Harry Potter was treated like any other child. Mostly. He got fed three times a day, though much smaller portions then Dudley-his fat cousin, he slept in the cupboard under the stairs, and he didn't know his name. Well, no, that's not true. His name is Harry, he knew that fairly well. But his relatives called him "boy" or "freak" and Ms. Figg, his babysitter for when the Dursley go on vacation, called him "child," so he didn't remember it to well sometimes.

He tilted his head and looked out the window of the plane. It was dark out and he could see the bright lights from the ground below. He smiled. He finally got to come on a trip with his family! To Japan of all places! The 6 year old black haired child didn't know what happened. Dudley started to throw toys at him the other day and they hurt! He turned away, trying to protect his face, when suddenly, he felt nothing. When he turned to look, there was a barrier in front of him, blocking the toys. His aunt and uncle were also standing there, stricken looks on their faces. He looked at them, fearfully, as the barrier went down. Did he do something wrong? He was so afraid. But now he was going on a trip, with them! Maybe the barrier did some good.


Mokuba woke up with a start. He quickly looked around, trying to grasp where he was. He relaxed when he saw his room and not that cupboard from when he was 6.

The younger Kaiba brother then looked his digital clock on his bed side table. 6:47. Mokuba groaned and rolled over trying to catch a few more hours of sleep before his brother came to wake him up. But it was not to be. That dream -memory- would not leave him alone.

Of course, he used to have nightmares like that back when he was still at the orphanage. But they had stopped a long time ago. So why now? He hadn't even thought of the Dursleys for years. Now he couldn't get them out of his head. He scowled as he thought what happened after the plane ride. They stayed for about a week and were actually kind to him. Then the final day came and his uncle called him into the other room. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the orphanage, really beaten up. The scowl turned into a small smile when he remembered who was also there.


Everything hurts... What happened? He struggled to remember. Uncle called to him and he walked in and... Then pain. Lots of pain. Did-did Uncle hit him? He opened his eyes and looked around the best he could. It was a fairly bare room. Finally his eyes settled on a slightly older boy with brown hair reading a book sitting by the wall. The boy looked up and met his green eyes with bright blue.

"Yoi ga me o samashite iru." The boy said looking relieved. He had no idea what he just said, though. So all he could do was stare. "Anata wa nihongo ga hanasenai, yo ne?Nani ni tsuite... English?"

He quickly nodded, relieved the boy was talking where he could understand him. The boy gave a small smile.

"My name is Seto. What is your...ah...name?" The brunette asked with a slight Japanese accent.

"I..." He didn't remember. He didn't know his name very well before and it'll come back to him later. But what to tell Seto? "I don't know. I don't remember."

Seto blinked and shut his book. "Well," he started to say as he walked over to the bed. Seto sat down on the edge and looked thoughtful. "Until you remember you are going to need a name. Let's see... We found you in the alley beside the Wooden Horse Market... So how about Mokuba?"

He-Mokuba-smiled and nodded. He'll remember his old name in a little bit but he likes his new name more.


Mokuba sat up and stretched. It was 7 now and he knew he wouldn't get any more sleep today. It was then he caught sight of his calendar. July 31. It was his 11th birthday. He beamed and ran out of the room to see if Seto was awake.

"SEEETTTTOOOO!" He called out, his hair flying behind him, as he ran into the kitchen. He slid to a stop as he past the doorway into the kitchen, mind whirling with thoughts of chocolate chip pancakes and spending the day with his brother. The thoughts of Dursleys gone. His smile fell a bit when he caught sight of two men his brother was talking to.

He had a bad feeling about this.


Remus Lupin looked up in awe at the giant house his godson apparently lived in. Two dragon statues on either side of the steps, with the marble steps leading up to the blue and white mansion. At least Harry was taken care for, much better then with Petunia and her husband Vernon. Those child abandoners!

It certainly came as a shock when Dumbledore called an Order meeting last month about Harry Potter's disappearance.
Remus couldn't believe it. Harry was the last member of his pack. He couldn't be gone! He wouldn't believe it until he saw proof. Harry was still out there, somewhere.

When questioned, Petunia yelled at them that as soon as "that freak of a nephew" showed signs of magic, she and Vernon dumped him in Japan. Where he was, however, was still a mystery. They had run out of leads as the Dursley didn't remember where in Japan they were.

