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Chapter One: New Discoveries and Missing Letters


"Brian Joseph Thatcher! For the last time, stop taking your sister's wand!"

"But Mama! Pwetty bubbles!" Brian said gleefully, bouncing up and down as he pointed at the multicolored bubbles that came from the thin wooden wand he was waving above his head like a sword. His mother, Catherine Thatcher, sighed heavily before she left the kitchen stove and picked Brian up from the floor, taking the wand from his hand.

"Mama!" Brian wailed, his face turning pouty as he reached for the wand.

"No Brian, we told you, no touching Mia's wand," said Catherine.

"My wand! My Wand!" said Brian, looking close to tears. Catherine sighed again as she placed a struggling Brian up in his high chair, and then turned to her eldest child and only daughter, Mia, who was staring determinedly at her pancakes, biting her lips to stop herself from laughing.

"Mia," said Catherine, her hands on her hips. "Your father and I told you to be more careful about where you leave your wand! Brian might hurt himself!"

"I'm sorry Mum," said Mia, trying her best to keep her voice even and keeping her eyes fixed on her food, knowing that she would crack if she dared to look up at her mother.

"I'm serious, Mia, you can't leave things like this laying around," Catherine said as she handed the wand back to her. Swallowing her giggles, Mia looked up at her mother and gave her an apologetic and sheepish smile.

"I'm sorry Mum," she repeated, this time more sincerely, and making her blue eyes nice and big. Catherine face softened and she smiled slightly, shaking her head as she went back over to the stove to finish cooking Brian's breakfast.

"What am I going to do with you two?" she muttered as she scrambled up some eggs. Mia smiled at her and then went back to eating her pancakes and bacon. Ever since Mia had come home for the summer holidays, she has barely been able to keep her wand safely out of her two-year-old brother's reach, no matter what she did. He always found a way into her room when she wasn't around and snatched her wand from under her pillow, inside her table drawers, and he even managed to climb up her bookshelf in order to get it. Although it annoyed her to no end and gave her parents headaches, Mia had to admit that Brian was extremely clever.

To the common eye, Amelia Thatcher was just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. She had two loving parents, an adorable baby brother, lived in a big house in a quiet neighborhood, went to school, and had the three best friends that anyone could ever ask for. On the contrary, while all of this was true, it wasn't common knowledge that Mia was anything but ordinary. In fact, she was quite the opposite-she was a witch. A young witch who had just returned home from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she has been learning how to cast spells, master magic, and brew potions along with many other children like her. She and her best friend, Harry Potter, the boy who has been her closest companion since she was eight years old and practically like her brother, attended this school together after receiving their acceptance letters last summer. Mia was a Muggleborn, which means that her parents, and maybe Brian, were Muggles (non-magic folk). Harry, however, was born to a witch and wizard, although for the longest time, he had no idea.

Harry Potter, along with being her best friend, was also one of the most famous wizards of all time. Many years ago, when Harry was only a baby, the most feared and dangerous wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, came to Harry's house and murdered his parents, James and Lily Potter, in cold blood. When Voldemort had turned his wand on Harry, the curse rebounded upon himself, and his body was destroyed, and the dark lord fled into exile. It was because of this that Harry was famous. He was left with nothing but a scar on his forehead in the shape of a bolt of lightning, and was to be left on the doorstep of his relatives, where he would spend the next ten years of his life. Mia and Harry had met when they were in primary school, right after Mia and her family had moved to Little Whinging. They immediately became best friends, and had been together ever since.

Mia and Harry had had some wonderful times at Hogwarts together, and they even made two other very good friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Hermione was Mia's best girl friend, and was a Muggleborn like her, while Ron came from a huge family, all made up of wizards. The four of them had fun days at Hogwarts, but they also had frightening adventures as well. At the end of last term, while trying to save a powerful magical object known as the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry and Mia had come face-to-face with Voldemort, and they were lucky to make it out alive. Mia shivered when she thought of that horrible, snake-like face she had seen, and those evil, malicious eyes. She had been scared to death when Harry had gotten hurt, and she never really forgave herself for not being able to protect him. But Voldemort is gone for now, and it comforted her to know that she and her friends were safe. But oh, how Mia missed Hogwarts. She missed the classes, the moving staircases, the ghosts, the talking portraits, and she even missed Quidditch! Harry was the youngest member on the team, and he was absolutely brilliant! She always loved to watch him play. Yet even more than that, she missed Ron and Hermione. She and Harry didn't have any other friends from home, so she missed the two of them terribly.

