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Chapter Fourteen

.:Integrate Day: 1 Part: 5 :.

Standing in the middle of the crowd of boys stood a curvaceous student, whose uniform was nothing like Fairy Tail Academy's. Dressed in a brown pleated skirt, light brown blazer, black knee socks and a red tie, a girl with black hair tied in loops smiled back at the stressed Strauss. Mira only furrowed her brow.

A corner of the girl's mouth rose, "It's nice to see you Mirajane."

Mira frowned, "Not to be rude, but why are you here?"

"Aww, cutting to the chase, right? How unlike yourself."

Mira growled.

"Well," the girl said, slowly removing herself from the crowd. Escaping the plethora of humans, the girl climbed down the stairs to the stage, "I'm actually here to observe, but without throwing my two cents in there too, ne?"

Off on the side, most of the men were confused at the sight. How do these two girls know each other?


The girl's grin grew, "Yes. I had wanted to see if the integration of Fairy Tail Academy and Magnolia High was just a hoax-"

"And you now have your answer; we are integrating. Now please leave."

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Oh? And why is that?"

Here, the mystery girl was as close as she could get to the stage, on ground level and facing the podium that the silver-haired girl stood at. With her eyes, the mystery girl glared, "Because you have something of ours."

"We don't owe you anything!" shouted a lone voice. Mira blinked and turned her head, looking at the ruffled curtains with surprise. The red-velvet curtains were parted and out came a short blue-haired girl, wearing the Fairy Academy uniform and a black headband to match.

A stunning red sash with the kanji "会計".

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," breathed Gajeel from his seat. "A shimp is the Treasurer?!"

Murmurs of the sudden student council member appearing caused the crowd to stop and stare. Occasionally, you would hear the slight chime of comments on her, most of them irking the small girl.

"She's so short!"

"Is she tall enough for Treasurer? Ha!"


"How old is she!"

A vein popped on the short girl's forehead, but she kept her fiery temper down. For now. There were much more important things to take care of.

"Levy . . ." Mira gasped, but slowly a smile crept its way onto her face. Said girl grinned in return.

"So the honeybee's here." the mystery girl sneered as she cocked her hip, "Where's the rest of the hive?"

"None of your business, Orlando." Levy spat.

"It is my business when it's the reason I'm here."

Spreading her arms, Levy sarcastically replied, "Well they're not here as you can see."

"How about you keep quiet pipsqueak and let the adults talk." the mystery girl growled, stepping on the stage and towering over Levy's small form.

Gasps from the girls were heightened and the boys started to chant, "Cat fight!" By this time, Levy was fuming, all red-faced and a vein or two popping from her forehead, "I am an adult- a much better one and a much smarter one than you."

"Levy," Mira warned.

The mystery girl smirked, "Really? Your height screams five year-old."

Something inside Levy snapped and she lunged for her, yet at the same time, the mystery girl's friends stood up from their seats in the crowd and ran to the stage.


A slam of two doors rung through the air and white light pierced the black auditorium. In the light stood two silhouettes; one shorter than the other. "MINERVA!" roared one of the silhouettes.

In sync, every one of those heads in the auditorium turned to the black silhouettes standing in the doorway. Minerva smirked, "The queen has arrived."

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