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The wedding was honestly more beautiful than any false one that Dean had seen on TV. There were white petals and tall green trees in the park campus in the northern San Francisco woods. Sammy's bride is one of the most beautiful girls Dean had ever seen and she shot him an excited smile as she turned to his little brother and kissed him on the cheek.

Anna Novak was her name. She came from a large, wealthy family. Dean knew this because once, a long time ago when he was a senior in high school and she a junior (as was Sam), had hooked up at a party and took it to the back of Dean's '67 Chevy Impala to fuck. It had been just a little mishap, something to quietly look over so you can imagine his initial—their mutual—shock when Sam came to Dean's apartment two years later proclaiming their rapidly progressing relationship. They were engaged. They were so young, too.

At first Dean was upset because he thought Sam might be making a mistake. But then over the period of a week it occurred to him that he was a little jealous. Maybe it was because Anna had once been his, perchance if only for one night, but then it broadened to trigger his cognizance that possibly it was because he didn't have an actual steady girlfriend. Fuck, he hadn't had one in years. He just wasn't one of those guys, Dean would tell people. Maybe it was just what he needed.

So after the ceremony and Dean's little brother was married, his eyes watery and brilliant, wearing one of the largest shit-eating grins that Dean had ever seen on his face, he stashed those obnoxious feelings and smiled back, pulling an extremely thrilled Sam into his arms and hugged him tight.

"I'm so glad you're here," Sam whispered into his brother's ear. Dean pulled away reluctantly and looked him in the eye.

"Of course I would be here," he said incredulously. Dean obviously knew why he would say that, though. Their mother died when they were children—Sam still barely a toddler. Their father had done his best to go on after that, although he became hard, more closed off, and seemingly uncaring. When Dean was old enough, around fourteen, he took off and left them to the care of their neighbor Bobby Singer. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"I know, Dean. I know. I'm just so happy." Sam sniffled and wrapped an arm around his brother and best man's waist and pulled him with him. "Come on, come meet Anna's family."


There were three boys and a girl. The boys looked like they wanted to be anywhere but where they were. Dean found himself looking at the small girl who seemed to be in her late teens. She looked up at the approaching blond with astonishing enormous azure blue eyes.

"Hey guys," Sam said and the two talking boys who looked close in age turned to Sam and smiled largely, and each respectively gave him a large congratulating hug. "I'd like you to meet my big brother, Dean."

Dean brought his gaze from the small girl's eyes to the other boys' who each respectfully shook his hand and or gave him a strong clap on the back. They were each decked out in what looked like expensive Armani or D&G brand suits. That was probably why it seemed so weird to Dean that the youngest sister was wearing a black maxi dress and oversized cardigan and those small but cute daisies in her cropped, messy onyx black hair. She must be one of those hipsters that wore that kind of shit now adays, he decided. To be truthful, Dean thought that the style did look good on her. She was about five-four and as skinny as they came judging by her thin shoulders, and flat chest—although she did appear to have nice hips (from what the stupid ratty cardigan could reveal) and a thick ass.

Did he really just think that?


"Yeah, it's nice to meet you," Dean said kindly, smiling at the youngest man who had hazel coloured hair that was slicked back and inviting golden, actually golden, eyes. He was smirking like he knew something that Dean didn't but didn't say anything.

"The pleasure's all mine," he assured and took a step back.

"This is Cas," Sam said and placed his hand comfortably on the girl's shoulder. She relaxed into the touch and turned to smile up at the tall man. Dean felt his ears burn up when her gorgeous plump lips spread to reveal a seemingly unintentional man-eating smile.

"Castiel," she said in a soft voice. It was partly low for a girl, but Dean didn't mind. In fact, those were cock-sucking lips if he'd ever seen them. Fuck, he really needed to figure out if she's eighteen before he started having these pervy fucking thoughts about her.

Yeah, Dean's probably a pedophile.

"Castiel's graduating in June from high school," Sam explained to Dean and he nodded politely. "Going to Cal," he added enthusiastically.

"That's cool. I remember graduating there. Such a drag," Dean joked. Castiel cocked her head slightly to the side and Dean sobered up a little—she looked genuinely confused. "I'm kidding. It's going to be a ton of fun."

