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"I'm nineteen."

"Sure you are, Sweetheart. Let me see an ID," the guard replied sarcastically. "Don't want to get in any trouble by letting in an underage, do I girly?" he snarked.

Castiel rolled his eyes. Well, the dumb guard was only seeing what he wanted to see. The dark haired boy was wearing a very form-fitting, very tight midnight blue dress. Unfortunately, he didn't have breasts so there was no opportunity for him to try and schmooze the older man into letting him in to the nightclub.

"Sir, you don't understand, I left it at home—"

"Hey baby," a man swooped in and planted a hard kiss on the side of Castiel's made up face. "Been looking all over for you."

Castiel could detect a small air of intoxication but when he wrapped his arms around Cas' slim set of shoulders and reeled the boy in close, Castiel knew it was his knight in shining armour.

"Hey, Rufus, she's with me," he said with a cocky wink. The tall African American man pushed his lips to the side and with a small look of annoyance, moved aside just a couple inches—enough for Dean and Cas to slip in. "Thanks man."

"Dean—" Castiel began as Dean led him into the club.

"You look so hot, Cas," Dean observed, leaning in and kissing his boyfriend hard on the lips. "Fuck, making me so hard just looking at you."

Castiel pressed hard back into the kiss, but breaking away when he needed more air. "Dean, I wanted to come alone," he insisted, biting his plump lower lip and teasing it in between his teeth.

This made Dean laugh wolfishly and lean over the bar. He ordered a whiskey for himself and some fruity virgin drink for Cas. At this the younger boy breathed deeply, crossing his arms over his chest. He had put on a bra to keep his act up, a B-32, but it wasn't doing much for him.

"Can't just let you ditch me at home to go and have fun with other boys on your own, can I?" Dean snarked, taking a hold of Cas' drink and passing it to him.

"I hate you," Castiel murmured under his breath and Dean laughed loudly, throwing back his drink.

"I said I'm sorry, baby," Dean offered, clasping the back of the cross-dressing boy's neck and pulling him in close. "But I'm not going to let you get drunk and get fucked by some random dirty asshole here."

An hour earlier…

So Dean hadn't been cheating on Castiel per se, but he was about to when the younger caught him.

It had been that fucking slut Bela again, inside Dean's living room, drinking her vodka so seductively and throwing hot lusty glances at Dean from her chair. "We were just talking Cas, God! Why do you have to be so protective!?" Dean had shouted after Castiel had, rather rudely, told the bitch to go home.

"You wanted to fuck her, Dean!" Castiel cried in return. "You're getting tired of me and now you want to fuck an actual girl, isn't that right?" he was getting hysterical. The tears wouldn't stop rushing out of his crystal blue eyes.

"Fuck, Cas! What is it going to take to tell you that I am committed to our relationship? Why do you not trust that I can't have a decent conversation with a member of the other sex?"

Dean looked enraged. It was turning Castiel on to no end. He decided he would keep this going. "Because I'm disgusting, and you're sick of me and you like vaginas—"

"Are you even listening to yourself?" no, I just want you to say sorry and fuck me where she sat. "She means nothing to me, dumbass! I want you! I love—" he faltered, "I love… you, Castiel."

Castiel pressed his lips together in a hard line. "Next time I see her or anyone else here, I'm leaving!" he screamed, heading up the stairs to change to go out for the night. Playing hard to get at its finest.

Back to the here and now, Dean had pulled Castiel into the crowd of people in the center of the room, all gyrating against one another and soaking up the loud electronic music. "You're mine."

"All yours," Castiel complied, lifting his hands up into the air and sliding them around his boyfriend's neck.

"If someone so much as looks at you too long, I'll punch them, Cas. Just wanna let everyone here know that you're mine and not for anyone else's viewing pleasure," he said in a low husky voice in Cas' hear, just hardly above the loud music.

Dean's hands roamed Castiel's thinly covered young curvaceous body. The latter turned around so that he could grind his thick ass and hips against Dean's growing erection. Jolts of pleasure shot up both boys' spines, sending erupting butterflies fluttering in each other's stomachs—the thrill of getting almost fucked in public.

"Did you come here to dance or get me to follow you?" Dean purred sardonically.

"Ass," Castiel muttered, not doubting that Dean had caught it over the loud music.

"You love it," Dean countered, chuckling as he thrust particularly hard against the cleft of Cas' ass.

"Aughh!" Castiel cried. "Take me home," he moaned. They had been at the club for thirty minutes maybe.

Dean didn't need to be asked twice.

They left the club together in a hurry. "You brought the car—"

"Hey baby," shouted a man and then another catcalled.

"Dammit Cas, why did you decide to wear this?" Dean growled, pinching a piece of the clingy fabric. "And more importantly, how the hell did I not see you leave?" he asked, curling his lip back.

"Dean—" Castiel whined.

"Are you cold? You look cold. Here, wear my jacket," Dean cut the boy off and slid his thick leather jacket from his shoulders and wrapped it securely around Castiel's exposed back and shoulders.

Castiel clutched the coat tightly to him and inhaled. Dean. "Thank you, my Daddy," he spoke evenly, not giving the couple who walked past them at that moment a second glance whereas they looked at the Dean and Cas pair with disgust.

He cuddled into Dean's side. The brunette man eagerly wrapped his arm around his boyfriend, enjoying the heat he emanated.

