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Chapter Three – Confrontations of the Past

I had never been to this muggle London before, I thought to myself as I walked down the streets of non-magical London, trying to find a good place to stop for brunch, as it was nearing 9:30, and I hadn't had time to eat before my meeting.

I had a letter clutched in my hand one that had arrived promptly on my window sill this morning, informing me of the meeting that had been set up at such short notice.

A sign caught the corner of my eye and I turned to see a quaint little café, with the sign "Carol's Pies" above it, the place I had been told to go to in my letter. The smell wafting from the door was almost as mouth watering as a Hogwarts Christmas feast. Almost.

The bell tinkled lightly as I walked in the door, a sound that didn't fit with the hustle and bustle of the small café. I made my way to a small out of the way table, picking up a menu to look at the selection of pies. I scanned the room and spotted a pretty brunette waitress at the counter, staring at me and I couldn't help but wink at her.

I turned back to the table, putting the letter on the table and reading the elegant script of the Ministry once more.

Dear Mr –

I had barely begun reading when I was interrupted by the cute brunette I had winked at.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She whispered, her voice filled with so much venom I was surprised I didn't keel over dead from poisoning. I looked her up and down quickly. She looked to be around 20, a year older than me and was perhaps 5"6, a foot smaller than me.

Her long brown hair was pulled into an elegant bun at the back of her neck, several curls escaping and sticking to her face. Her face was heart-shaped and she had some of the brownest eyes I had ever seen. Her red painted lips were curled into an ugly frown and I couldn't help but think it marred her beauty terribly.

"Can I help you?" I asked, honestly confused. I had never seen this girl before in my life. If I had, I would have remembered such a pretty girl's name.

"Don't act dumb, it doesn't suit you, Malfoy." She replied. Suddenly, I remembered where I had seen those big, brown eyes before.

"Granger?" I asked, incredulous. "What the hell are you doing here? And when did you stop looking like a beaver with a mane?" She rolled her eyes and had to bite back a furious reply.

"I work here, ferret." She said her voice as dry and brittle as a bone. "The question is: what are you doing here? I never would have thought I would see you in a place filled with so many muggles." She smirked at him, triumphant.

"Laugh all you want, Granger. It's nobodies business why I'm here, especially not yours." I smirked back at her but she simply crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the ground, impatiently waiting for me to answer her question.

"Fine." I sighed, earning another triumphant smirk that looked like something I would use. I had to remind myself that I wasn't there to fight with her, even though she looked cute when she was - GAH! What am I thinking?.

"If you must know," I continued, "I'm supposed to be meeting some people here in…" I checked my new, fancy watch and was surprised to find that almost 15 minutes had passed since I entered the store. "An hour and 45 minutes." She narrowed her eyes at me but said no more, sweeping away from the table without a backwards glance.

"Hey!" I called after her, but she didn't even turn around. "Aren't you supposed to take my order?"


An hour and a half later, two plates and an empty milkshake cup lay on my table, crumbs sticking to them. I couldn't stop after my first bite of the café's signature cherry pie and whipped cream, ordering a second piece as soon as I'd finished the first from a blonde waitress that was entirely too occupied with serving me.

I barely saw Granger for the duration of my stay, more content to listen to the conversations of the patrons around me. One couple had a very interesting story on what they did the night before; one I thought shouldn't be shared in public.

You're the one who's eves-dropping on them, I told myself as the blonde waitress came to collect my choc-mint milkshake cup. It was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted and I ordered another one, seeing as I still had 15 minutes until my mystery 'dates' showed up.

The letter from the Ministry was too vague on exactly who I should be looking for, only that it had something to do with "The Slytherin Project", which I still knew little about, and that I would know them on sight.

Finally the clock struck 11:30 and I glanced around the café, thinking I would see some mysterious person just pop up from nowhere and start yelling at me for no apparent reason.

For that reason alone, I didn't hear the bell to the café ring, nor did I see the two people who made their way down to my booth and sat down across from me, nor did I see Granger weaving her way through the tables with an annoyed look on her face that I was still here, one that obviously didn't bode well for me.

I did, however, hear the gasp of shock that she let out as she saw who had sat across from me. And as I turned back around, I almost couldn't help gasping myself, at the impossible sight I saw before me.


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