Chapter one: The New Family

It had been an eventful night for Harry; Voldemort was dead but so were so many, Tonks, Lupin, Fred and Colin to name a few and to make things even worse Hogwarts was basically a ruin, the old castle now a smouldering wreck of rock and rubble. Harry was in his four poster bed sleeping and in a terrible nightmare. "You have failed Harry and now they're all dead your friends and the parents of your godson all dead because of you." A female voice said it was Umbridge. She was happy Harry had failed she smiled holding up the bodies of his friends using the levitation charm.

"HARRY! HARRY! Wake up Harry please." Ginny was screaming in his ear he woke up sweat dripping down his back and his eyes full of tears he saw her, Ginny Weasley Ron's sister her hair red as the sun and her brown eyes full of sadness for her fallen brother and worry for her love of Harry, she did not know if she could take him back.

"Ginny. I'm sorry I should have told you my plan to go to the forest." Harry said holding her tightly in his arms crying into her body.

"I forgive you Harry I do." She said cradling his head with her arms sobbing gently with him thinking of seeing him dead and thinking of never being able to love again and her brother Fred who would have tried everything to make her feel better.

"Ginny I will never leave you again I won't please give me a chance to love you properly." He gazed into her eyes with his green eyes red and swollen from the tears he shed. "I want to be the boyfriend you deserve."

"Of course I will Harry, I'll always give you my love." She said taking his glasses off and wiping his eyes which she always loved to see. She and Harry had then had fallen asleep in each other's arms.

It took eight hours for Harry to wake up after sleeping he saw Ginny and remembered her words, he lay with her stroking her hair and realizing his mission is complete; he can finally have a normal life with Ginny, thoughts turned to his future he wanted to be an Auror but he just finished fighting for his life he wanted to relax and enjoy his life. "Good morning." Ginny said looking at Harry who seemed more relaxed than the previous night his eyes were their rightful green shade.

"Good morning sweetie." Harry said stroking her hair and smiling for the first time since he talked to Ginny the night before and thinking of all he wanted to do.

"What are you thinking?" Ginny said smiling. "

Just thinking of all the things I want to do this summer with you, Ron and Hermione things like dancing, movies and even a nice dinner." Harry said now looking at Ginny's eyes.

"What's a movie?" Ginny asked looking confused.

"Like a portrait." He answered.

The two went to the Great Hall and immediately Harry felt the same pain, families of people had gathered to recover the bodies which were at the front in coffins made from pine and oak. "Ginny Harry goodness, are you alright darlings?" Mrs Weasley asked hugging Harry in a crushing hold.

"Fine Mrs Weasley, I'm just fine a bit hungry though." Harry said looking away from her as he couldn't bear to see the pain in her eyes from losing Fred.

"Harry darling, we don't blame you, Fred… he would have wanted to die fighting or doing some life threating prank." Mrs Weasley said holding Harry's head so his eyes met hers they were perfect no puffing or tears which made Harry feel worse she was trying to be strong.

"Thank you." Was all he could muster up, he wanted to take Fred's place.

"HARRY! Thank Merlin you're ok!" Hermione said hugging him tightly.

"You were conked out mate!" Ron said hugging the two of them.

"Harry m'boy, how are you feeling?" Professor Slughorn was asking looking as walrus like as ever.

"I'm fine Professor, how are you?" Harry asked and was surprised by the answer.

"I'm glad you killed Riddle Harry, he was too evil to live." Harry saw that Slughorn regretted ever telling Voldemort about Horcruxes.

"Sir, Riddle made one before you told him about them; his ring." Harry had seen Slughorn's eyes water in happiness.

"Are you sure you're ok Harry?" Mr Weasley asked him.

"Fine sir… I'm fine."

"Can we talk privately Harry?"


The two walked into the remains of the ground.

"Harry, it has come to mine and Molly's attention that you and Ginny shared a bed last night."

"Sir w-we didn't do any-anything like that she comforted me to sleep."

"Harry we want you to know that if you do it's ok." Mr Weasley said chuckling at Harry's stammering.

"What?" Harry asked looking confused at the statement Mr Weasley just said.

"Harry, we understand that you and Ginny are in love so when the time is right you can relax, just try not to be in the Burrow when it happens."