But it looked like Ron and Hermione didn't seem to be missing her as much. At the beginning of the holidays, Mia received letters from Hermione two or three times a week, along with Ron. However, as the weeks went by, their letters became fewer, and then suddenly, they stopped altogether. At first Mia didn't think too much of it, but as more weeks passed on, she was starting to wonder what was going on. It wasn't like her friends to just stop writing like that with no explanation. Mia wasn't even getting anything from Jenna, or even Fred and George! It hurt that none of her other magical friends were writing to her, and she didn't understand why. When she voiced her concerns with Harry, she was surprised to hear that Ron and Hermione hadn't written to him at all. He hadn't received a single letter, and he couldn't write to them because Mr. Dursley, his uncle, had forced Harry to lock up Hedwig in her cage so he couldn't send off letters. The whole situation confused Mia to no end, but she didn't know what she could do about it.

"Mia!" Brian yelled, trying to get her attention. "Mia!"

Mia was snapped out of her thoughts as and she looked over at her brother.

"What is it Bry?"

"Magic!" he said. "Do magic!"

"I'm sorry Brian, I can't," said Mia. "I can only do it one time."

Brian pouted at her and kept repeating "magic" over and over. The little boy had been asking Mia to do magic ever since she had made an apple dance across the kitchen counter when she first arrived home. Muggleborn children were allowed to show their parents a piece of magic to prove that they were learning in school, and Brian was ecstatic, clapping and cheering as the apple slid by him. But now Mia couldn't do anything else until she went back to school for her second year.

"Pweeeeeease Mia?" said Brian, pulling out his bottom lips and staring at her with his puppy brown eyes, reaching his hands out for her wand. "Pwease?"

"Not fair," Mia mumbled to herself.

"Well, it's your fault for teaching him that," said Catherine as she came over with Brian's eggs, setting them down in front of him. "Eat up now, love."

Brian's mind seemed to be taken off the wand for the time being as he started eating his eggs with his hands, dipping them in the small blob of ketchup. Mia took his distraction to her advantage, stuffing the last few bites of her own breakfast into her mouth and then taking her plate over to the sink to wash it. As soon as she was done, she placed it in the cabinet, dried her hands, and then went over to kiss Brian on the head before running out of the kitchen. She went upstairs to her room near the end of the hall, where a wrapped parcel and a bunch of spell books and parchment were littered across her bed. Mia's professors had given her a good amount of summer work to do, and she wanted to get it done as early as possible so she could enjoy the rest of her summer. She gathering all of her homework and placed it in her trunk for the time being. Then she placed her wand in the back pocket of her shorts, pulling her shirt over it so it was hidden from view, and left the room, going back down the stairs.

"Mum, I'm going out to get Harry," Mia called out.

"Okay sweetheart but remember, we're leaving around two o'clock, so he won't be able to stay long," Catherine called back.

"I know, I'll be back in five minutes," said Mia before opening the door and walking outside. It was a gorgeous summer day in Surrey, complete with a blazing hot sun and a warm breeze. Mia smiled at how beautiful it was outside, then she walked across the street to Number Four, Privet Drive, where Harry lived with his aunt and uncle. She walked on up to the front door and knocked a few times, waiting. As expected, it only took a minute for Petunia Dursley to answer the door, and the minute she saw Mia standing there, she scowled. This was a common occurrence every time Mia knocked for Harry, which wasn't very often, and she would rather Mrs. Dursley answer the door than her husband. Ever since they picked up Harry from the train station last month, and evidently discovering that Mia herself was a witch, the Dursleys have been even more resentful to Mia than they already were, and whenever Mr. Dursley answered her call, he usually told her to go away and shut the door in her face. However, Mia knew that she would have better luck with Mrs. Dursley, no matter how much they disliked each other.

