Chapter 7

Conall was a little relieved when his Grandfather didn't try to drill him for questions about the attack, or why he'd gotten so bruised from it all. After he managed to wiggle out of the biggest hug the old man could muster, he excused himself from the male's presence, and made his way up to his bed room. He pulled his shirt off when he reached the second floor and brushed the towel along his wet upper body, grumbling something about the rain.

Since he didn't have a mirror anywhere in his room, he stopped by the bathroom to get a good look at himself, sighing a bit at his appearance. "..Ugly." Was all he said before he finally headed to his room to change into something warmer, and drier. Once through the door, he dropped his wet shirt on the floor and pulled off his shoes and socks, the towel draped over his shoulder the whole time. "Will you remind me to call Jess later?" Con hummed, glancing in the direction of the Slender being.

The Slenderman took a step away from the window when he caught sight of Conall. He teleported to him immediately, not even close to hearing the request and once again forgetting about personal space. He leaned in, hands on his upper arms as he looked him over. He bit back a whine at the sight of the bruises, most of which hadn't been visible when he was clothed. Not only were they blotched around one of his cheeks but down his chest as well. He slowly slipped the towel off Conall's shoulder onto the floor to look at the spackle of bruises on his lower neck.

It wasn't until a drop of water landed on his hand from Conall's wet hair did he come back from his fixation on the damage. Conall's shoulder rose a bit and he stared, vision turning across his damp chest and up to his face. Conall was looking up at him with those rich, brown eyes and the Slender being couldn't look away.

Con watched as Slend examined him, glancing down when the towel hit the floor, then smiled lightly up at the other. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and tilted his head to the side when he seemed to capture the being's attention, "They'll be gone in a week or so less." He motioned to all the bruises, and then gave Slend a light push to gain enough space to comfortably take off his pants. He tossed the item off in some random direction before stepping up to wrap his arms around his boyfriend's waist in a hug.

The Slenderman's hand twitched lightly as Conall wrapped his arms around him just above the hips. He dropped a tentacle down to retrieve the towel, and wrapped his arms around Conall to pick him up. He carried him to the bed with innocent intentions, however stimulated he was feeling. He set him on the bed and sat beside him, running the towel along his wet hair.

Being unaccustomed to the life habits of living indoors, the Slenderman had found himself lazy about doing those sort of things, adverse to picking up after himself and putting things back the way he found them. There was nothing orderly about the woods beyond the seams of his own suit. But Conall was a mess, and he told himself that he would try harder not to impose on him and to make things easier for him, starting with drying his hair. Though that was one of the easiest tasks imaginable, especially with how much he enjoyed doing it. No, this was far more indulgent than helpful.

Sitting around in his underwear in the fall wasn't exactly comfortable and his skin was already prickling with goosebump because of how damp he still was. Despite this, he folded his legs and turned to face Slend, letting his eyes close while the other dried his hair. "…Have you ever taken a bath before?" his eyes opened and he reached out to begin unbuttoning Slend's suit jacket, "Maybe you and I could take a bath together sometime." Con shrugged a bit, though he knew he'd probably end up chickening out in the end.

He'd figured out at some point that Slendermen didn't really produce heat, so he couldn't really use that as an excuse to cuddle up with Slend. Conall finished unbuttoning the being's suit jacket, fingers quickly undoing one bottom on Slend's chest to press his palm against the pale skin there. He shrugged slightly and simply climbed over and onto the Slender's lap, "Don't mind me." He hummed and wrapped his arms around Slend beneath his suit coat, sighing a bit.

The Slenderman was completely still as Conall climbed over him, not sure just what to do as he cuddled close. He had been lost since the human began unbuttoning his coat, and now he was in a whole new level of it.

He examined his messy hair, curling his fingers around his small ponytail. His attention moved to his striking patterned skin, and there was so much of it showing. He ran a hand down his back, feeling the goose bumps and pulling the blanket up to set over his shoulders. His thoughts raced, unsure if Conall was cuddling or wanted to do something else. And with his legs straddling his hips and all that warm skin pressed up against him, it was enough to make the Slenderman lose his composure.

