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Moodswings, Morning Sickness, and One Confused Saiyan

Summary: 9 hectic months of an extremely unpredictable and somewhat scary...scratch that, extremely scary Videl, a naive and frazzled Gohan, devious Goten and Trunks, a puzzled Goku, euphoric Chichi and Bulma, an indifferent Vegeta, and the rest of the lunatics which make up the Z gang. Oh dear Kami... we can only cross our fingers and pray for that baby-to-be.

"Kami dammit,"

The newly dubbed Satan Son groaned exasperatedly, pulling her long raven hair into a ponytail as she cursed under her breath. She was only 3 days into her honeymoon with Gohan, (3 glorious days, in her opinion), and here she was, standing in the bathroom of the house the newlyweds were staying in, rummaging around for her mouthwash after throwing up for the third time that morning. The third time. Needless to say, the feisty 24 year old police chief was a bit frustrated.

"Videl, are you alright?" Gohan poked his head into the doorway, looking at his official wife of 4 days worriedly. Videl continued to rummage through her suitcase, not bothering to look up at him.

"Oh yeah, totally. I'm having so much fun while my insides turn into my outsides. The time of my life."


"Where the hell is the mouthwash?!" she growled, whipping her head around angrily. She then realized Gohan was standing right behind her, and jumped up in surprise. Gohan chuckled, grabbing her wrists gently before letting go.

"Middle drawer," he told her, leaning against the doorway, watching her. Videl murmured a thanks as she ripped the drawer open and cleansed her mouth, her facial expression clearly showing how ticked off she still was.

"Are you okay there, dear?" he asked her, sarcastically. Whenever he worried about her, she always reassured him she was fine with her fiery attitude. She glared at him.

"Yeah. Fan-freakin-tastic, honey," she shot back. He cracked a grin and she laughed. "Stop being such a smartass."

He threw his hands up in defense.

"I didn't even say anything that time!"

She laughed again, but before she could respond, the nauseous feeling returned.


Gohan knelt with her as she ever-so-gracefully vomited into the porcelain bowl, brushing her loose hair back and providing her with comfort.

"Food poisoning?" he asked warily, trying to recall where they had eaten these past few days. However, the only memories he could think of these past few days involved...the demi-saiyan blushed red. The couple was currently staying in one of the various islands that Bulma had bought, well, just for the hell of it. She generously lent it to them for however long they wanted to stay, and the two had been enjoying the sights, attractions, exotic food, and, of course, each other. Everything had been perfect, until this morning, when the raven-haired woman began to have these episodes of sickness. Videl leaned into him, groaning in frustration

"I need wine," she muttered. Gohan chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"No wine for you, Mrs. Son," he said sternly, while reveling in finally being able to call her that. Videl glared at him.

"Why?" she snapped, smiling on the inside at her new name, yet still irritated at the situation that she was in.

"I honestly doubt that wine is going to stop your vomiting episodes."

"Whatever," she sighed, "I'm gonna run to the store and pick up some crackers."

"To counteract the sensation of nausea?" he asked, pushing his glasses up slightly.

"No, because I feel like eating some mother-fucking crackers, Gohan. Yes, to stop the nausea," she sighed. Gohan laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. He then looked at his wife, concerned for her. This was really out of the blue, and he didn't want her out by herself. What if anything happened to her? What if she felt sick on the way? What if-

"Gohan, I know exactly what you're thinking. You're picturing multiple scenarios which end with me in terrible conditions, that make absolutely no sense at all," she looked at him, an eyebrow raised. He blushed.

"I can't help but worry about you, Vi," he murmured, pulling her close, his chin resting on the top of her head. "Let me go get the crackers, I'll be quick, I promise." She smiled.

"I'll be fine, dear. I could use some fresh air, having had you coop me up in this bedroom all day" she smirked as he blushed bright red. He had such a cute blush.

"Besides..." she whispered, tracing her fingers gently across his face, "I know quite a few ways you could make me feel better..."

Ahh, honeymoons were great. She could be as promiscuous as she wanted without having a care in the world. Mrs. Videl Son just didn't give a damn. He was her husband now, and she could do whatever the hell she wanted with him. Gohan smirked at her, and kissed her forcefully, almost completely giving into his lust yet again, until Videl pulled away, breathless. Most people took him for being a shy, naive, boy, yet Videl quickly made him accept his dark side, and he was a-okay with that.