"Good morning Mrs. Dursley," said Mia, trying to be polite. "I was wondering if Harry could come out and play for a little while."

"He's busy doing his chores," Mrs. Dursley answered, her expression sour and distasteful and she peered down at the young girl in front of her. "He has no time-"

"I'm done all my chores, Aunt Petunia."

Mia smiled as Harry came into view beside his aunt, looking up at her pleadingly. His jet black hair was sticking up in all directions, as usual, and his bright green eyes were shining behind his round glasses. Harry was barely an inch taller than Mia, and he was much too skinny, even for a young boy. Mia's always had her suspicions that the Dursleys weren't feeing Harry properly, but she had promised him long ago that she wouldn't tell anyone about it.

"Boy!" Mrs. Dursley snapped. "I thought I told you to-"

"I did," Harry said in a rush. "I woke up early and did everything you asked, I even did some of tomorrow's work too!"

Mrs. Dursley was silent as she glared from one child to the other, and Mia could see the wheels in her head turning. On the one hand, she could let Harry go with her, seeing as the Dursleys didn't like Harry, and would probably be happy that he was out of the house. On the other hand, letting Harry go over Mia's house would make him happy, something that, Mia noticed, seemed to really irritate them.

"Oh, all right!" Mrs. Dursley finally snapped, her expression turning even more sour. "But you better expect to be pulling double work when you get back!"

Harry nodded, and then his aunt practically shoved him out the door, closing it sharply behind him. Mia scowled deeply at this, but it soon lit up into a smile when Harry turned back to face her, a smile of his stretching across his lips. Almost instantly, Mia wrapped him up in a hug, as they did almost every time they would meet up. It just felt so natural to hug Harry, and she never got tired of it. When they released each other, they eagerly walked across the street to Mia's house. As soon as they were inside, Mia and Harry walked through the hall so they could go out the back door in the kitchen. When they entered, Catherine turned and smiled at them.

"Hello Harry dear," she said kindly.

"Hello Mrs. Thatcher," said Harry, smiling back. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you," Catherine replied, but she didn't get a chance to say anything else, because there was a loud squeal of "Awwy!" and everyone turned to see Brian bouncing a little in his high chair, a beaming grin on his face.

"Hey Brian," said Harry.

"Wand!" Brian said loudly. "Wand, Awwy, wand!"

"Oh for goodness sake," muttered Catherine as Harry smiled apologetically at the toddler and Mia rolled her eyes fondly. "I don't know what I'm going to do when you two leave again-Brian's going to be a handful."

"He'll be fine Mum," said Mia. "Come on Harry, let's go out back, my dad put up the tire swing for us!"

Harry nodded enthusiastically, then he and Mia dashed back outside into the sunshine and bounded off the back porch, heading over towards the tire swing that hung from the giant maple tree that stood in a corner of the yard. Mia quickly ran over to it and climbed on, pushing her legs through the hole and sitting there while Harry went behind her and started pushing, making her spin in circles as she went back and forth, giggling.

"I can't believe it's July already," said Mia. "Soon we'll be going back to Hogwarts!"

"I know, I can't wait," said Harry, then his smile faded a little. "Have you heard from Ron or Hermione?"

"No," Mia answered softly. "I haven't gotten anything from them. I don't understand why they just stopped writing to us."

"Me neither," said Harry, and Mia could hear the hidden sadness in his voice. "You don't-you don't think they don't like us anymore, do you?"

"I'm sure they do!" Mia replied quickly, although there was a small part of her that wasn't so sure. "I mean…if for some reason they didn't they probably would have told us, right? And they did write to me at first, but then the letters stopped coming. Do you think something might be stopping the letters from reaching us?"

"I don't see how that can happen," Harry murmured, a thoughtful look on his face. "What could be keeping us from receiving letters?"

