A/N: I've had some serious family issues today, my brother is in the hospital and will be incarcerated it's worse than that but I don't want to go into details Regardless I will no longer be writing Naruto Look to the Stars, I don't have the will to write multiple stories, and am giving up on most of them, this includes this story. But I have let you people wait long enough, so I will instead post a synopsis of the rest of the plot. That way you will know how the story wold have gone.

The Final Chapter

After becoming the Fox beast, Naruto spends the next dozen or so Chapters in a coma. Xel and Sasori return with the unconscious Naruto to Konoha where he is taken care of by Tsunade and her Medic ninja. At this Point Xel temporarily takes over the CDA and begins a few projects of his own.

Lee, Neji, and Tenten join the others to form the Konoha 12 (Since Sasuke is still there). Sakura begins studying under Tsunade to help the unconscious Naruto , who has retreated into his Mindscape, which has changed since becoming a giant Eldritch Fox. Despite consuming and assimilating the entirety of Kurama, the Nine Tails is still alive but has been reduced into a disembodied consciousness that takes the form of an ethereal fox skull.

It is here Naruto meets the remnants of his Father and Mother inside the seal. When they figure out exactly what has happened to the Fox, they realize that for all intents and purposes Naruto IS the Nine Tailed Fox.

Meanwhile back in the Real World, People start disappearing, both Living and Dead people. Whole Villages vanish leaving only empty houses. At the same time graveyards are emptied of their dead and no one knows why. Strange lights are seen in the sky at night and the Earth Kingdom discover that someone is digging massive tunnels that connect all across the Elemental Nations.

No one knows what is going on and tensions rise. The Akatsuki even begin to realize that there are other forces at work and halt their plans to figure out what is going on. Hidan mysteriously disappears at this point and Hiruko joins with Kakuzu.

Back with the CDA Xel works with Sasori turning the dead bodies of Ninja to craft the Puppet Legion, an army of Human Puppets resurrected with the Reagent, using the Necronomicon to expand the Puppeteers consciousness to a higher state of being, allowing Sasori to control more than just 3 Puppets with his own mind. Sasori removes an arm that is reduced to splinters to place inside the Human Puppets, so if they ever try and turn against them, Sasori's own expanded consciousness takes them over. This is used to keep them in line as Sasori taking them over would effectively kill them.

Deidara partakes in a ritual that turns him into a living explosion. His Blood is Nitroglycerin, and he becomes a shapeshifting creature made from explosive clay, this Clay is chemically modified to become what is basically military grade C-4 or Semtex. After exploding, he can reform his body at will.

Naruto wakes up at this time, he stays in Konoha for a while longer, giving Tsunade and the ANBU information on the Eldritch Forces, Naruto begins a project to find a way to stop the insanity effect caused by Great Old Ones and other Mythos forces. He works with thee ANBU, mostly Ibiki Morino and Inoichi Yamanaka studying some of the people who had gone insane from the Hastur encounters in Tanzaku town.

It is at this point a Time Skip occurs, Naruto stays in Konoha as Xel deals with the CDA, though he does keep Naruto informed. Some of he Characters are changed by this point.

Sasuke is no longer human, but a human shaped mass of Dark Chakra. Much like how Naruto is the Nine Tails, Sasuke is the Zero Tails. Sasuke's Curse Mark is also Modified by Sakura (Who has become a Seal Master with the Curse Marks as her specialty). With this Modification Sasuke can become a beast that looks like the a Hybrid of the Zero Tails and his Susanoo form but with massive Hand-Like Wings.

Sakura becomes a great Puppeteer, Seal Master, and Medic Nin. She studies her Cursed Mark and manages to modify it. Her new Curse Mark form looks almost the same, but she changes it to become a Centaur-like creature. She's a fast learner and begins training under the Horse Sages. She gains the nickname "Sakura the Cavalry" Who can conjure whole armies of deadly puppets on horseback.

Shikamaru begins to study more about his shadow powers and now, like Sasuke, is no Longer Human, but a living Black Hole in the Shape of a Human. He becomes a master of manipulating Shadows, Darkness, and local Gravity.