"He—uh—Cas can't get in though if that physics grade doesn't get pulled up from a D, though," Michael said, Anna, Castiel, and the boy's oldest brother. He crossed his arms and gave Castiel a stern stare.

Dean watched as Cas folded her hands in front of her crotch and the tiniest of a bulge was visible. Dean blushed, feeling taken aback when looking back up to her face. As feminine as Cas was, those high cheekbones and plump red lips were throwing him off. It just didn't exactly look right—like when you see a girl and a boy next to each other, their features are so distinct that you wouldn't question it even if they had opposite hairstyles.

Castiel was definitely a boy.


Half a week passed after his brother's wedding and Dean didn't have any classes that day. He was at Bobby and Rufus' salvage yard. Sliding out from under the sleek and expensive looking Mercedes Benz, he wiped the excess grease off his hands and onto the coveralls that he was wearing over his normal clothes. It was about twelve thirty and the other boys had signed out already to get their lunch. It only seemed the appropriate time for him to dip too and get some food. Dean was hungry and hadn't had a good fuck in a while so he was slightly tempted to reach into his jeans pocket and dial up Bela Talbot, his slutty neighbor that was a total feminist and absolutely loved his cock.

His stomach grumbled loudly and he decided it won over so Dean thought he would go downtown to grab a sandwich or something. He took off the coveralls and changed his sweaty shirt into a coffee coloured tee. Next he signed out before leaving and hopped into his gorgeous '67 Impala and headed into town. Part of him was feeling Chinese food, but another was craving the small French café that had the best turkey, salami, ham, prosciutto, coleslaw, cheese, and tomato sandwich that he ever fucking had.

Upon entrance a wave of cold air rushed in Dean's face. It was a popular place so the tables were mostly taken up. He saw one or two open and a friendly Asian-American girl with large breasts seated him in one of those tables.

"Do you want a menu or do you know what you want already?" she asked politely.

Dean smirked and watched her cheeks heat up. "I'll have the Italian sub and fries, thanks," he spoke in a sultry voice and watched as she scurried off to the kitchen. He smiled to himself as he pulled out his cell phone, not expecting to have to wait long when he heard the distinct loud clicking of high-heeled shoes on the tiled floor.

His eyes went straight to look for those shoes and landed on a pair of wedges with white straps and a pink bow. Dean's eyes sort of decided they had a mind of their own and went up and down the girl, thoroughly checking her out. Tall, thigh-high cream coloured stockings with more pink bows and a pleated black schoolgirl skirt rested over her plump ass. She wore a white button down shirt that was tucked into the skirt and a blue ribbon around her collar. There was something familiar about that honey coloured cardigan…

Their eyes clashed and it occurred to him that he was checking out his younger brother in law.

"Cas," he barely whispered. He was holding a plate with my sandwich and fries along with a tall glass of limeade.

"D—Dean," he whispered in recognition.

Castiel must've realized after a second that he was being unprofessional and placed the food down on the table. He then tried to scurry away but he held his hand out and caught his thin wrist. "Wait—" Dean said a little loudly but was thankful to catch the sexiest moan that Dean had ever heard pass Cas' lips.

"Castiel? Is he causing you problems?" a man asked, nearing Dean's table now. The blond man looked shocked and embarrassed.

"What? I'm his brother in law!" he cried, glad that it was loud inside the store and not many people heard. The man meant business but cocked a brow when he spoke the second sentence.

"He is, Victor. Thank you though," Castiel said in a small as though frightened voice.

The tall African American man nodded and walked off.

"Did you want to tell me something, Dean?" Cas asked timidly. It was so cute how shy he looked.

Dean paused for a second. Cas did seem like the kind of person that people wanted to protect. Well, look at him. He's small, trembling in a small skirt and a long cardigan. Most people here probably believed that he was a girl too. "Well, for starters, why do you work here? Sam told me you're getting into some big-time college. Full ride, too."

Cas blushed. "I like it here."

"Sit down with me," Dean suggested. For some reason, the older male wanted to talk to him, get to know him. Possibly get or somehow try to understand why a young man like himself would dress… The way he does, he supposed.

Castiel shook his head no; a scarlet blush over his cheeks and then muttered something about being busy and scuttled off.

Dean was left sitting there, watching his little brother in law shake his perky little ass as he walked away.


