Fairy Tail + Characters © Hiro Mashima

A/N: So, I just had a lot of motivation to write since it is now summer and I only have one class for spring, and I have a lot of Fairy Tail feels. This collection of one-shots and short stories have no real underlying plot, besides being written for fluffy romantic feels. Hope you can enjoy it.

Rated for Gajeel's potty mouth (for now, fufu~).

01. A Happy Accident

People would later ask how the subject was broached, and neither of them would be able to adequately answer. It hadn't been planned, it had just sort of…happened.

Gajeel distinctly remembered that he had initially been annoyed at her request to come with him. He had wanted to do errands around Magnolia, and for some reason the thought of her accompanying him on those personal tasks was uncomfortably pleasing. However, it was the fact that Levy had acted so casual about it, as though it were a familiar thing for them to do, that had caught him off guard. Which was an unsettling feeling, especially for him. Thankfully, Lily had accepted on behalf of the both of them, as Gajeel had been too moronically incoherent to form an effective reply.

He continued to be silent as they strolled down the street, and was surprised to find that Levy was not her usual chatterbox self. Curiosity slowly began to eat away at him, until finally he peered over his shoulder to find that the tiny woman wasn't even paying to her surroundings, much less him. She was reading as she walked, without so much as a glance to monitor her direction. His brow furrowed in irritation, why was she even following him around then, if she all she wanted to do was read? Bad luck and coincidence intervened at that precise moment, and gave him his answer.

She tripped over a rock jutting up from street, and he reacted swiftly to steady her. Once she was safely upright, he released his grip on her elbow and said in a tone that was perhaps a touch harsher than he'd meant, "Why the hell are you reading and walking at the same time? I thought you were supposed to be smart."

She raised her gaze towards him only for a second, her voice curt and defensive, "Well, I figured I could get some things at the market, but I also need to finish reading this chapter. And you were going anyways."

"Oh, you need to finish the chapter, well then it all makes perfect sense." There was a sharp sarcasm to his words, as he was almost certain it wasn't a matter of life or death if she read the chapter later, maybe when she was sitting down. That said Levy wouldn't be Levy without her fiery defiance or clever retorts.

"It's easy when I'm with you, anyways. You stand out so much in my peripheral vision, I just follow the big, looming shadow around." He might have pointed out that her tone implied that she was insulting him, but she bulldozed over his grumbling with a determined raise in her voice, "And normally everything's fine. That misstep was a minor accident, it almost never happens."

He knew she was flat out fibbing to him then, as he had watched her walk and read before. In the guildhall she would bump into chairs, tables and people all along her path, leaving a trail of clumsy destruction in the wake of her overzealous reading habits. He gritted his teeth, knowing he should just drop it, but felt it damn near impossible not to get the last word in, "If you don't cut that shit out, one of these days you're really going to fall over and mess up that pretty face of yours."

It hadn't even occurred to him that he'd called her pretty, it just sort of slipped out. He didn't realize it when she stopped walking and stared up at him with a skeptical squint, as though she was unsure if she'd heard him correctly. He still didn't realize it when Lily, who had been attempting to ignore their bickering, whipped his head around so abruptly that he nearly fell off of his spot on Gajeel's shoulder. He stopped walking and shifted his gaze between the both of them.

"The fuck is up with you two?"

Levy was the first one to speak, "You think I'm pretty?"

Oh, for fuck's sake, his eyes grew wide and his lips clamped shut in a thin line. The silence that followed her question was horrifically awkward, so much so that after a few seconds it became seemingly unbearable for Lily. The exceed hopped off of his shoulder and started to walk away, conveniently remembering that he forgot something at the guildhall. Abandoned and at a loss for words, Gajeel stood stock-still, trying to mentally process the situation.

Levy was surprisingly patient as she waited for his response. Her expression was fairly passive, although there was a hint of pink on her cheeks that betrayed her inner nerves. Which only made things more difficult for him. He couldn't very well take it back. For starters he would be lying, and it would also hurt her feelings. So after a few moments of broody contemplation, he blurted out his answer with inelegant sternness.

"Uh, yeah."