"I'm not sure Harry," Mia sighed. "I just know that it's not like Ron and Hermione to stop talking to us out of the blue like that. And your positive your uncle won't let us use Hedwig just once?"

"No," said Harry gloomily. "He won't let me take her out of the cage at all."

"That's just wrong," Mia said, staring hard at the ground. "Hedwig shouldn't be cooped up like this."

"Uncle Vernon says if she keeps making noise than he'll get rid of her," said Harry, and Mia could see the concern in his face.

"That's not going to happen Harry," Mia stated firmly. "If he tries to get rid of her, just bring her on over to my house, I'll take care of her for you."

Harry gave Mia a grateful smile as he continued to push her, and the two of them were silent for a minute or two, each lost in their own thoughts. Was it really possible that Ron and Hermione didn't want to be friends with them anymore? That couldn't be-Mia knew Hermione, and she would never do something like that. But why hasn't she heard anything from her in almost three weeks? It made Mia sad that she hasn't heard from her best girl friend, and she really wished Hedwig was allowed out so she and Harry could get to the bottom of this.

"What time are you leaving for the lake?" asked Harry, obviously hoping to change the subject to a lighter topic.

"Around two o'clock," Mia answered. "I really wish you could come."

"So do I," said Harry. "But you'll have loads of fun without me."

"I highly doubt that," Mia countered with a smile. "What am I going to do for two whole weeks without my beloved Boy Who Lived?"

Harry rolled his eyes at her, but chuckled all the same, making Mia smile even wider. It was true that her, Catherine, Ben, and Brian were going to the lake for a couple weeks, and Mia and Harry tried, and failed, to convince Mr. and Mrs. Dursley to let him come along. Harry was going to be stuck on his own for the next two weeks, and worst of all, Mia would be missing his birthday. The thought saddened her, but she reminded herself it was only going to be for two weeks. Then she and Harry would have the rest of the summer to spend together. After a while, Harry and Mia switched places and she pushed him on the swing for a while, the two of them continuing to talk over small things. They also talked about the upcoming shopping trip in Diagon Alley they would be taking together. They both knew the Dursleys would never even consider taking Harry there, so Mia parents offered to take him when they got back. Both of them were pretty excited to see the Alley again, and Mia was hoping that they would run into Ron and Hermione while they were there.

"I wonder what we're going to be learning this year," Mia mused out loud.

"Hopefully more practical magic," said Harry. "And maybe we'll even have a more peaceful year."

"With your luck, most likely not."

"Hey!" said Harry, glaring playfully at her. "My luck's not that bad."

"Oh really?" asked Mia with a raised eyebrow. "Let's see, Fluffy, mountain troll, Norbert, Devil's Snare, jinxed broom-"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Harry grumbled. "But nothing's going to go wrong this year…right?"

"Probably, since you just jinxed it!" Mia laughed. "And all this time I thought you were smart!"

"Hey!" said Harry, spinning around in the tire. An idea suddenly came to Mia, and she grinned evilly, making Harry's eyes widen in fear. Without warning, she grabbed the tire and started spinning it in circles as fast as she could, ignoring Harry's loud protests.

"Miiiaaaaaa!" Harry yelled as he went round and round.

Mia just laughed at him as she kept going, and after a while, she finally let go, watching as the tire continued to spin around. After a while it finally stopped, and Harry shook his head while slowly getting off the tire. The minute he stepped onto the ground he tumbled over onto the grass. Mia burst out laughing, bending over and falling onto the grass as well as Harry glared at her.

"It's not funny!" he said.

"Yes it is!" Mia gasped, clutching her stomach. "How many of me do you see?"

"Three," Harry grumbled, trying once again to stand up, only to fall again. Mia burst into another fit of laughter, and she was so distracted that she didn't see Harry successfully stand up on his third try and wobble over towards her. By the time she realized this, it was too late. Harry leapt at her, and the two of them rolled around on the lawn until they ended up with Harry pinning her to the ground, a devious smirk on his lips. Mia instantly struggled, but Harry started tickling her sides, making her erupt into a fit of giggles. Harry kept tickling her for about a minute before he suddenly stopped and fell forward on Mia with a loud "Oof!" Both he and Mia looked up to see a happy Brian laying on top of their little pile, his face beaming.

