It was a quiet, peaceful morning in the city of Bah-sing-Se. The sun was just rising over the horizon and people were starting to stir.

Among them was the young Water Bending Master. Three months in Bah-Sing-Se and it was finally here. The day the official peace treaty would be presented to the public and signed by the leaders of all the nations and tribes.

Katara sighed as she reflected on the last three months. It had been hard transitioning from a warrior to a politician but she eventually got the hang of it. Aang, Sokka, and Zuko had been perfect right from the start. Even Toph got the hang if it quickly and those four were on the same level as the adults with decades of experience. Katara eventually got the hang if it but she realized politics wasn't really for her. She was happy with her role.

"Hey Katara." Toph's sleepy voice mumbled as she walked out onto the balcony of the room they shared. "You're up early."

"Just excited." Katara explained. Toph, like all of them, had matured greatly over the past year. She was still a little rough around the edges, but that was just her. Katara wouldn't want it any other way. Toph had strangely become her best friend and vice versa. While they were both close with Suki, as well as the boys, they just seemed to click better.

"Oh yeah!" Toph grinned. "Today's finally the big day! Ugh, I'll have to wear a dress."

"You don't have to." Katara said pointedly and Toph looked away.

"I know, but I want to." The young girl sighed. "I'm finally getting along with my parents and I'm willing to give in a little."

"I'm really proud of you you know." Katara smiled as she gave the small girl a hug. Well, actually, Toph wasn't such a small girl anymore. She had grown a bit taller and her breasts were developing. She even started her monthly cycle shortly after her 13 birthday. Katara wasn't surprised however, she had started in her 14th year and earth nation girls tended to be even earlier. Thankfully Katara had explained it to her way back when they were still in the fire nation.

"Thanks sugar queen." Toph smirked at her old nickname for her friend. She went off to take a quick bath before their attendants, whom both the girls disliked having to have, can't and attacked them. Or as they would call it, prepare them.

All too soon they did in fact come. Lee-Ming and Lou-Ming, twin sisters who were well versed in the proper outfit for every occasion.

"Mistress Toph, would you prefer to wear your Master's robes or your Nobility Robes?" Lou asked in her annoyingly sweet voice.

"Same question for you Princess Katara." Lee smiled. Katara cringed as they used her formal title. The first order of business was for the avatar to clearly define and recognize leaders and territories, especially those the Fire Nation had claimed, and with Hadoka's title of Chief, Katara was officially recognized as a princes and Sokka as the prince of the southern tribe.

"We both decided to wear our Nobility robes." Toph smirked as she felt Katara's pace quicken with her uneasiness.

"Very good my lady." Lou and Lee chimed together.

Toph was dressed in a very decorative green dress with beautiful stitching designs. Her hair was put up in a neat bun with a hair ornament to show her status, as well as an ornamental flower. Katara wished her friend could see how beautiful she was.

Katara didn't look half bad herself. She was in a tight fitting silk kimono that was tight at her waist and showed off her figure, but extended all the way to the floor. It too had a detailed pattern stitched, but in silver on the light blue fabric.

A special hair piece had been designed just for her, modeled after the northern tribe. It was a thin silver chain that was woven through her detailed braided bun hair style and fit around the top of her forehead.

"Ready? Toph asked.

"As I'll ever be." Katara grinned.

"Hey, it could be worse." Toph laughed. "We could be invading the fire nation."

Katara simply shook her head in response as they made their way to the side chamber.

"Katara!" Sokka sighed when he saw them. "Toph! What are you wearing?"

"Shut up." Toph snapped. "You've seen us in dresses before!"

"Yeah, but I bet Aang three gold pieces you'd both show up in your master's clothes." He whined.

"You can pay me back later." Aang grinned as he walked toward them. Unlike Sokka who had chosen to wear traditional Southern Tribe warrior's ceremonial robes, Aang was in his formal, but simple, monk robes. "Hey guys." He smiled.

"You see I thought Katara would be in the dress but not Toph." Zuko said as he approached. He was in the same type of robes he had been wearing since his coronation as the Fire Lord. He had changed the formal robes to a simplistic style, yet still regal enough to still show he was the one in charge now. As a Fire Lord, but nothing like his father.

In fact, many in the fire nation had done the same. While the true war criminals had been sent to a fair trial and dealt with, it was discovered that most in the fire nation truly did not know what was happening.

"Either way they look amazing." Aang smiled at Katara. She smiled back and had to appreciate the fact he was finally taller than her. But recently, despite his matureness, their age difference had been starting to bother her. He had just turned 13 while she would be 15 in two more months. Ok, yes he was technically 113 years old, and it was apparently the fashion in the earth Kingdom to date younger men, it simply nagged at her.