"Hurry," he murmured, smirking at her in the way that always made Videl's heart beat so fast and so loud that she was sure people miles away could hear it.

Why did he have the ability to turn her into a pile of mush so easily?

Damn his saiyan charm.

She grabbed her sweatshirt, but before she could run out the door, Gohan stopped her.

"Videl, it's summer and we're on a tropical island. You're gonna dehydrate if you wear that."

Videl sighed, patting his cheek.

"Aw, sweety. I love how you forget that I'm pretty much tied with Bulma as most famous woman on Earth," she said, "If I attempt to walk out this door and someone recognizes me, our honeymoon is screwed. Therefore, I need this hoodie." Gohan looked at her concerned, picturing men ogling his wife, knowing exactly what would be going through their vulgar minds. And the rest of them... they would harass her and she wouldn't be able to get out without holding an impromptu press conference. ...It's happened before. Another story for another time, perhaps. He clenched his fists.

"Be careful," he said sternly, not liking the idea of having to stay behind, yet knowing that when his Videl made a decision, she was goddamn stubborn about it. It wasn't worth the impending argument...more like ass-whooping that Gohan would receive from Videl. He was one of the strongest people in the galaxy, and she could still knock him senseless. He chuckled.

"Yessir," she saluted him playfully, before winking and pulling on her sweatshirt. "At least I'm not using the fake mustache this time."

No, not her idea. Being famous sucked, sometimes.

The pair shuddered.

After kissing goodbye quickly, the spunky crime fighter grabbed her keys and wallet before running out the door and hopping into the car. The handsome demi-saiyan chuckled, watching her drive off to the store, and sighed, sitting on their vast, white bed. He missed her already.

Videl cursed as she began her drive, steering with one hand and dialing a number she came to know by heart with the other.

'Thank Dende he didn't notice anything off about me,' she thought.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, Videl was many things; clever, thoughtful, beautiful, strong, stubborn, short-tempered, witty.

Yet she most certainly was not an idiot. She knew the symptoms, the signs. It was looking her straight in the face, yet she refused to believe it until she knew for sure. And the only person she could call, and would want to call about this was the blue-haired genius, Bulma Briefs. She held the phone to her ear with her shoulder as it rang, and to Videl, it seemed to ring endlessly. Finally, she heard the click of someone picking up the phone of the Briefs family household.

"The hell do you want?" a gruff voice asked. Videl sighed.

"Vegeta, it's Videl, I need-" Her sentence was cut short by the sound of the phone clicking again, indicating the end of the conversation. The royal pain in the ass had hung up. Videl's jaw dropped in disbelief.

"Son of a bitch," she muttered, dialing the number once more as she was stopped at a red light.


"Briefs residence, this is Trunks Briefs speaking," a young boy's voice spoke. Videl sighed in relief.

"Okay, good, it's you and not the pain in the ass who's responsible for you,"


"OH REALLY, NOW? TRY ME, PRINCE OF ALL THINGS SPANDEX," Videl yelled back into the phone, causing Trunks to cringe. Both of them had clearly perfected the art of screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Dad, go back into the gravity room and stop listening in on this conversation, and Videl, please stop making my eardrums bleed." Vegeta grumbled, grabbing a variety of snacks from the fridge before he returned to his training. Videl chuckled as Trunks sighed into the phone.

"How have you been, kiddo?" she asked the 14 year old boy.

"I've been good, just getting by with my psychotic family, same old, same old," he said, making Videl laugh. Her laugh, however, turned into a variety of words in her...colorful vocabulary as someone rudely honked their horn at her.

"VIDEL, REMEMBER MY EARDRUMS?" Trunks cried out, cringing once more.

"Oh, right, eardrums. My bad. My bad," she said, rolling her car window back up and composing herself.

"Anyways, what did you need?"

"Um, could I maybe speak to Bulma?"

"Sure thing, I'll go get her, hold on a sec," he said cheerily to the woman who had been like a sister to him for the past few years. Videl smiled. He certainly had matured a lot since she first met him. She tapped her fingers against the steering wheel, trying to be patient.