"Like it when you're possessive," Castiel added as Dean opened the passenger side door. He slipped in, pulling his skirt down to be modest. Dean entered the car on the other side and immediately revved the engine, tearing down the street.

"What can I say? I'm selfish. I don't like it when other guys stare at you, baby," he smirked triumphantly, leaning over and planting a hard kiss on Cas' lips. The younger boy blushed heavily and leaned back into his seat.

"H—how did you find me anyway?" he inquired. "How did you know I would be at the club?"

This made Dean chuckle. "Went into your room and saw all your various whore dresses all over the floor. Knew you were looking to go to a bar or night club, and you were going to go to the one I showed you two weeks ago."

"They're not whore dresses."

"Cas. There's one that doesn't have a back and the ass part is see through."

Castiel didn't respond mainly because that dress was one of his favourites. "Fuck you Dean."

"That's what I was looking forward to tonight," Dean snarked, parking outside his house and ripping the car door open and exiting the vehicle excitedly. Castiel screamed in surprise when Dean scooped him up in his arms and ran up the stairs to the front of his house.

"I can't believe you ordered me a virgin drink," Castiel said exasperatedly when Dean managed the door open and threw his keys somewhere into the living room.

"I hate it when you dress like a hot girl to attract other guys," Dean snarled, pressing his lips ferociously against his younger boyfriends.

"I did it to make you jealous, you ass!"

"Hey guys?" Why was there a feminine voice in Dean's house?

Both Dean and Castiel whipped their heads around in the direction of the kitchen where Sam and Anna were standing. "Sorry, didn't mean to cockblock or anything, Dean," Sam said with a smirk.

Looking over at his brunette companion, Castiel saw the look of total fear in Dean's eyes. "What—how did you get in?"

Anna held up a glass of wine. "It appears you forgot, but we had a dinner date."

"You've been gone for," Sam lifted his arm and looked at his wrist watch, "an hour and a half so we just looked through your fridge."

"Yummy pesto, did Castiel make this?" Anna looked past Dean at Castiel. Neither boy said anything to their guests. Still shell-shocked it seemed.

"I knew I saw Anna's pistachio fiat outside," Castiel muttered to himself.

"Oh, and we know you two haven't been exactly platonic since the little babysitting thing two months ago," Sam stated.

Anna stood up and walked over towards the shocked pair, her tall high heels clacking on the hardwood floor. She took her little brother's smaller hands into her own. "Look, Castiel. It's come to my attention that you aren't a kid anymore. And moreover, I'm married to Sam." She turned around and shot her husband a cunning smile to which he returned.

"But I've thought that maybe you wouldn't want to… You know, live with me anymore. And before you get smart with me—I do have eyes," Anna said, glaring at Castiel. The raven-haired boy in turn blushed and looked down at his feet. They had been a little obvious, hadn't they? Leaving the house a mess, the various places in which Dean had fucked Cas were evident when Anna and Sam returned two days later.

"So, Dean, if it isn't too much to ask—"

Dean snorted. "Anna, Cas is already living with me."

Castiel blushed and scooted in closer to his boyfriend. Anna looked confused. "I…"

"Not officially," Castiel muttered.

Dean looked flustered. "Well you always have my place if you want to come home, alright Sweetie?" Anna smiled brightly. Sam took her hand.

"We'll get out of your hair so that you can get back to another one of your crazy monkey make outs," Sam joked, ruffling his hand through Castiel's hair. He groaned in annoyance and tried to fix it, glaring at Sam all the while.

Dean looked tightly at his brother as he clasped their hands together. "You bet." He squeezed his little brother's hand.

Anna kissed Castiel, telling him how much she loves his cooking. "You'll come back and cook for me on the weekends, right?" she asked, biting her lip.

Castiel giggled. "Sure."


Four hours, two Star Trek movies, and a tub of double brownie fudge ice cream (Castiel) later, the two boys found themselves in Dean's king sized bed, the covers strewn all over the floor.

Both French doors that led to the small balcony were open, allowing a cool summer breeze to flow into the room. Dean didn't have work the next day and it was Castiel's summer break before school started in a month so they both didn't have much to worry about.

They weren't exactly cuddling, but lying close enough where they could hear each other's even breathing.

"Dean, you're a good babysitter," Castiel mumbled sleepily.

The little scratching on the floor alerted the two that Ruby was in the room. They ignored her.

"Dean, I love you."

Thinking Dean was asleep; Castiel didn't expect the man to return the three words. He turned his head to the side to get into a more comfortable position when Dean reached out and grabbed him closer to his body, wrapping his long, tan legs around his smaller boyfriend oddly like an octopus.

"Cas, don't call me Daddy anymore," Dean mumbled, half awake.

Castiel pouted. "Doesn't turn you on?"

"Sure it does; I just want you to call me—I dunno. Something more affectionate; something that isn't some kind of sex game because I don't know about you, but it was pretty damn awkward when that couple heard you earlier tonight," Dean said, his pretty eyes closed against the pillow.

Castiel's ragged breath on Dean's face made him open his eyes. What he saw was not what he had honestly been expecting.

"Cas…" he groaned, leaning in and kissing the fat tears that were streaming down the eighteen year old's face. The boy's lip quivered and he sniffled. "Cas, stop it."

He shuddered and pushed his face into the crook of Dean's neck, allowing his boyfriend to rub soothing circles into the back of his shoulder blades.

"It's alright, Angel. You're perfect."

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