"I win!" he said triumphantly, his expression one of adorable excitement. "I win, I win!"

"Yes Brian, you win," Mia giggled, trying to regain her breath after all the excitement. "Now let us up."

"Mia and Awwy play," said Brian as they all got up, looking at the two pre-teens with a hopeful expression, his eyes big and round. "Pwease?"

Mia and Harry looked at each other.

"He gets that from you, you know," Harry pointed out.

"Yeah, I know," Mia muttered. "Come on Bry, let's play."

"Yay!" Brian yelled happily, clapping his hands together. The next hour was varied between playing tag and hide-and-seek with Brian, and they even took turns holding him while pushing each other on the swing. At one point while playing hide-and-seek, Mia was playing the seeker, and was looking around the yard for Harry and Brian. Just as she was checking behind the tree, she heard Harry's voice from somewhere near the bushes.

"Mia-Mia, come here! Quick!"

Mia went over to where she heard Harry, and she soon found both him and Brian crouched down behind the rose bush, and both of them were looking at something in Brian's hand.

"Harry, what-"

"Shh! Look at this," he said gesturing over to the little boy in front of him. Mia bent down beside them, wondering what this was all about. As soon as she saw what Harry was pointing at, her mouth dropped open in shock, and her eyes widened at the scene before her.

Brian was holding a small rose bud in his palm, and he was staring at it as if he was expecting something. Then, before their very eyes, the bud started to blossom on its own, it's lovely petals opening up, and Mia was gazing at it with a look of shock and complete awe. Once it was fully bloomed, the flower started to close into itself again, until it was once more a simple bud. Brian let out a small giggle at this, and he looked up at Mia and Harry, his eyes shining.

"Magic!" he said. "I do magic!"

"Oh my…" Mia whispered. "I don't believe it-Brian's a wizard."

"This is amazing," said Harry with a smile. "That means he'll get to go to Hogwarts when he's older."

Mia smiled as well and she pulled her brother in for a tight hug, excitement swelling in the pit of her stomach. Brian's a wizard-a wizard! He's special, just like her, and he'll get to learn magic once he's old enough to go to school. Mia always wondered if this was going to happen, and now it is! This was incredible, she couldn't wait to tell her mum and dad!


After discovering that Brian was a wizard, Harry and Mia eagerly brought him back inside the house where they told Catherine about what they had just witnessed. Of course she was surprised to say the least, dropping the laundry she was carrying and staring at them all with wide eyes. At first she was speechless, but after a lot of coaxing, Mia was able to get Brian to make the flower bloom again, and Catherine was simply overjoyed. She couldn't believe she had two magical children, and she gave them both an extra tight hug, saying how proud and happy she was.

They spent most of the morning inside, talking about all the trouble Brian would get himself into at Hogwarts, playing games, and watching some T.V. in the living room. Soon enough Brian started to get sleepy, so he was put down for his afternoon nap while Harry and Mia went up to her room. When they entered, Harry saw Mia' pet Siamese cat, Sapphire, curled up on the blanket, her head under her paws, and bathing in the sun. Upon hearing them enter, Sapphire yawned and stretched out her back, staring at them with curious eyes. Harry went over and took a seat next to the cat. The name tag on her collar jingled as she stood up and brushed herself against him, purring contentedly. Harry stroked Sapphire's fur before she went over to Mia and settled herself in her lap. Harry smiled at Sapphire as she soaked up Mia's affection, and then he looked over and noticed a wrapped package sitting on the pillow. Before he could even ask what it was, Mia grabbed it and handed it to Harry with a grin on her face.

"Happy Birthday Harry," she said.

"My birthday's not for a few more days," said Harry as he took the parcel.

"I know, but I feel bad that I'm not going to be here for it," said Mia. "Besides, I'm hoping this will make it a better day for you."

