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The Struggle to be Who You Are

The sound of the door opening loudly downstairs startled Kagome from her sleep. She knew at once that it was her father and he was drunk. Looking at her alarm clock, she was startled out of bed by the loud entrance of her father into her room. Timidly she asked "Dad, what are you doing?" She knew the question was stupid; he did this every time he came home drunk. "Get up" Ken exclaimed. Doing as she was told, Kagome quickly stood by the window, but was suddenly struck down. He laughed loudly at her, "Stupid girl, you know better". Straddling her, Ken began to hit her small frame where ever he could. "You were a mistake, you should be dead."

Present Day;

Kagome suddenly sat up gasping for air, she remembered that night well. She was 14 and that was one of the worst beatings she ever got. Looking at that same clock, the time said 5:30. "I guess I should go run now". Kagome just turned 18 and was a dancer for the Tokyo Dance Theatre and she ran 5 miles every morning to keep fit. Coming back into the house after her run she spotted her brother sitting at the table and the cook bringing out breakfast. "Good morning Souta! I hope you slept well" placing a kiss to the top of his head, she grabbed a piece of toast and escaped to her room before her mom and dad came downstairs.

Ken Higurashi was owner and CEO of Jewel Enterprises and his Wife Sonya was his personal assistant. Jewel Enterprises appraises properties and buys from the owners. The family lived in a large 2 story mansion in the richest neighborhood around. The two were often on business trips for months at times and were preparing to leave for the next one; it was only two weeks but long enough for Kagome. Fresh and out of the shower, Kagome put on a pair of jeans a nice fitted shirt and left her hair down and straight. Even though she had been dancing for 15 years, she started to fill out over the summer before senior year and she wasn't use to it yet. As she put on her shoes she spotted her father's nice shoes at the door way. "Kagome, I expect you to behave yourself while I'm away". Kagome just looked at him blankly, and said Ok. He roughly grabbed her chin and peered into her ice blue eyes. Whispering into her ear "you know what your punishment will be should you not follow the rules". Roughly pushing her head to the side, he placed a kiss on her cheek and went to grab his wife.

Souta busted into her room just as she turned around. "We have to get going sis or we're going to be late for school". Souta was a freshman at Tokyo high school and he had a girlfriend named Rin.

"C'mon Souta, let's take the Jaguar and we'll be there in no time". She smirked at that though, she loved her Jaguar and loved it even more that it was hers and not her parents. Being a professional dancer had quite the perks even if none of her friends knew and her parents hated it.

Kagome pulled into the parking lot at the school and pulled into her designated spot by the front doors, she had to do a lot of sweet talking for that spot, herself and one of the Tashio brothers had the only two good parking spots. Speaking of those two, Sesshomaru just pulled up with Inuyasha in the passenger seat. Both boys were seniors and Inuyasha was one of Kagome's best friends.

"Hi Yasha!" Running around her car to greet him, she waved to Souta who decided he didn't want to be late meeting Rin. Inuyasha grabbed her into a side hug and asked "How's it going Gome?" She looked passed him remembering what her father said, she wasn't suppose to have guy friends. Souta didn't even know what their father did and she didn't tell her friends.

"Pretty good, my parents are gone for two weeks" She smiled at all the time she had to relax before they came back. "That's cool, so you want to hang with the boys and I tonight, we're playing in the garage." Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had started a band freshman year, and Kagome sang for them sometimes. "I have something I have to do right after school, what time are you guys playing?"

Inuyasha looked at his brother, "What do you think Sesshomaru?"

Without really acknowledging the two he grabbed his stuff and started to walk away before replying "I'd rather not be late to class, but most likely seven." Kagome huffed, "Your brother is still an asshole." Inuyasha looked at her and then his brothers back. "Yeah, I know. Let's go before we get detention."

Kagome was really bright and took a lot of the advanced college classes they offered on campus, so she didn't see her friends until lunch. Her first class was statistics, which she took with Sesshomaru and sat right next to him. Kagome didn't speak to him; she didn't really talk to anyone during her morning classes.


Without even realizing that it was time for lunch the bell rang and she left the class as soon as possible and dropped her things off at her locker. She got to lunch in time to see her long time friend Sango and her boyfriend Miroku sitting at their usual table.

"Sango how was your weekend?" Kagome asked as she sat down in her normal seat as the rest of their friends came to sit down. "Good! Miroku and I went tubing with the Tashio's." She looked at Kagome suspiciously, "How come you didn't come with us Gome?" Kagome sighed discretely, but looking up she saw Sesshomaru staring at her. "I had a lot of homework to get done Sango" Kagome looked down at the table, knowing the lie was sort of true. She actually had a long weekend rehearsal at the studio and in order to get her parents off her back she told them the same thing.

Kagome looked at her phone noticing the time, she had to be at the studio by two and it was close to one. She got out early due to her grades and her credits. "Hey guys, I have to run. I'll see you all at Inuyashas later!"

Sango just watched her retreating friend, thinking to herself, she knew that Kagome lied to them sometimes, she just didn't know why.

Kagome quickly got into her car and started for the free way, it was almost an hour to get to the studio. She blasted the music and let the wind take her hair in every way. Kagome had a sinking feeling in her gut, but didn't think too long. She had a long rehearsal ahead of her and needed to focus.