The two then returned to the Great Hall where the talk turned to the funerals of Fred, Tonks and Lupin which would be in a few days in the Burrow for Fred and Godric's Hollow for Tonks and Lupin as they both lived there in their youth. "Harry, Andromeda Tonks is here with Teddy she wants to talk to you and Ginny." Mrs Weasley said. Harry had met Mrs Tonks only once, she was the image of her sister Bellatrix but her eyes were kind and loving.

"Hello Harry, are you ok dear? I know much Remus meant to you." She said hugging Harry as he saw the basket holding Teddy in it. "Dora and John left this in my possession." She said showing him an envelope. "Saying it can only be opened if they die and you are with me." Harry and Andromeda opened it and the voice of Tonks said.

"Dear Mom and Harry if you are listening to this Remus and I are dead, we wanted to decide on who would care for Ted Remus Lupin. We want Harry to raise him with Ginny if you two are dating if not and you start same thing, we want Teddy to have parents not guardians. If you want to tell him about us when he is older feel free to but for now raise him as your child please. If Harry doesn't want to raise Teddy then my mother Andromeda Tonks nee Black will raise him with Harry allowed visits when you decide this letter will be a bond to the person accepting responsibility so please think about it. And to Harry knowing I only knew you for three years but I know you blame yourself so don't, we died making this world better." The message ended and Ginny held Harry's hand symbolising her happiness in whatever choice Harry makes.

"Mrs Tonks, if it's alright with you I would like to raise Teddy as my own. I owe it to Remus, he treated me like a son when my father and Sirius died I wish to repay the favour and Tonks… Dora was like a sister to me and Ginny so it seems fit we do her the same." He said looking at Teddy in the cot the baby mimicked Harry's eyes and hair.

"Of course Dora and I discussed it before the battle Harry and I give you my blessing and if you ever need a hand just apparate over to me." Andromeda said hugging Harry and Ginny. "What about you dear? Do you want to be a mother so young?" she asked Ginny who was obviously thinking of her friends.

"I love Harry and I will love Teddy as my own son and if he wants to know about his parents so be it." Ginny said holding her hand with Harry's and rubbing Teddy's head with the other.

"Perfect now I just need you to sign your names here and Teddy will be your son." She said, she was upset but happy that Teddy would have parents that loved him twice over as Harry would care for him and Ginny would as well.

The announcement that Harry and Ginny adopted Teddy was mixed as Molly, Arthur, Ron and Hermione were thrilled but George, Bill, Charlie and Percy were not. "You adopted a baby, Ginny are you mad? You have a year of school to finish." Percy said in a matter-of-fact voice upsetting Ginny.

Bill then softened and went to her side as did George and Charlie. "No Percy I'm not mad! I'm thinking of Tonks and Lupin who wanted me and Harry to look after their baby, you never met Tonks because you were so far up Fudge's and Scrimgeour's asses that you neglected you're family for three years!" Ginny said in a voice calm but angry as the dragon that the trio escaped Gringotts Bank with. "I'm sorry Percy I shouldn't have said that." She said.

"Yes you should have I deserved it Gin." Percy said going over and taking her in his arms he was full of sorrow for the damage he knew he caused on his family and his own pig-headed views that the Ministry was always right.

"Percy…you were a real prat…but we lost one brother already…and we aren't losing another." George said hugging his brother and smiling although everyone noticed it wasn't his usual smile full of love and mischief, it was one of sadness and pain. "As for you two," he said looking at Harry and Ginny. "I'm disappointed in you Harry…you didn't tell us your plan…but I am so glad that you're alive." He said hugging him tightly. "As for you Ginny…if you and Harry want to raise Teddy I guess I can't interfere but…I wish you would've asked us is all." He said kissing her cheek and smiling.

"Thanks George, I appreciate that and I…we should have told you all that we were giving the chance." Ginny said holding Harry's hand in hers and looking at Teddy who was being brought over by Andromeda who was crying.

"All his things are here…Harry, Remus and Dora loved you and I want you to know I will never say a bad word about you or say I blame you Harry…I knew the risks that you all took in the Order and I must say that not even after all the pain caused have I heard anyone say it was your fault." Andromeda said handing Teddy to Harry who instantly smiled as Teddy's hair and eyes solidified to mimic Harry's.

"Thanks Mrs. Tonks." Harry said smiling as Ginny took Teddy who seemed to light up being near her. "And I want you to know, you're still part of Teddy's life I want you to honestly be able to see him whenever you want."

"Of course Harry thank you." Andromeda said hugging Harry and crying into his shirt as he tried to comfort her he realized a lot of people will need it now.

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