It was Arthur Weasley, of all people, that gave them a big lead. He had recently been obsessed with a muggle card game called Duel Monsters and one meeting he had brought a Duel Monster magazine. Of course, Remus recognized Harry anywhere, as he looked just like James but with Lily's green eyes. Harry's hair was longer then it should have been and his green eyes were dulled a bit, more blue, but it was a happy, healthy Harry. Or Mokuba Kaiba as he's apparently called now. In the picture he was standing beside his apparent older brother, a scowling brunette named Seto Kaiba.

Of course, as soon as they found where the Kaiba brothers lived, they were there in an instant. And now, Dumbledore and him were standing in front of their house in Domino City, Japan. Remus looked at Dumbledore.

"Are you sure Harry will even want to come with us? As far as I can tell, he has a happy life and he might not even know Japanese."

Dumbledore smiled. "I'm sure we can convince him. And we have spells for language problems."

He had a point, Remus mused. As they probably won't be allowed inside, so they decided to round the house so they Disapparated straight into the kitchen, startling Seto Kaiba in the process. It was a little rude but they were in a hurry. Kaiba stared at them for a moment with multiple expressions flickering over his face. First was surprised, then was confusion, and finally there was anger. The last stayed when he jumped out of his seat a second later.

"What are you doing here?! How did you get in here?! Get out of here!"

Dumbledore smiled. "You must be Seto Kaiba. We need to talk to you about your younger brother Mokuba." This made Kaiba stiffen. "It seems there has been a mix up. His real name is Harry Potter and he is from England. We are from a school he has been enrolled in since birth and we would like him to come. I am Headmaster Dumbledore and this is Remus Lupin."

Kaiba glared harder and opened his mouth to say something when a shout cut him off.


Harry Potter ran in, his longer-than-it-should-be black hair flowing out behind him. He was still dressed in PJs so it's safe to assume he just woke up. He caught sight of them and the smile on his face dropped. He glanced between them and Kaiba.

It was obvious the two wizards gave him a bad feeling.

Dumbledore smiled. "Ah! Harry, my boy! So good to see you in good health!"

Harry looked confused and the slightest bit angry. "How do you know that name? Know what? I don't care. My name is Mokuba Kaiba." Harry turned to Kaiba. "What are they doing here, big brother?"

Kaiba scoffed. "Something about you going to a boarding school in England."

Harry's eyes lit up. "That... sounds kinda cool..." Remus and Dumbledore brightened. It looked like could convince Harry to come after all. Harry, catching the looks, scowled at them. "That does mean I'm going or have plans of going. I'm not leaving big brother."

"Well..." Remus saw Dumbledore was deep in thought before he seemed to get an idea. "We have a job opening for a teaching job and Mr. Kaiba here seems more then capable."

Harry smiled and turned to Kaiba. "Oh, please big brother? It sounds fun!"

Kaiba sighed and turned back to the wizards. "What class am I going to teach?"

"Muggle Studies," Remus answered. The Kaibas blinked and Kaiba scowled.

"What is a muggle?"

"A nonmagic person." Dumbledore looked at him with the twinkle in his eye.

"Nonmagic-you guys are just as insane as Yugi and his band of geeks!" Kaiba yelled and Harry just stepped back, letting it all play out.

Dumbledore merely chuckled and took out his wand before turning Kaiba coffee mug that has long since gone cold to a mouse. Both boys stepped away, looking at the cup-turned-mouse with mixes of shock, fear, and awe. Harry got over it first and smiled at Kaiba.

"Please big brother? Can we go?" He pleaded. "I want to learn how to do that and I know you have no argument on how that was done!"

"Mokuba, I don't think this is a goo-" Kaiba then made the mistake at looking down at Harry, who was staring at the brunette with puppy dog eyes. Kaiba's eyebrow twitched as he tried to resist the power of the puppy dog eyes but even the mighty Seto Kaiba couldn't do it. He sighed. "Fine. I'll take up the postion and you can go to this school."

"Excellent." Dumbledore said brightly. "I'll be sending a good friend by the name of Hagrid to pick you up in two days to take you to get your things for school. Goodbye Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Potter."

And that was how Seto got stuck into teaching at Hogwarts and Mokuba got to learn magic.