"MOM!"was heard on the other end, making Videl chuckle as she waited for an old woman to cross the street.

'Go...hurry...seriously, lady, why on earth are you walking in the first place? Go...keep going...almost there...Oh my god I think she's asleep. Oh my god.'

"Hello, Videl dear?" Bulma asked cheerily, distracting Videl from her thoughts.

"Bulma, um, we may have a problem."

"Huh? What kind of problem? Shouldn't you and Gohan be having wild rabbit sex right about now?"



"...Seriously, Bulma?"

"What?" she asked defensively, laughing. "There's no need to be shy about it! You're a married woman now! Pretty soon, you'll be joining Chichi, 18, and I in our weekly ladies nights!" Videl rolled her eyes as she finally pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.

"Uh-huh. Can't wait." Bulma giggled.

"So, what was the problem?"

Videl gulped nervously.

"Um, well, you see...it has to do with the, as you gracefully put it, wild rabbit sex,"

"Huh, knew it. I figured Son boys were no good in bed..."


"KIDDING, ONLY KIDDING!" she cried out, before whispering a subtle, "not really..."

"I'll have you know he is wonderful in bed! He's-okay, this isn't point!" she sighed, composing herself. "Remember what you were telling me about..."

"...about what, dear?"

"...the, um..." she began, too embarrassed to want to continue.

"What was it? The tips and tricks I gave you before you left?"

"OKAY, NO, I'm still recovering from that talk. I'm talking about the super saiyan swimmers."

"...the what?"


"Ohhhhhhhh," Bulma finally realized what Videl was talking about. Her playful demeanor instantly vanished. "Oh, shit."

"Yup," Videl murmured, holding the phone with one hand and running the other hand through her hair nervously.

You see, before Gohan and Videl had departed for their honeymoon, Bulma and Chichi sat down with Videl to have a little... chat.

"Hey guys, what did you need?" a cheerful Videl asked, sitting down at Bulma's dining table where the two ladies were already waiting for her.

"Videl, we need to talk to you about something very serious," Bulma said. Chichi looked over at her blue-haired best friend.

"Bulma, why are you saying it like it's a bad thing?" she asked. "It's absolutely wonderful!" she cried out, with stars in her eyes. Immediately Videl knew what this conversation was going to be about, and tried to make a hasty exit.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, condoms, birth control pills, safe sex, I got it, thanks, bye," she said, attempting to leave before the two ladies held her down.

"No, Videl, it's more than that," Bulma said exasperatedly, making Videl groan in frustration.

"Can we get through this quickly without scarring me, please?" The older women chuckled.

"Sure thing, dear," Chichi said.

"Now, Videl, when it comes to saiyans, they have what we like to call 'super saiyan swimmers'." Bulma said, completely serious. Videl raised an eyebrow.

"...super saiyan swimmers?"

"Sperm, dear," Chichi responded. Videl cringed.

"I know what swimmers are, Chichi!" she exclaimed, blushing.

"Yes, but do you know what super saiyan swimmers are?"


"Nope," Bulma said.

Videl groaned again.

"What we mean by 'super saiyan swimmers-" another groan, " is that pure saiyans have the tendency to...well, knock you up on the first time around, if you aren't careful."

Videl looked at her, confused.

"So...are you telling me that if I choose to...have sex with Gohan..." she cringed, embarrassed, before continuing to try to piece together what she had been told, "and...the...you know, the thing... slips, I'm guaranteed to get pregnant?" Chichi tried not to giggle at her new daughter-in-law's embarrassment, as she alsp tried to contain her excitement at the thought of grandchildren.

"Well, see, we don't know that for sure with Gohan," Bulma said, sighing," He's half-saiyan, not pure, so it could be different in your situation."

"We know it took, uh, a few tries for Goku to finally get the whole sex thing down, but as soon as he got it right, I had a baby in my belly." Chichi said as Videl and Bulma tried not to laugh, picturing Chichi having to teach Goku everything. Chichi glared at the two.

"So, um, anyways," Bulma said loudly, clearing her throat. "With Vegeta, the same thing happened. Now, the pregnancy itself doesn't happen at an accelerated pace, however the fertilization of the ovum does. If you feel morning sickness the day after Gohan gets it in, we're in trouble."

