Chapter I

"Ne, Shinra. I'm leaving!" Izaya jumped of the examination table and gathered his belongings. He was about to leave when Shinra tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and watched the words forming from his mouth.

"Be careful and don't let Shizuo find out." Izaya read. Yes, it's true. He was deaf. Always had been.

"Don't worry Shinra…I don't intend to." Shutting the door behind him, he walked through Ikebukuro towards the exit to reach Shinjuku. Just as he was about to leave, an "IIIZAAAYAAAA!" was roared behind him. Sensing the vibration because it was so loud, he turned and saw Shizuo.

"Shizu-chan, this isn't very smart. I'm just leaving." He said, pointing to the 'You are now leaving Ikebukuro' sign.

Seeing the point in this, Shizuo halted his assault. "What the fucking hell were you doing in 'bukuro today?" he growled.

"I was visiting people, Shizu-chan. Clients, clients, and more clients. They all refuse to come visit me in Shinjuku so I came here. Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving now." He said, spinning on his heel.

"Wait! I'm not fucking done with you yet." The blonde yelled. Izaya didn't stop. No retort? This was surprising. Wanting to beat the informant up anyway, he followed him and called out his name in the same ear-splitting yell. No reaction.

Roughly jerking the raven around, his eyes were full of confusion. "What the hell? I was going as I said earlier."

"I know. I just wanted to pulverize you in a bloody pulp." Suddenly, Shizuo perked up.

"What was that sound?" He tried to act cool.

"What sound?" Shizuo glanced at the raven.

"That sound that's louder than heck. Why can't you hear it?"

"I can Shizu-chan. It's just that nothing seems abnormal in Ikebukuro anymore."

"I lied, Izaya. There's no sound." No nickname. "What, are you…deaf?" he asked mockingly.

"Maybe…" Shizuo's mocha eyes widened.