"Yeah, Dean. You're working on getting your bachelors in physics! And I have a lot on my plate right now so I volunteered you."

"Honestly, Sammy? I don't even know the little runt and every time I try to talk to him he runs off."

"Please Dean. Why don't you try? There's something," Sam paused and Dean could hear him chuckling, "there's something important you're missing about Castiel."

"Could you not be a cryptic bastard? What, does he have Asperger's or something?"

"Just… Ugh, Dean. Please do this for me. For Anna and me. We've got this whole thing set up and we have our plane tickets—Dean, is it really that big of an inconvenience?" Sam sounded incredibly perplexed now.

Dean grunted. "Dude, he has three older brothers. Why aren't one of them taking him in for the week?"

"Castiel doesn't get along with his brothers very well. Fuck—ask him yourself I can't even explain it. So can you do this or not?"

"Alright, whatever. Give me his address," Dean sighed. "I need to pick him up, don't I?" Sam gave Anna's address and Dean wrote it down, recognizing the area code to be just two or so cities over that wouldn't take more than an hour to drive to.

"Thanks a lot, Dean. This means a lot. He may not be normal up to your standards, but he's a great kid. You'll get along fine," he suggested.

Dean sighed exasperatedly, forcing it to be loud and overly dramatic. "You know you really fucking owe me, Sammy. Really."

"You know me, big brother." Sam had a knowing smirk in his voice and Dean relaxed. He knew he was giving his brother a hard time and he wanted Sam to have a great honeymoon after all. "Alright whatever, I have shit to do. By the way, you should really talk to Cas. I think he has a crush on you or something," Sam said, the smirk evident in his voice.

Dean blushed. He didn't mean to, it just sort of happened. He couldn't really explain the attraction he felt for his new cross-dressing brother in law. He was hot, his face one of the most smoldering yet innocent that he had ever seen, with a girlish body to boot. And honestly, Dean wasn't ruler straight like he led most people to believe.

"Fine. I was joking. See ya, you big jerk," Sam exclaimed childishly.

"Later, bitch," Dean said with a smug smile. He heard Sam's chuckling before he ended the call and Dean put his phone down, deciding he would have to get this show on the road. He padded up the stairs in his house to his bedroom and pulled on some jeans rather than leaving in his old sweats that he slept in for the past two weeks.

It wasn't like he was concerned about making a bad first impression. Hell, he hardly even knew the kid and he was worried about looking like a hobo. Dean entered the bathroom and washed his face. God—why did the fucking kid have such an affect on him anyway?!


"Hello, Dean."

Dean tilted his head and stared at him. Castiel's voice sounded extremely low and almost gravelly. He lifted his hand and ran it through the kid's onyx wavy hair. "Hey, Cas. What's up?"

"N—not much."

Dean clapped his hands together and nodded. "Alright, well you wanna throw your stuff in my car? I'll be right out, um, I want to talk to your sister." Castiel gazed at Dean for another good three seconds before he seemed to catch himself and nod. He turned and walked outside, his head down. The blond man didn't press him for anything, but instead shook the boy's strange attitude off and entered further into Anna's extremely large townhouse that she shared with her little brother.


"Yeah, just came by to grab Cas," he told her and Anna nodded. The redheaded woman held a mug of steamy tea in her hand and she looked down in it, waiting for something. Finally she scratched the back of her hand and offered a small smile. Dean began abruptly, "So, I'll be going—"

"Look. Dean." Her voice was louder than Dean's and he paused, caught off guard.


She bit her lip nervously. "I remember what happened… A couple years ago." She looked up and emerald clashed with jade. Dean cocked a brow. "The back of your impala after that party?"


Dean cleared his throat and nodded.

He waved his hand in the air as if dismissing it. "It's nothing. You don't have to bring it up with Sammy. I—it's old news." The blond haired boy shuddered when she reached out and clasped his hand in her ice cold ones.

"No, Dean. I actually told him." Anna looked apologetic. "I hope you're okay with it. Sam was a little… He was mildly upset, but it didn't bother him too much. He just said as long as there's no lingering feelings, everything is fine."