Kagome got to the studio and changed quickly into her crop shorts and top and got to class to warm up.

With the boys;

Sesshomaru had a sinking feeling in his gut since Kagome left, he knew that she went to the dance studio, but noticed that she didn't tell anyone she was a dancer. "Inuyasha, let's go early, there's something I have to talk to dad about." Inuyasha just shrugged, not caring in the least as long as he got to leave.

Inuyasha didn't know why Kagome left and he wondered if Sesshomaru knew the answer. "Hey Sesshomaru, where do you think Kagome runs off to after school? I mean Souta always gets a ride from his girl when Kagome brings him."

"I don't know Inuyasha, maybe she has a job." Snorting at this Inuyasha shook his head. "No, her parents would never let her get a job, plus there rich, why would she need one." Sesshomaru had the same thought, Kagome's parents were really strict and creepy, and he knew they left a lot on business.

Inuyasha broke his though, "I guess we better get ready for the garage, I'll clean and you order the food. "Hn" Sesshomaru walked away to go order some pizza and take a nap.

At the Studio;

Kagome was sweating her ass off; she was in 6 numbers for the winter recital and was a main dancer. Her stomach started to hurt and that sinking feeling was getting worse. Being close to five, she had one number left and she could go home and take a decent shower.

Toga Tashio and Sesshomaru walked into the building knowing their way around. Toga was the owner of Shikon Enterprises and he deals with owning and leasing property to large companies. Sesshomaru happened to be the CEO, one day taking the business from his dad. They practically owned all the buildings in the Tokyo area.

The receptionist looked at the two shocked but knew who they were. "May I help you two?" Toga smiled, "Yes, we're looking for a Kagome Higurashi, she's dancing with the senior company I believe"

The receptionist checked the studio room book and quickly found the room. "She's on the second floor and 4th ball room from the elevator." "Thank you so much" Toga answered. Making their way to the elevator, Sesshomaru had to ask his dad. "How do you think she's going to take the information? Souta took it really hard, but I'm guessing it's because he's younger." Toga looked at the doors thoughtfully, "I can't really answer, Ken never talked much of Kagome, and he never mentioned her, like he forgot she was there." The elevator dinged signaling that they were at the second floor and stared in awe at the layout.

The second floor had room for 5 large ball rooms for all kinds of dancing. The company teams used these rooms for their group rehearsals and solo demonstrations. From the hall the walls in the hallway were all see through glass so that outsiders can watch from the hall.

As Kagome began her long turn sequence she got 3 fouttees in before spotting to the glass hallway and saw Toga and Sesshomaru standing there watching. She finished her sequence looking confused and looked away from the two. Her stomach suddenly started to hurt worse than before and she got dizzy.

The group dance started to end and kagome's spot was thankfully lying on the floor. Out of breath and sweaty, she got up and excused herself to see what they wanted.

"What are you two doing here, and how did you know where I would be?" Toga answered first. "Kagome, we've known for a while that you danced, but this isn't about that. "What?" Kagome looked at Toga and then at Sesshomaru, who held a look of sympathy. Kagome began to worry "What is it Toga?"

Toga grabbed her hands, "Sweetie, your parents died on their flight to China" Kagome closed her eyes as Toga pulled her in for a hug. "How did it happen?" Toga looked to Sesshomaru, "Someone hijacked the flight meant for them, someone wanted them dead Kagome." Kagome stood, her eyes clear of tears making the other two wonder. "Does Souta know?"

"Yes, we told him shortly after we found out. He's at our house now with Rin and Izayoi." Toga expected more from Kagome, not the calm that she presented to them.

Kagome knew that she should be sad, but how could she. Her father beat her for her whole life and her mother hasn't said more than two words to her since she gave up modeling to dance. She was glad to be away from the people who never cared. She would just have to wait it out and eventually tell Toga the truth, she would tell them tonight. She wanted to find out who murdered her parents and what they did. "Toga I know you think I'm supposed to be crying, but it wouldn't be right of me. Let me grab my things and we can head back to your house."

Sesshomaru knew that Kagome had class tomorrow and offered to take her so she could ride with Toga. "Sure, thanks you to, let me grab my stuff and we can go." As Kagome walked back into class Toga looked at Sesshomaru, "Shouldn't she be upset that both her parents are dead?" Toga asked. "I don't know dad, maybe she'll have a delayed reaction. You still have to go down and check out the will. I'm betting that everything was left to her. Running a corporation is going to be tough."

Kagome followed them to the garage to get her stuff from her car and she got into the back seat of Toga's car. The ride was silent as Sesshomaru kept sneaking looks at Kagome; all three of them were getting calls because the news of the murder was already spreading. Kagome just refused to answer anything because she didn't want to.

Kagome knew that he was looking at her; she chose not to look back. She knew her reaction wasn't expected but she couldn't help it. Getting back to their mansion in record time Kagome decided that since they lived right next door she was going to go shower and meet them when she was done.

"Thanks for the ride Toga, I'm going to shower and I'll meet back at dinner time." "Sure dear, I'll see you soon." Toga kissed her forehead and walked with Sesshomaru into their house.

Kagome walked into the empty mansion, she felt weird being there, but she had things to do and explain in an hour.