Mokuba looked over at his friends that were trapped in the electric field and bit his lip. He and Rebecca couldn't lose this duel or they all get taken. He hoped that his brother and the other adults would get here soon...

"Hey, now you three can see a duel up close." He told the others, trying to make the situation lighter. He was rewarded by a few nervous laughs.

After they ran into the arena, they learned that it was the ParaDox brothers who took Ginny. Ron ran over to her and Draco, noticing something was wrong, ran after him. Now all three were trapped in a electric field.

Mokuba shook his head to clear his thoughts before him, Rebecca, and the ParaDox brothers turned on their duel disks.

Para/Dox: 8000
Mokuba/Rebecca: 8000

"First Turn honor is mine," said Para, drawing his first card, "And I call forth Jirai Gumo in attack mode, and set one card facedown."

Jirai Gumo
Attribute: Earth
Type: Insect
Level: 4
Attack: 2200
Defense: 100
Effect: When this card declares an attack, toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, attack normally. If you call it wrong, lose half your life points before attacking.

"Oh good, so you two stopped the rhyming." Mokuba commented.

"My go!" declared Rebecca, drawing her first card, "I play Luster Dragon in Attack mode. I'll also add in two facedowns. Over to you."

"Very well," said Dox, "I call out Kaiser Sea Horse in Attack Mode, set one card, and call it a turn."

"My go!" said Mokuba, before looking at his cards, 'I gotta play my best with not only Rebecca but against these two as well.' "Sorry, Rebecca, gotta spend some points to take some points! I play 'Mausoleum of the Emperor!"

Mausoleum of the Emperor
Type: Field Spell
Effect: Any Player can Normal Summon or set any monster from his or her hand at the cost of 1000 life points per number of monsters needed to tribute for them.

"And I'll pay 2000 points to Special Summon Tyrant Dragon!"

Mokuba/Rebecca: 6000

Tyrant Dragon
Attribute: Fire
Type: Dragon
Level: 8
Atk: 2900
Def: 2500
Effect: During your battle phase, if your opponent controls a Monster after this card's first attack, this card can attack once again.
Effect2: Negate the effect of any trap cards that targets this card and destroy that trap card.
Effect3: If this card is special summoned from the Graveyard by another card's effect, you must tribute 1 Dragon-Type monster.

"And now I'll attack that Kaiser!" declared Mokuba.

"I don't think so," said Dox, "For I play 'Book of Moon'!"

Book of Moon
Type: Quick-Play Spell
Effect: Target one Face-up monster on the field, change that target to facedown defense position.

"Way to go, Mokuba!" said Rebecca, "You just gave away the lead to them!"

"Well, excuse me! I don't see you having a great start off!" replied Mokuba.

"Um, you mind not fighting each other," said Draco, "We would like to get out of here!"

Mokuba and Rebecca glared for another second, before turning away from each other.

"My turn's not done yet!" continued Mokuba, "I play 'Trade-In'. I discard 'Majestic Mech – Goryu' from my hand to draw two cards! Next, I'll set one card facedown to end my turn."

Type: Normal Spell
Effect: Discard one level-eight monster. Draw two cards.

"My go, and I play 'Tribute Doll' to sacrifice Jirai Gumo for Suijin!"

Tribute Doll
Type: Normal Spell
Effect: Tribute one monster on your field. You can special summon one level-seven monster from your hand.

Attribute: Water
Type: Aqua
Level: 7
Atk: 2500
Def: 2400
Effect: During your opponent's damage calculation, you can reduce the ATK of a monster attacking this card to 0. This effect can only be used once while this card remains face-up on the field.

"And just when things couldn't get worse," remarked Rebecca.

"This is nothing," said Mokuba, "You should have seen the Deleted Scenes of the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. There's a lot you missed."

"Next, I add in Dark Designator!" continued Para.

Dark Designator
Type: Normal Spell
Effect: Declare one monster card name. If the declared card is in your opponent's deck, add one of that card to your opponent's hand.

"I choose: Sanga of the Thunder," declared Para.

"Thank you brother," said Dox, pulling it from his deck, "Now, rend them asunder!"

"Certainly," agreed Para,
"Attack Suijin, destroy Luster Dragon!"

"I don't think so! Draining Shield!" countered Rebecca.

Draining Shield
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: When an opponent's monster declares an attack: target the attacking monster; negate that attack, and if you do, gain life points equal to that card's attack.

Mokuba/Rebecca: 8500

"Very well. I shall concede my turn," said Para, "However…"

"I shall take you down and watch you burn," added Dox.

"Never mind..." Mokuba sighed, the rhyming was gone for a little bit, but it was back and as annoying as ever.

"My turn," started Rebecca, "I pay 1000 life points to summon 'Armed Dragon LV5'!"

