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And hey! Did you know that today, May 3, is Hiro Mashima's birthday? This (I guess) is dedicated to him for creating the wonderful series that we all know and love; Fairy Tail. Without it, I would've always thought wizards carried magical wands (not like that perverts), the color pink wouldn't be a sexy hair color for a bad-ass, and that stripping was for girls whom danced on poles, not for men who take off their clothing 24/7. Thank you Hiro, you deserve this! :)

Without further to do, since most of you voted for this to be published first, I present to you Make Me Or Break Me!

ALSO: Pairings in here are NaLu, GrUvia, JeRza, GaLe, and LaxMi. But mostly NaLu ;)

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.:Our Decision Is God's Word!:.

"We need to do something with that destructive school, Doma-sama! Magnolia High hasn't paid in their debt for so long and I'm tired of it!"

"Calm down Org-san. We're all tired of their withdrawal, but that doesn't mean we have to get worked up about it."

"But Yajima-san-!"

"Enough!" yelled the chairmen, slamming down his palms on the table. All sudden movements were halted and everyone didn't dare to look away from the chairmen, Guran Doma. Guran sighed, shaking his head and placing a calloused hand to his forehead, exhausted with everyone's shenanigans.

It was 12 in the afternoon in the Board of Education building. Currently, the entire B.O.E. was discussing an important matter, specifically Magnolia High School's reputation and their school budget.

Maggie High, as most people nicknamed the school, was an all-boys' school for "aspiring young men", consisting of teenage boys ranging from the ages 14 to 18 years, who were all, how should one say, "interesting and unique" in their own way.

"Well, I say that we ban the school. Have you seen their property damage bills, along with how they treat their 'precious' school? It's revolting!" yelled a member.

"Yes, please!"

"Ban the school!"

"Make them pay their debt in whole!"

"ENOUGH!" yelled Doma. He breathed heavily before sighing. He closed his eyes, trying to process his thoughts, and spoke with a calm voice singed with authority. "Look, we all know that Magnolia High is in a terrible debt, but we cannot just vote on banning the school without discussing more important matters. Where will the faculty go and work? Where will the students go after that? Stand on the corners of our city's streets, smoking pot?"

All members bent their heads low in sorrow, realizing their mistake. Doma sighed, "Exactly my point." He wiped his forehead in exhaustion, tired of this topic. It's been too long since Makarov payed and we can't do anything to help him. Doma thought.

Yajima stood up slowly, making most of the B.O.E. turn their heads to one of the eldest members. He cleared his sickly throat, his wrinkling skin shaking. "As a suggestion to put out there, would it be possible if we transferred Magnolia High to another school for the time being or, to at least, when they finish paying off their tremendous debt?"

Murmurs filled the room, the occasional whispers and pointing of fingers engulfing the air. Doma sat up straighter, placing his hands on the table and clasping them together. He huffed a wisp of air through his lips, "Now, Yajima-san, your suggestion is great, but is there any other options we can take? Suggestions?"

No one spoke.

"I see." Doma muttered. He glanced back at Yajima, "Yajima-san, is there any particular schools that you have in mind?"

Yajima shrugged his head, "Not that I can think of at the moment."

"How about that all-girl's school that is on the borders of our districts?"

All heads turned to the latest member of the B.O.E., Siegrain Fernandez. He was a clever fellow, with sharp olive-green eyes and a red tattoo over his right eye. He had ocean-blue hair that covered his forehead and always wore a smirk atop of his lips. He was one of the youngest members, whom joined straight after his last year of college, and many believed he bribed Doma when he requested to be one of the top ten most important members.

"Siegrain-san." Org uttered with disgust. Said man smirked cockily, "Org-san."

"Gentlemen, I'd like to hear what Siegrain-san has in store for us." Doma said, narrowing his eyes on Org.

Siegrain and Org held their glares for about a minute, until Org scowled and slumped in his chair. Siegrain smiled in victory, "Now, as I was saying, why don't we combine Fairy Tail Academy with Magnolia High? Both schools are of different genders and it would be much easier if we combine the two."

"How so?" asked Org, raising an eyebrow. Siegrain continued, "The ladies of Fairy Tail have been known for straightening out their students and holding the spot for one of the best academies on the eastern coast of Fiore, educationally and metaphorically. The most childish and rebellious girls have changed to become the cliche up-tight, "nerdy" student, if I do say so myself."

More and more whispers of Fairy Tail Academy spread around the room. Siegrain smirked, "Plus, in my opinion, I believe both schools need more interaction with the opposite sex. It would benefit in communication and with how they treat each other. After all, most jobs these days require flexibility with change and adjustment."

"He does give a good point . . ." muttered one member.

"But, both schools have their differences! They hate each other- well at least the ladies, that is."

"The boys will get disciplined!"

"What if they don't?!"

"Then, we'll make them!"

"Really? How about the teachers?"

"Jobs would be available, though."

"And what does that help?!"

"SILENCE!" Everyone flinched and deflated when Org spoke. He scowled, "Now, Siegrain has a point, but what about other schools, like Sabertooth or Phantom Lord?"

"Yes, but wouldn't it be interesting if there was a little conflict with both schools? Fairy Tail Academy hates men in general and Magnolia High is all over ladies. So why not spice our lives with both schools joining together?" Siegrain retorted, "It gets a little boring here from time to time, right?"

Slowly, members started to nod their heads in agreement.

"What?! You seriously believe in the rookie?!" Org yelled, bug-eyed and giving glares to all members.

"I believe Siegrain-san has a point. Why don't we give it a try?" Michelle suggested.

"No! We are not-"

"Overruled." Doma calmly spoke, interrupting Org. Org stared at the chairman with disbelief, "But sir-"

"I said overruled, Org-san."

Org had his mouth agape, jaw slacked and eyes wide. No chairmen in the history of the B.O.E. had ever agreed with the "rookie" of the group. It was never heard of. Impossible, Org sat down slowly, his face paling.

The chairman smiled, "Now, since one of our predicaments has been solved, I believe it is time to involve the subject of our discussion to be involved with what we have in mind. Gentlemen and women, from this day forth, Fairy Tail Academy and Magnolia High will integrate!"

And there we have it! The prologue of this sort-of cliche idea! Again, this idea was in my head for a while now (actually two years and a month) but I just want to post this just for the time being. So, in translation, I'm posting this so no one else steals this idea (even though I'm being a hypocrite) and that I'm most likely going to update this once summer starts or when testing is over for me.

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