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The air in Hollow Bastion was crisp, and the sky was cloudy. The streets were empty, but that wasn't new. Hollow Bastion City was never one of commotion, never one of too much activity. There was occasional person walking along the streets, their heads hidden in scarves and hoods, due to the cold.

Roxas Kazoku was one of these people.

He rubbed his hands together through is red gloves, This is ridiculous, he thought. It's one of the coldest days of the month, and I'm all the way in Hollow Bastion.

Truth be told, Roxas was not a citizen here. He was from Twilight City, and he couldn't help but notice how silent everything was. His kind of place; Twilight was never a place that suited him.

Not just because of the silence.

Apartment 104, 105, 106... He continued to walk past the buildings until he found what he was looking for. He wasn't sure what he was expecting. The building was a light blue, the paint cracked and withered with age. The windows, full of spider webs, had protective bars over them. The door was old too; Roxas could bet that he could kick it down. Not that he would, of course. In the door read, Apart. 109 in cracked, golden colors.

Hesitantly, he put the designated key into its slot, and opened the door. The inside of the place was much better, cleaner. Still, not the place I'd choose for a recovery group. It looked like someone actually lived here, he swore he could smell something cooking. He dismissed the thought.

Roxas still couldn't believe he was here, alone, and traveled miles, just for a recovery group. Weren't there any groups back home? His problem wasn't that bad...

Even if he tried to kill himself.

But, that was the main problem. The group was centered around suicidal teens around the age of 15, like Roxas, to the age of 18. People seem to think that the only people who understand teenagers are other teenagers. That's stupid; sometimes they don't even understand themselves, let alone others.

But Roxas was forced to come, and interact with five complete strangers. Three of them were guys, two of them were girls. That's all he knew.

He walked up the stairs, the floorboards creaking under his boot-cloaked feet. He took of his scarf and stuffed it into his pocket. He did the same with his gloves. The temperature was slowly rising, so the accessories were becoming unnecessary.

We walked along the second floor, looking for signs of people. He couldn't be the first person here, could he? He was soon interrupted by the sound of something breaking. He ran to the last room and swung the door open, and was blinded by the sudden brightness.

When his vision cleared, he saw that he wasn't the only one here. There was a girl, she looked seventeen or so, with dark blue hair that reached the bottom of her neck. She was wearing a black long-sleeved sweater, with short jeans. She was in her socks, bent down, cleaning whatever was on the floor at the moment. Next to her, standing, was another girl, one who looked Roxas' age. This one had short, black hair. She was wearing a blue jacket over whatever she was wearing, if she was wearing anything. Roxas pushed those thoughts away, he shouldn't be thinking like that about someone he just met. She was wearing long jeans, and some colorful sneakers. Her head was lowered, so he couldn't see her face, nor the first girl's for that matter.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." The younger one said. "I'm such a screw up."

"It's alright, Xion. I should be saying sorry; I was the one who bumped into you," The blue haired girl raised her head to face her, showing off her kind smile. It was at that moment that she noticed Roxas for the first time.

"Oh, hello. I didn't see ya there. Are you here for the group too?" She asked, and Roxas noticed her beautiful eyes. Blue, just like his. The blonde nodded.

"Take a seat..."

"Roxas." He said.

"Take a seat, Roxas. Let's wait for the others." He nodded again, and stole a glance at the other girl, the one called Xion. She had raised her head now, and she had blue eyes too. But these looked sad, with red edges.

He's silent as he sits down and takes out his phone. He has a text message from Cloud, his guardian,

Hey Rox. Everything OK?

He sighs and responds:

Yeah. Don't send me anything else. We're about to start.

It's funny how fast Cloud responds.

OK. Love you.

He hates that word. People use it recklessly, without thinking what that means. But... he feels like Cloud truly means it.

Roxas' thought was interrupted by a figure at the door. This one was a guy, with outrageous brown hair. It was spiky, the spikes aiming in different directions. He was wearing a gray sweater over a blue polo shirt. He was in jeans, with grey casual shoes.

"Hello, I'm Sora Kisaragi. I'm here for the recovery group." He said, his voice chirpy. He didn't look chirpy, though. He looked depressed, just like the rest of them.

"Of course." The blue-haired girl smiled. "Just sit down. We'll be starting shortly."

Sora nods and takes the seat next to Roxas. He stretched a hand towards him and grinned. "Nice to meet'cha. I'm Sora."

"I'm Roxas. Roxas Kazoku." He answers, and smiles back. This guy's attitude is contagious.

"Guess we all got sent here, huh?"

"Yeah. Still, I wonder why in Hollow Bastion. I mean, there's nothing here."

"You got that ri-"

Sora was cut off by two more people at the door. The last two guys, one with short, sliver hair, and the other, who looked older, with spiky red hair. The first one had eyes like the Caribbean ocean; a deep and bright teal. The older one's were a bright green, like a cat's. The younger one wore jeans, and a black long-sleeved shirt. The older one seemed more reckless, wearing a black T-shirt with some punk band and jeans, with black sneakers.

"Welcome, you two. Here for the recovery group?" The girl asked for the third time.

"Yeah," they answered simultaneously.

"Are you two together?" Xion asked.

"No," the shorter one answered. "We just arrived at the same time. Pure coincidence."

"Oh... Sorry..."

"Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong." The red-head asked.

"Bad habit... I can't help it. Sorry." She apologized again.

"Let's all get settled, hm?" She directed them to the chairs, and they sat down. The one with red hair sat next to Sora, while the blue-haired girl sat next to Roxas. Xion sat next to Aqua, while Riku sat in between Xion and the redhead, closing their rather small circle.

"Now that everyone's here, we can start. I'm Aqua Hamasaki, and I'm from Land Of Departure," She smiled. "Now you introduce yourselves."

"I-I'm Xion Amuro. I live here in Hollow Bastion." If she started, that means Roxas was next, going anti-clockwise.

"Roxas Kazoku, I'm from Twilight City." he said simply.

"Hey there! I'm Sora Kisaragi, straight from the Destiny Islands!"

"I'm Axel Haruka. Go it memorized? I came all the way from Radiant Garden."

"My name's Riku Matsushita. I'm from Radiant Garden too." The silver-haired boy stated, finishing the introductions and formalities.

"So, do we all know why we're here?" Aqua asked. Everyone nodded. "Why?"

Xion spoke up, "Because all of us have tried to commit suicide."

The room was silent; it was the truth, but that doesn't mean people wanted to hear it.

"Correct," said Aqua. "And our loved ones want us to move on, so they brought us together to share our stories." She looked around. "Would anyone like to go first voluntarily?"

To Roxas' surprise, a hand shot up.

"I'll start."


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