Ino Becomes a Psionic of unreal power, able to read minds with little effort and use her telekinetic might to tear matter apart into it's base elements Her mental might gives her powers akin to a Phoenix Force powered Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Choji trains both under his Clan as well as Under the Rabbit Sages, His power grows greatly Able to become a Titan sized version of himself able to destroy whole cities if he so chooses. He also becomes a weapons Master, which is the Rabbits specialty.

Hinata trains under the dream eating Doku, who have the power to access the Dreamlands. Hinata actually becomes the Dream Master, a low-level reality warper who can treat the local reality around her as if it was her own dreams.

Kiba and Akamaru practice until they are able to control their Lupine Forms, which give them great strength and speed. Their Werewolf-like powers make them virtually unkillable with powers somewhat like that of a Shaman by invoking Ngirrth'lu. Their powers do wax and wane depending on the phases of the Moon.

Shino becomes known as 'Shino the Hive' with almost total control over almost any Arthropod, not just his Kikaichu insects. He also possesses a Hive Mind link with his Kikaichu, letting him see through their eyes and feel what they feel. His arm mutates somewhat, enabling him to almost instantaneously weave silk into shields, blades, and armor.

Lee, Neji, and Tenten, are at this point comparable to them at their Strongest in Canon before expanding a bit.

Lee, with help from both Naruto and Sakura, who have studied the Zero Tails, find a way to make a seal allowing Lee to open all 8 Chakra gates without dying.

Neji willingly is subjected to a 3-dimensional Seal, made by Naruto, that actually expands his Hyuga eyesight, giving him perception that bleeds into other dimensions, even time. This gives him precognition like powers to see a bit into the future. He also no longer has the Hyuga blindspot.

Tenten meanwhile becomes a walking armory, no longer needing a scroll to store her weapons, many of which have been improved by Herbert West. She becomes an expert in laser weaponry and even has access to a nuclear arsenal, though she very rarely uses them. Still she becomes a one woman army.

Naruto has a breakthrough in his research and develops a seal that mimics his own Insanity immunity, causing the 'Dark Side' of anyone with the seal to go insane instead. This darker aspect of themselves is isolated in their mindscape, similar to how Jinchuriki have their Tailed Beast isolated from the rest of their mind.

Naruto then returns to the CDA, who have modified the Mandrakes to be much MUCH smarter than before and are outfitted with a variety of weaponry, effectively taking over the Shadow Clone Squads, through the Clone Army is still around.

Things have been calm for a very long time but all that changes when the Mi-Go attack the Great Cult, which is being lead by Shion, Hidan, and Orochimaru. Orochimaru has managed to become the living avatar of Yig, which is the reason for the Mi-Go attack, as Orochimaru has the power to Summon an aspect of Yig that if left unatended can summon the entirety of Yig into real space. The Aspect of Yig takes the form of a Giant 4th dimensional Snake whose length is infinite but can exist in 3rd dimensional space without encompassing the entire universe by having the vast majority of this aspect dwells in Yigs realm. The Mi-Go attack the Aspect, which is so large that it can be seen from across the Elemental Nations, but no one knows what it is at first.

The Mi-Go, who are revealed to be who has been abducting the Villages, attack with a massive army of Nazzadi, and manage to banish the Aspect of Yig using the Yellow King book to summon an Aspect of Hastur. The Mi-Go leave as the Aspect of Yig is injured by the Aspect of Hastur, The Aspect of Yig is forced to retreat underground into the series of subterranean tunnels. These Tunnels were made by the Undead armies of Sai and the Color, who have been the stealing cadavers from Graveyards, giving them hundreds of millions of undead soldiers strengthened by Infant Colors.

The Aspect of Yig forces Sai's Undead armies out of their tunnels. Swarms of the Undead begin rising from the earth and start attacking non-ninja villages who are incapable of fighting back. This kicks off a Great Ninja War, which is refereed to as 'The Eldritch Wars'.

