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Leafstar stood up from where she was eating a plump sparrow with Billystorm. I'm so glad he decided to be a full-clan cat. She thought happily. A ginger apprentice and a tortoiseshell tom raced past. Firepaw and Hollypaw; of course.

"C'mon, slow poke! You sure you're the deputy's son?" Firepaw taunted. Hollypaw sneered playfully.

"I'm taking it easy on you. Wouldn't want the leader's daughter to strain herself," Hollypaw countered. Leafstar purred. Those two are getting very close. As she looked around the gorge, Leafstar noticed Bluefeather talking with Plumwillow. Plumwillow pointed her tail discreetly at Rabbitleap, and the new daylight warrior twitched her whiskers in embarrassment.

The SkyClan leader looked upwards, and saw her loyal deputy. He seemed to be talking to someone. Must've been a quick patrol. She licked a paw. He's probably with Birdfeather and Sparrowpelt. But her thoughts vanished as she saw a bright ginger queen trailing behind him with a herd of kits. Leafstar bounded up the ledges as the SkyClan cats started to notice the nameless bunch.

As she approached the queen, the ginger bowed her head in respect. "Greetings, Leafstar. I came to speak with you." With gentle, hopeful eyes, the she-cat rose her head.

H-how does she know my name? Just as she was about to speak, Hollypaw and Flowerpaw barreled over their father.

"Sharpclaw! You're back! Who are the new cats? Are they going to stay?!" The two apprentice's tails wriggled in excitement. Cherrytail appeared beside her kits.

"Go back to the gorge, unless you want me to talk to your mentors about three moons of bedding and tick duty.." The two apprentices raced down, with terrified looks on their faces. Sharpclaw purred and rubbed noses with Cherrytail before she made sure the two didn't get into more trouble.

I guess I could go ahead and talk to this…visitor… in my den. "Follow me so we can speak in quiet. Sharpclaw will have Ebonyclaw look over them. I think they will get along just fine with Nightkit and Dewkit."

"Thank you," the queen flicked her tail. The kits followed Sharpclaw obediently. That's a good bunch of kits. "Thank you, but they can be a pawful." The queen purred. Did I say that out loud? Woops. The two mothers padded to the cave Leafstar calls her den.

Leafstar sat near her nest as the still nameless cat sat closer to the entrance. The SkyClan cat gestured with her tail for the queen to begin. She took the hint and started.

"I am Firetuft, ex-ThunderClan warrior. I am Firestar's great-granddaughter. I was exiled because…

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