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Firetuft padded by the gorge. Crowkit walked slowly at her left flank, with Sandkit on the right. Poor Bluekit was too weak to walk, so Firetuft carried him by the scruff. Yellowkit bounded closely against Sandkit; the two she-kits had to stick together. Come on. We can do this. Only a few more hours until we reach SkyClan. Firetuft's mind raced as dusk crept upon them.

Yellowkit and Crowkit started to yawn. "I'm tired, Mommy!" Sandkit whined. Even though Firetuft wanted to get to SkyClan as soon as possible, she could see that her kits were very exhausted. The bright, ginger she-cat stopped for a moment. Her eyes scanned the surrounding areas. A ways to the left was a small, wooded patch. I could make a nest there!

The patrol of five hurried toward the luscious forest. "Trees!" the kits exclaimed. Their mother looked at the small cats, her eyes filled with pride. The rambunctious bunch soon fell fast asleep in a bed of moss. Firetuft was wide awake, though. Once she was sure her kits were sleeping, she slowly sneaked away. We'll need a meal in the morning if we want to carry on.

Once the she-cat had hunted a squirrel and a plump blackbird, Firetuft buried the fresh-kill and curled up around her kits. When she awoke, it was moon-high. A dark ginger tom with a star studded pelt was waiting on her. "Firestar," the queen dipped her head. Firestar whisked Firetuft away. When they were a few fox-lengths away from the sleeping kits, Firetuft spoke. "Am I doing the right thing?"

"I believe so, but I don't think ThunderClan does. They'll see, soon enough." the tom said, reassuringly. Firetuft studied the StarClan cat; her namesake. "I still remember when you were a kit," Firestar mewed, "You were a warrior from the moment you opened you eyes." Firetuft purred. He's guided me so much on this journey. The leader and his descendant make some small conversation 'til it was almost dawn. The starry ancestor padded into Silverpelt, and the Clan cat fell asleep beside her kits.