Videl looked across the table at Bulma, concerned, trying to process the information she was just told. She sure as hell was not ready to be a mommy yet.

"Does this mean my honeymoon with Gohan is out of the question?" she asked, a lump in her throat at the mere thought of sitting at a table work Gohan, playing checkers while drinking tea. Oh Kami. Chichi sighed, reaching across the table and holding her hand.

"No, dear, it's just..." she sighed. "It's just a precaution. As long as you're careful, you'll be fine." Bulma grabbed the other hand, and squeezed it reassuringly, nodding. Videl sighed, realizing the risk she was taking. She and Gohan had been extremely patient throughout their college years, choosing to wait until they were married. It definitely took a shit-ton of willpower, but they had made it to this point, and Videl was not going to wait any longer.

"Screw it. I'll be fine." Bulma and Chichi grinned, laughing.

"Atta girl," Bulma said, smiling widely.

"And besides, grandchildren couldn't hurt, right?" Chichi chimed in, smiling widely. Her smile soon faded as Bulma and Videl looked across at her with blank stares.

"Oh, all right..."

Bulma grimaced, running a hand through her bright blue hair as she sat at the kitchen table.

"So...all of the signs, you've experienced them?"

"Yup," Videl murmured again. "Especially the vomit." Bulma winced.

"And...you're sure it isn't anything like food poisoning? Like, absolutely positive?"

"Bulma, if I wasn't positive about this, I wouldn't have driven all the way out to a grocery store in the middle of my honeymoon just to buy a pregnancy test by myself. Nor would I have called you," the miffed raven-haired woman stated, matter-of-factly.

"Alright, alright! Kami, you're gonna be a bitch when you're pregnant."

"Bulma!" Videl whined. The blue-haired genius laughed.

"Kidding, only kidding! Dear, I honestly don't know what to tell you other than to get in there, pee on that stick and hope for the best." Videl gulped, truly frightened at how everything was happening so quickly, much, much too quickly.

"Thanks, Bulma," she said softly. Bulma sighed.

"If you need anything, just call. I'll keep my phone by me all of today just for you, alright?" Videl smiled wearily.


"You've got this, honey. No matter what happens, things will turn out alright. They always will. Plus, you can always squeeze in a little more sex before your stomach turns into its own continent! Good luck, Videl!"

Videl groaned, ending the call and banging her head against the steering wheel.
This could not be happening.

After mustering up all of her willpower and courage, (and promising herself a glass of wine along with a cigar after all of this was done and over with), Videl pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, pulled the key out of the ignition, and stepped out of Gohan's sleek, black car that Videl recalled buying for him years ago, a little after they graduated from high school. She locked the car and walked up to the automatic doors of the grocery store, taking in a deep breath. She could do this. She was Son Videl. Pregnancy tests didn't scare her. Nor did moodswings, morning sickness, one confused Gohan, cribs, nurseries, baby clothes, actual babies, vomit, diapers...

Oh, screw it. She was downright terrified.

She sucked in a deep breath and walked through the doors, quickly navigating her way to the aisle which carried the dreaded tests.

She pulled the hood over her head a little tighter, trying not to freak out as she stood right in front of the various types of tests the store had to offer.

'A mother? There's a possibility I'm... a mom? I don't know the first thing about mothers, I barely had my own! I'm not ready for this. What if I'm not good enough? What if I can't handle all of this? I can't handle this! Oh Kami, I just...' Videl's head was reeling. She barely even noticed an old woman huddled over a shopping cart, watching Videl with concern.

"Excuse me, dear?" the old woman said, placing a shaky hand on Videl's shoulder. Videl jumped, squeaking in surprise before turning around and spotting the old woman who had startled her. Videl sighed in relief, thanking the heavens that she hadn't accidentally punched this lady across the aisle. She had a tendency of doing this.

But hey, you know, better safe than sorry, am I right?

"I'm so sorry!" Videl cried out, hoping she hadn't startled the old woman with her scream. The white haired elder laughed softly.

"It's quite alright; I didn't mean to startle you."

Videl smiled at her kind tone.

"It's fine, no worries," Videl replied kindly.

