Voice of an Angel

Lucy sighed as she run her delicate fingers through her shiny blonde hair. She is really thankful that class has to end without the presence of a certain pink haired guy. It seems that Mr. Perfect has something to take care of that he was actually excused for the rest of the class that was after lunch.

Well, class didn't necessarily ended peacefully. Some of girls in her class tried throwing crumpled papers with insults written on it towards her. As usual, she didn't let it affect her. If she let herself be affected then the girls would take this as an opportunity to bully her even more.

The blonde teen was snapped out from her thoughts when she suddenly felt someone snaked their arms towards her waist and pulling her. 'W-what the hell?'

She looked at the scene before her before realizing that the stoplight already turned green, signaling the cars to go. She let out a sigh of relief before muttering, "T-thank God. I almost had myself killed."

It took her some seconds before noticing that she is still trapped within the arms of her savior. Heat rushed through her face the moment she felt someone's breath in her neck. It sends goose bumps through her body.

"A-ah, ca- y-you c-can let g-go now." Lucy stuttered softly. It was after that statement that Lucy realizes her mistake. "Shit, I wasn't supposed to talk!"

She bites her lip before mustering her courage to look at the person behind her. She couldn't twist her neck to get a full look on the person but she could catch a glimpse of black hair. She said, "R-Rogue?"

The said person didn't say a thing in reply but instead tightened the grip on her. Lucy felt something was wrong so she placed her hand on top of the hand of her savior.

"I'm okay. There's nothing to worry about. Y-you can let go now. Everything's fine! L-look!" She said gently, soft enough so that only for the person behind her to hear.

She knows that Rogue deeply cares for her, always treating her kindly. He never lets her get hurt and even when she sometimes does, Rogue immediately comes to her help. Rogue always assures that she is always safe and sound. And if she isn't, he never leaves her side.

So she knows that Rogue wouldn't let go unless she confirms that she is really okay.

The moment the stoplight changed in to red, the black haired person hesitantly let go of her captive. Without a moment to lose, he suddenly turns away from Lucy and briskly walked away from her.

Lucy giggled, "Ne, thank you for sav-"

She paused as soon as she turned around and found out that Rogue was nowhere to be seen.


The black haired man ran through the streets of Magnolia, trying not to bump in to anyone. He clenched his jaw, trying to suppress the anger within him. He was planning in introducing himself to Lucy by following her when she is on the way towards her home but when he sees her almost crossing the road when the stoplight already turned green, he just can't help but run and save her. He thought of taking this opportunity of introducing himself as her savior but he just lost it when she tried to call him with another man's name.

"Yo Gray!" he heard his name being called by a familiar voice. 'Natsu?'

Gray came in to an abrupt stop, "Oh hey."

"Why were you running anyway?" The pink haired guy tried to peek behind Gray's shoulder, "Is Juvia chasing you again?"

"U-Uh, yeah!" Gray lied.

"Hmp, that must sucks. Does she always stalk you even after class?"

Gray rubbed the back of his head before briefly looking at the sky, "Yeah, something like that."

Natsu narrowed his eyes. It's not like Gray to lie about something but he just let it passed. He'll just ask him some other time plus he has no time to interrogate his friend now. He has far more urgent matters to take care of.

The blonde haired teen walked passed a nice looking coffee shop and decided to stay there for a while. She didn't order anything. She just sat in one of the chairs and started dialing a number on her phone. When it started ringing, she placed it near her ear. She waited for a while before a familiar voice answered.

"Ze-" Lucy was cut off when she heard a cough from the other line. Lucy's eyes softened, "Ah, Ferez, I'm here at a coffee shop which is 4 blocks away from the school. You can come and fetch me now."

"I'll be on my way, Lucy-sama."

"How many time did I tell you not to call me that!" Lucy scolded with a hint of playfulness.

"Hm, I kind of lost count.." The person on the other line chuckled, "..Lucy"

Lucy warmly smiled over the phone, "There! It's not so hard to call me by my name isn't it?"


"Hey! Don't ignore me!" Lucy childishly pouted.


"Fine be tha-" Even before Lucy could finish her sentence, Ferez hang up on the phone. "Hmp, that meanie."

Lucy had never tried asking her chauffeur to directly fetch her from the school. It would make her look like that she is more than mute scholar. And what would she do if some of the students starts suspecting that she is more than she seems and that she is hiding a lot from them?

It was a good thing though that she never revealed her true appearance in the media. Lucy Heartfilia still remains a mystery to the whole world. Whenever she appears in exclusive parties, she always dyes her hair brown with gold streaks and wears blue contact lens.

"Thank God that there's not much people in the café." Lucy thought. It was better for her if only a few people would see her getting in to such a high-class car. And she is also grateful that there's no one that she knows from school. She doesn't want to catch red-handed.