Dean nodded. "There's nothing, Anna," he said softly. They made eye contact before she leaned up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Thank you. And also thank you so much for looking after Castiel for me." Dean relaxed into the hug. Anna pulled back a few seconds later and smiled. "He can be a little weird around people he's not too close with, but he's had too many issues in the past with his brothers and their, err, spouses. Then when Sam said you were perfect, I felt so relieved."

A half-hearted smile made its way onto Dean's lips. "It's no problem. I'll try to get to know him."

"Thanks Dean. We owe you one," she said with a wide smile. Dean waved and made his way out of the kitchen with a tight frown and back towards the front of the house to exit. He reached up with his hand to block the blinding sun as he passed the threshold, noticing there was someone else out here with Cas.

There were two teenage boys, seeming no older than Castiel. Dean watched as one reached down and got a grasp on Cas' skirt and deliberately lifted it to flash Castiel's lacy red panties. The blushing boy screamed in protest and when the second boy grabbed the cross dressing boy's wrist, Dean burst into motion.

"Hey!" he barked at the two boys. They took a moment to sort of size the new man up before they tore down the street in fear. Dean had half a mind to drop what he had and haul ass down the sidewalk after the two sons of bitches.

But Dean didn't want to upset Castiel more, and he hadn't noticed that he was actually snarling in indignation and had to make a conscious try to control himself before he approached the shaking boy.

"Cas, are you alright?"

Castiel looked up at Dean with the most heartbreaking teary azure blue eyes and the taller man caved.

"You shouldn't let men like that do that to you," Dean murmured, pushing past the smaller boy and opening the passenger seat for Castiel. He turned and Dean watched as Cas slipped his fat bottom lip in between his teeth and chewed in distress.

The dark haired boy turned and closed the small space between them and bent down to enter the car. When Cas had secured that his frilly skirt that looked nothing short of a Japanese Lolita cosplay was clear of the door, Dean shut the door gently and walked around the front of the car. He yanked out his keys from his jeans pocket and opened the other side of the car door and slammed it behind him.

Dean revved the engine, looking briefly over at Castiel sitting rigidly in the passenger seat, and bolted down the street. It was getting late in the afternoon and Dean wondered if the boy was hungry.

"Have you eaten anything yet?"

Castiel mutely shook his head from side to side and Dean sighed.

"That sucks, because I'm shit at cooking." They crossed the bridge onto an island on their way to Dean's home in San Francisco.

"I—if you'd like…" Castiel began, and Dean paused his breathing through his nose to try and hear what Cas was saying so softly beside him, "I can cook… I do all the time for Anna," he offered.

"So he speaks!" Dean cried with a gallant smile on his lips. This made Castiel embarrassed and he—if possible—shrunk further into the passenger seat of the Impala. "I'm just kidding, Cas. And, seriously, that would be great. Ever since my roommate ditched me, I've been stuck ordering Chinese every night."

"That hardly seems healthy," Castiel breathed and Dean smiled. He shot a discrete look over at the boy beside him and almost wished he hadn't.

There was the tiniest of gasps between Castiel's creamy thighs and his white ruffled skirt had rode up enough where Dean was dangerously close to seeing the boy's red lacy panties again. Something in Dean made him think that that was actually fine, or whatever, since they were both boys and had the same junk whether one of them was wearing pants or not.

But Castiel was so effeminate that it was becoming a turn on to Dean. He pushed the thought out of his head—after all, if he was to live with the kid for almost two weeks alone no less, he couldn't afford to have creeper pedophile like thoughts such as those.

"So when does your summer start?" Dean asked casually, trying to think of different questions to ask the quiet boy. When he realized it, though, there were thousands he could ask. After all, he hardly knew the kid, he reminded himself. He was doing this as a favour for his brother and his wife, and that's all it was. A stupid bloody favour.

Castiel explained that his school gets out in less than a month and that he's not looking forward for graduation. Dean didn't press for answers as to why, but he didn't get the impression (namely because just twenty minutes ago there were two boys harassing him) that Cas had very many friends at his high school.

Dean had collected from Sam that Castiel was a very bright boy, in fact he would be attending Berkeley University of California next year, and for that Dean was shocked. He had gone to a much smaller scale university in Kansas but had opened up a garage/salvage yard with a couple of his friends in San Francisco, (conveniently moving when Sam got accepted into Stanford.)