"How did you two beat us here?" Came an amused voice from the door that snapped Katara out of her thoughts.

"We didn't need nearly as much makeup." Katara smirked back. Suki had walked in in full Kyoshi Warrior garb. As the Chief's daughter of Kyoshi Island she could have worn robes equal to those that Toph was wearing, but she was proud to have earned her tank as the leader of the Kyoshi warriors. Her other warriors were running security with the Di-lee, who were actually managed by Toph now. Katara was very proud of all her friends achievements which only made her excited for her real work to begin.

"Ahh, everyone is here." Iron said as he walked in with Hadoka and the other leaders of the tribes and nations. "Shall we?"

"Lets." Aang nodded. He knew his part was the greatest as he lead them all to the balcony. Everyone who could make it in the four nations had come for the announcement and messengers were ready to depart with the Information to go everywhere once revealed.

"Welcome!" Aang smiled to the crowd as they cheered. He let them all settle before continuing. "We are gathered here for a special occasion; the official treaty and rebuilding of our homes. This has been approved by your trusted leaders, and we are proud. All land take by the fire nation shall be returned. However after fair public trials, you have all witnessed that many in the fire nation are also victims, victims of a century of propaganda. There are many willing to help rebuild the earth and southern water nations.

Where Ozi had burned we are building a new city: Republic City. It is to be neutral ground where anyone of any nation shall be welcome and where we are forming the Council of Nations so that we can all continue in peace. This project shall be headed by myself, Prince Sokka of the southern water tribe, Garu Mako of the Northen water tribe, General Iroh of the Fire nation, Haru Gamin, Kylee Bee, and General Tzo of the Earth Kingdom.

Rebuilding of the Earth Kingdom shall be headed by King Bumi of Omashu with help from General Ferrella of the Fire nation.

Rebuilding of the Southern Water Tribe is to be headed by Chief Haddoka and Master Pakku with help of General Deltem of the fire nation.

We are also going to be building schools in every providence for all benders and non benders. Headed by Tao Be-ling, Toph Be-Fong, Princess Katara, Master Gru-long and Master Suki Fea-Chi."

He finished with a grand gesture and bowed, and signed the treaty first. Everyone else signed and they all beamed, happy they could finally begin the real work.

The rest of the day was spent as a town hall type meeting, addressing specific items and concerns. By the end of the day, most people actually seemed happy. In fact, as far as they knew everyone was happy. Of course try all realized there were secretly people who disdained peace purely because they were war profiteers, but they knew they would be able to hold them off. The only true concern was people wanting revenge for one reason or the next.

Finally the day had ended but the night had just night had just began. It would be the last night they would all have together, so all of the youngsters wanted a private party.

Katara looked around the room with a sad smile as she was great duo to be surrounded by the people she had come to know as family. Haru, Tao, the Duke, and Toph were all talking with Aang, Ti-Lee and the other Kyoshi warriors were with Suki, Sokka, and Zuko. Smellerbee and Longshot, whom had finally admitted to their relationship, were quietly sitting in a corner simply leaning on each other. Katara was truly happy. She shook her head and was trying to decide which group to join, the elder teens or the young teens, when Sokka quickly stood up.

"Everyone, I have an announcement I'd like to make before I loose my nerve." He called. They all looked at him as he stood up. "I've written a poem:"

Everyone immediately became quiet. The fact Sokka liked and was good at poetry shocked them all, but he was good and thu listened.

"The first time we met

The chaos rained down on us

Drowning something more

But fate decided

That we should have another chance

Like a spring flower

Passion like fire

My love for you shall not end"

At this he pulled out a beautifully carved engagement necklace and was right in front of Suki. No one dared breath.

"Please will you say yes?"

"Sokka." She managed to say with tears in her eyes. "Yes!" She kissed him hard and everyone let out a large cheer.

"Wow." Aang said to Katara as he approached her. "I'm surprised."

"Why?" Katara asked. "They are 17 now. They are a tad young but after everything we have all been through I'm happy for them."

"Yeah." Aang rubbed his neck. "I guess I never thought about marriage before. Monks dont get married."

"Really?" Katara asked in surprise.

"Well, Air nomads do, but if you are an air bender you become a monk and dedicate your life to training." He shrugged.

"Huh." Katara said in thought. "What about you. Is marriage in your plans?"

"Maybe." Aang said, suddenly aware he was talking to his girlfriend. They both let the conversation stop before it got into uncomfortable waters.

The rest of the night went by nicely, everyone talking and the older teens dunking a bit. Aang walked Katara back to her rooms and have her a soft kiss, but they were both very tired and just wanted to sleep.

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