There are 5 major factions at play, they are:

1) The Elemental Nations, Composed of the Allied Shinobi Forces, The Land of Snow/Spring, Samurai from the Land of Iron, The Land of the Sky which is lead by Dr. Shinno, and Several other Smaller Ninja Villages. This Alliance is backed up by the CDA, who along with the Land of Snow/Spring are leading the Research and Development of the Elemental Nations. They have armies consisting of Ninja given Chakra Armor and advanced CDA weaponry, Trained Mandrake Legions with human level intelligence, the Human Puppet Legions, and even Bipedal gunship-like Mecha that Herbert manages to build by observing other universes. The Ninja Villages changes a lot due to access to this technology, becoming very similar to the world of Boruto, with skyscrapers and the like.

2) The Undead Armies of Sai, who have numerical superiority. Each Zombie is possessed by an Infant color giving them powers over Star Chakra. They become a walking blight, with their mere presence actually mutating the environment around them into grotesque malformed plague-beasts, effectively making them a walking ecological disaster able to turn whole ecosystems into more of their undead army.

3) The Great Cult, who have armies of insane cultists who wield twisted magics, ninja twisted into nigh-immortal eldritch creatures, and even another Star Spawn that is treated by them as a WMD.

4) The Mi-Go, who attack with advanced alien technology, including Hexapod-Mecha carrying various deadly weaponry from Electromagnetic Railguns to laser canons, Chakra infused Mi-Go who each carry whole arsenals of advanced laser weaponry, Star Ships that can fire Plasma Bolts and Black Holes, and Legions of Genetically Modified Nazzadi Super Soldiers.

5) And finally the Akatsuki, realizing that the world is most likely doomed, enter the war themselves with an army of White Zetsu. They become something of a wild card, sometimes becoming allies with the Elemental Nations and other times fighting against them depending on the situation.

The Elemental Nations experience a technological Boom as each Ninja Village is given a Yithian Bio-Computer to form a vast Network to communicate with each other. Village ninja are trained on how to use CDA weaponry and artillery, many of which are of Yithian design thanks to Konohamaru. Each Ninja Village also has their own Shinigami Warship fleet which Herbert plan on Mass Producing. Squads of Ninja and Samurai are even expanded to include trained Mandrakes with human level intelligence, Sasori's Human Puppet Legions, and Naruto's summons.

The World at large becomes a dangerous place, and it is impossible for civilians to travel on foot to go anywhere without running into violent Eldritch Beasts, Insane Cultists, Armies of sadistic White Zetsu, insatible Undead soldiers, or killer Nazzadi Mecha patrols. Ninja can travel by foot, but even they may not survive the trip if they run into something they cannot handle. Naruto, seeing the issue caused by this inability to move around,develops a Teleportation Portal Network within each Ninja Village. Multiple Teleporters are set up in Iwa, Kiri, Konoha, Kumo, and Suna as well as Yuki the Hidden Village in the Land of Snow/Spring, the Capital of the Land of Iron, The flying HQ of the Land of the Sky, and Uzushio which is the HQ of the Cosmic Defense Agency.

This Portal Network allows Ninja, Samurai, Civilians, Merchants, and Caravans to go from village to village without the possibility of running into the nightmares that now stalk the land. These Villages are effectively the only safe havens in the World anymore, with the rest of the world being a vast hellscape of nightmares and demons.

Meanwhile Naruto has become obscenely powerful, and has managed to assimilate more Bloodlines. He can take out whole armies single-handedly and often does so as a giant Eldritch Fox Titan. The Ninja Villages manage to limit the damage to themselves caused by the wars, but the Mi-Go, continue to employ orbital bombardment on massive battles, but thankfully since they wish to harvest the people of the Ninja Villages for their Chakra Networks, they never bombard any major Villages.

Each of the Ninja Villages are modified to Protect themselves. Their walls are outfitted with evenly placed automatic Plasma Turrets that Konohamaru and Herert manage to build. These Turrets are able to scan anything that gets too close and kill it if it is a threat. Patrols of Mecha around these cities are also common, all except for Suna.