Mokuba/Rebecca: 7500

Armed Dragon LV5
Attribute: Wind
Type: Dragon
Level: 5
Atk: 2400
Def: 1700
Effect: You can send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls with ATK less than or equal to the sent monster's ATK; destroy that target. During the End Phase, if this card destroyed a monster by battle this turn: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 "Armed Dragon LV7" from your hand or Deck.

"Take down that Kaiser once and for all!" said Rebecca.

Para/Dox: 7300

"Before your turn ends," said Para, "I play 'Call of the Haunted' to bring Jirai Gumo back from the grave.

"I'll set a card and during my End Phase, I can trade in LV5 for 'Armed Dragon LV 7'!"

Armed Dragon LV7
Attribute: Wind
Type: Dragon
Level: 7
Atk: 2800
Def: 1000
Effect: Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by "Armed Dragon LV5", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. You can send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard; destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls with ATK less than or equal to the sent monster's ATK.

"Okay, that's not so bad, we just need to get a Blue Eyes in your hand though," said Mokuba, smirking a bit, "Though, Kaiba lending you one is less likely than turning this into a Shadow Game."

"Was that a joke?" quipped Rebecca, her lip twitching up for a second.

"Hey, if the punch line hits…?" replied Mokuba.

"Uh, guys, concentrate on the Duel!" said Ginny. Mokuba looked at his friend's sister, surprised that she had spoken out at all.

"Hate to interrupt this love fest, but I have a turn to take," said Dox, "And I play 'Pot of Greed'. Next, Monster Reborn and Tribute Doll to bring out Kaiser Sea Horse and tribute Jirai Gumo for Kazejin! Next, Kaiser Sea Horse gets traded for Sanga of the Thunder!"

"Okay, what did he just do?" asked Draco.

"He just summoned a Bunch of Monsters in one turn," replied Rebecca.

"I thought that was against the rules," queried Ron. "Then again, I never quite got this game..."

"Screw the Rules, I have…" started Mokuba, before stopping himself, a small blush appeared, "Sorry, wrong quote. What I meant was, he got around that rule by Spell cards, which is well within the rules."

"Oh," said Ron, his question answered. Mokuba was thankful the other three ignored his wrong quote.

Rebecca giggled. Mokuba guessed she did her research. The exact saying Mokuba almost completed was a rumor that went around Seto Kaiba; many people believed he used that excuse to Summon Blue Eyes to the field during his early career. To wasn't true but it was still an entertaining rumor. Mokuba saw out of the corner of his eye Ginny send a glare Rebecca's way for a second, not that Rebecca noticed.

"Next, I sacrifice Sanga, Kazejin and Suijin to Special Summon 'Gate Guardian'!" continued Dox.

Gate Guardian
Attribute: Dark
Type: Warrior
Level: 11
Atk: 3750
Def: 3400
Effect: Can only be summoned by sacrificing 'Sanga', 'Kazejin', and 'Suijin' from the field.

"Okay, this just got bad," said Mokuba worriedly.

"I don't have a card strong enough to activate my Dragon's ability on THAT!" added Rebecca, worry truly showing on her face now.

"Now, attack that Luster Dragon and deal some REAL damage!" ordered Dox.

Mokuba/Rebecca: 7500-5650

"You got a card for this?" asked Rebecca.

"It's in here somewhere," said Mokuba, "Here goes!"

'I don't have anything that can take down that Gate Guardian alone.'

"I'll start with 'Pot of Greed'! Next, I summon out Snipe Hunter, in attack mode! Now for a trick from Joey's book. I discard one card to activate its effect!"

Snipe Hunter
Attribute: Dark
Type: Fiend
Level: 4
Atk: 1500
Def: 600
Effect: You can discard one to select one card on the field and roll one six-sided die. If the result is NOT 1 or 6, destroy the selected card.
Dice Roll: 1

"You gotta be kidding me?" exclaimed Mokuba, before sweatdropping,
"Joey always gets the lucky shots, and he's unlucky to begin with. That's just not fair."

"Come on Mokuba!" called out Ron, "Don't let this set you back!"

Mokuba eyes then started to focus again. "I set one card facedown and end my turn."

"And it's over to me! I pay 1000 life points to summon Millennium Shield in Attack Mode. Next, I'll play 'Block Attack' to change it into Defense mode. I'll set one card and end my turn."

Para/Dox: 6300

"A Millennium Shield? My Grandpa has that card in his deck," said Rebecca, before begrudgingly admitted "Shield and Guardian: good combo."

"Hey, at least we're not Amateurs," said Mokuba, trying to keep her spirits up, "We can beat these guys. I know it."

"Thanks Mokuba," smiled Rebecca, before drawing, "Let's do this!"