They arrived at Dean's house, which was a cute and big three-story home on a boulevard off of Market Street. Perks of being the owner of his own successful business.

The place was big in all senses of the word and Dean (if he was being truthful with himself) found himself lonely in the place usually. Since Chuck moved out and in with his new girlfriend, he had not only lost a close friend but his personal chef.

Castiel hauled his bag up the stairs to the house and Dean slotted the keys in the hole, opening the door and holding it open to the boy. Dean, like the gentleman he is, took the duffel off Castiel's frail shoulder and started up the stairs with it, hearing the small padding of feet coming up behind him. There were three bedrooms up here—Chuck's old room, Dean's, and the guest.

The younger boy followed Dean into the first room past the small office and looked inside. There was a queen sized bed and three large windows left half open beside it with pale curtains billowing in the breeze. Castiel noticed the closet across the room, a small side table that had an iHome, lamp, and mini fan, and a desk on the other side of the door. In Cas' opinion, it was the most adorable room he had ever seen.

"Sorry if it's a little messy. My cousin Jo came over a couple days ago and left a disaster behind," he said impishly and made a small attempt to clean up the room. "She goes to San Francisco State so she comes over often," Dean explained further.

"Thank you, Dean, really," Castiel said with utmost seriousness, and when Dean turned he saw that Cas was looking up at him like the older man was the holiest of saints. This made Dean blush and gently push Castiel's face away, hoping to clear the lovesick idol look from his eyes.

"Alright, let's see if you were bluffing about those kitchen skills, huh, Cas?" Dean said and turned around to head down stairs and down the front hall into the kitchen.

Castiel followed right behind and went straight to the refrigerator. He pulled out some tomatoes and basil that Dean had gotten from the farmers market recently and then turned to the pantry and sought out a package of spaghetti noodles and placed those neatly on the counter top. As if he knew where everything was, Dean noticed in surprise, the boy pulled open a drawer and grasped a pot and took it to the sink to fill it with water.

Five minutes later, the pot was on power boil and already bubbling and full of cooking pasta. Dean took a seat at the counter and watched as Castiel became absorbed in what he was doing. He began cutting up tomatoes and basil, and when the pasta was done, he drained it in a colander (that he some how expertly knew where it was) and shook all the water out. He scooped out the noodles and put them into two separate bowls, pouring in olive oil and pepper, dropping a few pinches of salt. Lastly, he added the crushed tomatoes and basil to the top and Dean's mouth was already watering.

"Maybe you should just stay here and be my personal chef," Dean said when Castiel placed the heavenly scented bowl of food in front of him. To the older man's surprise, Castiel let out a soft giggle, covering his mouth with a hand as if to suppress it.

The two ate in relative silence, enjoying the delicious food. Dean couldn't help but notice all the staring Castiel was doing, and not even being subtle about it. Dean paused and he thought for a moment after he finished his bowl.

"By the way, you should really talk to Cas. I think he has a crush on you or something," Sam said, the smirk evident in his voice.

Oh fuck.


"You want to go get some ice cream?" Dean asked. Castiel was sitting in his new room with his laptop on his crossed legs, typing furiously before he stopped and glanced up at Dean, his lips parting slightly and getting that adoring gaze in his eyes again.

"Yes," he said almost eagerly and closed the laptop, tossing it to the side where it got lost in the mess of covers and pillows. God, Dean would really have to talk to Jo about leaving messes around next time.

He slid on a pair of nude Mary Janes with small heals. What with Castiel's long white ruffle dress, pair of black garter stockings, and minimal make up, he had practically transformed into a girl.

Wow, well this would go over well entering the world's gay capitol. He mentally laughed at the idea of letting the poor kid go alone.

As Dean was locking up the house behind him and shoving his wallet in his back pocket, he turned to Castiel. "So, I've been silent long enough," he huffed.

Castiel tilted his head to the side slightly, looking at Dean with those wide azure eyes again.

"Why is it that you dress like that?" he said, feeling ashamed when he finally got the question out. It was none of his business. It was none of his concern—why did he have to open his fat mouth?!

To his surprise, a small smile broke on Cas' lips and Dean let go of a large breath that he didn't know he had been holding. "I dress like this because I like it. I think it's pretty and I want to be pretty."

Okay so that was probably the most the boy had ever said to Dean.

