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Faline had known that she was going to get caught one way or another, but that didn't stop the disappointment from flooding into her chest when she heard her new babysitter coming. The freedom had been nice while it lasted, but it was temporary relief. Now she had to go face reality, or at least, her reality. She came to a stop and, ever so slowly, turned around to face what she was sure was going to be a severe nagging.

Dravens POV

He was catching up to her rather quickly, and, surprised, he noticed that she knew it too. As the girl began to slow her pace, he dropped to the ground behind her. She turned around slowly to look at him, her green eyes almost as piercing as his, and waited. Realizing that she was waiting for him to speak, he said;

"Where are you going?" This girl seemed in a great hurry to get wherever she wanted to go, and what she said next confused him to no end.

"It's just a run. I'm not going anywhere."


"A run. I was running. You know, "to go for a run". You don't have to be going anywhere."

"What you are explaining to me is; that people where you come from, they simply run for the sake of running?"

"Yep. Basically."

"What a curious waste of time."

The girl rolled her eyes. Apparently, she hadn't been satisfied with his reply, but what a truly ridiculous thing to do! The only time he had ever ran as a boy was when he had either been running from someone or towards something. Running for the sake of running would have been a waste of precious energy, and he couldn't find the sense in it. But then again, this girl was a mystery in and of herself. He had been briefed on her "predicament". His ever curious nature wanted to see it for himself, to ask her to change forms for him. His professional side, however, would not allow him to give into such a childish need. What was happening to him recently? He could barely contain himself in the presence of the "undertaker", and now he was having useless thoughts driven by childish curiosity. He needed to focus on the task at hand. He needed to make William proud. Then he noticed Faline running back the way they had come.

Falines POV

She had waited for him to say something else, and when he didn't, she began the trip back without him. She was surprised at first that he kind of just stood there, but she had chalked it up to "maybe he'll just wait till I get a certain distance". If she had known that he had only been lost in thought, she would have laughed at him. It wasn't until she was almost a football field's length away from him that she heard him begin to follow. He really was hard to figure out. He hadn't nagged at her or told her what to do or ANYTHING really. But then, why was she going back? She began to wonder if having her collar on for such long periods of time was killing her fuck-you-I-don't-have-to-do-what-you-say attitude. She didn't like that at all. It wasn't in her nature to be submissive, but in the time that she had been here she had been scared into doing what she was told more than she would have ever imagined possible, and far more than she would have liked. She hated the thought of being weak, but among the people she had met here, she was an ant. Not only that, but an ant that everyone wanted to step on or put in a jar. She wasn't one to wallow in self-pity, but damn did her life suck. Coming up in Undertaker's, she noticed that she had left the door open. She didn't know why, but it just struck her as wrong. The door shouldn't be open. Why was the door open?

Trying to be brave, Faline slammed the door open.

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