'Unfortunately, Armed Dragon LV10 hasn't been released yet, not even the advanced copies. It would have come in handy,' thought Mokuba as Rebecca looked through her cards.

"I play 'Dragon Treasure' to my Armed Dragon, and then play my facedown: Dragon's Rage!"

Dragon's Rage
Type: Continuous Trap
Effect: Dragon-type monsters now inflict piercing damage during calculation.

"That'll take down that Shield," said Draco.

"And some of their life points as well," added Ron.

Both of them looked at each other at this, before looking away, making Mokuba sigh. He knew there was still bad blood between them though they were trying to ignore it for Mokuba's sake, which he was thankful for. He was even more thankful that they got along very well most of the time.

"I'm worried about what Dox has next turn," said Ginny, getting their attention back on the duel. Mokuba had to agree he was too.

"Attack that Millennium Shield!" called out Rebecca.

Para/Dox: 6200

"I'll set two cards facedown and end my turn."

"And now, feel the power of the Gate Guardian!" said Dox, "I add in 'Fairy Meteor Crush' to my Guardian and attack that facedown Tyrant Dragon your protecting!"

Mokuba/Rebecca: 4400

"I'll set one card and end my turn," finished Dox.

"Okay, let's see if this is gonna help. I'll start by sacrificing both our monsters for Felgrand Dragon! Next, I'll play 'Double Summon' to replace Felgrand with 'Great Maju Garzett'!" Mokuba said.

Great Maju Garzett
Attribute: Dark
Type: Fiend
Level: 6
Atk: 0
Def: 0
Effect: This card's attack becomes twice the original attack of the monster sacrificed for this card.

"When did you get this card?" asked Rebecca.

"Kaiba Corp Vice President. I get access to a lot of cards you can't even see in international tournaments," replied Mokuba casually.

"But why summon a monster with 0 attack points?" asked Ginny.

"He has a powerful effect, Ginny," explained Rebecca, "And you're about to see it in action!"

Great Maju Garzett
Atk: 0-5600

"Attack that Gate Guardian now!" ordered Mokuba.

Para/Dox: 6200-4350

Mokuba/Rebecca: 4400

"That evened things up," said Mokuba, ending his turn.

"Now, let's take it up a notch," said Para, "I play 'Dark Element'! This let's me bring out 'Dark Guardian'!"

Dark Element
Type: Normal Spell
Effect: Activate only if 'Gate Guardian' is in your (team's) graveyard. Pay half your life points to special-summon 1 'Dark Guardian' from your deck. You cannot normal summon or set this turn.

Dark Guardian
Attribute: Dark
Type: Warrior
Level: 12
Atk/Def: 3800
Effect: Can only be summoned by the effect of 'Dark Element'.
Effect2: Cannot be destroyed in battle.

Para/Dox: 2175

"Next, I'll add in 'Riryoku'!" continued Para, "And I think I'll take that Maju's points for my Guardian!"

Type: Normal Spell
Effect: Select 2 face-up monsters on the field. Halve the attack of one monster and add that amount to the attack of the other, until the end phase.

Maju Garzett
Atk: 5600-2800
Dark Guardian
Atk: 3800-6600

Mokuba/Rebecca: 4400

"Rebecca, you got a card to spare, cause I activate 'Emergency Provisions'!"

"Go for it!" replied Rebecca, sending Dragon's Rage to the graveyard, just before their monster was destroyed.

Mokuba/Rebecca: 4400-5400-1600

The shockwave sent both of them off their feet and crashing onto the ground.

"Oh no, their hurt!" called out Ginny.

Draco grabbed onto Ron before he got too far.

"Let me go, Draco!" Ron, "I gotta get to them! Or do you not care!"

"And hurt yourself!" countered Draco. "Remember, we step outside this square, we get shocked with a 1000 volts of electricity, or do you still think I don't care?"

Ron's eyes widened, he did forget about that during the duel. There was just so much going on, and nobody reminded them like the clichéd villains did from time to time.

"Then what do we do," said Ron, as Draco released him.

"Trust in them," said Ginny, closing her eyes at the sight of her hero and his friend all roughed up like that, "They are the only ones who can set us free."

'I never thought she would trust Rebecca. She believes in me, in us, to win this duel.' thought Mokuba, 'I'm not about to let her down now! They are all my friends, and I will protect them.' Rebecca looked like she was having similar thoughts.

Mokuba and Rebecca got up slowly, shakily, before looking to each other. They nodded, knowing that by working together, they can still get through this.

"My go!" said Rebecca, and as she looked at her card. Mokuba watched as she looked shock then said then determined. "I set this card in defense mode, and end my turn."

"If that's all you have," said Dox, "Then this duel is over already! I play 'Brain Control' and take control of Dark Guardian! Attack her facedown monster!"

