At the centre of his bedroom sat a hushed Caleb, both exhausted and confused. As he curved to the windowpane, he found it was morning, although he could have sworn that minutes ago it was evening. As tiredness began to devour, Caleb placed his hands on his face, rubbing it gently in an effort to remain awake, but instead something else was placed.

As he arose from the ground, he paced over to the large mirror standing beside his television and he across his face was blood. His hands were also covered. He rushed himself to the cupboard where the stacks of towels were neatly folded and at once he took one from the top, scrubbing furiously wiping himself down until all traces of blood vanished.

He returned to the mirror, rubbing the last specks of blood from his face but as he checked himself over, he couldn't find the cause. Slowly he reached his shirt, popping open each button before peeling it from his body followed closely by his tshirt and trousers. Staring back at him now was a scared thin man standing in his underwear, again no signs of injuries on his front, or on his back. It was the knocking on his door that really startled him.

'Just a minute' Caleb replied before placing his clothes back onto his body. When he surveyed his clothing and hid the towel he allowed her to enter, she did.

'Honey is everything ok?" She opened the door rather quickly. As she surveyed the room, her eyes then fell onto Caleb pretending to tidy around the television he had just switched on.

'Everything's fine' He reassured her.

'Ok, breakfast is ready come on' She watched Caleb pace from the bedroom and following him, her eyes turned to his shoes left beside the door, covered fully in mud. 'Lamina' An Avox servant scurried into the doorframe. 'Find evidence' Ullie smirked and pushing past Lamina, Ullie joined Caleb downstairs in the dining room. She took a seat opposite and signalled to another servant to turn on the television.

'Good morning' The lady on the television announced. 'The Capitol is left in mourning after it was found that President Keyes, the most successful president to date, was found brutally murdered this morning by a servant of hers claiming to see a young male flee the scene'. The face of the former president filled the entire screen, as Caleb glimpsed over, he dropped his spoon into his cereal.

'How terrible" Ullie replied in a bored state before noticing Lamina. 'Excuse me' She smiled at Caleb and strolled over to Lamina standing silently in the doorway. 'Find anything?' Lamina held up the towel of blood. 'Tell Snow the venom is working' Lamina bowed. Ullie joined the table once more. Retaking her seat, she helped herself to toast and marmalade, before eyeing up Caleb. He stared hungrily at the picture, his heart began to pound heavy against his chest. He hated the woman so much he wanted to kill her, 'but why?' He thought. So many thoughts simultaneously burst into his mind he couldn't focus and then he opened his eyes.

'That tired are you?' Ullie smiled tucking him into bed. It was night.

'What is happening to me?' Caleb stared into Ullies eyes.

'Honey what's wrong?'. Caleb's eyes closed.