A pleased growl escaped him, with a low purr following after. He backed away enough to face him straight on. "Don't mind me," he said, mimicking Conall. His hands slid along the human's sides and down his legs, pausing at the knee and back up. He moved them up under the legs of Conall's loose boxers, consciously keeping to the outer sides of his thighs as he pulled him closer.

His back arched a little when the other's hand stroked down his back, then shuddered a bit. Conall unwrapped one arm from around Slend's waist to take hold of the blanket now resting on his shoulders, giving it a light tug to pull it a bit more over his right shoulder. Once he was positive it wouldn't slip, his arm went back to its rightful place around the being he was currently straddling. The growl seemed to be something this Slenderman did when he was pleased, but the purr?

Before Con could comment on it, Slend was running his hands along his thighs, and all the young man managed was a light sigh. Okay, the purr was kinda cute, so he'd save the teasing for later. "Right." He chuckled and unwrapped his arms from around the being, hands making quick work of the rest of the buttons on Slend's shirt. He hummed innocently as he leaned back in to press their bodies back together, silently enjoying himself.

Slend's stimulation turned to embarrassment when Conall unbuttoned his shirt. Among other Slendermen he paid little attention to his build, but he felt strangely self-conscious compared to a human. Conall looked so nice and felt good to hold, but Slendermen were made up of long, angular bones and stringy muscle all wrapped up in colorless skin. From the little he knew about human ideals, he was more built to crawl out of closets than to interest anyone. It had already been strange getting used to even taking off his jacket in Conall's presence, and this was just… a lot to handle.

Carefully he slipped a hand between them and pulled his shirt closed; hoping Conall wouldn't notice the gesture.

Conall had definitely noticed it, but chose not to say anything about it. He truly didn't mind seeing Slend's body, even if it did look different from another humans. He simply placed a light kiss on his chin, "I'm sorry, dear." Con released him from his hug and patted him on the cheek lightly, grinning a bit. "I know how you feel."

He took a second to button up a few buttons on his shirt, then patted him on the chest, sighing a bit before he leaned back into Slend. "If you don't mind how I look, then I don't mind how you look."

The Slenderman felt his tension ease as Conall buttoned his shirt, and felt immensely grateful. Conall was such a… sweet human. Though the last comment surprised him and he straightened up.

"Mind how you look?" he imitated in Conall's voice, turning the inflection into a question. A jagged grin grew over his face and he cocked his head, a single finger drawing circles in Conall's lower back. "I… /really/… like it."

He took Conall by the waist and turned him over onto his back, cuddling up against him and draping himself on his lap, his own long legs hanging off the end of the bed. He nuzzled up to his chest, breathing in his scent and letting his long tongue snake out and slide upward over his chest and along the side of his neck. He shifted lower, opening his mouth and ghosting his teeth carefully over Conall's soft stomach. He moved down a little more, slipping his tongue beneath the young man's waist band but not any farther. He pulled his tongue back and clamped his teeth over the boxer waist band, turning his head up to look at Conall. He spoke as he usually did, not moving his mouth. "May I?"

Conall's face flushed and looked away from him, trying to come up with some sort of reply to his compliment, but ended up on his back before he could say anything. He chuckled lightly and lifted his head up to place a light kiss on his head while his chest was nuzzled, then let his head drop back onto the bed when the others tongue began it's journey over his chest. The sensation was pleasant and he couldn't help but shiver and let out a breathy sigh, tilting his head to the side to give Slend more access to his neck. His hands were gripping the bed sheet on either side of him tightly, to the point that his knuckles were going white.

He was doing his best to keep from making noise, but when it came to movement he was having a hard time not squirming under the being's tongue. He couldn't tell if Slend was just /really/ good at this, or if he himself was just a completely inexperienced virgin, but damn he was getting turned on. Con blinked and lifted his head up when he heard the Slender ask for his permission, "You may." His voice a bit shaky as he nodded and sucked in a deep breath, his heart was pounding in his chest already.

The Slenderman began to tug the material down with his teeth, surprised when he saw the small trail of dark curls between the human's hips. He'd forgotten that humans had it down there, but he decided he liked it, and would return to it later.

He pulled a little farther but paused when he noticed just how rapid Conall's pulse was. Could he be so nervous? He was glad, at least, not to taste anything. Conall wasn't afraid of him. And he was pretty hard, which had to stand for something good. But that pulse was so fast, and he wished he could read more than just the range of fearful emotions. He let go of the waist band, deciding not to strip him just yet.