Gaara, the new Kazekage, has been using his powers to surround all of Suna with a perpetual Sandstorm that keeps the monsters out. These sandstorms are so strong they can easily rip flesh from bone and tear whole armies apart. Because of this Suna is actually considered the safest of the Ninja Villages.

The Akatsuki realize that most of their plans are in ruins, as it is nearly impossible to get into the Ninja Villages without either running into the City's defenses or something else very powerful that wants to kill them on their way to these cities.

The Akatsuki however have kept some of Wilbur Wheatley's old notes he had left behind, they begin to try and find a way to access the Portal Network Naruto Developed to hopefully kidnap all of the Jinchuriki at once. They study Wilburs notes, most of which are esoteric rituals, but one of the notes details metaphysical concepts of time and space, both of which are aspects of Yog-Sothoth.

As time goes on, the Aspect of Yig that occupies the vast subterranean tunnels slowly begins to heal and awakens, causing earthquakes across the world as it prepares to rise. Naruto had long known of this Aspect and was waiting for it to awaken, as Naruto had performed a complex ritual that traps it underground. Thus the Serpent slithers around the underground the tunnels, looking for a way out. While most of the caves the Serpent could have escaped from are sealed, there is one exit Naruto did not know about in the Land of Demons that it could emerge from.

When the Serpent finally emerges, its size along allows Naruto to see it rise and know it has awakened, and he teleports as close as he can to the creature to fight it. When he arrives, Naruto finds Orochimaru, who is performing a ritual to Fully manifest Yig, which if successful would allow all of the Snake to fully enter the Universe. If the Ritual is finished, then Yig would not only reign supreme in this universe, but would effectively become the universe itself.

Naruto and Sasuke fight Orochimaru and the Aspect Serpent as Sakura uses her Cavalry to fight against the Cultist armies.

Naruto Manages to banish the Aspect of Yig, only for Orochimaru to transform into his true form, called Orochi Which looks like a Giant 8 headed Snake made out of smaller snakes. Each of the snakes head resembling Orochimaru's face. Weakened from Trying to Banish the Aspect of Yig, Naruto has no choice but to call in reinforcements, which is a fleet of Shinigami Warships, modified with reverse engineered Mi-Go Black Hole technology and further altered with Yithian Plasma Guns thanks to Konohamaru.

Orochimaru falls from a barrage of Black Holes that the Shinigami Fleets fire at him the Black Holes compress him into the Singularity, however the Immortality granted to him by Yig makes him incapable of dying from the Black Holes, this has the unfortunate Side Effect of making it nearly impossible for the Black Hole to dissipate, as these Black Holes only Evaporate when everything it swallows dies, and instead it just Keeps Getting Bigger.

The Black Hole swallows several of the Shinigami Warships before the Mi-Go arrive to stop it. Which they do by teleporting it into deep space. Crisis averted until the Mi-Go send out troops of Nazzadi Super Soldiers to collect the exhausted ninja for experimentation.

This is when the Akatsuki show up, attempting to Kidnap Naruto. Ninja, Nazzadi, and White Zetsu begin fighting with an Exhausted Naruto Stuck in the Middle. WIth the Last of his strength he summons Dagon and Hydra, who become a vast living storm that destroys all in their path. The remaining Shinigami Warships get as many survivors as they can before leaving the Akatsuki and Mi-Go forces behind.

Naruto returns to the CDA, where he learns that the Akatsuki have managed to jury rig their own teleporter, allowing them to use Naruto's teleporter Network to arrive in Ninja Villages and begin kidnapping Jinchuuriki.

They manage to get most of the tailed beasts with this stunt, but Naruto, Yagura Karatachi, and Killer B manage to evade capture. Gaara however is dead, and the Sandstorm around Suna falls, letting nightmares invade the Village. So soon after an attack there is little time to help evacuate, and most of Suna is decimated, thankfully most of the population escape through the Teleportation Network.

Suna quickly is fought over by the many forces of the world before falling to the Swarms of Undead. Sai effectively taking it over and remaking it into his own Undead Kingdom. The Color dwelling within the Undead legions begin to mature into adult Colors, this results in the Suna Desert being forever changed. The sand changes into the same impossible color as an oasis of vile plant and animal life begin sprouting from the Desert.