"Me too," said Harry. "Uncle Vernon hasn't stopped talking about that stupid dinner party he's having. I'm probably going to spend the whole night in my room."

"I'm sorry I won't be here to cheer you up," Mia said sadly.

"It's okay Mia," said Harry, giving her a reassuring smile. He stared down at the package in his hands and began to tear off the wrapping paper. He grew curious when he saw a plain box underneath, but when he opened it, his eyes went wide and a smile came across his face, Inside the box was what appeared to be an entire Gryffindor themed merchandise set. There was a cap with a Gryffindor lion on the front, some red and gold banners, and even a scarlet shirt with gold letters spelling out "Seeker" on the back and the Gryffindor crest on the front.

"Wow Mia!" Harry breathed. "This is great! Where did you get this?"

"While I was writing Hermione we were coming up with some birthday gift ideas," Mia answered as she continued to pet Sapphire's back. "She sent me a catalogue for that Quality Quidditch Supplies store in Diagon Alley, and they sell these packages custom made, so you can get it with any house color. Do you like it?"

"I love it! Thanks!" said Harry enthusiastically, pulling out the cap and placing it on his head. It was a little big and slipped down his forehead over his eyes. He frowned at this while Mia giggled.

"Don't worry Harry, I'll shrink it down to size when we go back to school," she said. Harry smiled at her at the thought, his insides feeling warm at the idea of going back to Hogwarts. To him, it wasn't merely going back to school-it was going back home. Every day since the summer holidays started, Harry had been dreaming of the day when he and Mia would be returning to Hogwarts to start their second year as students, and he was anxious to see his friends again…that it, if he even had friends. He was still upset and confused about why Ron and Hermione haven't written to him, and hopefully he'll see them in Diagon alley and ask what's been going on.

Time seemed to fly by more quickly than they thought, because before they knew it, a couple more hours passed, and it was one o'clock. Harry and Mia were in the middle of watching a film when they heard the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway, soon followed by the opening and closing of the door. The two of them immediately stopped what they were doing, jumped off of Mia's bed and raced down the hall and down the stairs. By the time they reached the hallway, the front door opened and Ben Thatcher stepped inside, wearing his business suit and looking tired, but cheerful.

"Dad!" cried Mia.

"Hey princess!" Ben greeted, his face lighting up at the sight of his daughter running towards him. He set down his briefcase and picked Mia up in a tight hug, kissing her cheek. When he set her down, Ben looked over at Harry, smiled, and pulled him in for a one-armed hug, playfully ruffling his hair. Harry smiled as Ben did this. He was starting to get much better at being embraced so much by Mia's parents, and even after all these years, it was still hard to believe they saw him as their second son.

"How are you Harry?" asked Ben.

"I'm good, thanks Mr. Thatcher." Harry replied.

"That's good to hear," said Ben. "Are you all packed for the lake Mia?"

"Yes," Mia replied. "I'm all set."

Ben nodded at her just as Catherine came into the hallway with a grumpy looking Brian in her arms. He didn't seem impressed at being awakened from his nap. However, the little boy managed a smile when he saw his father and immediately reached out for him, saying "Dada!" While Ben took his son into his arms, Harry turned to Mia.

"I think I should probably get going," he said. "My aunt and Uncle will be expecting me back pretty soon."

Mia looked at him sadly, but nodded all the same. While she went back upstairs to get his gifts, Harry stayed to thank Mrs. Thatcher for letting him spend the day there. She hugged him and told him it was no trouble, and that she couldn't wait to see him when they got back. Catherine gave him a kiss on the forehead just as Mia was coming back down with the box in her hands.

"Don't forget, we're going to Diagon Alley not long after we get back, okay?" she said as she handed him the box. "I'll miss you Harry."

"I'll miss you too Mia," he said. "At least it's only for a couple weeks."

"Yeah, try not to get into any trouble while I'm gone, all right?"

"Come on Mia, what could possibly happen?"

Little did Harry know that in only a few days' time, he would be cursing himself for ever saying those words.

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