He sat up on his knees, looking down at Conall. There was no way he could strip his nervous human bare after not having the courage to keep his own shirt open. Ridiculous. He looked off to the side, wishing had the lungs to sigh with. He shrugged off his suit jacket and dropped it on the floor, then unbuttoned his shirt and slipped that off the edge of the bed as well. He leaned forward and laid on Conall, trying not to think about what he might look like as he settled his hips between the other's legs. He told himself to just keep focused.

Conall had him fully turned on at this point, and he ground lightly against Conall's own, wondering if maybe it would make him relax to know he wasn't alone.

"Are you comfortable?"

Conall cocked his head to the side when Slend sat up from his position, mouth opening slightly as if he was going to speak, but ended up just staring as he began to undress. In truth, he had just assumed that Slend would do his best to keep his clothes on for this and Con would understand completely. The only reason Conall himself was undressed now was because his boyfriend lacked the ability to stare and ogle his skin with /eyes/.

He glanced down at Slend's body, but quickly let his eyes return to the other's blank face, mainly because he doubted Slend wanted him staring. He let go of the sheets as the being settled back down ontop of his own body and held the being's face in his hands while placing kisses all over his pale skin. Con let out a light moan and rolled his hips up into Slend's, but quickly returned to the task of praising the being's bravery by covering his face with loving kisses. "Yes,..are you?" he hummed, voice still a bit shaky, but he was calming down.

The Slenderman purred at the warm kisses, thoroughly content. "Yes," he repeated in Conall's voice. He teasingly nipped at his jaw, a smile across his face. "I'm going to strip you now."

He slipped down and pulled off his boxers, settling where he'd been before. He decided not to delay, preferring that Conall not have any time to begin feeling more self-conscious before he started feeling nice.

He turned up his jaw to nuzzle at his length, his tongue slipping out and drawing a thin, wet line from the base to the tip. He listened to the human's rapid pulse as his tongue wrapped around the head, tip curled around the warm skin. He raised himself up on his elbows and faced downward over it, retracting his tongue into his mouth to better lubricate it. He then trailed it out again, sliding in a spiral around his member before pulling the wet coil upward and then down again.

Conall settled back onto the bed and covered his mouth with both hands to muffle any noises that might come from him, since this was a new experience. His body shuddered, eyes squeezing shut as a muffled moan filtered through his hands. 'Sweet jesus.' He thought, removing his right hand from over his mouth to grip at the sheets beside him, hips rolling up slowly without him even realizing it.

The Slenderman paid attention to his human's responses, eager to please. The sweet roll of his hips was /really/ encouraging, and those sounds, God those sounds. He began to move his tongue in a slow rhythm, trying to illicit more of those sweet, sweet noises. He growled low, the vibration trailing through his tongue and around Conall's length. The human's skin was growing hotter and the Slenderman couldn't get enough of it all.

Without the being's awareness, his tentacles were slowly freeing themselves from his back, slithering around in search of his partner. They curled around his ankles and knees, some sliding up the bed sheets and exploring him, pressing against his naval and sliding up his arms and over his chest. The Slenderman finally noticed and the extremities recoiled, disappearing again without disrupting his ministrations for a moment.

Conall barely noticed anything other than Slend's tongue doing amazing things to his most sensitive body part. He only noticed the extra tentacles when they reached his chest, his eyes blinked opened, and his head lifted enough to see the new limbs that came from the other's back. He pulled his hand from his mouth to say something when they retreated quickly, but the only thing that came out was some incoherent moans.

Con's head dropped back onto the bed when he realized that nothing intelligent was coming out of his mouth, hips making little thrusting motions the whole time. It was almost embarrassing that he was already so close to finishing, little whimpers and pleas for who knows what steadily pouring from his lips.

The Slenderman's pace grew a little quicker, indulging in the human's beautiful pleas. Conall's hips rocked up closer, that perfect stomach curving with each motion. He growled around his cock, the other's whimpers ringing like music to him. The Slenderman wanted to eat him up. The Slenderman's hand drifted along his side and down his thigh, pulling one of his knees up. His hand slowly moved upward again, letting Conall's heat sink into his fingers.