Lucy placed her chin at her left palm as she stared at the window at her left. She could see cars speeding down the road and some people passing by. She observed every person that passes by. She needs to make sure that no one would recognize her.

"Miss, are you going to order something?"

Lucy honestly didn't hear it the first time around since she was in deep thought. So she just stared at the blonde man at her right and elegantly raised her eyebrow. She still keeps up her mute facade.

The man's mouth gives a slight twitch, trying his best to smile. After all, the boss told him that he needs to do be patient and good with the customer or else he'll be fired away. And that doesn't sound that pleasant to him since this is his seventh part time job and he isn't planning in losing it just yet when he was starting to get the hang of it.

He's currently more than happy with his job since the place is just new, there aren't a lot of people coming in and because of that it makes his job much easier. He only has to work when a customer comes in which is kind of rare. Plus he receives a good amount of salary.

"I repeat, miss, are you going to order something?" He gritted every word out, while trying his best to suppress his emotion which is getting harder by the second since the girl in front of him just keeps on staring at him, not saying anything as if trying to infuriate him more. He clenched his fist. 'Calm down' he thought while taking a few breathes.

Lucy stared at the man in front of her. She seriously can't hear the words he said. She could clearly see that he is trying his best keep himself from bursting out his emotion bu-

The waiter suddenly slammed his palm in to the table. "Are you trying to make me angry or something? I said, Are you going to order something or not?!" He said trying to minimized his voice. He doesn't want his boss to found out that he's having an argument with a customer.

The blonde girl didn't waver. She continues to look at him in the eye before shaking her head.

The man had enough. 'If this girl isn't here to order something then what did she come here for?!' This time he kicked the table, making it fall in to the cold hard ground.

He was sure that the girl in front of him will start to shake in fear. With his spiky blonde hair and his lightning bolt shaped scar, it is guaranteed that everyone will be intimidated by him with his appearance alone. And what's more, he is dealing with a girl. She is bound to tremble and beg for her life to be spared.

An arrogant smirk made its way to his lips. He was tired of playing this good waiter thing. As much as he wants to keep his job, he can't stand it when somebody is looking down on him. He removed his gaze from the table and instead transfers it to the girl.

Lucy was tired. Many things had happen today and she was sure that nothing would surprise her anymore. She almost met her end today, she met two popular guys, she felt the anger of the fan girls and now this waiter is asking for a fight? Hah. She can handle it. And if she can't, well, she's sure her chauffeur is on his way and she could just make a run for it. Or she would handle him herself.

Her expression didn't change. She just gave an indifferent and bored look. She has nothing to fear since her chauffeur is on his way to come and save her. Plus she was sure as hell that this man in front of him is not a student from her school since if he was, she must have taken note of him since he's quite a stand out with the delinquent vibes he gave off. So she guessed it was okay to let him see another side of her.

He didn't bother hiding his surprised look.

The girl in front of him didn't even flinch nor shake in fear in front of his presence. This is definitely the first time this had happened to him. The annoyed look in his face was removed and instead it was replaced by bewilderment.

"Ne, why aren't you scared?" The waiter asked in complete curiosity as he stared at the caramel eyes of the blonde. Getting the feeling that the girl in front of him wouldn't speak, he placed both of his hand at the back of chair. By now, his muscular body is hovering over the blonde.

There was no escape from the situation Lucy was in. She was like a mouse cornered by a cat or a prey that has been captured by its predator. But the weird thing is that, she has this odd sense of security. It was as if, despite the position they are in, she knows that he wouldn't do any more than this.

"Why don't you speak?" The waiter raised his left hand. He was about to remove a single strand from the girl's face but his wrist was forcefully grabbed.

"Don't you dare lay your hand on her."

After feeling the ominous and dangerous aura from the newcomer, the waiter immediately pulled back his hand and jumped back away Lucy. He inspected the newcomer from head to toe before narrowing his eyes in suspicion, "What are you doing here?" He said with complete disgust and hostile. 'No, more importantly, why are you with her?'

'You know each other?' As much as Lucy wants to ask, she can't. But with just her expression alone, Ferez was able to get the message.

"No. Now, let's go." Ferez immediately grabbed the blonde's wrist. Lucy stood up and let Ferez lead her to the car. She didn't hesitate to follow his orders since she owe him. It was thanks to him that she managed to escape from her situation from the waiter.

"As if I'll let you go that easily! Shouldn't you be locke-" The waiter's mouth was shut off when Ferez looked back and glared at him.

It was at that moment that Laxus Dreyar realizes his mistake. How could he forget that he was talking to the perso, no, monster that was almost held reliable for the destruction of the world and extinction of humankind?

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