"Is it wrong for a boy to want to be pretty like a girl?"

Dean Winchester was caught completely flabbergasted. This was not a regular occurrence.

"I, um, I'd have to say that it's up to you. It's none of my concern to judge you for who or whatever you want to be," he said truthfully, shaking his shoulders at the cold; the wind easily penetrated the leather jacket he had on.

"Thank you for accepting me, Dean," Castiel said so softly that Dean thought he had imagined it. They walked down the street and went to a very close by although incredibly good ice cream parlour.

Dean ordered chocolate chip and Castiel ordered a strawberry cone. A girl handed it to Cas and he made the most adorable face when he curled his fingers around the sugar cone, bringing it to his lips immediately.

After Dean paid, he watched as Castiel swiped his red tongue into the cherry blossom pink ice cream and took a long lick from the cone to the tip. He then opened his lips and sucked on the dessert, bringing his lips back with a pop. Dean was in a daze.

"Excuse me?" The man standing behind Castiel had a brow cocked as he watched at Dean snap out of whatever haze he was in and place a hand at the back of Castiel's neck, in between his shoulder blades without hurting him and direct the dark haired boy out of the store.

A few men walked by and stared at Castiel, interested looks on their face. Dean felt the need to become his bodyguard and shove Cas in the direction of his house, taking the smaller boy's hand in his and leading him.

Now, as they walked, people weren't staring in adoration at Castiel, but glaring in disgust at Dean.

"What a pervert," a woman whispered to her friend.

"Ugh, men like that deserve to be behind bars," the friend replied.

Dean clenched his hands and Castiel beside him cried out in pain, stopping his lewd licking and looking up in question to Dean.

"Sorry, Cas," Dean murmured, walking now at a faster pace as they crossed the street, still not letting go of Cas' hand.

When they arrived back, Castiel was nearly done and just finishing up the cone. His hands had become sticky and half of the ice cream had slipped down his chin and landed on his dress.

"Are you dirty? Go wash your hands in the kitchen and put your dress in the wash," Dean conducted, not entirely realizing how bossy he sounded. Castiel didn't waste a second as he slipped off his mary janes and practically skipped into the kitchen, holding his hands in the sink to wash with sudsy hot water, wiping his chin and cheeks also.

Dean took off his shoes too and slipped off his jacket to put into the closet by the front door. He scratched the back of his head as he walked down the front hall to the kitchen when he heard the water turn off.

"Did you like the ice—" Dean paused when he saw Castiel standing next to the counter island in the middle of the kitchen with the white frilly dress he had been wearing a second ago in a pool around his stocking clad feet.

Under the dress Castiel had been wearing a pair of black garter stockings that Dean now noticed had little intricate rose designs in them, but stopped mid thigh. The garter belt was tight on his hips, his small love handles visible now.

And fuck, Dean had been right about those red lace panties. They left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and gave the exact outline of Castiel's not-so-impressive cock lying compressed against his crotch.

And here a second ago, Dean was thinking about how child-like Cas was spilling ice cream all down his front and smearing it over his cheeks. Maybe the boy wasn't exactly what he led Dean to believe he was—after all Dean did have eyes. He saw the way Cas seductively sucked and licked up his dessert and now he found wore adult women clothing to boot.

Dean was beyond words at this point and found his brain completely blank.

"D—DEEEEAN!" Castiel screeched finally and Dean turned on his heel, high tailing it the fuck out of there.


It was getting later now, and Dean would be lying if he said it had been an uneventful afternoon.

He heard the water from the guest bathroom turn off and he supposed Castiel was getting out of the shower now. Dean knew that meant he couldn't leave his room for the next five to ten minutes in fear of accidentally peeping on Cas once again.

The door to Castiel's room closed and Dean sneaked out into Chuck's old room that was completely cleaned out and left in mint condition. The blond man sighed. Although Chuck was a fucking kook, he was cool in a way. They had interesting conversations and it was always great when Ash came from work with Dean and the three shared a blunt or two.

A small rattling sound echoed in the room and Dean headed into the corner. A small black cage sat atop a white desk, a moving mass inside of it. Dean approached it and opened it, putting more food in the rabbit cage.

Yes, Dean Winchester owned a bunny.

