broom! It hurt!" Kaito pointed to his head and made the detective smile a bit; the image of Kaitou KID getting hit with a broom amused him.
"Oh, my poor little thief," Shinichi cooed lovingly as he closed the book and sat up, knowing that the thief now wanted to cuddle and saw how he quickly moved so that he was sitting between his legs looking up at him.
"Do you want me to give you the magic kiss?"
With a pout the thief nodded and poked off his hat, making Shinichi smile as he carefully moved his fingers over his boyfriend's scalp, feeling where it was swollen and heard Kaito wince as his fingers travelled over it.
"There there," Shinichi whispered and kissed his boyfriend's forehead while massaging his sides before he dug his nose into the soft, ruffled hair while leaving tender kisses. Kaito hummed as he felt pleasurable shivers move from his head down his spine and made him smile; he loved how gentle and understanding Shinichi could be. It was a part of his boyfriend that wasn't allowed to surface that often, so most people only knew him as the tough, young and slightly distant detective that had brought down an organisation, but Kaito had peeled away his hard shell and found the soft person inside; something that only a handful of people had seen. His head wasn't really hurting even though the bruise was sensitive, but Kaito couldn't do anything but sigh contently as his boyfriend's hands moved down to his neck and shoulders to work their miracles.

"How are you feeling?" Shinichi murmured after a while, feeling that the thief's body was beginning to relax against his left leg.
"Like heaven," the magician cooed back hearing how his boyfriend chuckled.
"You're in heaven?" he wondered amused and leaned forward to get his arms as far along his thief's back as possible.
"You're heaven. I'm heaven. It's so nice and peaceful," Kaito gasped as Shinichi leaned back and dragged his nails across the fabric on his back.
"Come up here so that I can continue reading," the detective proposed and found himself being pushed into the settee before his boyfriend joined in beside him, still dressed as Kaitou KID, and lay down on his stomach with one arm over the edge, demanding without words to be scratched. Shinichi couldn't help but to smile and give him what he needed; Kaito didn't ask for it that often, and would always give a scratch back.

Aoko saw the pink smoke and was certain that the thief would vanish in it, but as her mind drowned in darkness she felt herself fall. With a panicked gasp she sat up with wide eyes, seeing an unfamiliar room, until she realised that it was her own, and that she was lying on her bed. The teenage girl sent a glance around her room, registering that the time was two hours later and the sound downstairs came from her father's favourite humour show, so Ginzo was home. Her eyes landed on a note on her bedside table.

"That hurt tremendously, Ojou-san. Violence does not fit someone as young as you, especially not when you are a Nakamori.
~Kaitou KID *doodle*"

For a moment she stared at the numbers below the caricature, wondering what they meant, but then realised what they had to be; she was very familiar with her waist measurements so she could only assume what the rest of them meant.
"KID!" she yelled angrily, embarrassed by the fact what he'd done, knowing that she would have to measure herself completely to know if KID had only used eye-measurement or if he'd actually measured her and heard a running in the stairs.
"Aoko?" her father asked surprised and saw her tear up a white paper, "is everything alright?"
"That pervert! I got him with the broom!" she yelled to him and threw the papers into the air, "he went down! And then that smoke bomb exploded!"
"Pervert? Smoke bomb?" Ginzo asked confused, "did something happen or did you have a dream?"
"Kaitou KID put me to sleep after I hit him with a broom!" Aoko yelled and then sighed, feeling that all her rage had subsided, "there's a heist note on the fridge."
"KID? With a broom?" the man gaped as his daughter got up from her bed and brushed the torn note underneath the bed.
"I'll deal with it later," she muttered as she walked past him.
"Wait a minute! You hit KID with a broom?" Ginzo called out in shock, knowing that KID wouldn't have hurt his beloved daughter, and if he did Aoko wouldn't have been herself and there would be a shot thief, "how? No one is able to get that close to him!"
"I had him come to me instead," Aoko explained as they walked down the stairs, "KID is a magician just like Kaito, and Kaito can't help but to follow someone around if he thinks that they are about to do something interesting. I've tried it with Keiko and a few in the theatre club. They just had to look like they had something better or more interesting to do that Kaito wasn't allowed to know and he would follow them around at school to find out what they were planning. KID is a curious magician too, so I thought that he might do the same as Kaito, and he did. When I just sighed and left him in the kitchen he got curious and followed, allowing me to hit him in the head with a broom."

They reached the kitchen just as Aoko finished the story and she tore down the note from the fridge while her father stared at her in shock.
"You actually hit KID in the head with a broom?" he asked and was handed the note.
"Yes, which means that Kaito actually is better than him, since he would've avoided it, but you have to catch KID. I don't want him to ever enter my room again."
"He was in your room?"
"He must've carried me there," Aoko muttered and pulled out her math book, knowing that she had to finish the chapter that weekend.