Heart of Fire Eyes of Steel 7

One month had passed since Naruto had come to terms with his burden, and The Hokage had announced that this month, he was to conduct a 'cleansing' of sorts to the education system.

Naruto had asked what the Hokage had meant and, when he was politely denied permission, turned to Iruka, who simply looked at him, green in the face and warned the boy against 'getting on the Hokage's bad side.

The aging leader thought it a necessary process.

But, also used it as a time for Naruto, to get a firmer handle on his newly discovered bloodline.

Sure enough, he had at least enough control so that he wouldn't gather cats wandering by his windowsill as he slept.

A definite improvement both Naruto and the Hokage had agreed.

And now, after all that came the time that Genin both looked forward to and dreaded in equal measure.

Team selection.

All the students had arrived early and taken their seats in the classroom, awaiting the list that would group them together for the early times of their shinobi career.

Iruka Umino was the man to announce the teams as usual, and he could feel the tension right from when he entered the doorframe.

"Good morning students"

Iruka smiled 'Not even a sound'.

"Before we get started, Sasuke Uchiha, you are going to be placed on a new, experimental system this year, and will be assigned to a two man cell with a former Anbu captain.

A number about the room gasped, which Sasuke could tell came from pretty much where all of his fan girls sat.

He looked at his friends, to find them both, Naruto and Hinata looking at him with disappointment shining in their eyes and a frown on their faces.

"Moving on" Iruka arranged his papers "Now then, firstly, under team leader Asuma Sarutobi, is Sakura Hanuro, Chouji Akimichi, and Inari Fujimoto".

He shifted his vision to look at each individual when he called them out.

"Next up, under Kurenai Yuuhi, is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Ino Yamanaka".

"At last but certainly not least, is under captain Yamato, is Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru Naara, and Hinata Hyuga"

He placed his papers down and smiled sincerely to the class.

"Your sensei's will be along shortly to pick you up, so it would be best if you use this time to get to better acquainted with your teammates."

He stood up straight and bowed curtly to his students "It has been truly an honour, and a privilege to work with young minds as bright, and as full of potential as yours. I wish you all the best in the future!"

It was then, that Naruto and Sasuke took it upon themselves to beginning an infectious round of clapping, to which everyone quickly picked up to thank their kindest and most devoted sensei.

The teams had all split off into their individual groups, and team Yamato was no different.

The three Genin had made their way outside to perch on one of the benches by the grass.

"So then" began Shikamaru "It's troublesome, but I guess I'll start!

Shikamaru leant on the back of the bench, crossing his legs resting one upon the other.

"I'm Shikamaru Naara; I'm the heir to the Naara clan. We have strong ties to both the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans.

Both Naruto and Hinata nodded.

"As you may also have realised, I'm often labelled with the term 'lazy' and I love sleeping. My clan uses shadows as weapons and tools etcetera in battle the thing I dislike is noise and loud people. My dream for the future is to become a cloud"

When he had finished he flopped further backward into the bench and let out a large sigh.

Hinata had a baffled look on her face while Naruto just ginned, clearly amused.

'Oh, am I going to have fun with this guy' his old prankster tendencies rearing their heads.

Hinata took this as a sign to introduce herself, seen as she was the only one left to talk, she visibly winced as she thought this, cursing herself to being so blunt and tactless, even though she didn't speak it.

"Um...I-I'm Hinata Hyuga, the Hyuga heiress. I like spending time with my friends and pressing flowers. I dislike people who jump to conclusions and cruel people. My dream is to get stronger so that I can protect my friends".

Shikamaru nodded and glanced at Naruto, who had been scribbling furiously on a sheet of scroll paper, that after looking more closely, could be noticed he had dispensed from one of his pouches full of ninja gear, held in the netting that webbed the inside of his large coat.

When Naruto had finished, he passed the note to Shikamaru, who read it aloud.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I hope you don't get the wrong idea Shikamaru, your reading this because I" he paused before carrying on; a softness adorning his eyes "can't speak.

My dream is to become Hokage, and my favourite things are my friends, learning and ramen. What I don't like, is people who condemn and mistreat others".

It was Shikamaru's turn to look interested now, as he recalled the time that Naruto had stuck up for him and his friend Chouji, the Akimichi heir, by simply staring down the bullies until they fled the scene shouting that he was some 'monster', whatever that meant.

"Very good" interrupted a voice from behind them.

They were however, most puzzled about where the voice had come from.

The tree directly behind them had the vague outline of a person on its surface and two perfectly uncovered eyes stared at them from its trunk.

"Eh'?" thought Shikamaru aloud, voicing the thoughts of both of his new teammates.

Naruto had begun to poke the figure in intrigue; all the while the tree was getting more and more agitated.

"As I was saying" said the figure, as it slowly began to ease its way out of the tree's surface.

Before them, now stood a man in a Jonin flak jacket, and wore the same upper head protection as the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. He also wore a common ninja mask that only extended up to his chin, where it nestled quite snugly.

"Greetings students, I am to be your Jonin sensei, and, as you may have figured out due to this year's squad naming scheme, I am Yamato. Before we begin however, I must say Shikamaru; your reading voice is impeccable".

Shikamaru frowned "Uh, thanks? That's kind of creepy sir..."

Shikamaru then received what was known from then on as 'The Woodsman's Glare'.