Seeing the malignant changes, Temari meets with Tenten and requests that she nukes Suna. Tenten does so, and the vast majority of the undead forces are killed, Sai however survives when the Original Color decides to use Sai as his New Host. Sai becomes a powerful undead entity an unholy fusion of Mythos Science and the Color. His blood is the Reagent, his body is the Color, and his heart is the meteor the Color once inhabited. Sai calls in his remaining forces, and with the Aspect of Yig no longer alive, he retreats back to the underground tunnels.

The Suna desert becomes a vast lifeless landscape of radioactive glass, the glass is tinted into the same impossible color.

Thing however do change for the better. Thanks to Orochimaru being trapped forever within a Black Hole, the Great Cult is significantly Weaker. Most of the cults return to the Land of Demons, and erect a quasi-mystical wall made from the bones of the Aspect of Yig. This wall is still however alive, and serpents are attracted to it.

It is marginally safer to travel on foot, but not by much as the Mi-Go's forces still exist as well as the remaining White Zetsu armies. Most civilians still use the Teleporter, but Ninja squads can travel with some difficulty.

While the Mi-Go are the main threat, the Akatsuki taking so many of the Jinchuuriki have painted a target on their back, and the nations unite to end them once and for all. The combined armies of the Elemental Nation head to the Village Hidden in the Rain.

Mecha, Eldritch Beasts, Ninja, the Puppet Legions, Mandrakes, Clone armies, and other weapons of war all converge on the Rain Village. Sasuke leads the charge, having mastered his Rinnegan. The batle the largest White Zetsu army ever seen before heading towards the center of the Village, However when they get there, the Akatsuki are gone, having used their teleporter to escape with no one knowing where they went.

Then a bright light shines across the world.

Turns out that the Teleporter the Akatsuki used works by invoking the power of Yog-Sothoth, allowing them to not only teleport in space, but time as well. They manage to travel in time, capturing the Gold and Silver Brothers to steal their Nine Tailed Chakra, as well as the Three Tails and Eight Tails.

They return to the present and cast the Infinite Tsukonomi. Everyone in the world stands completely still as they fall to the illusion, everyone except of course Naruto, who is immune to genjutsu thanks to the eyes of Azathoth.

Naruto roams the landscape as a massive Eldritch fox, killing the White Zetsu and making his way towards the God Tree. Due to the Akatsuki's Time Travel, whole swarms of the Hounds of Tindalos to invade into curved Reality.

When Naruto arrives at the tree however, what he finds is very unexpected.

Members of the Otsutsuki Clan impaled on tree Branches with Kaguya being kept in a wooden Cage. The God Tree has been corrupted. Naruto goes up to Kaguya, who is borderline Traumatized and unresponsive.

Then Nyarlathotep shows up. Nyarlathotep speaks to Naruto, revealing that the Akatsuki's time Travel have caused forces beyond their understanding to notice and intrude into Reality. The God Tree is being possessed by an Aspect of Shub-Niggurath. If Shub-Niggurath isn't stopped, all those under the Infinite Tsukonomi will be turned into Children of Shub-Niggurath. Naruto tries to ask Nyarlathotep to help, but Nyarlathotep refuses, as Shub-Niggurath is his bride, and he will not do anything to halt her in any way.

Naruto knows that fighting against an Outer God is effectively futile, so instead of trying to kill the God Tree, he uses telepathy to speak to Shub-Niggurath herself.

Naruto awakens within a vast swirling void of what can only be described as life itself. A voice that sounds like crashing waves and smell of fresh nature speaks with Naruto, to his eyes he sees a mass of shifting features, difficult to describe with any language developed by humans, able to only tell that whatever it is, it has hooves, tendrils, and horns. Everything else is beyond description. This endless entity of life and fertility connects with Naruto, and Naruto feels something he never felt before. A Mother's care, but it is a strange thing. While the Black Goat of the Forest with a Thousand Young cares for all thing living, it comes across as alien, and unnatural. Naruto tries to talk to Shub-Niggurath, but finds that the morality of this being is impossible to relate toor manipulate. He tries to convince it to let those under the Infinite Tsukonomi go, but he is fundamentally incapable of understanding the world from Shub-Nigguraths own moral framework, only able to understand that what he is asking is literally unthinkable to Shub-Niggurath.