Dark Guardian swung his oversized Ax at Rebecca's facedown, before an unbreakable sword shot up and deflected the blow. The Sword belonged to a Guardian; a Guardian of the Celtic Descent, it was a Guardian of the Celtic Descent that was more Obnoxious than most other monsters in Duel Monsters. It was the Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, and he wasn't about to go anywhere. Or so he thought.

"Not bad, but it won't be enough," said Dox, "I play 'Shield Crush' and destroy that pathetic Guardian!"

Rebecca and Mokuba's last line of defense was gone.

"And that's not all, I add in 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to destroy that Mausoleum!"

Para/Dox: 1375

Mokuba/Rebecca: 1600

Mokuba raised an eyebrow. "The Obnoxious Celtic Guardian? When did you get that?"

Rebecca looked at him. "Yugi."


The day before, when her plane arrived, Yugi was there waiting for her. Part of her was overjoyed at the prospect of YUGI waiting for HER. The other part was relieved to know that he still cared about their friendship, even though she had been clingy the past year or so. She'd liked to believe she was mature enough to let bygones be bygones and made up with Anzu, becoming friends with her at last. She had said her farewells with her grandfather before she got on the plane, so it was just her until she got to Kaiba Corp. After getting her bags, Yugi escorted her down to her transport to Kaiba Corp. Just before they parted ways, Yugi brought her into a hug, unbeknownst to her at the time, sneaked in a card into her deck, before releasing the blushing girl and heading off to his own car.

(Flashback End)

"Ok." Mokuba looked at his one card in his hand that didn't help. Two cards. That's what the two of them were left with. One card facedown on the field and one in Mokuba's hand that didn't help and they were facing down an all-but-indestructible monster. Mokuba had to make his next card count. He drew it.

It was Axe of Despair.

This card could certainly clinch the duel for them, if they had the right monster to equip it to. He then remembered his trap card facedown; it could help him in this time of need.

"I play my facedown, Jar of Greed," said Mokuba, drawing one more card from his deck, his last chance, "I play 'Premature Burial' to bring back 'Felgrand Dragon'!"

Mokuba/Rebecca: 900

Felgrand Dragon
Attribute: Light
Type: Dragon
Level: 8
Atk/Def: 2800
Effect: This card cannot be Special Summoned except from the graveyard, and only if it was sent from the field first.
Effect2: When this card is special summoned, you can select one monster in your graveyard. This card gains attack points equal to the level of that monster x200.

"And I choose Goryu, a level 8 monster!" continued Mokuba.

Felgrand Dragon
Atk: 2800-4400

"Not bad, but not only will our monster survive, you won't be able to finish us off!" said Para.

"Oh really," said Mokuba, before getting a Kaiba look in his eyes, "TIME TO SHOW YOU WHY I AM A KAIBA! I'M MOKUBA FREAKIN KAIBA AND I PLAY 'AXE OF DESPAIR'!"

Felgrand Dragon
Atk: 4400-5400

Mokuba then looked over at Rebecca and smiled, "Shall we?"

"Let's end this," replied Rebecca, smiling back.


Para/Dox: 0
Mokuba/Rebecca: 900

"WE DID IT!" shouted Rebecca, hugging Mokuba in jubilant glee, leaving him with a heavy blush as she released him. The electric field was shut off and the others ran over to the two of them.

"Way to go!" Draco cheered.

"But the next time we want to see a duel, how about when it's not life threatening?" Ron commented and everybody chuckled. Not because it was funny but because Ron could joke about it right after it happened. After a moment, Mokuba turned to the ParaDox brothers who were trying to open the door.

"Did you trap us a little too good?" Mokuba questioned. "Who told you to do this? The only people you should have a grudge against is Yugi and Joey, not any of us!"

"We don't know, he was wearing a skull mask." Para snapped.

"We can't answer you, so don't ask!" Dox glared and Mokuba sighed. The rhyming was back. The brothers had finally gotten the door open and the kids made no attempt to stop them. They knew they couldn't anyway. But they didn't have too, as before the brothers could leave the doorway, they were hit by a red light and fell to the floor unconscious.

"Looks like the adults are here." Draco commented.

"Hey Ginny," Ron brought the kids's attention to his as he turned to his sister. "Since when do you talk in front of Mokuba?"

Ginny blushed. "I don't know where that came from, but..." She bite her lip. "I don't care anymore. Harry Potter was gone now, Mokuba Kaiba was all that was left and if I want to be his friend, then I have to let go of the past and embrace new friendships as well," She glanced at Rebecca. "Starting with Rebecca."

"Aw. Thanks Ginny." Rebecca smiled at the redhead girl. "So, friends?"

Ginny smiled back. "Friends."


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