Chapter IV

"Mmmnn…" Shizuo groaned at the sunlight streaming in from the window. He tried to shift to a better position but was halted by another warm figure. Memories of the previous night flooded in his mind. His eyes cracked open and lay upon the still sleeping figure of Izaya. He faced the other way and the monster's arms were still curled around him.

The raven stirred then and opened his drowsy scarlet eyes. Coughing at the absence of moisture in his throat, he happened to turn towards Shizuo. Realizing who was hugging him, he panicked a bit but relaxed when he felt Shizuo gently kiss him on the head many, many, times and caress his cheek as a good morning.

"Ne, Shizuo?" he said, looking up to read the response on the other's lips.

"Yeah?" he read.

"I'm scared. I always have been. It's hard being…deaf. I really wish I could hear your voice." The raven covered his face with the blanket halfway.

"Izaya…I know you can't hear my voice, but I can hear yours. I will remember it and cherish ever sweet melody that comes from your mouth, no matter how annoying or rude you want to be to me. And I promise not to let anyone hurt you. I will protect you with every ounce of my remaining life, I swear. Will you trust me and believe I will do that for you?"

"Do you want me to?"


"Then I will Shizu-chan. I'll believe you from now on. I…love you Shizu-chan…"

"I love you more, baka." He chuckled lightly, stealing Izaya's lips in a sweet kiss.