Cold Blooded Fate

Summary: He was so much like Roger in so many ways. He was going to be the Pirate King. It shouldn't be that surprising for him to share the same fate as he did. Perhaps giving up ten years of his life in Impel Down wasn't such a brilliant idea after all…

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"Luffy? Luffy! Are you ok? What's wrong?"

"Oi, Luffy, are you hurt?"

"You idiot! Of course he's hurt!"

"Not this much!"



"I-It… hurts…"

"What does?... Luffy?"


Luffy had never wanted anything more in his life than for his crewmates to just stop. Stop it. Stop looking at him like he was already dead. Despite everything they continued to sail and he honestly thought that would be the end of that for a while. He couldn't have been any more mistaken.

Nothing was the same.

It wasn't just Chopper always fussing over him, asking him how he was feeling, insisting to keep checking him, looking worried and disbelieving when he said for what had to be the thousandth time that no, he wasn't in any pain anymore. That he could understand and learn to live with.

But why did the rest of them have to act differently as well?

Nami was a tad sweeter. She never hit him anymore, not even playfully.

Sanji gave him more meat. Well, that wasn't that bad. In fact, everyone let him take food from their plates more easily now. And while normally he wouldn't be complaining about that, it was different and he hated that.

Franky looked… he looked… not super. On one hand, he always tried to keep him entertained with something when he was alone but even so he seemed less enthusiastic about the things he did.

Ussop for his part was always somewhere between crying, being proud and being amazed at Luffy for acting like nothing had ever changed. Well, couldn't they take a clue and do the same?

Robin and Zoro's attitudes were the only ones who hadn't changed much. And if the woman looked a little more sentimental and the swordsman a little… angrier of all things, then the raven-haired boy could ignore it.

The worst of all however was Brook. He was completely and utterly devastated. And not even Luffy could blame him for that.

In short each of the Straw Hat Pirates were so damn worried for the sake of their young Captain. And they were making it hard for him not to be as well.

"Nami-san? What are you doing in here? Is something wrong? Can I get you anything?" the blonde chef asked as he walked in the kitchen and found his crewmate sitting in one of the chairs, head in her hands.

Said crewmate looked up at that and gave him a tired smile. "I'm fine, thank you, Sanji-kun." Rubbing her eyes she went over to get herself a glass of water.

"Something must be bothering you," he insisted. Sanji gave her a questioning glance, ready to kill whoever dared upset his precious Nami-swan.

After Nami gulped down her water, she finally turned to him, a strained smile twisting her features. "I'm worried, Sanji-kun. What if we don't make it in time?"

Sanji felt something clutch at his heart. "We will."

"But what if we don't?" Her eyes were pleading for an answer that would erase all her fears. Some sort of reassurance, something she could hold on tight to when hard times came.

"We will," he repeated, eyes narrowed in determination. "We won't fail him."

The woman let out a bitter chuckle. "Haven't we already?"

For that he had no answer.

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