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He was up all night, sat in front of his laptop, the light from the screen licking his face. It was the only light in the whole office at 2am, save for the brightness of the city sneaking in through the large windows behind the informant. There was so much he wanted to include in his speech to Shizuo, but for once, the words just wouldn't form in his head. It was a strange experience for Izaya to not be able to string the right words together; he'd always been so very skilled at talking for hours on end before.

Even when he did finally finish and printed out his speech, he wasn't entirely happy with it. It didn't speak every word of his mind, but he was pretty content with how much he'd fitted in. Izaya wanted to share this speech with Shizuo as soon as possible, so he simply could not wait until the morning; there was no telling if the blond would even get to see tomorrow.

He ran to the hospital and talked his way around the night nurses, who were extremely insistent of the fact that visiting hours were long over. They eventually let him pass and he made an excited dash to Shizuo's room. He was hoping to find the blond asleep, he always looked cutest when he slept, but to Izaya's dismay, Shizuo was wide awake and staring intently out of his window into the brightness of Ikebukuro.

"Shizu-chan, what have I told you about sleeping?" he sighed as he entered the room and made himself comfortable in the seat at his boyfriend's bedside.

"It fights cancer," and his voice was disappointingly strained, as if he could barely even breathe anymore. It hit Izaya like a knife but he had to ignore that. He was hoping to win that real smile from Shizuo, the genuine one that he loved, and would so dearly miss.

The ex-bartender's lips were truly chapped and faded as of now. Izaya walked to the sink and poured the man a glass of water as he spoke.

"I finished that speech for you."

"I thought you might have. Let's hear it then, flea," he replied, joking but his voice was so unbelievably quiet, Izaya couldn't even make out the witty 'flea' comment. The blond stretched his arm out barely for the drink and Izaya handed it to him, wondering if Shizuo even had the strength left in him to hold the glass. Luckily, he did, and he lifted it to his lips slowly and took three long gulps of the water before placing it down on his bedside table.

Izaya gripped the sheet of paper in his hand tightly, before ceremoniously clearing his throat and sitting straight in his chair.

"First of all, I'd like to remind everyone of Shizuo Heiwajima. My Shizuo Heiwajima. His hair was of the brightest blond and he stood out amongst any crowd. He was loud and rowdy, extremely easily angered. He was known as the strongest man in Ikebukuro, and many trembled in fear at the simple mentioning of his name. But they had no real reason to be scared. My Shizuo hated violence, and had a soft spot for all things sugary and sweet. He would never harm a fly unless provoked. And he was just as perfect as any human being could be. It devastates me to think that most of you won't remember my Shizuo, but rather, you will remember him as a half-dead man, slipping away from the world in a hospital bad. Shizuo died of cancer, and I sincerely hope that doesn't mean he will forever be in our memory for 'having cancer'. There is so much more of him to remember. I for one will remember how deafening loudly he could scream my name across the city. The way you could tell whether his cute little smiles were genuine or not, because he smiled with his eyes. But most importantly, I'll remember the way he so dearly, and so very truly loved me. And I will forever love him in return. Rest now Shizuo, see no more evil," and with that, he saw how truly exhausted his blond was becoming, so he gently placed his fingers on Shizuo's eyelids and closed those beautiful mocha eyes. He could feel Shizuo slipping away beneath his touch. A cold hand reached up and covered Izaya's mouth.

"Speak no more evil, Izaya...That was perfect."

And Izaya simply smiled in response, even as tears formed in his eyes, letting his hand trace up to the fake blond hair.

"Your brown is showing," he commented, his voice shaky and breaking in unusual places as the tears started to flood over his eyes. He played with the brown roots on his usually bottle blond hair and tried to force a smile as he cried.

"I loved you Izaya Orihara..." he heard, croaked out from beneath him.

"I love you too Shizuo. Present tense."

"Present tense." Shizuo agreed with a weak nod.

Shizuo Heiwajima died the next morning. Not that Izaya wasn't expecting that. He trudged silently away from the hospital that morning, feeling a lot emptier then he did when he had arrived there.

He would fulfill Shizuo's final request to him. He would speak no more evil.

Izaya moved away from Ikebukuro and started new.

And he never once stopped thinking about his Shizuo Heiwajima.

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