Nothing more than a toy

Nothing more

Nothing less

Something to break for a rotten little boy

Nneka sighed as she sat in front of her vanity, a look of pure distaste scrawled all over her face as she felt herself being pampered and doted on by two female house slaves who seemed to be working with her rather unruly nigger hair, as they liked to so put it.

Tonight Master Didier was suppose to be throwing a party and also selling a few slaves at this said party. Master Didier owned only a few male slaves, who picked cotton in the fields, or spent their time working on his horses or fixing anything that needed to be fixing. Master Didier made his entire income on the lovely female slaves that was on his plantation.

The older female slaves taught the younger children gals how to clean and cook, how to feed some of the animals. As soon as they began to get older, they were taught how kill chickens, tend to the cattle (milking a cow for instance) but what they really learned was how to service a man, something Nneka knew how to do from none other than her father and Master.

It was the one of the many reasons she despised Master Didier. He was a sick man. She saw him once take one of the young slave gals to teach her a lesson because she simply scuffed his black shoes while cleaning them, and it was nothing but an itty bitty scuff but he didn't care. He threw the girl who was no more than eleven onto the floor, hiked up her dress and raped her. Nneka was around the corner when it happened and she couldn't do anything about it but watch in horror as the young girl begged for Master Didier to stop.

And the very revolting thing about it was that he forced the girl to clean up her blood and his semen from his cock with her mouth. And the image of the teary eyed girls face was burned into Nneka's head.

"Nneka are ya paying attention girl?" one of the women said angrily.

Her words snapped Nneka out of her thoughts and she shook her head, looking at the woman who was no more than about thirty something years old, but already she was sprouting grey hairs. "What is it?" Nneka asked, her accent being slightly heard in her voice. Master Didier never liked her nigger accent and said he would beat her out of her. But no matter what he did, the accent stayed, and he eventually gave up on trying to correct some of her mispronounced words.

"I was saying that your hair and face is done."

Nneka's gaze snapped towards the mirror on the vanity, smile gracing her face but soon that deflated as she noticed her wild curls had been combed and brushed to the point that her hair was now in soft waves, reaching down to her upper back, her lips were painted a deep sinful red color, her eyelids now having a blacken and sultry look to them and her cheeks were tinged pink.

Who was the woman looking back at her in the mirror?

"T-this…" she stammered out, looking at herself in awe. She was never done up this nice for Master Didier's parties, ever.

"Very pretty?" one of the women asked with a bright smile.


"No…not me," Nneka said. "I am not this woman."

"Yes you are. You look more like a dignified nigger gal now," said none other than Master Didier, his French accent only slightly there.

Nneka felt herself bristle as she saw the reflection of Master Didier leaning against the doorway, his long dirty blonde longs pulled back into a low ponytail, a white bow holding his hair in place. He was dressed in a very expensive white French suit with black patent shoes that seemed to have a small little and unnoticeable scruff on them.

"Ladies will you give Nneka and I a moment?" he asked, giving a false smile towards both the house slaves who suddenly looked scared at his presence. They both nodded and scurried out of the room, knowing it was good to leave Master Didier and his favorite slave alone.

Once the door closed Master Didier advanced onto Nneka who only kept her gaze on the mirror, her full lips drawn tight into a straight line. Didier came behind her, placing a hand on her supple naked brown shoulder, a sickly smile on his face as he leaned down towards her, inhaling her sweetening smile. He chuckled lowly as he felt her shudder in repulsion, her eyes still hard as stone as she kept her gaze forward.

"Do you know how beautiful you are…?" he asked in a mocking tone, his hot breath on her ear.

"You have told me many times Master Didier," she said curtly. Didier would always call her beautiful, she believed it when she was younger. But now, she knew those were words of spite and menace. He never saw her truly as beautiful.

She was a mere toy.

His toy.

Master Didier then laughed lightly, grabbing a strand of her hair, pushing her hair behind her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. Nneka suddenly let out a loud gasp when she felt his large calloused hand roughly hold her cheek, forcing her to look at him.

Fear sparked into her electric blue eyes as she stared into the eyes that looked exactly like hers. Didier only gave her a tight lipped smile, his hand squeezing her cheeks, making her wince in pain.

"How many times have I told you to call me Laurent when we are alone?" he said low and menacingly.

Nneka knew not to answer, she could only stare into the face of evil.

"How many?!" Master Didier shouted in her face, shaking her a little, making Nneka let out a slight yelp of fear.

Tears burned at the corners of her eyes as she felt him remove his large hand from her face and then she squeezed her eyes shut, a few tears falling down her face as she waited for the pain to arrive. Master Didier never did like her mouth, and that was a few reasons as to why she always got beat almost every day.

But the pain never came and she cracked open a blue eye, seeing Master Didier, smiling at her ruefully.

"What…?" He asked mockingly. "Did you think I would hurt you?"

Nneka nodded her head slowly, her body trembling lightly. Master Didier then tsked her, shaking his head lightly, walking over to her and then wiping her tears away from her face. The act seemed almost intimate but Nneka knew that it was far from being intimate.

"Nneka, do you think I'm some kind of monster?" he asked, removing his hand from her face.

'Yes…' she thought internally. She would have said this out loud but was in no mood to be hit tonight. She just wanted to accompany him to his idiotic party and then go back to doing her duties as a house slave.

"You don't have to answer that," he said humorously. "Just come down to the party within an hour. You'll be entertaining the men tonight…"

Nneka's eyes widened. "E-Entertaining?!"

She hoped she didn't have to service anyone sexually tonight. She was sore all over from her morning romp with Master Didier. And he wasn't gentle. She still had bruising bite-marks on her inner thighs and handprints on her ass.

"Shh shh, do not worry my little pétard. You won't be spreading those lovely legs of yours tonight. I need you to provide the music for this evening's party. And none of that nigger music I hear ya sing. Sing something more dignified and more…white," he said patting her cheek rather roughly.

"And besides I wouldn't want my little toy broken so early on. I have yet to burn out that little flamme of yours."

He then cupped her cheek and gave her a soft and lingering kiss. Nneka resisted the urge to bite down so hard onto his lip that he would bleed or spit into his mouth. So she just simply kissed him back, though every inch of her internally was screaming at her to fight back.

But she didn't.

She couldn't.

She was scared.

Once Master Didier broke the kiss his electric blue eyes gazed into her similar ones in a very sickening love way and he smiled, running his thumb over her plump bottom lip. "Je t'aime…" he said softly, before leaning up and walking away from her.

And once Nneka heard the door close shut, she felt herself break down, tears of anger running down her face. She hated him, she hated how she looked right now, she hated this house, she hated his foolish parties and colleagues, but most of all she hated that when she was around him he made her feel so weak and insignificant.

Like she was nothing.

Nothing but a toy…


STP: Sorry guise I have been gone for a long time. My laptop is broken. I'm using my boyfriend's whenever I come to his place. So I'll update whenever I can. And next chapter Calvin will come ^-^ and you'll see why Laurent calls Nneka a pétard.


Pétard— Firecracker

Flamme— Flame

Je t'aime— I love you