He knew it wasn't nearly enough of an explanation, and he inwardly wished that he was better equipped with words in social settings. Levy met his gaze evenly, and then she pursed her lips in a way that he had begun to think of as adorable—a word that had mysteriously appeared in his vocabulary shortly after getting to know her. He maintained the eye contact though, almost viewing it as a sort of challenge, one that he would not back down from no matter how uncomfortable it made him. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, as she seemed to assemble enough courage to say whatever it was on her mind.

"What am I to you?" She asked in a slow, soft voice, before her calm exterior was disrupted by an afterthought. Her brows furrowed together and she pointed a finger at him, adding more firmly, "Besides guild mate and comrade. Well, I guess I mean, am I anything else to you?"

She was trying so hard to appear confident, cool and collected—but he noticed the way her hands fumbled with book she held and the slight tremor that coursed through her entire body, as well as the increasing amount of color in her face. He felt like a real jackass right about then, because he knew the amount of emotion he was expressing was equivalent to that of a rock. It was probably driving her mad. She was probably going to bubble over and explode in three, two…

"The only reason I'm asking is because I like like y-you, okay? There, I said it. And then you go and say things like that, and it makes me wonder if maybe you feel the same—"


"—because if you don't, and you're just saying those things to goof around…well, that'd be really mean and you'd be a jerk—"

"Yeah, shrimp."

"—even though you are kind of still a jerk sometimes, but this would be even worse than…what?"

"I…feel the same."

The words sounded strange coming out of his mouth, but they were necessary. Cowardly was never a word he wanted used to describe him, and if this little script mage had to guts to be upfront and honest with him, he wasn't going to disrespect her with any untruthful claims. Oddly enough, he even felt a warm sense of elation after disclosing the information with her. However, he still lacked a certain amount of grace with these types things.

"You got all worked up for nothing, shrimp!" He said with his characteristic laugh. He then raised his hand and tousled her hair clumsily, unintentionally messing up her headband in the process. He retracted his hand quickly, as though it was burned, and swapped his smug grin for an awkward grimace. However, Levy appeared unperturbed by her hair being messed or his nonchalant attitude, and regarded him with a shy smile.

"I guess I sounded pretty ridiculous!" She said finally, self-consciously holding the book up to her face. She looked pretty ridiculous too, book covering her face and her hairdo askew. He felt charmed though, with the way she was behaving over him of all people. His face felt hot all of the sudden, as her eyes cautiously met his once more. His lips parted to say something, but found that speech abandoned him yet again.

"Uh, so…" Oh hell, just say something. "We'll date, then."

"O-Oh. Okay." She nodded slowly, before adding more assertively, "Of course, that'd be great. I'd lo—like to."

She averted her eyes to the ground again, and he suddenly found the clear sky exceptionally interesting to look at. After a few more moments of awkward silence, she piped up again.

"So, about your errands?" She offered hopefully, anything to rid them of the situation. He pondered the question for a moment, before shaking his head.

"Damn, I completely forgot what I came here for."

She adopted an apologetic expression, "Oh dear, I hope it wasn't too important."

If he were a different sort of guy, he might have said it was nowhere near as important as the conversation they'd just had. But he wasn't a different sort of guy, so instead he simply grinned and shrugged his shoulders. She smiled sweetly at him anyways, as though she'd understood. He jabbed his thumb in the direction behind them and said, "Let's just head back to the guild."

"Fine with me." She fell into step next to him, and he noticed her begin to readjust the book in her hands. Without a word, he plucked the tome from her grasp and held it just out of her reach. She attempted to appear cross with him, but there was a smirk on her lips to suggest otherwise, "Gajeel!"

"What? I'm just making sure you don't mess up your pretty face on the way there." He chuckled at the fact that she was blushing again. She hit him with her tiny, ineffectual fist—making him laugh even harder.

"Oh, you!"

And that was the boring story everyone would want to hear later. There were no intensely passionate confessions. There were no exceptionally romantic displays. Neither of them had even really asked one another, rather they had just come to an agreement. The only reason it had occurred was because of a tripped toe and a slipped sentence.

Nevertheless, they were happy with the outcome.