It was Chuck's initially, but the little guy had taken a liking to Dean and when Chuck found out that Becky was allergic to pretty much every animal gracing this earth, he hadn't felt bad at all asking if Dean would like to have him.

"C'mere, Ruby," Dean cooed and the fluffy animal hopped toward the entrance and into Dean's arms. She was a very dark brown with black eyes. The eye part was almost eerie, but Dean had become accustomed to the odd demon-ness of his pet rabbit.

The blond man gave the bunny a few pets as he refilled her water and such. Unfortunately, bunnies shit a lot. As do pretty much everything on earth, granted, but bunnies don't give a shit where they leave it around the house. Ruby in specific is perpetually uncaring. She hides in crannies and nooks in the house and leaves the grossest messes behind, and sometimes she sneaks out in the backyard, which is totally beyond Dean and nests for days.

The clock on the wall notified Dean that it was almost ten thirty. The bunny was put back in her cage and Dean thought he would let her roam around tomorrow to stretch her legs a little. It had been more than fifteen minutes, so he assumed Cas would be in bed now, hopefully asleep.

Dean left the room and tip toed to the room next door, giving it the softest of nods before twisting the handle and entering. The light was off but the small lamp on the bedside table was faintly on. Dean smirked at the boy passed out in the covers. He was wearing a pair of boy shorts, as they were not long enough to be classified as actual briefs, and a navy blue tank top. He was out cold, his bangs wild over his face.

Dean didn't want to disturb him, but he bent down and began picking up things that Jo had left behind, putting the clothes back into the closet. Dean had to suppress a laugh when he looked at some of Jo's clothes like skinny jeans, band tees, or ankle socks and then compared it to Castiel's open duffel back that seemed packed to the brim with skirts and lewd panties and stockings.

It had been longer than Dean had thought he would be in there cleaning, but maybe he felt comforted by the soft breathing coming from the sleeping boy.

"Mmmm…" Cas moaned in his sleep and Dean turned around and looked at the boy on the bed. Castiel's lips were slightly parted but his eyes closed. "Daddy…"

Something in Dean's pants twitched and he suddenly became aware that one whispered word from a girly eighteen-year-old boy could make him half hard.

"Daddy… Daddy!" Castiel moaned now, rutting his hips up against the covers. "Yes, please Daddy!"

Dean needed to go and he needed to go now. He could take a cold shower or something yeah he needed one of those. Fuck, it wasn't right to be this hard because of his little brother in law. His eyes were stuck to the floor but finally found the pair of panties that Cas had been wearing earlier and glared at them and then back at Castiel. "Fuck me," he groaned and snatched them off the floor, retreating into his own room.

Dean didn't mean to slam the door, but he did and it wasn't so loud so he didn't care that much. Cas seemed like a heavy sleeper anyway. He threw the covers off the bed and slid in, yanking his pajama bottoms down past his heavy balls and hard cock, slipping his hand under the pillow to pull out the small travel size bottle of lube and uncapped it, squirting the cold stuff onto his fingers.

When his hand touched his cock for the first time in days, it had Dean gasping. He started sliding his hand up and down his lubed cock, biting his lips from moaning too loudly. Then he added the lacy panties.

His hand was now flying up and down his great length, squeezing the now wet and hot piece of undergarment to his filthy cock. God, it was just too good to stop and the reprimanding voices of the women earlier today mocking him for holding hands with Cas were still screaming at him.

But he imagined Cas sitting above him, his face wonton with his little pink tongue sticking out and drool sliding down his chin as Dean fucked into him hard and fast.

He came with almost no warning into the panties. He lifted them up and looked at them, the wet and sticky translucent fluids dripping down the lace. Dean blushed. What had he done?

His lips formed a hard line. He threw the article of clothing into the hamper and turned on his side, feeling guilty and humiliated and completely embarrassed of himself. Surprisingly, though, he fell into a deep sleep easily.


Cas' lips twitched. His dick was rock hard. In Dean's hurry to get out of Cas' room, he had left the door open, allowing Castiel to listen to every little lewd moan he made. He had been asleep when the man had entered, but woke up when he heard the door slam.

He believed it had something to do with his naughty dream involving Cas sitting reverse cowgirl on Dean and getting fucked so hard by his Daddy he saw stars.

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