Chapter 11 - Peoples and Nerding


I trailed behind the boys as we made our way up to the big hall at the YouTube centre. Dan, noticing my hesitation, slowed down to let me catch up. "You okay?" he asked, concern written all over his face. I gulped and nodded. He raised his eyebrow quizzically. "Well, I may not be 100% okay." I told him. "I'm really nervous, I mean, what if I stuff up and make everyone hate me? And what if I do something stupid and make a complete fool out of myself? I'm never going to forgive myself if-" Dan cut me off. "Cassie, stop worrying! You'll be fine! You're one of us now." I shook my head adamantly. "No I'm not, I'm not good enough. You guys are real professional YouTubers! You've got fan bases with millions of people and have been doing this for years! I'm just a nobody who started making awkward videos as an escape." I tried to explain.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. For the first time, Cassie seemed afraid? I knew that she was generally shy and had an introverted nature, but this was much worse that what I had expected. What she said, about being a nobody, and using YouTube as an escape really shook me. Why did she feel the need to escape?

I grabbed her shoulders. "Now you listen to me, Cassidy Jane Walker." I told her sternly. "It's completely normal to get butterflies. I remember hyperventilating because Charlie McDonald followed me on twitter. But don't you dare believe that you're not one of us. You're part of the YouTube family now, okay?" She nodded, but still looked unconvinced. I internally sighed, knowing that I wasn't going to be able to convince her. "Come on." I started to walk towards the door.


Wow, I don't ever think that I've seen Dan that serious. Speaking of Dan, oh my goshness, he's gone inside! I don't want to be left here alone! I raced after him. Stopping at the door, I nervously stepped over the threshold, officially arriving at my first YouTube gathering. Someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I spun around and reflexively took a step backwards. Fortunately, it wasn't a psychopathic murder, it was just Phil. I hope Phil isn't a psychopathic murderer. That would not be awesome. "Cassie!" he yelled. "Phil!" I yelled in reply. "There's people you need to meet." he said, and grabbed my hand.

He led me over to a group of people huddled to the side of the hall. They were in deep discussion, about what however, I had no idea. Phil tapped someone on the shoulder. "I hate to break up this consecutive nerding that you've got going, well I'm not really sorry, but I want to introduce you to someone." The whole group stopped talking. Thanks a lot Phil. Please excuse me while I go and die in a corner from embarrassment. "Everyone," Phil announced, "meet Cassie!" he pointed to me. My eyes widened as everyone stared at me. "Hi?" I grinned weakly.

The person who Phil tapped on the shoulder offered me his hand. "Well, if it isn't the infamous Cassidy Walker. We've heard a lot about you. I'm Charlie. Charlie McDonald." I shook Charlie's hand. "You've heard about me? Should I be worried?" I inquired, while mentally fangirling. Oh my goshness! I'm meeting Charlie McDonald! He laughed. "Nope, it's all good things." he told me. I nodded. "Phew, you had me worried. I've just got one question - even though I technically didn't find you, can I still have a badge to add to my collection?" I showed him the side of my duffel, which had 50-something badges on it. He grinned. "Yeah, sure thing."

The person standing next to Charlie grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from me. "Chaaaaaaarrliiiiieeeee! Stop hogging Cassie! We want to talk to her!" he said. He then introduced everyone in the circle - Benjamin Cook, Thomas Ridgewell, Edd Plant, Emma Blackery, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Liam Jackson and Louis Cole. They all smiled at me in turn. "And I'm Alex Day!" He said proudly. "Hey everyo- is that a Doctor Who shirt?!" I practically yelled at Alex. He grinned. "Yes, that's what we were nerding about when you and Phil cam over." he told me. I put my hand on my hips and turned to face Phil. "Don't you ever call Doctor Who nerding! Doctor Who is awesome!" I scolded, clicking my fingers in a Z formation to emphasize what I was saying. He nodded meekly. Charlie hugged me. "She's a keeper." he told Alex.


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