"I couldn't help but notice how afraid you looked just a minute ago standing near those tests," she said, concerned. Videl grimaced. "Are you alright?"

"I'm uh...I'm a bit shaken, to be quite honest. I wasn't expecting anything like this." The old woman smiled kindly.

"You've got nothing to be afraid of, dear. Pregnancy sure is something, but you'll survive it just fine. You seem like a strong, young woman."

Videl leaned against the shopping cart, watching the woman carefully.

"You...you seem familiar...do I know you from anywhere?" Videl asked, hesitantly. The old woman's eyes lit up.

"Yes, you were the kind woman who let me cross the street just a little while earlier!" Immediately, Videl felt bad for being so irritated at the old woman who was showing her such kindness.

"It was no problem, I didn't mind a bit," Videl lied smoothly. The old woman chuckled.

"Oh, there's no use lying to me, I'm an old bat and I know it."

The two laughed, until Videl looked over at the pregnancy tests once more, a knot in her stomach. And, possibly, a baby.

"Just remember, no matter how hectic things seem, it'll be worth it. Just make sure you've got a strong man with you all the while. It makes things easier," she winked, making Videl laugh and think of her beloved Gohan. "Also, a very close family. It takes a village to raise a child, dear." Videl instantly thought of the entire borderline psychotic Z gang, and how close everyone was. She would definitely have a ton of support. Videl smiled softly, almost near tears at the feeling of relief that she wasn't really alone in this. "Tell the little one 'hi' for me as soon as he/she gets here." And with that, the old woman smiled and walked away. Videl watched her walk away, a little bit in awe. It wasn't often that random acts of kindness like that showed up. Videl smiled softly to herself. She then turned to the dreaded "Clearblue" and "Early Answer", squaring her shoulders. She would get through this. It was going to be freakin' crazy, but she would get through this.

After a long and nerve wracking drive back to the rental home with the small box inside of a plastic grocery bag, Videl finally made it. She hopped out of the car, eager to get this over with, the old woman's kind words echoing through her head.

Eagerly, she took out her keys and opened the door, immediately greeted with lips against her own and a pair of wandering hands. Videl responded to the kiss immediately, yet soon realized just what she should be doing right now.

"Gohan," she whispered breathlessly as he stared back at her hungrily.

"Yes, Videl?" he asked, gazing at her intensely.

"I have to go pee."

Gohan sighed, chuckling.

"Way to ruin the mood there, Vi! Awesome."

"Nonono, I didn't mean to!" she laughed loudly, embracing him. "I love you," she murmured, nervously. Gohan pulled back and tilted her chin to look him in the eyes.

"I love you, too, Videl," he responded softly. "...now go pee." The raven-haired beauty laughed, hitting him playfully.

"Alright, alright," she said. "I'll be back in a bit."

"I'll grab a bottle of Burgundy," Gohan replied, smirking, while heading to the wine rack. Videl hesitated, thinking about the fact that alcohol may not be the best choice for her at that moment. She sighed, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. Gohan assumed it was the usual yes to the wine. A similarity that the two adults shared was that they had never been the wild, college-party type of people. They were the classy type. Thus, instead of beer and weed, the two preferred wine and cigars. Videl especially enjoyed red wine, so Gohan always made sure to keep a bottle on hand, just in case he ever wanted to surprise her, or if she had a bad day. Gohan whistled as he walked into the kitchen, having no idea whatsoever of what was going on in his beloved wife's head.

What was going on in her head, specifically?


'OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD,' Videl thought, pacing back in forth in the spacious master bathroom. 'I can't do this. Oh my Kami, I cannot do this. What do I do? Come on, you're Videl Sat- I mean, Son, you are Mrs. Videl Son. You've defeated criminals with your hands literally tied behind your back. If that's possible, then you can piss on this stick. I believe in you. I mean, myself. I mean, OH KAMIDAMMIT JUST DO IT YOU WUSS!'

Videl sighed. It was time.

Taking in a deep breath, she opened the little box and prepared for her entire life to change. However, at that moment, Videl thought of Gohan and knew that there was no one else in this world that she would rather go through these 9 months with. It was going to be crazy, that was for sure, but it would be fun.

A lot of fun.