Not willing to give up, Naruto momentarily disconnects from the Mind of Shub-Niggurath, before returning, only this time he brings with him the Shinigami Mask, and summons the Shinigami itself.

Shub-Niggurath, a fertility goddess, nature incarnate, and a deity of life, finds the existence of a creature of Death anathema to itself. She lashes out, but the Shinigami is a being beyond death and cannot be killed so long as something somewhere is alive. The Shinigami watches Shub-Niggurath, before looking to Naruto, who he recognizes.

They exit the Mindscape, where they watch the God Tree begin to rot away.

Shub-Niggurath, who has become disgusted by the mere concept of Death becomes disinterested in this reality for but a moment,, but it is long enough for the Shinigami to sever the link she had to this world.

The God Tree dies, but without the power of Shub-Niggurath keeping it at bay, this causes the Time Paradox created by the Akatsuki to fall in on itself. Everything returns to the moment before they went in the past. The only Jinchuuriki still alive are Naruto, Killer B, and Yagura Karatachi, with the rest dead, their tailed Beasts forever trapped in the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.

The Akatsuki is nowhere to be seen, as the Hounds of Tindalos have found them, and their messing with time is made to never have happened.

The Demonic Statue is brought to the CDA for further Study and the War against the Mi-Go continue, but not for long. The Mi-Go change tactics, no longer taking small populations, they drop over Ninja Villages and try to capture as many humans as they can, before they take what they can get and leave the planet entirely. The reason for there departure soon becomes clear.

Cthulhu is about to wake up.

Three days before Cthulhu Awakens, an inky black mass seems to creep across the sky. This is the Messenger of the Old Ones, one of the 1,000 forms of Nyarlathotep. This form is manifest only during occasions of cosmic importance, such as the awakening of Cthulhu. Eyes open and close across this inky Blackness, but it doesn't fully cover the sky, the stars can still be seen through it. Soon after it forms millions of falling stars land on the ground, said stars turn out to be the Star Spawn of Cthulhu, whose appearance is similar to Cthulhu, but they are smaller and slightly different. No two look exactly alike. Some are the size of rats others the size of buildings.

By this point despite Naruto figuring out how to prevent people from going insane, there are still people who go mad, but for the most part, they are fine. A lot of people die during this time, mostly because the only way to fully dispatch a Star Spawn is to use a Black Hole weapon developed by Konohamaru and Herbert.

By this point, the war is in full effect, unfortunately this is not long after the four way war, so forces are limited and the Star Spawn never stop falling from the sky. The only thing keeping the nations from failing is the reversed engineered Mi-go technology that give them orbital bombardment capabilities. Most of the land is little more than a vast wasteland. Billions of Naruto's summons are all over the place, fighting the Star Spawn.

By the second day, Konohamaru triangulates the position of where Cthulhu would awaken, and Naruto takes a vast majority of his remaining forces there with the Kage and the Samurai of the land of Iron who have upgraded to use Mechs that look something like this. This is also when the Yithian possessing Konohamaru leaves back to his own time. Putting the original Konohamaru back in his body.

With their forces there, they watch as R'lyeh rises. Said city turns out to be much larger than they thought, about 900 miles in diameter with buildings that are so tall that they almost seem to touch the Eyes of the Messenger of the Old Ones (Nyarlathotep)

As they prepare to fight, Hundreds of Shinigami Ships, and reversed engineered Mi-go based ships created by the CDA swarm the coasts and sky surrounded by mecha Ninja and Samurai soldiers, Mandrakes, Shadow Clones, Sasori's Puppet Legions, and various giant boss summons, including Naruto in his Fox Eldritch form, Sasuke in his Zero Tails form, and Sakura with her Puppet Calvalry. They all look out at sea, waiting for Cthulhu to rise.

