Alright, ive decided that i absolutly have to write this idea down and publish it. this is my first kuroshitsuji fanfiction and im really exited to get this one started. this is basically about a girl who ended up in the kuroshitsuji unviverse through means that you will have to read about. Enjoy, and please reveiw as well! any question asked about a chapter will be answered in the next chapter.

Faline awoke to the worst sound that one could possible hear on a monday morning; the alarm clock. it was time to get out of the nice warm bed and go the hell that was formally refered to as High School. Damn. After the repeated slamming of the snooze button until the clock fell off of the box that was her current nightstand, she sat up and stretched. She was NOT ready for a wonderful and educational day, as her foster-mother referred to it. Faline had been bounced from home to home since birth, though she had to admit, this one was persistent. This had been the longest that anyone had ever tolerated her. She was what could be refered to as, "a troubled kid". Nora, her current foster-mother, had always said that; "at the delicate age of sixteen a girl should be allowed to have her streaks of drama!". She had clearly never fostered a teen before. After her breif moment of pondering, Faline reluctantly put her feet on the cold hardwood floor and stood up. Her room was practically empty. She had never bothered to keep a large amount of possessions, as they only made getting moved to another home a longer and harder process. She walked down the hallway into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Faline climbed into the warm water with relish. Nothing was quite as nice as hot water over the body, she let it soak her long black hair and run over her face for a few minuets before rubbing in the shampoo. after rinsing it out, she looked in the small mirror hanging on the shower wall. She never understood why Nora insisted on putting it in the shower, seeing as nobody in the house shaved their face, but she looked in it nonetheless. She examined her eyes for any signs that they hadn't changed back yet. Sometimes remnants of the curse remained even after she had changed back. It was one of the reasons that she had such a hard time assimilating in new foster homes and in schools. She had to be out of sight before the sun set or her "condition" would be made known. It left foster families under the belief that she was "doing something" and kids her age thought her refusal to go out on weekends and friday nights was weird, or took her silence as arrogance. Of course that wasnt the case. Faline wanted more than anything to be able to go out at night with friends, or to HAVE friends, but 3 years ago it was her need to be accepted had caused her predicament, and she remembered that night clearly.

Truly, it had started the day before that night, at the time, she hadn't known it. She had just been moved to her latest foster home, a young couple who couldn't conceive, and was trying to create a reputation for herself, as pre-pubescent kids often do. A group of girls saw that despite her quiet personality, she was pretty, and had decided that she was worth taking under their long and very superficial wings.

"The hag that lives in this house complained to the police that we were out too late last night," one of the girls said while gesturing to the house, " are you going to take that new girl?"

"i wasnt even out here last night, why don't you do something?" Faline had said quietly

"UUUGH. let me show you!"

They walked up to her gate, she would never forget that gate. A large cast iron gate that was at least ten feet wide, connecting to a large stone wall, like something out of a movie. Sitting on the wall was a slender black cat, its harsh yellow eyes watching the girls. after examining the cat for a few moments the girl picked up a large rock and threw it, knocking the animal from its perch. After it had yowled for a few moments, an old woman, with a face like a bull-dog, appeared quietly on the porch. she stared at them angrily for a few seconds, and one of the other girls, jezabell, if she remembered her name correctly, screamed at the others to run. The girls took off, giggling, and Faline followed suit.

It wasnt until the night after the day of the incident that she had truly done herself in. The girls had convinced her to sneak into the cemetery with them. They were just playing a harmless little prank, they had told her. Unfortunately, the then naïve little Faline had believed them. At first she just watched, and then one of the less popular girls of the group pushed the can of spray paint into HER hand. She stared at it for a few moments, afraid to move, as though the harmless paint can would come alive and bite her if she did.

"All you have to do", she said. " is put a big X on that grave right there"

"But why?!"

"Because! You want to hang with us right?! Then DO IT" she commanded.

Faline, in her desperate need to be accepted, had done it. And no sooner had she done it that the "Hag" appeared. The other girls where long gone before poor Faline could even reply.

"I-I was J-jjust.."


" you are a wicked child and you deserve to be punished! You will walk this earth every night as a beast alone FOREVER!"

Yes, she could remember it perfectly. Although immortal, she could never go out at night unless in the form of a black cat, and she would have to do so alone. She climbed out of the shower and dried off. Throwing on her robe, she walked down the stairs into the kitchen. She was about to open the fridge when she noticed the not on the fridge.


i went out for the day, ill be back tomorrow morning. A friend of mine called and invited me for a night on her boat.




"guess im not going to school today" she thought as she pulled out a pudding cup from the back of the fridge. This was the perfect opportunity to go and see the old seer woman that worked at the thrift shop down town. It had been largely advertised that she was "mystically gifted" and would read palms, and although she knew it was a longshot she had to try. she was getting desperate. She needed to have this curse gone before too long. Sure, she was sixteen now, and she had been a mature 13 year old, so she could sell it. But, what about when shes wanted to go to college? When she got married (if that could happen)? when she was thirty? How will she explain that? She had been moved around from place to place since early on in her life, but the idea of having to move every few years FOREVER, it was almost too much to bear.

* flash forward*

The shop was dusty. For a "new" place, the little shop was dirty, as though it had been there and abandoned for years. The little sunlight that the cloudy day allowed barley passed through the dirty windows, casting almost the whole shop in shadows. There was an ancient woman sitting at the counter. She had long white hair and a dirty shawl that made her look like a bag lady. Faline suddenly felt very sick. Her head was pounding. Trying to a ignore it, she attempted to approach the counter, but the closer she came to the crone (as that it what she had mentaly named her a few seconds earlier) the more dizzy she got. She fell to the floor with a thud, and watched the ceiling spin.

"i know who you are, and i know what you want. You have a large role to play, and i foretold of your coming. I do not currently posses the power to help you, but i will send you to a place where there is magic that can, and in exchange, you will do something for me..."

Those words echoed in her head before she fell into darkness. She awoke for the second time that day, but this time, not in a place she knew. She sat up, and realized that she was sitting on a stone ground, in what appeared to be a dirty alley.


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