Okay so I just recently was looking for Oscar Wilde quotes online and I came across this. I thought it was a cool quote so I decided to use it in some way. I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter One – The Pride

Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. - Oscar Wilde


How one word could change a life so utterly and irrevocable is mind-blowing. I had grown up believing that this word was law. That anyone deemed with this status was below me. This, in the end was my downfall. I took pride in the fact that I was considered to be part of the upper echelon of wizarding society.

I took pride in the fact that I was better than everyone else. But in the end I wasn't. I was no better than the others of my status, those that had stuck to the pureblood ideals for the last century or more. I was no better than those of the light, who disagree with everything they stood for. In the end, I was no better than the one who I had called this term all those years ago.

In the end I was simply me.

It was not my fault. On the contrary, it almost couldn't be helped. I had been raised with these ideals raised on a pedestal. I had been raised to look down upon the poor and the weak. It was not my own beliefs that had been drilled into me, but the beliefs of my father. He is the one who raised me to show scorn to the world and to treat every living thing as though it was below my status. He is the one who stood year after year, teaching me how to be a gentleman while at the same time teaching me how to be a coward.

He is the one to blame for this situation and I hate him for it. If he had simply shown remorse after the final battle, when the death eaters where being rounded up and had handed himself in, maybe I would of forgiven him. But instead, he turned tail and ran, like the coward he is.

He fled, leaving mother and I to face the Aurors by ourselves, defenceless and at the mercy of the men and women we had fought alongside not an hour before, after switching sides in the heat of the battle. It's this that made me realize that he had never cared for me in the first place. That he was only interested in himself and his own gain.

We waited, mother and I, for two weeks in a holding cell for our fates to be determined. For two weeks we were treated like animals coming up for slaughter. In my time in the cell, mother and I said maybe twenty words to each other, skirting around the fact that for all I had done during the war, trying to repent for the sins of my father, I had been unable to change the fact that I was a Death Eater, despised by most of wizarding society and bound for a life in chains.

My mother, for her act in the Final Battle that had saved the life of the Hero of the Light, would be pardoned for her association with the Death Eater ranks, having never actually been a part of the carnage that they caused in both wars.

Finally, the day came for the verdict. As I sat bound in chains, waiting for my fate to be read out like a child's story to a group of anxious toddlers, I reflected back on my life thus far, remember how much I had loved my father for the first few years of my life. The love soon turned to judgement as I grew older, my father immersing me more and more into the Dark Arts.

I remember clearly when my judgement turned into hate and I knew I would never be able to forgive him for his actions, the day I had returned from my first year of school and had told him I was beaten by the one I scorned.

And as I sat in that chair, waiting for my verdict, I finally realized something. That from the moment I could understand him, I had hated my father with ever fibre of my being. I realized that all my trying to make him love me had been for naught. I realized that my father was incapable of feeling love, or any other emotion for that matter.

And I realized that because of him, I was never going to be able to live a normal life. I was never going to be able to marry anyone, nor have children.

It was this thought that plagued my mind and held my heart down until I heard the verdict. And I found that during that lull before the storm, I prayed. I had never believed in a God before that moment but I prayed to him that I wouldn't have to end my life here.

I prayed to him that I would be able to have a life, be able to marry someone I love and be able to have children. I repented my sins and laid my heart out to one I didn't even know existed, or if He was listening to my prayer.

And when the verdict was read out, I prayed again, thanking Him. Knowing that, someone, somewhere, had listened to my prayer and answered it.

"Draco Malfoy," The judge continued after pronouncing me 'not guilty', making my heart fall rapidly into my stomach and I felt incredibly sick at what might come next.

"For your actions before you turned to the side of the Light, we sentence you to "The Slytherin Project", as stated by the 33rd Amendment to the Law, concerning unconvicted known Death Eaters, recently approved by the Wizengamot yesterday…" I barely listened to the rest of my sentence, as the chains that bound me were unlocked, falling to the floor. My heart felt as free as a bird, though one thought still plagued my mind.

What in the hell was the Slytherin Project?


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