Then from R'lyeh a shape arises, and it looks like Cthulhu. Immediately the battle starts. The creature they fight is as large as a mountain, and is so big that a swipe of its hands destroys half the fleets.

The battle continues, and at first, everything looks to be going well, until as the beast falls, another shape comes from the city, then another and another. Turns out, they were not fighting Cthulhu, but his most trusted Star Spawn, who happen to be very very big, but not as big as the real Cthulhu, and more of them are coming from R'lyeh.

The battle continues for over a day, with people dying left and right. The Elemenatal Nations However are well armed, Dagon and Hydra, the animate Demonic Statue of the Outer Path powered by the Tailed Beasts inside of it, and even the Weaponized Land of the Sky temple known as Ancor Vantian (Powered by Yithian Generators instead if the Zero Tails) itself all join the Alliance in battle, having taken care of other Star Spawn armies on their way to R'lyeh. Star Spawn continue to fall from the sky, but by this point most of them has been dealt with, and those who fought and won have joined and are waiting for Cthulhu with Naruto.

Many major characters will be dead by this point.

Then, the last star falls into place, the Stars are Right, and something happens. Something rises from R'lyeh. And rises, and rises and rises, and rises. Each passing second the thing continues to emerge from the city. It's wings unfold, wings so large that as they stretch out, they reach from horizon to horizon. Tentacles as long as continents lash out, tentacles so long that they reach past the army, and head out farther than the eyes can see.

This is Cthulhu, the real Cthulhu, and what everyone thought was Cthulhu was just a Star Spawn one the largest of Cthulhu's servants, but now the Real One is awake and he is very very big. Hundreds of thousands of miles tall, so big, he can be seen from space.

They released every remaining weapon they have. Nukes, Black Holes, lasers, plasma, bullets, Jutsu, lightning, fire, water, earth, and wind. Hours pass as the attacks hit Cthulhu, and do absolutely nothing. It almost looks like Cthulhu doesn't even notice the attacks, until he moves.

Cthulhu reaches out with a massive arm, which have mountain sized claws, and slams it into the ground.

Naruto awakens, he's lost. No one is around him, except the infinite hallway, a Hallway he has been in before. He's standing before a red door, and says nothing as he opens it. It's the only thing he can do. Any form of movement he tries is pointless, and his body moves on it's own.

Naruto stands before the very soul of Nyarlathotep who appears, before it in every single one of his forms at the same time.

They talk for a bit before Naruto slowly is absorbed by the Outer Gods soul. Nyarlathotep congratulates Naruto, as despite losing, he still did more to fight than anyone else against certain annihilation. As Nyarlathotep speaks, he begins to assimilate Naruto.

However something unexpected happens. For a split second, Naruto is still aware, and conscious, and he has a small portion of the power of Nyarlathotep. Only a small part of it, Not enough to stop being assimilated, but more than enough to do something. Grasping onto that vast power he holds, he reaches into his own past. Reaches beyond the universes, and finds the True Necronomicon, finds it at the exact moment it enters his universe so long ago. He uses his powers to make it where the Necronomicon never entered his universe, and never dragged his universe into Azathoth's domain.

He gets to see for a split second, that he has succeeded, and has taken every single Naruto universe that was dragged into Azathoth's branch of the Multiverse, and sees that it has split into a different branch of the Omniverse. For Azathoth only created the Multiverse under his control, but he did not create the entire Omniverse. Naruto is happy for a moment, content in the knowledge that his universe will survive and endure, Then he fades away as he fully becomes another of Nyarlathotep's thousand forms.

The story ends, his world is safe, as are all universes based on Naruto and outside of Azathoth's domain, but Nyarlathotep has gotten exactly what he wants.

However, there are other universes out there, universes with other Naruto's. None of whom are cursed the same way that the Naruto of that Universe was. Universes untouched by the nightmares beyond reality, and since they are no longer under the domain of Azathoth, they will survive should Azathoth awaken.

Life Goes on.