He slid down beneath his rear. A finger traced the center seam, causing Conall to gasp when he passed over his entrance. It had only been an exploration, but Con's reaction had his full attention. He looked up and Conall was looking down. The being's motions slowed and his finger slid back over him. Again, a heave of Conall's chest.

Now he was painfully curious. His tongue withdrew from Conall's dick, replaced with his hand. He continued his motions there, slower than before as he bowed his head down. The long tongue appeared again, dropping and sliding against Con's entrance.

He stared at Slend through half lidded eyes, unable to take his attention off of the male's movements that constantly had him mesmerized. His heart skipped a beat when the other's tongue slid against his entrance and his head dropped back onto the bed, body shuddering slightly with anticipation.

"Such a tease.." He panted, bringing up both hands to cover his eyes. Conall arched his back and rolled his hips to try to wordlessly encourage the being to do whatever he was suddenly teasing at, both hands never leaving his face.

The Slenderman had no patience for teasing right now, not when Conall was rocking his hips against his tongue. No, he was all about indulging. He'd spoil him if he could. Conall had been through hell and deserved anything he wanted, and the being was more than happy to oblige.

He held Conall's hips with his free hand, slowly working the end of his tongue into his hole. Conall gasped as he held it there, feeling the muscles around him tighten and relax before he pressed further. His tongue was strong enough to strangle someone with if he chose, and he had to be careful not to push his human over the limit.

Oh, but it was hard to stay in line with the noises coming out of Conall now. He whimpered, a hand falling to Slend's head, encouraging him to continue. He watched the human run his other hand through his hair, biting his lip deliciously. The Slenderman pushed in deeper and pulled out, then pressed in again. The end of his tongue curled up, writhing and rubbing at the inside of him.

He chewed on his bottom lip and stopped short in running his hand through his hair to hold onto his thick locks, mainly just to hold onto anything. "Oh my god." Was the most intelligible thing that came from his lips, chest heaving with the effort to just get air in his lungs. Con's thighs began to tremble with just how close he was to cumming, but he was struggling to make this last as long as it could. "S—stop stop stop!" He gasped, tapping quickly at Slend's head in hopes of getting to stop.

The amazing tongue inside of him was going to push him over the edge and he didn't want that to happen yet. "I'm too close, Slend.." His voice embarrassingly husky all of a sudden, "Gimme a sec..please..just stop." He practically begged, sliding his hand that was ontop of Slend's head to push lightly at the male's pale forehead.

The Slenderman paused his movements when Conall begged him to, his tongue still in its curled position. But he didn't like the look on his human's face. He didn't want him holding back. Slowly he let his tongue unfurl, stretching up, rubbing against his inner walls as it flicked to the end. Conall gasped, looking down at him with frustration and surprise. The creature's mouth curved into a grin as the tip of his tongue flicked him inside again, causing the human to jump. He looked furious, and the Slenderman pulled out and pressed back in again, pulling a surrendered groan from Conall's throat. Slend began to pump into him, thrusting his tongue and working his hand over the human's dick. His vision trailed over that gorgeous body, skin patterned with pale and tan, all luscious.

Without even realizing it, the creature had begun grinding into the mattress, hard and aching and completely enraptured with the other. He fucked his tongue into him in earnest and Conall began to whimper, covering his mouth to smother the noise. His face flushed, eyes shutting as his body began to react. With a sharp gasp he was coming between the creature's fingers, spasms gripping the thick tongue. The Slenderbeing came suddenly as well, the sight of his human too much to take. He trembled as he held Conall, slowly sliding out his tongue from the panting human. After taking a moment for his trembling to ease, he shifted upward to lie beside the other.

Conall's body relaxed onto his soft bed as he came down into his high, his whole body reduced to nothing more than jello. He didn't even bother to try to redress himself after that, he simply rolled onto his side to face Slend, and cuddled up against the being. "I just… wanna stay like this for a little." He murmured quietly, yawning as he draped one arm over his boyfriend's body, a small smile forming on his lips when he felt Slend do the same.

"Anything you like," the being murmured, brushing his fingers through Conall's hair. He was content to spend the night listening to the soft sound of the human's breaths, but only a short time passed before he too was taken by sleep.

To be continued.